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What Are The Best Shoes For Arthritis

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The Right Shoes For Arthritis

The Best Shoes For People With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. Characterized by inflammation of joints, this ailment leads to pain and mobility issues. While there are actually 100+ different forms of this condition, most of us are most familiar with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Both affect the body in different ways, and both can make being on our feet quite painful.

Shoes to Alleviate Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that systematically attacks the joints. RA patients typically develop deformities on the feet as well as severe stiffness and pain in the balls of the feet.

What is a helpful shoe for someone with rheumatoid arthritis? Ideally, it should be footwear that is especially deep. It should also have removable insoles so that, if necessary, other supports can be inserted instead. Slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro straps make getting the shoes on and off easier.

While basic cushioning is certainly helpful in relieving pain, alone it is not enough. Strategic shock absorption and proper arch support are essential attributes in shoes for RA patients. These features assist in the prevention of further pain or inflammation. Since rheumatoid arthritis can change the shape of the feet and cause bumps on the sides, it is also vitally important that shoes have lots of room. If shoes are too tight, they can cause an RA sufferer a great deal of foot pain. Dansko is a brand that is characterized by its arch support and wide box toe.

Orthofeet Pain Relief Stretchable Shoes

Are your bunions, hammertoes, or heel spurs extremely painful? Do you have advanced stages of diabetic feet? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you stand to benefit a lot from Orthofeet Pain Relief Stretchable Shoes.

Many sneakers designed to address painful feet problems mimic Orthofeet. The brand doesnt cut corners with their products-they go all in. The level of padding in Orthofeet Pain Relief Stretchable Shoe is admirable. The shoe is so soft that the ground you are stepping on ceases to exist.

Air cushioning is used together with a lightweight ergonomic outsole to lower the overall weight of the shoe. This kick comes along with premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support for responsive support. As your feet change shape, the insole molds to them providing all-day support and comfort.

Here is something cool this stretchable shoe comes in extended widths. This provides for the extra space so your toes can have a playtime. There is a single Velcro strap for hassle-free fastening. The entire construction is seam-free and thus truly ideal for those with sensitive feet.

Top features

  • Anatomical arch support that caters to any arch shape
  • A roomier interior
  • Takes care of many tender feet problems
  • Long-lasting design
  • Adds spring to every step you make


  • No alarming quality problems

Best Shoes For Arthritis Reviews

  • Best Shoes For Arthritis Reviews | Top 12 Shoes For Arthritic Feet For You!

The Best Shoes for Arthritis, When you obtain older, youre at a greater risk of producing a situation called Arthritis. Arthritis is a common phrase used for a collection of over 100 situations. Osteo-Arthritis is caused by tear & wear also can result in pain & swelling as well as damages that affect your ankles & feet.

The Best Shoes For Arthritis are the things that have a Low-Heel with a wide Toe-Box, Rubber-Sole, & some durability features in them. Wearing this kind of shoe cant only stop arthritis symptoms in your foot but also help to reduce these symptoms already started.

In this article, we at FootwearCorner will give the complete guide on the important topic of Best Shoes For Arthritis. You will be grateful that you have read this article & choice the best idea and gift for You! Lets get started!

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Test And Treatment For Ra

Unfortunately there is no cure. It is important to get tested and treated for RA. For example, the Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center writes RA causes joint damage in 80% to 85% of patients, with the brunt of the damage occurring during the first 2 years of the disease. Experts say it can also shorten the life of patients if left untreated due to the possibility of cardiac complications.

Experts say treatment can stop pain and swelling and prevent joint damage. If you suspect you have RA you should consult a rheumatologist or orthopaedic surgeon . Your doctor may perform a careful examination of your joint and conduct tests to help diagnose RA. Doctors may take x-rays, or even use ultrasounds or MRI testing to look for joint damage. In addition, blood tests may look for Rheumatoid factor or also an anti CCP test. Experts say up to 80% of RA patients may test positive for RF.

Treatments for your RA may include medications, reducing stress on your joints with things like ice, non steroidal anti-inflammatories, braces and even custom orthotics. A treatment course may also involve physical and occupational therapy, and sometimes surgery. For instance, Borrink eventually elected to have surgery to fuse the bones in her forefoot after RA damaged the area. Not great to have surgery but it removed her need to wear custom orthotics at the time.

Best Shoes For Arthritic Feet In 2021

Best Shoes for Arthritis (or Joint Disorder)

Its really hard to live with arthritis. The pain from this condition can put so many of your activities and dreams on a halt. Every step you make, every move or flexing will be accompanied by pain and discomfort.

But we already know you know how it feels to live like that. And we also know what can be done to restore some sanity in your life. If your condition is not super advanced, then the best shoes for arthritic feet can help. This move and physical therapy are usually the first steps to easing your pain.

Here is something you might not know

Not every other shoe even those from the most reputable brands-can address arthritis. In fact, some can exacerbate the condition, especially if they are too stiff or dont fit well.

