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Are Adidas Ultra Boost Good Running Shoes

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Adidas Adizero Boston 10

Profeet review the new Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoe

Utilising Lightstrike 2.0 technology, the adidas Adizero Boston 10 is a super-lightweight pair of performance shoes that will help to slash those seconds off your race time. Specialised energy rods are concealed within the shoe that will help to absorb shock and tension as you run, meaning your step remains springy, while the Continental rubber outsole will grip the track tightly meaning youll never lose your footing on corners or super-fast straights. As performance running shoes go, they dont get much better than these!

Extending Your Foot Freedom

The heart of Ultra Boost appears to be in a trainer that allows your foot maximum freedom, by moving with it. By doing so the wearer avoids friction and the injuries like blisters that go with it. This was achieved using Aramis analytical kit that NASA, Boeing and Audi also use.

Aramis uses a system of cameras and sensors to show the flexion in the subject thanks to a 3D location measured image. This means any movements in the foot from skin, muscle and bone can be mapped. By wearing a marker laden sock runners were measured to find how the foot moves when running. This was then compared to the Boost Ultra as it was being developed to make sure there was perfect similarity, while offering support where needed thanks to the Stretchweb bottom and supportive heel.

The result, as you can see from the photo, is that the Ultra Boost and barefoot running flex in similar ways. The competitor example, that uses EVA, was less flexible.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 Sneakers

New Season

Adidas’ signature Boost midsole was first presented in 2014 as a way to step up the brand’s cushion support within their sneakers. Years later, the Ultraboost 21 were designed to feature 20% more Boost in the midsole, making the mesh panelled pair a more comfortable and practical approach to the mainstay design.


  • front lace-up fastening
  • logo-debossed tongue
  • These styles are supplied by a premium sneaker marketplace. Stocking only the most sought-after footwear, they source and curate some of the most hard to find sneakers from around the world.


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Adidas Ultraboost 2020 Upper Unit

Adidas UltraBoost 2020 Top

The upper is a one-piece woven sock upper called Primeknit 360 which completely encompasses the foot, and is tight enough to add some structure and support throughout the foot.

This knit material is very breathable, to the point where winter running was close to uncomfortable. However, on the warmer runs, it was nice.

The upper then uses a Tailored Fibre Placement that helps lock in the midfoot and provides support needed through for your stride. From the midfoot the upper transitions to the heel cup.

Adidas uses a 3D frame which does a good job of locking your heel in and makes for a very comfortable ride.

These materials and the design make for a very comfortable shoe which runs true-to-size, to maybe a bit on the small side.

The design of the upper makes for a tighter fit and that does not allow for a lot of toe room, so you might want to go up a half size if you want more room.

It All Started With Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost Black Running Shoes

Boost technology is often heralded as one of the most game-changing innovations to ever hit the sneaker market. It was designed not for sneakerheads, but was first and foremost as a footwear technology for athletes both professional and amateur. It offered unprecedented levels of comfort and promised 20% more energy return than standard EVA rubber, setting an entirely new benchmark for how a pinnacle performance sneaker could feel and perform. Comprised of hundreds of welded together white energy capsules, it was instantly recognizable, which only added to its street cred.

Debuting on the Energy Boost in 2013, the revolutionary cushioning material was lauded by runners for its superior performance and made headlines when Dennis Kimetto crossed the finish line at 2014s Berlin marathon in world-record time wearing a pair of adiZero Adios BOOST. Its reach, however, didnt extend much beyond running community.

Meanwhile, adidas designers continued to experiment with the possibilities of this new tech, spurred on by the desire to outdo themselves. We knew we had to create an upper that could enhance the underfoot feeling to create a holistic, exciting comfort experience, explains Matthias Amm, adidas Runnings product director. Our Futures team started to work on enhancing this concept with more Boost, a better transition, and an amazing, superior fit on the upper.

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What Is Adidas Boost

Adidas Boost may just look like polystyrene packaging but is way more than that. Adidas Boost technology was created at NASA, giving you comfort which is out of this world. Adidas Boost is made up of lots of little pebbles of a thermoplastic polyurethane . The TPU absorbs the stress of your foot hitting the ground and, instantly goes back into its original shape. Adidas says this allows you to use less energy, allowing you to run further and faster. Adidas now have added various versions of the boost midsole on many of their products such as the Yeezy and NMD range.

Adidas Ultraboost 21 First Impressions

When I first saw a leaked image of the Ultraboost last year, I thought that there was a possibility that it could be a fake, concept image because it looked like a ridiculous amount of Boost in the heel.

When I saw more images and videos closer to the launch date, I got really excited because they confirmed that the initial leaked image was accurate.

The radical new midsole design was completely different from any previous Ultraboost.

When they arrived and I picked them out the box, I was expecting them to be weighty but they felt even heavier than what I thought them to feel. They have picked up over an ounce of weight compared to the Ultraboost 20.

