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Where To Buy Cheer Shoes

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Dadawen Sport Training Cheerleading Shoes

Should You Buy The Nfinity Flytes? | Cheer Shoe Review

Keeping in mind the price and features it comes with, the DADAWEN Sports Training Cheerleading Shoes are a great option for novice cheerleaders, as it offers them a chance to experience a cheer shoe and practice their moves before they can transition to a more high-end shoe made for skilled cheerleaders.

This shoe is generously padded on the inside which adds to the weight but also helps in shock absorption. Being heavier than normal cheer shoes, this model is ideal for bases. It is durable and easy to clean thanks to synthetic leather uppers.

Your feet will stay fresh and cool in these shoes since the tongue is made of mesh and also because of the presence of ventilation holes that lets air circulate through the shoe.

One of the best features of the DADAWEN Sports Training Cheerleading Shoes is the antimicrobial lining that doesnt let odor build-up, so your feet would not stink at the end of the day. These shoes are made to be used on indoor surfaces since they feature non-slip outsoles for better traction on smooth surfaces. All in all, it is a great choice for a bases.

Check out DADAWEN Sport Training Cheerleading Shoes on Amazon.

Cheer Shoes For Wide Feet

The shoe criteria for wide feet is completely different from that of a standard shoe. Over-arching problems can seem overwhelming in a sport like cheerleading. Having proper arch support. These kind of cheer shoes should fit you snugly while allowing room for the free movement of toes.

After detailed discussions with shoe experts and pro-cheerleaders, I have shortlisted Nike Womens Cheer Compete Training Shoes to be the best cheer shoes for wide feet. I you would like to have a detailed read on the various issues and solutions with respect to the wide feet cheer shoes, you may have a look at this article here.

How To Choose Youth Cheer Shoes For Tumblers

Choosing a youth cheer shoe for tumblers involves focusing on the durability, shock cushioning, and bubble laces that stay tied. Youth cheerleaders may want to consider a mid or high-rise shoe to help prevent injury and provide maximum heel and ankle support. Check out our complete guide for the best cheer shoes for tumbling.

Next, well dive into the best cheer shoes for youth athletes, boys and girls alike.

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How To Choose Youth Cheer Shoes For Flyers

Youth cheer flyers should choose a cheerleading shoe that has finger grips for bases and a sole constructed to naturally fit into the bases hands. They should also be lightweight and fit close to the foot, as bulky shoes dont allow the flyer to directly feel their bases hands on their foot, which is necessary for them to feel safe and confident while in the air. This is especially crucial for young flyers getting their bearings in the air for the first time in their lives. Read our guide about choosing the best cheer shoes for flyers.

Are Keds Cheer Shoes

The Sneaker Keds original Champion sneaker was the common choice of early-day cheer teams. The look wasnt just popular with cheerleaders it became synonymous with such American female legends as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Slang for tennis shoes, the term sneaker was first used in Boston in 1887.

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How Do I Know My Foot Size

Before you rush and get yourself a new pair of cheer shoes, make sure you have got your accurate foot size. As obvious as it sounds, getting the foot size wrong is one of the most common mistakes people make that leads to a plethora of issues.

All you need to do is trace your foot on a flat piece of paper, make two marks behind your heel and in front of your longest toe each, measure the distance, and voila! You have your feet size. If you know your feet size in inches or centimeters you can easily tally that up with the size chart of any brand.

To know how to measure your foot size in detail read this in-depth article here.

Youth Cheer Shoes: The Most Important Piece Of Cheer Gear

Cheer shoes for youth athletes are extremely important because they provide the foundation for young cheerleaders that are learning basic skills and techniques that will set the tone for the rest of their career. Youth cheer shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, durable and have a great fit. Parents often like to purchase cheerleading shoes a little too big for the athlete to grow into, but finding a shoe that supports the childs foot and is not too oversized to provide the support it is intended for is relevant.

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Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe

The Nfinity Vengeance is a very popular and loved cheer shoe among cheerleaders. Because of their specialized structure, they are the ideal shoes for beginner flyers. But they are not a great choice for bases and spotters since they lack cushioning and support in the heels.

But the positive points far outweigh any cons it might have. For example, its uppers are made with breathable transparent mesh and feature synthetic overlays for support, which also promote airflow, keeping your feet sweat-free and cool even after long hours of wear.