But we understand this info is not enough to help you and that is why we have taken the time to research for you some of the best shoes that have offered reliable help to other people in this condition.

To butter it all up, we will have a vital section coming in the right after the reviews. The section will shine the spotlight on what needs to be considered while shopping for the most comfortable shoes for arthritic feet.

Are you short on time? No need to worry. Here is our top recommendation Orthofeet Plantar Fasciitis Shoes. This shoe strikes the right balance between price and comfort.

Alright. Now that you are pumped lets have a look at all the options worth investing in.

Contents: Quick Links

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Reviews: Best Shoes For Arthritis

Here are a few selections of shoes that will provide you with the best comfort and support if you have arthritis We hope you love the products we recommend! So that you know, We may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Propet Stability Walker – Women


  • This shoe has a wider fit and many other comforts and support features for people suffering from foot conditions.
  • The uppers are flexible and soft, as well as perforated for better breathability.
  • A brushed Nylon lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • A heel counter, as well as a padded tongue and collar, ensures firm support and comfort.
  • The EVA midsole and PU insole ensure all-day cushioned comfort and reduce strain on the feet.
  • A slip-resistant rubber outsole will keep you firmly on your feet on any floor surface.

Brooks Dyad 11 – Women


  • Soft mesh uppers that do not put any pressure on the feet.
  • A rubber sole with Omega Flex grooves for natural forefoot movement and fluidity and superior grip on many surfaces.
  • It comes with a removable foam insole for lightweight under sole cushioning.
  • The BioMoGo DNA technology used in this shoe is a blend of BioMoGo earth-friendly and responsive Brooks DNA gender2-friendly cushioning.
  • A full-length S-257 Cushsole midsole compound is utilizing an insole board for better cushioning and flexibility.
  • The heel crash pad absorbs shock and ensures smoother transitions.
  • Available in three different colors.

SoftWalk Taft – Women


The Best And Worst Shoes For Arthritis Pain

Wearing the wrong shoes is surprisingly common. If you own a pair of fabulous shoes that always seem to be painful to wear, you know that’s true. People often sacrifice comfort for fashion. Everyone should treat their feet well, but that’s especially important for people who suffer from arthritis. Poor arch support or inadequate cushioning can exacerbate existing problems, including joint pain. Fortunately, there are shoes designed with arthritis sufferers in mind. There are also some shoes that you should avoid.

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Skechers Mens Afterburn Memory

Say hello to Skechers Mens Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker. This is the one sporty shoe that steps up your style while offering therapeutic comfort. It is massively recommended on bigger marketplaces like amazon with over 10k reviews-yes, its that hugely liked.

Coming from an award-winning brand, this sneaker boasts of a soft leather top with perforated details for ample breathability. The entire construction is put together via seam-free stitching to offer some peace of mind to those with overly sensitive feet.

To boost comfort, Skechers Mens Afterburn includes a memory foam insole and pillow-soft padding on the tongue and collar. The bottom features a flexible, high-traction Articu-lyte rubber sole. There are so many eye-candy colors to choose from.

Top features

  • A mix of synthetic and leather
  • Meshed top
  • Lined with memory foam for improved comfort
  • Affordable pricing
  • Superior support and traction


  • The quality may have dipped a little. However, as we said before, extremely padded shoes thin out with continued use. This is standard across the board.

Skechers Mens Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker appeals to trend-savvy individuals who also dont want to compromise on quality. Despite the stunning design, the sneaker takes into account the needs of those with minor to medium feet problems. Thanks to the sporty look, this could be your workout gear as well.

Do Running Shoes For Ankle Arthritiss Differ From Phrases


Choosing the right running shoes for ankle arthritis type depends on your intentions. running shoes for ankle arthritiss are versatile because of their small size. Pockets can be used to carry small items. Despite its size, I was unable to fit it into my pocket.

A page can be rolled down easily with wide margins. A low-quality running shoes for ankle arthritis cannot be used for search engine optimization.

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Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

Vionics thong style sandal, or flip flop, is perfect for the beach, pool, and river for both men and women. Its straps are made from mesh neoprene, so the shoe wont fall off and youll get breathability for your entire foot as its drying from sweat or water. A padded neoprene liner provides great support, and the shoe has cushioning with an EVA midsole that also absorbs shock and reduces stress on your ankles and feet. The outsole is made of wave-patterned tread rubber material that provides great grip and traction so you never worry about slipping. It comes in three colorsblack, brown, or grey, and the shoe goes perfectly with any outfit. At the end of the day, the shoe is very easy to clean, as well simply take a damp cloth, wipe down the shoe, and let air dry.

The negative aspects to this shoe include the fact that its unisex, which means you might not get a very great fit depending on your gender it tends to be too wide and too big for women. The strap also rides high for many people and may cause red lines or blisters as it rubs against the top part of your foot.


