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Ll Bean Shearling Lined Boots

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Review: Ll Bean 10 Shearling Lined Boots

LL Bean Bean Boots Review and Sizing

For anyone that spends time outside in really cold, damp weather, quality footwear is a must. It really doesnt matter if youre working or playing either having chilly, wet feet is just miserable. Luckily, the folks at L.L. Bean have been offering a solution since 1912. Thats the year they came out with their Bean Boots, and these 10 shearling lined boots have been a favorite ever since.

Each pair is made in Maine, where they know a thing or two about cold weather. The upper is a thick, waterproof, full-grain chocolate-colored leather lined with shearling lamb and triple stitched to a durable rubber lower that features Beans own chain tread on the bottom. For extra insulation, the lower is also lined with 200-gram Thinsulate, giving this boot a comfort rating that extends from 25 degrees down to -20. As you can see from the photo, theyre attractive and rugged looking, with a design that still looks good even after 100 years. And for those that prefer to wear them rolled down, they do have special lacing to accommodate that, along with easy to follow instructions.

L.L. Bean was kind enough to provide a sample pair to this misplaced beach bum, which was certainly appreciated. Although Ive been in Utah for more than five years, I havent fully acclimated. While 50 degrees would have been unseasonably cold in SoCal or Australia, there was at least one day during the review period when I tried the boots out in 10 degree weather, without complaints from my feet.

Ll Bean Shearling Boots

Pay Attention To Sizing Because Its Tricky

Bean Boots only come in whole sizes. The general rule is that if you plan on wearing the boots with heavy socks and you happen to wear a whole size, order your normal size. If you wear a half size, however, order the next size down.

If you plan on wearing the boots with light socks, L.L.Bean recommends ordering a full size down for whole-sizers, and ordering 1.5 sizes down for half-sizers. However, I found that ordering 1.5 sizes down didnt work for me. I tried both sizes 6 and 7 in the Bean Boots, and while the 7s were a bit roomy with light socks, the 6s really pinched my toes.

My best recommendation? Order your normal size if youre a whole-sizer, and order the next size down if youre a half-sizer.

Note that Shearling-Lined Bean Boots are sized slightly differently. Read about them here!

Also: Bean Boots come in narrow, medium and wide widths. Order how you normally would! Im a medium in all shoes and took a medium width in my Bean Boots, for reference.

Finally: If you wear a womens 6 or smaller, you might need to consider childrens sizes. See above.

Fair-isle legging options here and here

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Dont Be Mad At Llbean If Your Favorite Pair Is Backordered

Really. Just read this article that recently appeared in The Atlantic.

Bean Boots are handmade by a team of 200 people, and each boot takes 85 minutes to complete. While demand has increased dramatically since 2011, L.L.Bean has decided to keep manufacturing the product in Maine, like the company always has. Remaining local is extremely important to the L.L.Bean teamall the materials are sourced from the U.S. and amazing local shoemakers assemble the boots. The company continues to train more of their own employees, but the training process takes six months so its a process.

L.L.Bean is producing more boots than ever, but it doesnt necessarily want to keep up with demand, as the company isnt sure whether how long the boots popularity will continue. And then theres the idea that waiting for a product increases buyers desire for it. Which is totally true, right?! )

Hunting 10-inchers with Gore-Tex/Thinsulate

For Cold Weather And Snow Consider The Thinsulate Gore


As much as I love my eight-inch navy Bean Boots, theyre not true winter boots. I can wear em with a pair of Camp Socks during 30-degree days without a problem, but in temperatures lower than that, my toes freeze.

That said, I still wear them in the snow from time to timeas evidenced by these photos, hahabecause I think theyre so flippin cute. ) But really: I recommend the Thinsulate , Gore-Tex/Thinsulate or Shearling-Lined versions if you expect to wear your boots in cold weather often. Each pair is designed for something different: the Thinsulate version features extra insulation and therefore more warmth The Gore-Tex/Thinsulate pair offers that same insulation as well as a special lining thatll keep your feet dry and comfortable in extremely wet weather and the Shearling-Lined boots are probably the warmestand comfiestof the three, and definitely designed for snowy days.

Keep in mind that the soles are not lined with shearling, but you can buy the insoles if you want that! Also: The Shearling-Lined boots are sized a bit differently. Be sure to read about that here.

Seriously, dont buy Bean Boots without em. Heres why:

A) They complete the lookB) They minimize rubbing and blistersandC) They provide extra warmth

My favorites are from J.Crew and L.L.Bean! J.Crew Factory and Madewell also carry them.

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How To Find Your Boot Size

If you are shopping for a pair of Red Wing shoes or boots, the first thing to consider with regards to sizing is this:

Most Red Wing boots, like the well known Iron Rangers and Moc Toes run a bit ¨big¨. Therefore we recommend sizing down half a size from your sneaker-size. However, the Red Wing chukkas are true to size. Therefore we recommend ordering your sneaker-size if you are purchasing chukkas.

Please read the sizing-description on each style carefully, before ordering.

Size systems

There are many shoe size systems globally, with the US, UK, European and Japanese size systems as the most common ones. The US system also has a special category for athletic shoes.