The bottom half of these shoes, are equipped with outsole grace EVA and pylon pads for durability. There is no movement inside the shoe since it fits very tight. This makes sure that there are no unforeseen painful injuries during stunts and dances. This model is ideal for beginners who have an acrobatic role in the squad.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Cheer Shoes

Cheer Shoes 101

As a beginner, it is important to know the difference between indoor and outdoor cheer shoes. Contrary to what you might think, not all cheer shoes are made to be used both indoors and outdoors. The difference lies in how the shoe is made.

Cheer shoes made for outdoor use will have more tread which allows greater and firmer traction on grass and other outdoor surfaces. They would be much easier to clean and would be tougher and more durable than normal cheer shoes.

While those made for indoor use, on surfaces like cheer mats and the like, will have different kinds of treads. They usually have smoother outsoles and a durable toe area. There are some versatile shoes, however, which crossover as both indoor and outdoor cheer shoes. You need to decide which type of shoe to buy based on where your squad usually performs as well as your squads skill level.

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Best Youth Cheer Shoes: Rebel Ruthless

Rebel Athletics Rebel Ruthless cheerleading shoe is perfect for young cheerleaders. The multi-layer mesh Ruthless shoe has some key features that allow the athlete to focus on training and learning new skills, while feeling comfortable and supported all day long:

  • Unique weight-distribution technology for feather-light feel

  • Rear heel finger notch and Patented Finger Grooves

  • Close-to-mat foot placement

  • Cushion cup- Cradles the heel

  • Rebel Spin Pad- Ease of turning

This shoe has a sleek design and is available in both black and white to match the uniform design or personal preference.

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What Is A Flyer In Cheer

The flyer is lifted into the air during a stunt and is on top of the stunt or pyramid. The flyers main job is to squeeze her muscles together in order for her bases to be able to perform stunts from below her. The flyer can make or break the stunt since she has control over what is put up in the air.

Nike Womens Cheer Sideline Iv Shoes

BCG Kids

If you are a base player or a beginner who needs reasonably priced shoes with good arch support, the Nike Cheer Sideline IV Shoes are a good choice for you. These are specifically made for cheerleading since they dont include any unnecessary accessories that might hold you back.

Although they would stretch out after some time due to wear and tear, they are extremely light on your feet and fit true to size. Because of how these shoes are made, they would remain comfortable on your feet even after long hours of wear. In order to provide flexibility and easy cleaning, the Nike Cheer Unite Sneakers feature synthetic leather uppers.

These shoes would not restrict your movement and provide your ankles a full range-of-motion, since they are low-cut. The phylon midsole prevents your feet from sliding. And the non-marking rubber outsole provides a solid grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Probably the only downside to these shoes is that there are no mesh panels, so they are not very breathable. Apart from that, they are quite the deal for you.

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Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe

Since these shoes come in the youth sizes 1 to 13 and fit well because of the secure-fit system, the Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte cheer shoes are the best cheer shoes for younger cheerleaders who are just starting out.

What the secure-fit system does is, it adjusts the interior of the shoe according to the foot arch and shape, thus providing superior support. These shoes last long and do exceptionally well in tumbling and jumping moves because of the EVA outsole.

The shoes are cushioned in a way that protects your heel from spurs and other injuries by absorbing the shock during jumping, flipping, and landing in cheerleading. The Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte cheer shoes have a breathable anti-microbial lining that allows airflow and keeps your feet bacteria-free, thus avoiding diseases like athletes foot.

It is made of leather and fabric on the outside which helps it last longer and makes it easy to clean. It is an affordable buying option with all the basic features that would get you going in the field of cheerleading.

Check out Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe on Amazon.

What Can You Do With Old Cheer Shoes

When you have significantly worn out your cheer shoes and think it is time to get new ones, do not just throw away the old ones you have. You can give them to a donation center that accepts old shoes. These shoes are usually recycled from there.

Conversely, if your shoes are not in such bad shape but you want to change them anyway, you can sell them at a thrift shop or give them to someone who might need it. It is best to keep the environment and others well being in mind and do the right thing.

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Best Cheerleading Shoe For Kids

CheerLiving® Episode 15: 4 Myths About Buying Cheer Shoes

The Nfinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoe is a high-performance competition shoe for kids and novice cheerleaders. It is available in all kids sizes for quite reasonable prices. Made of 100% leather, its form-fitting design provides a slipper-sequel, ultra-lightweight feel.

The strategically located rubber outsole pods improve durability in performances that involve high wear stunts. Just 6.5 oz in weight, the shoe has light-as-feather laces that provide a superb fit. The outer leather and sateen make the shoe breathable and provides excellent support.