My first run in them was 10km and they didnt impress me. They felt clunky, stiff and firm. I expected them to be a lot softer but the Boost underfoot felt firm albeit cushioned at the same time.

Foot landings were very loud because of the crystal rubber on the outsole and made a sound like a horse trotting down the road.

They also reminded me of when runners wear ankle weights while running to build strength and endurance. With the Ultraboost 21s you have the ankle weights built right into the shoe.

On the positive side, transitions felt smooth because of the new bevelled heel and the outsole configuration.

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Adidas Ultra Boost Review

  • Full length Boost midsole provides incredibly responsive cushioning.
  • Primeknit upper provides a customized fit for runners with narrow feet.
  • Despite the price, this Boost midsole will likely hold up well past 500 miles.


  • $180 is a ridiculous amount of money for a running shoe of any type.
  • Primeknit upper is fairly constricting for anyone other than narrow footed runners.
  • The combination of a rigid frame and prime knit in the upper proved to be a sloppy fit, especially during faster paced runs.


Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.

Release DateThe Adidas Ultra Boost is a highly cushioned neutral shoe which was designed and intended for serious runners.

NOTE: for the first time in more than 200 reviews, we lost the pictures of the shoe. Therefore we are borrowing the ones from

Have you every marveled at the sight of a new American muscle car? Take the 2015 Dodge Challenger for example. With 375 horsepower and a V-8 Hemi engine youd wonder how a design team could go wrong.

That is, until you sit inside the car. The interior of the car features bulbous plastic materials which look like toy parts compared to fine automobiles, and the ride of the Challenger feels heavy, obnoxiously large, and sloppy.

Adidas Ultraboost 19 Intro

Adidas Ultra Boost 20 after 15 miles – Shoe Review

This Ultraboost 19 shoe has an impressive 29mm heel and a 19mm forefoot built up from Boost foam which gives the shoe an energetic feel.

Featuring a Primeknit upper and a 3D heel frame, the shoe comes in at a moderate weight of 10.9 ounces.

Other shoes using a very responsive midsole material paired with a smart fitting upper would be the Saucony Freedom Iso at 9 oz, ISOFIT upper and EVERUN foam and the Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 with a Flyknit upper, Epic React foam, and a sub 9 ounce weight.

Most shoes in the same field as the Ultraboost 19s are generally both cheaper and lighter, so Adidas is likely assuming the benefit of Boost foam combined with the designs of the upper attract runners.

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Adidas Ultraboost 19 Review

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Review +

  • Plush ride with flexible upper
  • One of a kind upper design
  • Energy efficient Boost foam
  • Shoe is catered more towards leisure wear than running
  • Very high price point for a shoe without cutting edge tech
  • Plastic overlay holds moisture


Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.

FamilyThis shoe is for those that have no price limit on running shoes and who want something that is comfortable outside of running. The shoe will do a decent job supporting training of all levels.

It Starts In The Sole: Boost Technology

When the Boost technology first debuted, it was like nothing the world had ever seen. Made from hundreds of foam capsules welded together, Boost technology delivered 20% more energy return than EVA rubber, the midsole standard in the industry. More energy return meant a shoe that responded to each stride, giving back what you put into your run.

In 2015, adidas put their Boost technology to the test: Kenyan long-distance runner Dennis Kimetto ran the Berlin marathon in a shoe with Boost tech. He didnt just win, he crushed the world record by 26 seconds for a time of 2:02:57. Boost wasnt just fast, it was record-setting. With this technology, adidas was one step closer to their legendary adidas Ultraboost.

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Pure Boost X Ultraboost: Looking Back

In between those original decisions and the boom we currently witness every other day, the brand continues a rich tradition of innovation and business savvy. Looking back at that history, its easy to see the foundations of the Three Stripes success story. More importantly, it lends us some speculative tools to understand what the future holds.

Is The Ultraboost Still An Ultraboost

adidas Ultra BOOST Running Shoes

But with this UltraBoost 20 being the most runnable UltraBoost ever, is it still an UltraBoost?

Im not really sure about that.

It has so many similarities to the SolarBoost. I dont know if thats just a kind of convergent evolution or just like giving up by the Adidas designers and engineers trying to figure out how to make an UltraBoost runnable.

Maybe they found out that the SolarBoost is a shoe that people like to run in and no one makes fun of that shoe for not really being a running shoe.

Or, is it that as you tweak it more and more to make it less like a casual shoe or more like a running shoe, youre ending up with the same formula that the SolarBoost ha? Im not sure.

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Is The Adidas Ultraboost 21 Durable

The durability is excellent, thanks to the hard-wearing Continental rubber outsole.

The long-lasting adidas Ultraboost 21 also features on our curated list of durable shoes.

The translucent Continental rubber outsole will last hundreds of miles the Boost midsole is a tried-and-tested cushioning material with high resistance to cushioning degradation. Only the removable EVA foam insole is susceptible to flattening.