  • Since the shoe is unisex, may not fit well for women or for people with smaller, more narrow feet
  • Strap can slide too high on the foot
  • Straps may be uncomfortable at first, especially between the toes
  • Not very durable tend to break soon, especially at the straps
  • Long break-in period considering that they are flip flops

Aim For Easy Adjustability

The more adjustability to a shoe, the easier it is to fit. This is important since you may need to accommodate changes in foot size and shape during arthritis flare-ups.

Tying shoes can be difficult if you have arthritis in your hands, so consider elastic laces, which can ensure a snug fit with one pull and even allow you to slip into already-tied shoes.

Other options include Velcro closings or zipper fastenings, which can be done up and/or adjusted with only one hand. Shoes with elastic inserts can also provide feet with more stretching room.

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Look For Shoes With Removeable Insoles

Orthotics are one of the main treatments for people with arthritis. They help to more evenly distribute weight throughout the foot, taking pressure off of painful spots like the big toe joint or the midfoot, says Dr. Hurless.

Shoes with removeable insoles allow you to put in your own customized or over-the-counter orthotics without making the shoe too tight.

Another smart feature for arthritic feet with severe deformities like hammertoes are shoes that offer extra or added depth, which allows your foot to go in ¼ inch or ½ inch deeper than it would in a standard shoe. This gives you more room in the shoe and provides adequate space for a custom orthotic.

Nike Mens Air Monarch Iv Cross Trainer

Best Shoes for Arthritis (or Joint Disorder)

The Nike Mens Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is another great shoe for people suffering from arthritis. If you do not want arthritis to ruin your outdoor plans, this is one of the best shoes to opt for.

The shoe provides a secure and firm fit, and it would serve you for a long time, thanks to its great build. Nike is very popular for making high-quality shoes, and it designed this shoe to provide arthritis sufferers with all the support they need.

The shoe provides great cushioning, support, comfort, and gait that you cannot find in most shoes out there. It is also great for athletes, as it is super lightweight.

Nike made this shoe with leather and synthetic and it comes with a rubber outsole that provides great stability. It also provides great traction and you can use it to walk comfortably even in wet and rough terrains.

It features a wide width for added comfort and support. The design and versatility of the shoe does not compromise on its durability.

The sole rubber sole is highly durable and it can withstand everyday use. The upper of the shoe is made with leather and it helps to keep your feet dry and cool, even in hot weather.


For those looking for the best running shoes for arthritis, the ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes is one of the best options to consider. With this pair of shoes, you will no longer experience pains while running or walking long distances.


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Stick To A Lower Heel

The best shoes for arthritis tend not to be high heels. Most shoes for this kind of joint plan are flat. That is not to say you have to stick to flat walking shoes for arthritis. There are heels for arthritis out there, but we would recommend sticking to a lower heel.

High heels put unnecessary pressure on the soles and the balls of the feet, which can lead to very painful foot conditions. Low heels for arthritis will have a wide toe-box and plenty of support and cushioning which soothes the pain of arthritic feet.

You can browse our full collection of low heels for arthritis here.

What Are Stability Shoes

Stability shoes have a dense midsole and heel. They can control the motion of the foot and prevent rolling inward. Stability shoes are a good option for some, but not all people with arthritis. These shoes take weight off the ball of the foot, which can help those with hip, knee, foot, or ankle arthritis. However, they may be helpful to those who dont have a problem with overpronation .

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Why Special Shoes For Arthritis

Since Arthritis affects the joints of the body, it is a condition that is particularly severe to our feet since it has many joints. Hence, the feet could get swollen, and you cant just wear ordinary shoes as it would be a harrowing experience. Under the above circumstances, it makes better sense to go in for special shoes made for arthritis patients.

Benefits of Good Shoes for Arthritic Feet

  • 1. They assist in providing a cushion to the inflamed joints in the feet.
  • 2. They help in better movement of the knees and other joints.
  • 3. They distribute the weight correctly and do not put a lot of pressure on the heels.
  • 4. They assist in accommodating the swelling, which often is associated with arthritis.

Womens Arthritis Shoes Buying Guide



Many of the shoes in this list offer extra-wide widths, but some only come in regular widths. Consider your needs as well as if your feet may swell. It is also a good idea to read reviews to determine if shoes tend to run larger or smaller.


Before making your purchase, consider where and how you will be wearing your shoes. If you plan on exercising or taking long walks in them, make sure you have a good fit and enough support in the sole to keep you comfortable during extended wear.

Getting Shoes On And Off

If it is difficult for you to bend over, or if you have dexterity issues in your hands, consider a shoe that is easy to slip on and off. Shoes with out laces may be easiest, but also consider if you will need an adjustable strap to tighten your shoes.

Material And Adjustability

If your feet tend to swell or you have flare-ups, laces or an adjustable strap might be ideal. Consider also the material of the shoe. Fabrics like leather may stretch with time, but might not be easily adjustable. If you plan to wear your shoes during warm summer months, consider a breathable fabric to keep you feet cool and your shoes from smelling.

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