In Europe, shoe makers are supposed to follow the same shoe-size system. Note however, that sizes might differ between e.g. France and Germany. The sizes also aren’t totally standardized, which means that shoes from different manufacturers might have different sizes, although they have the same measurements.

Size chart

Size charts are used to convert between different international shoe size systems. Notice that these size charts are only to be seen as guides meant to help you find your right size. Sizes and size charts may differ notably between different shoe manufacturers and brands. See the Brund shoe/boot size chart here.

Shoe last

In order to build a Goodyear Welted boot to an exact size and width, the boot is constructed around a shoe last.

Shoe width

The right size

Size & Fit:

What Are Bean Boots

Invented by Leon Leonwood Bean, who came up with the idea on a hunting trip, the original Bean Boots combine the rubber of rain boots with sleek leather uppers. Theyve been around since 1912 and, over 100 years later, are still in style. Bean Boots have been seen on catwalks at fashion shows, on the feet of celebs like Kerry Washington and Kanye West, and all over social media. According to the brand, sales have tripled over the last few years, with over half a million pairs sold annually.

Bean Boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and come in a variety of styles. There’s the original Bean Bootthe classic duck boot everyone is familiar withalong with a shearling-lined and chamois-lined version. There are also a range of colors to choose from.

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The Best Winter Boots Are Shearling Lined For Warmth

Who knew Bean Boots were going to come back in such a big way?! I remember last year our son wanted a pair of L.L.Bean Boots and his size was sold out! This year, we are going to order them NOW and make sure he gets what he wants. I just looked and I saw some sizes are no longer available so I am loading up my cart and purchasing them today!

Order now so you dont miss out on your favorite boots!

I spied several shearling-lined versions and am so excited, I have been wanting a warm, cozy pair for myself. There are also ones with a soft chamois flannel lining, these thinsulate lined classic 8 pair and these Limited Edition Goretex/ Primaloft ones for the coldest of days. I had no idea there were so many options.

Looks like there will be a lot of L.L.Bean Boots under the tree this year! Grab them while they last because they do not restock

Guide To Buying Llbean Boots

Pajar Canada “Jeana” Lace-Up Shearling Lined Boots | Premiere: Pajar Canada Footwear | ShopHQ …

Because I wear my L.L.Bean Boots so often, I get a lot of questions about emwhether from family, friends or readers. 🙂 So I thought Id sit down and finally write up some of my best tips for purchasing a pair.

Want to share your experience? Be sure to comment in the comment section below!

8-Inch / 6-Inch / Moc

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Are The Llbean Shearling

If youre an L.L.Bean fan like I am and have your heart set on duck boots for winter, the shearling-lined ones are the best you can get. They’re a good choice for keeping your feet warm and looking stylish at the same time. If you’re looking for an everyday boot that doesn’t need to withstand the elements, these Bean Boots are a great pick.

Despite my love for them, however, the shearling-lined version isnt perfect. They have the same rubber bottom as the classic Bean Boots, which provides little to no arch support. While the fluffy lining is soft and cozy, like any shearling, it will dull over time and its not replaceable. Plus, the traction on these for ice and slush is also not ideal. For the warmest, most waterproof winter boots, we recommend the Sorel Women’s Caribou Boot instead.

What I Like About The Llbean Shearling

The soft interior is like a hug for your foot.

The first thing I noticed about the shearling-lined Bean Boots was just how warm they are. You dont even need wool socks to keep your feet toasty. Despite having only 200 grams of insulation, the addition of the sheepskin puts the shoes’ heating power on a whole other level. The fleece is soft and lovely, and I could tell it was high-quality the second that I stepped into them.

The boots are made of supple leather that the brand claims will get softer the more you wear them. The rich brown color is beautiful and easy to match with most outfits, and it’s dark enough that it won’t look dingy with regular wear. They held up much better than their classic counterparts during the submersion testing , so you can believe that the leather is, in fact, waterproof. The only thing I didnt like about the shearling version was the traction, as I slipped a bit while walking over ice.

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How The Shearling

Not all Bean Boots are created equal.

The major failing of the classic Bean Boots is that you wont know if they work for you until its too late to return them. They’re arguably even harder to break in than Doc Martens . The only way that I could avoid getting blisters on my heels during the walk test was to tie the laces almost uncomfortably tight. The leather is stiff and rough on the inside, as it brushes up against your ankles and is just uncomfortable overall. Youll also skid over ice as there isnt adequate traction on the soles.

Consumers often mistake the classic Bean Boots for winter boots because of the Thinsulate insulation and rubber bottom. While theyre a better choice for spring or fall if you have the patience to break them in, they are simply not equipped to handle winter. During the weeks I spent testing these boots, the lining was not thick enough to keep my feet from getting cold and wet, even with thick socks. While Thinsulate is top-quality insulation for winter weather, these are simply not built for frigid temperatures or deep puddles because there isnt a proper lining inside of the leather upper. The L.L.Bean Classic Boots are also lacking arch support and would not be the best choice for someone with an orthopedic foot condition unless you added an insole or custom orthotic, which is also true of the shearling-lined version.

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