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Mens Size 14 Snowboard Boots

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Snowboarding : Large Burton Bindings

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The Wintersports And Outdoor Store

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Things To Consider When Buying Size 14 Snowboard Boot

There are so many offerings out there: endless size 14 snowboard boot to evaluate, each with its own set of features. With so much information out there, where does one begin? What questions should you ask yourself as you begin to cut down your list of potential purchases? Consider these factors for finding a great size 14 snowboard boot:

  • Cost: How much are you willing to spend on a size 14 snowboard boot? What are the trade-offs between price and quality? Will your budget allow for an expensive model, or will you need something more affordable?
  • Durability: How long do you expect your size 14 snowboard boot to last? Will it need to stand up to heavy use, or will it be mostly used for light tasks? Will you be using your size 14 snowboard boot in harsh conditions? If so, consider how well-built it is before making a purchase.
  • Functionality: What features are most important to you in a size 14 snowboard boot? If youre looking for a basic model, you may be able to save money by purchasing a more basic model. However, if you need specific upgraded features, be prepared to pay more.
  • Warranty: How long is the warranty, and what does it cover? If you use your size 14 snowboard boot frequently, consider purchasing a model with a longer warranty.

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Nitro Venture Pro TLS snowboard boot

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How To Define The Ideal Width

There are two schools of thought on the best width of a snowboard.

School of thought #1: The best width for you is where your boots overhang on both the heel edge and toe edge by anywhere between 1 & 2 centimetres .

School of thought #2: The best width for you is when your feet are roughly exactly the width of the board at the inserts or a little over. In other words, in bare feet your heel would be right on the heel edge and your toes right on the toe edge .

It should also be noted that this should be measured using the underside of the board as this is the side of the board that makes contact with the snow. The top side of the board is typically narrower due to the angle on the edges of a snowboard.

..So which one is correct?


Yes they are actually both right and are actually essentially the same thing. This is because when your feet take up the width of the board edge-to-edge then your boots are likely to hang over 1-2cm on both heel and toe side depending on the profile of the boots.

NOTE: The lowest profile boots Ive seen add around 2cm total to the length of your feet and the longest profile Ive measured added 4.5cm compared to the length of the foot.

Both schools of thought are the same for the same reasons too. Which brings me to the importance of getting the width right.

% Builds Now Available On All Bikes

Since the assembly is performed by hand and per order, it may take 6-8 business days for the assembly of your new bike to be completed and shipped.

Please allow 15-20 business days on select Framed custom built bikes.

Our $99 Bike Assembly is here to help you maximize your riding time. Just tighten the handlebars, install the front wheel,pedals and ride! This process is done with care, by our experienced professional technicians to ensure that your bike not only lasts, but most importantly is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

Our certified team of technicians spend the time to fine tune the bike so you don’t have to. During this process, our technicians will go through each of the bearing components, ensuring a solid, smooth ride from the first turn of the cranks. From there, the wheels are taken off individually for the truing process. Making sure your wheel is true is key to prolonging the life of your rims, and ultimately your whole bicycle. After this happens, the rear wheel is installed with care to make sure that the chain is tensioned properly and that the free wheel of the bike is in proper working order. The brakes are then adjusted and tested for reliable stopping power. During the assembly the bike goes through a thorough quality control check to ensure your bike is up to our high standards and yours.

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You Could Ride A Or A But We’re Out Of Stock

21/22 Burton Men’s Snowboard Boots Ladder

Sounds like a or will work well under your feet, but we’re out of stock. Feel free to check out other boards, a Burton dealer near you, or call one of our Burton Guides for their expert advice:

Get the Right Size Board

Not sure which size will suit you best? We can put you in the right ballpark if you give us your boot size and weight. If you’d really like to dial in your board choice, give our Burton Guides a call for one-on-one expert advice:

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Top 10 Size 14 Snowboard Boot You Should Own

We worked hard to put together this list of size 14 snowboard boot, and were confident it will help you find the best one. We considered many factors, including price, quality, value, and more. Our team has worked in this industry for years and understands what makes a good size 14 snowboard boot. We know that the best size 14 snowboard boot can make a big difference in your needs, and we included only the best products on this list. If youre looking for a great size 14 snowboard boot, youll find it here.

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Why Does Width Matter


School of thought number 2 suggests that the feet should be edge to edge as it is your feet that apply pressure to the edges when youre turning the board.

Whilst there is a bit of leeway , if your feet are too small for the board then it is going to be harder to apply pressure to the edges which will make turn initiation more arduous and the board will feel heavy and less responsive.

NOTE:People who are lighter in weight will notice this even more if they are too far inside the edges. People who weight more wont be as effected by this as they have more force to apply pressure with.

But too much overhang would violate school of thought number 1. The reason there is an upper limit on the overhang in school of thought 1 is that too much overhang and you risk dragging a boot in the snow on hard turns obviously not what you want!

As a rule, 5mm overhang of feet on both toe and heel edge should be the maximum foot overhang and 4-5mm inside the edge of board total should be the maximum underhang.

This translates to boot overhang of around 20mm per edge, as the maximum .

Foot underhang doesnt change for low profile boots you still ideally want to not go more than 2mm per edge on your feet, regardless of boot profile.

You can probably get away with up to 2.5cm of overhang on the heel-edge and 2.5cm toe-edge, in reality but to be on the safe side it is better to try to stay under 2cm especially if you like to lay down some deep carves.

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