The rubber outsole helps perform on the spring floor and the specially designed insoles give excellent arch support with its enhanced cushioning. Proper fit around the toes and impact area provides the shoes the best fit and confidence while performing. The Nfinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoes are ideal for a kid who has just started cheerleading.

Check out Nfinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoes on Amazon.

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Cheer Shoes By No Limit Sportswear

We are proud to announce a NEW exclusive partnership with No Limit Sportswear for 2018! Now you can bundle uniforms and shoes together along with your practicewear, bags, & other Cheer gear to create the PERFECT package! Contact us for more information about package discounts or large quantity orders.

  • All Surface Indoor/Outdoor Shoe
  • Lightweight, durable
  • Power sole designed to maximize jump height
  • Special grips for stability where hands of bases hold flyer’s foot for all types of stunting
  • All Surface Indoor/Outdoor Shoe
  • Lightweight, durable, easy to clean
  • Synthetic leather upper, lightweight
  • Power grip enhanced non slip surface for stunting
  • Customizable with your team logo and colors
  • Change both the top material color and sole
  • Designed by Top Gun’s Victor Rosario
  • Available in low and high top + sparkle materials
  • Team pricing & bundle packages available
  • All Surface Indoor/Outdoor Shoe
  • Cushioning for comfort & support on impact when landing
  • Easy to clean, great for youth & middle school cheer
  • Sleek, 4.5 ounces, lightweight
  • Mesh & leather upper sole with breathability
  • Designed by Top Gun’s Victor Rosario
  • Double reinforced stitching, narrow midsole for stable grip
  • Lower price for all white non-customized option
  • Sleek, 4.5 ounces, lightweight
  • Mesh & leather upper sole with breathability
  • Designed by Top Gun’s Victor Rosario
  • Double reinforced stitching, narrow midsole for stable grip
  • Lower price for all white non-customized option

How Do You Break In Cheer Shoes

This is a classic problem with all beginners. Even though a brand new pair of shoes can be a delight, they can soon turn into a pain when you go on to wear them for your cheer performance.

New shoes are often too stiff and tight and can even cause blisters, other than a general discomfort when you first go on to wear them. And this is especially bothersome when you are new to cheerleading and are not used to cheer shoes yet.

To prevent this issue from becoming a serious burden on your health and performance, let us take a look at some useful tips to break-in cheer shoes.

  • Wear the shoes around the house or go for a walk or run in them. Just keep them on your feet and keep moving.
  • Gently bend and twist them in multiple directions with your hands, every now and then.
  • Tie a rubber band around them in the bent position and keep them like that for a couple of hours .
  • Do some foot exercises while wearing them.
  • Use special oils and shoe conditioners if available.
  • Dip the bottom of hard shoes in warm water.
  • Use a hairdryer to make the material more flexible.
  • Take them to a cobbler for necessary alterations.

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Chass Apex Cheerleading Shoes

The Chassé Apex shoes are an amazing pair of cheer shoes for someone who doesnt want to spend too much on their first cheer shoes. They are mid-range, affordable, and loaded with cool features.

Made of lightweight synthetic leather, these shoes do not stretch much, which means you will need to get the correct sizing when you buy these. It also means that they will not become too loose with time.

They have a low cut allowing for maximum ankle movement and air circulation. The mesh tongue keeps your feet sweat-free, cool, and aerated. The rubber soles are durable and provide maximum traction on indoor surfaces.

Difficult stunts and multiple cheer routines will not damage these shoes. They feature bubble laces that will stay tied through complex routines and stunts and will not wear out easily. They restrict unnecessary movements and protect the feet from blisters and hot spots.

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What Shoes Are Youth Cheer Champions Wearing

I wear the Rebel Revolution cheer shoes because I liked how they have the ankle support. They feel like a sock when I wear them & they are so light when I am tumbling. My favorite part of the Rebel Revolution cheer shoes are the inner cushions around the heel. Its like little pillows cushioning my feet! These shoes are so stretchy they really mold to your foot, I never have to worry about my foot sliding around in my shoe or my shoe flying off! The shoes are weightless so they make tumbling so easy. The grips on the sides give the perfect spots for my bases to hold. When I am hitting my flyer positions the shoes make it really easy to point my toe & show perfect technique. My bases like the Rebel Revolution shoes the best out of any cheer shoes Ive ever worn! -Ave Shae Roberts, 10 years old, Cheer Athletics

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