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Lilly Pulitzer Flip Flops Target

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Everything I Need To Know About Pr I Learned At The Lilly Pulitzer Target Sale

Lilly Pulitzer Pool Flip-Flop SKU:8583859

A little over a month ago, I witnessed firsthand the madness of the much-publicized Lilly Pulitzer sale at my local Target store. The experience was a cookie-cutter lesson in the basics of PR. Let me explain.

Lesson 1: Remember the 3Ps of PR: plan, pray and pivot.Full disclosure: Im not even a real Lilly Pulitzer fan. I own one dress, bought on super-sale for a summer wedding years ago. Since then, its hung in my closet longing for attention.

But thanks to the power of PR, previews of the Lilly for Target look book saturated my Facebook news feed weeks in advance of the sale. For kicks, one day I clicked through. I liked what I saw. I mean, really liked. With my mind made up, the planning began.

Like a good PR practitioner who carefully does her research before pitching a reporter, I did mine. I scoured the collection online and built my wish list to help navigate the in-store experience. My sights were set on a yellow floral halter and kaftan beach cover-up.

Strategy and execution is where things got interesting. I planned to visit my local Target outpost at 8:00am the Sunday the collection debuted, thinking Id get my pick of the litter at that hour. But as I naively made my approach, the line around the corner emerged. It turns out the real Lilly fans began queuing up as early as midnight. I maintained calm as any good PR pro does in a time of great adversity and crisis. As I casually strolled inside the store, I suddenly froze in disbelief.

Arika Beaudry

Recovering From Lilly X Target

As much as I love my neutral, slightly surfer/bohemian casual style, theres just something about the cuts and fun prints of Lilly Pulitzer that sometimes really catch me by surprise. Although I dont think I could ever rock one of her brightest pieces, the recent collaboration with Target stirred up quite a frenzy. I actually only slept for one hour on Saturday night spending all evening on and their mobile app scouring to check out multiple times to no avail. I ended up at the Golden Gates of Target at 7:45am Sunday morning, and managed to escape with two out of the six things I really wanted along with a couple items that happened to call my name which will be perfect additions to my Hawaii Honeymoon in three weeks. More about my Lilly Pulitzer for Target experience after the jump!

I feel pretty confident in saying the Lilly for Target collab was probably the biggest collab and collection Target has had with a high end designer or at least thats what it seemed when Lilly crashed the website and all the looney tunes at my local Target literally placed entire racks of clothes into their carts and tried bartering with others who grabbed her items from other departments. I literally thought I was in Supermarket Sweeps meets Hunger Games.

I just love everything about this cover up and cant wait to be drinking some frozen beverages in Maui with it.


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  • HeatherP 19 Apr 2015Reply

    I was on line all night and still somehow missed out. Im bummed. I wish they did a second go round of this. It was too nice a collection not to

  • laura 19 Apr 2015Reply

    Wow I guess a lot of people were desperate for the items. I love shopping too but this is way too out of control! I want to add that although the designer Target collabs all look beautiful that the pieces quality is only Target quality in the end . I quit buying stuff at target for the most part as spending more on a higher quality item thru for example Nordstrom or Dillards will get you further since you can actually wear it a lot more before it falls apart. Cost per wear is better especially when you shop their sales.

  • Cindy 19 Apr 2015Reply

    Laura the shift I got very hi end lily quality and 38.00

  • Cindy 19 Apr 2015Reply

    Target lily was my shift..hi end

  • val 19 Apr 2015Reply

    I agree with you. After the quality of the Jason Wu things, I have been over these collaborations. Plus if you go to Nordstrom Rack you can find a real Lilly Tunic for about $40 which isnt that much more than the target collection was selling for.

  • Sindhu 19 Apr 2015Reply

    I woke up at 7am and went only for those pineapple sandals and my target didnt have any I did snag a jumpsuit and the bowls set as well as towels. Not sure which ones Im keeping yet.

  • Sindhu 19 Apr 2015Reply

    Also, so annoying that people are buying multiples just to sell on eBay. I hope no one buys on there.

  • Geneiveve 19 Apr 2015Reply
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    Lilly Pulitzer For Target Review And Tips

    Lilly PulitzerTargethappy placeboom boomupstreamwavepool pineapple punch boardwalk cafégiraffing me crazysea urchin for younosie poseygiraffeeey belladonnafan dance. my fans,see ya laterAugust 2019 update – If you missed out on Lilly for Target the first time around, bookmark this page now to shop the #Target20 anniversary collection on September 14, 2019. Target is celebrating 20 years of design by re-releasing some of its bestsellers, Lilly Pulitzer included. See which pieces they are bringing back and get shopping tips here.Shop Lilly Pulitzer’s latest for fall 2019:Lilly for Targetonline launchHere’s how my in-store experience went.giraffing me crazysubstitute versionfloral version I’m eyeing for $30similar style in a gorgeous floral print strapless Lilly jumpsuit for 2016this floral print style under $50many cute look alikes.these Lilly linen beach pantsFlip flopsreal deal under $35here for $32this 2016 Lilly style for $58wristlet under $50iPhone 5 case for $32iPhone 6 case for $32scarf under $90Lilly Pulitzer accessoriesCandle holdersvotive candles is $38home goodshammockpoufserving traypouffloral dinner plates under $25plus sized romperGirl’s shift dress in sea urchin for younosie posey tank topgirl’s jumpsuitpalazzo pantsLilly Pulitzer ‘Cambridge’ pantsthis one by Volcom is a great alternativewomen’s satin jumpsuit$60 style by BillabongFavorites:halter topssee ya laterhere’s a great alternativegirl’s romper

    The Michael Tilden Collection

    Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women

    We are proud to announce that Michael Tilden has come aboard as an official brand partner of Flip Flop Shops. Michael Tilden is a lifelong surfer, and his unique art style reflects his love for the ocean and the beach lifestyle. We are featuring Michaels Tilden art throughout our shops, social media, and upcoming product releases.