The Primeknit upper is thick and stretchy, so its going to outlast the rest of the shoe.

Adidas Ultraboost 22 Review: Price And Availability

The Adidas Ultraboost 22 was available as of 8 am GMT on Thursday, December 9 online and in stores. Adidas members can buy the shoe now, but they will need to log in to their Adidas account to shop. The shoe retails at $190/£165. Both shoes come in a number of different colorways for both female and male runners.

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The Best Adidas Running Shoes For Comfort

While many runners will be running competitively and actively monitoring times, plenty of us run simply for enjoyment, it can be a totally life-changing activity for both mental and physical health. Of course, running can be laborious at times, but its important to make the sport as comfortable as possible, and one way to do this is by wearing the correct shoes. Here are the comfiest adidas running shoes you can buy right now.

The 10 Best Adidas Ultraboost Shoes

Process: The Adidas Ultra Boost AKA “The World’s Best Running Shoe”

Kimetto runs in them. Kanye raps in them. Boost foam does it all.

On February 13, 2013, the first shot in the foam wars was fired: Adidas released its revolutionary Boost foam. It debuted on the soles of the new EnergyBoost running shoe, and this unprecedented material was the first of its kind to promise more energy return with each step. Up until now, that idea was virtually unheard ofbut it would soon become the buzzy battle cry of every shoemaker on the market.

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Adidas Ultraboost 21 Conclusion

I dont mind heavy shoes for easy runs because it makes it easier to run fast when you switch to a lighter shoe for tempo days.

The problem with the Ultraboost 21 is that the heavy Boost midsole makes the shoe bottom heavy so there is lots of heel lift because of the loose heel.

Like a car with a powerful turbo engine that has no seatbelt, I felt as if the midsole wanted me to run faster but the upper was preventing me from doing so, leading to very frustrating runs.

Theres the issue of the price as well. $180 is a crazy price for a max-cushioned trainer that should be priced $30 lower, the same as the Triumph, Glycerin and Nimbus.

For $180 you can even get a Hoka carbon fibre racer that can double up as a training shoe.

With the firmer Boost foam and the harder crystal rubber outsole, you dont get the plush, step-in comfort that made previous Ultraboosts so comfortable.

I cant really recommend the Ultraboost 21 to anyone unless you want a good-looking casual shoe to wear to the mall that you can do an occasional short run in.

The Ultraboost 21 is still very much a lifestyle sneaker and not a serious, performance running shoe.

We purchased a pair of Adidas Ultraboost 21 from runningwarehouse using our own money. This did not influence the outcome of this review, written after running more than 50 miles in them.

Comfortable And Responsive 300 Miles In

As you start seeing the outsole wear out, you will barely notice a difference in the comfort of the Boost midsole. It stays just as comfortable and responsive 300 miles in as it did the day you put it on.

One issue I did have with these was when I would stand for a long time, they made my heels hurt. If you’re not moving for a long time the shoe can get a bit uncomfortable, almost as if it was too soft.

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We Failed With Some Prototypes But With Each Failure We Learned Something New And It Helped Us To Create The Very Best Version Of The Adidas Ultra Boost

Moritz Hoellmueller, design director adidas running.

In addition to design challenges, adidas team faced production restrictions as there was only one factory able to produce Boost at the beginning and some ambitious internal plans to use the cushioning tech across several performance categories. adidas was therefore forced to allocate quantities and stagger production, which unintentionally worked in the brands favor, inadvertently stoking hype as sneakerheads became desperate to get their hands on a pair each drop easily sold out fast.

We configured, tested, reconfigured, and retested it to build the greatest running shoe ever.

Moritz Hoellmueller, design director adidas running.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Review

Adidas Ultra Boost LTD SS18 Man Running shoes

When I picked up my Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged, there was a few colourways available but I was drawn towards the burgundy colourway. The shoe’s upper is burgundy with navy also threaded into it. The shoe also features Adidas three stripes on the toe of the shoe in a material that’s plastic like, which is also used for the eyelets. The plastic heel cup is navy with ultra boost written in silver. Adidas have released a lot of other colourways of the ultra boost uncaged , such as the collaboration with the brand parley. The parley ultra boost uncaged collaboration was all white and featured recycled plastic from the ocean as the heel cup. In my opinion, they are the nicest ones they have made to date and I wish I was able to get them before they sold out.

When I first put my feet into the ultra boost uncaged, I knew straight away that these were going to be as or even more comfortable than my other pair of ultra boosts. The new and updated version of the primeknit gave a more snug, sock like fit than I was expecting. The shoe is like a compression sock attached to a cloud. It’s so comfortable.The shoes feel very durable and if theyre anything like my previous pair, I wont be needing to get a new pair anytime soon. I haven’t been able to properly test them in wet conditions, however I wore them as a lifestyle shoe on a rainy day, and my socks stayed nice and dry.

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