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What Are Hey Dude Shoes Made Of

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Are Hey Dude Shoes American Made

Hey Dude, Nice Shoes!

Youve got to love a brand that values transparency when it comes to sourcing. According to their website, Hey Dude Shoes are made in China and Indonesia. Fortunately, the brand states that they believe in fair labor practices, as the company ensures equal opportunity and fair wages for their employees.

Who Is Hey Dude Shoes For

If youre one to complain about hour-long city walks and hikes, perhaps its time to check out Hey Dude Shoes. Due to their patented technology and design, it seems that this sneaker brand is recommended for those who suffer from foot-related pain. Outdoor enthusiasts, such as campers or athletes, may find their kicks suitable for an adventurous lifestyle.

Hey Dude Shoes are made for all ages, as they carry a range of kids footwear. For those who dont mind subbing out their summer sandals and winter heels for a more comfortable option, this brand could be the label that youre looking for.

Is Sanuk A Good Brand

Sanuk is a good brand for making stylish hybrid shoes with a touch of fun.The upper of Sanuk shoes is a lightweight style canvas that has dual elastic styled notches for a comfy fit. Furthermore, there is also a double reinforced top stitching in a mock-toe style design.

Moreover, Sanuk shoes are great to wear in warm weather anyone as they have perforations along the lateral sides to allow airflow. Also, due to a slim and soft Canvas upper made from yoga mat, you can fold the heel counter to wear them as slippers.

You can check out detailed review of Sanuk shoes in this video.

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Are Sanuk Shoes Good For Your Feet

It depends on whether youve flat feet or high arches. The bottom of Sanuk shoes is similar to the flip-flops as they feature a patented sandal construction that allows your feet to bend naturally. However, this feature of Sanuk shoes is only suitable for you if your feet are flexible and have fallen arches.

Id not recommend you to buy Sanuk shoes if you have high arches. The reason is that the insole of Sanuk shoes is not removable, due to which you cannot replace it with your custom orthotic inserts if you try to add your inserts in your Sanuk shoes. However, the default EVA footbed of Sanuk shoes is quite soft like a sponge. So, if youve flat feet, these Sanuks are ideal shoes for you.

Heres what users say about the arch support of different Sanuk shoes on .

Although their EVA footbed offers a gel-like cushioning, you cant wear Sanuk shoes for walking on hard surfaces or roads due to their thin sole and absence of support underneath your feet. Sanuk shoes are only good for wearing them in the house, and surfing or walking on the beaches.

Heres what customers say about the walking experience with the Sanuk shoes.

I also contacted the Sanuk brands customer support and asked them whether I should wear Sanuk shoes for long hours standing or not. Here was their response.

I can give you an idea. If youve flip-flops and can do longer walks in them, it means youll get excellent comfort in Sanuk shoes, and they will feel like you are walking on a pillow.

What We’re All About

Sunflower &  Spiral Tooled Custom Hey Dude Shoes  TTT ...

Whether its relaxing at the weekend, post-sport recovery or smart/casual options for work, Dude’s got you covered. Regardless of the style or use, Hey Dude shoes keep the principles the same. The patented EVA sole and durable, memory foam leather insole create a shoe that’s made to mould to the shape of your footprint with every step because we know there’s nothing better than slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes that support you throughout the day.

Even though keeping your feet happy is the centre of our universe, we understand that we have a responsiblity to look after the environment we live in. Our footwear recycling scheme helps to reduce landfill waste and offers a hefty 20% discount for taking part. A discount on a fresh pair of Dude shoes whilst helping to sustain the planet – what’s not to like?

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Are Hey Dudes Machine Washable

Not all Hey Dude shoes can be washed in a machine. But most of them are indeed machine washable. Models with a fabric or canvas top can be easily washed in a machine. However, if your Hey Dude is made of leather, wool, or suede materials, those do not belong in a washing machine.

Also, there are specific instructions for washing Hey Dudes with a machine. For instance, the canvas, stretch and sox models should only be washed under cool conditions on a very slow cycle. Be sure to remove the insoles, toggles, and badges that may be fitted into the shoe.