    See his one-of-a-kind art pieces below:

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Lilly Pulitzer X Target Collection

    The somewhat infamous Lilly Pulitzer x Target collection officially drops this weekend, but I was able to snag a couple of goodies during a pre-launch event in Bryant Park. The entire park was turned into a Lilly Resort, complete with colorfully printed hammocks, Essie manicures, and a live juice bar. Several of the artists who created the signature Lilly prints for this collections could also be spotted painting colorful masterpieces on the lawn. And lastly, there were a number of shoppers who came dressed to the nines in full Lilly regalia for the occasion!

    After waiting in line for a cool 2o minutes, I was whisked inside where I skipped past the home goods and accessories and made a beeline for the racks of dresses. Since doors opened at 8am, and I was just stopping by on my lunch break, pickings were a little slimmer than Id hoped. There was a little bit of everything , but not very many sizes left. In terms of what Id spend my money on and what should be skipped, heres my take:

    Lilly Pulitzer And Target Collaboration: My Favorite Picks

    If you havent heard by now, then let me tell you: Lilly Pulitzer is doing a collaboration with Target!! What???? Yep, that means there is fun Lilly stuff at affordable prices .

    Not only is there a collection for Women, but there is a collection for the home. It features plates, napkins, glassware, umbrellas, chairs, everything for your beach party!

    Of course, I love a Lilly scarf. They have tons of them for a good price $20. Normally they cost $120!

    There is also a variety of espadrilles and sandals! How cute are the sandals with the pineapple??

    They are tons of fabulous beach totes too

    The pieces go on sale April 19 when Im in Paris. Boo. Sooo, I probably wont be getting any of it as these colaborations usually sell out in like 2 seconds. Unless you want to get me something from this list. ya know. hint hint-iwearamedium-hint hint. Click HERE to see the rest of the collection!!

    Pictures are from Target. I was not paid for this endorsement, I just happen to love Lilly Pulitzer!

  • April 15, 2015 / 7:42 pm

    Wow, so many wonderful pieces! I’ll have to check them out for sure :o)~Des

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    Lilly Pulitzer For Target Is Here

    You better get your game face on: Target’s latest collaboration hits stores today, and this one is bound to sell out in a matter of minutes. Lilly Pulitzer, the ever-so-iconic brand known for its fun prints and chic resort wear, is finally releasing its affordable, limited-time collection on April 19, both in stores and online.

    Feast your eyes on the campaign video, featuring actors Chris Noth and Bella Thorne in the midst of a ’60s Palm Beach, FL, soiree, and download the app to explore all the looks at the party, scene by scene.

    Ahead, every article of clothing available for women , all of which range from $2 to $150 and include plus sizes. What more could we ask for? Peruse the collection here, and .

    Lilly Pulitzer Collaborates With Target

    Lilly Pulitzer Pool Flip-Flop SKU:8588972

    By paezr on May 5, 2015

    Maya Ramirez

    The Paw Print

    ALAMOSA, Colo. This past Sunday Target was packed with anxious Lilly Pulitzer fans. Lily Pulitzers collections from womens clothing to household items will now be sold at the nearest Target locations.

    Designer Lilly Pulitzer created a very successful clothing brand throughout her lifetime. She is most known for her bright colorful floral designs. Lilly Pulitzer was known as a very preppy designer, due to her high society audience.

    Lilly Pulitzer has her own company called, Lilly Inc. She has many of her own independent stores however, she has collaborated with other big name stores such as: Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Ave, and Nieman Marcus.

    The reason the Lilly for Target collection has caused a huge controversy is, because it is the first time Lilly Pulitzer has collaborated with a store to make an affordable collection. The current collection is limited time only, while supplies last. Targets all over the country have been packed with shoppers.

    Many of the stores have already sold out in just the few hours that they have been opened. Target online has sold out of items as well. Twitter had released pictures of lines from different Target locations all over the country. Before the stores even opened, there were lines that were wrapping around the entire store. Many of these pictures resemble a scene from Black Friday shopping.

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    You’ll Want To Be First In Line For The Lilly Pulitzer For Target Collection For Your Daughter

    It is going to be one cute and preppy Summer for little girls everywhere thanks to Target’s latest designer collaboration. Lilly For Target will hit US and Canadian stores and on April 19 and is full of bright, sunny pieces for moms and kids alike 250 pieces of apparel, accessories, beauty, and home decor, to be exact. The collection includes 15 exclusive prints updated versions of the Palm Beach socialite’s designs over the years on everything from swimsuits and sundresses to hair ties, flip-flops, placemats, candleholders, and, yes, even a hammock. Pieces will range from $2 to $150 with close to 200 of the items under $30, and for the first time in Target collaboration history, the line will include plus sizes for women.

    Considered the epitome of “resort chic,” Lilly Pulitzer created her iconic prints out of necessity. Legend has it that she was operating a juice stand off of Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue using fruit from her husband’s orange groves. The juicing left stains on her dresses, and she created her bright and colorful patterns to mask them.

    Read on for a sneak peek at the collection and to start making your shopping list now!

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