Hey Dude Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Get ready to add this footwear brand to your bookmark tab. This Hey Dude Shoes review uncovered a majority of happy customers across several internet forums.

For instance, the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers boasts a staggering total of 2,113 testimonials with an average score of 5/5 stars.

Several customers applauded this footwear brand for their comfortable designs. Others loved their unique patterns and stylesas they proved functional and fashionable at the same time.

I absolutely LOVE my shoes! I walked for miles in Key West and did not feel one ache or pain the entire time. Plus, Ive gotten so many compliments because they are super cute, one customer wrote for the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers. showcases an impressive count of 4,324 testimonials with a rating of 4.89 stars out of 5. According to 98% of customers, Hey Dude ranks high in performance, fit, and functionality. Some buyers were happy with the price given its quality.

Never believed people when they said how comfortable they were until I bought some myself! Absolutely amazing, one customer wrote on

Independent blogs, such as Proven Shoes and Standard American Dad, also wrote encouraging reviews towards Hey Dude footwear. Both authors found their kicks to be durable, lightweight, and affordable. This is especially towards their patented comfort technology, which proved crucial in keeping their sneakers flexible and shock-absorbent.

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What Is Hey Dude Shoes Shipping Policy

This Hey Dude Shoes review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on all US orders that total $100 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5 . They also provide free 2-day delivery on some select models.

To monitor the status of your package, customers can click on the track your order link at the bottom of their website. Unfortunately, they do not provide international shipping to other countries at this time.

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes

The Most Comfortable Eco-Friendly Shoe

While Hey Dude are one of the best shoes that look similar to Sanuk, therere still some differences between the styles of HeyDude and Sanuk. Hey Dude are slip-on type shoes with elastic lacing option, while Sanuk slip-on shoes dont have laces. Furthermore, Hey Dude shoes offer more cushioning and moderate arch support, while Sanuk shoes soles are pretty flat and are perfect to wear as house shoes.

So, if you want to learn more about Hey Dude vs Sanuk shoes features, read this guide till the end.

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Hey Dude Men’s Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes

If you are searching for something fashionable, quality, and comfortable for casual use, this pair of shoes can be a superb choice for you. The shoes come with lugged synthetic outsoles, which are extremely lightweight. The manufacturer used Chukka construction from low to the top of the shoes.

They used textile stretch materials to construct the upper panel of the shoes. The lace-up design makes it easier for the users to put on the shoes quickly and conveniently. There is soft, cushioned cloth lining on the shoes. In the inside part, there is a memory foam cushion insole that is also removable.

Key Features

  • There are removable memory foam cushion insoles.
  • How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes

    Almost every Hey dude shoes nowadays are machine washable. You can follow the below steps to make the task a bit easier.

    • Due to heavy use, the gaps in your shoes will catch dirt and mud. Before putting them in the washing machine, you need to remove these things from the gap. You can use a brush for this.
    • Then take a soft cloth and damp it into a bucket of water. Wipe out the dirt by gently moving the cloth around the shoe surface.
    • Lastly, mix some detergent into the machine and put the shoes inside.
    • Let the shoes get properly dry before you use them again.

    Final thoughts

    I donât think you have any more confusion regarding which one of these ten pairs of shoes is ideal for you. Donât skip the buying guide anyway before you make the final decision.

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    What Strategy Was Used

    With our account goals established, our paid search team got Hey Dude Shoes on our in-house data feed service, FeedLogic. This allowed us to clean up Hey Dudes product feed and optimize the feed to perform better on Google Shopping. Since Hey Dude has a large product inventory, FeedLogic made the most sense so that our team could constantly monitor the feed to make sure everything is running smoothlyproduct disapprovals are common and can be hard to catch our team has processes in place to fix issues in a timely manner.

    Next, we segmented our shopping campaigns into Branded and Non-Branded, meaning we separated consumers specifically searching for Hey Dude Shoes from generic queries for similar lifestyle comfort shoes in their category. This helped us increase efficiency in our branded campaigns segmenting them separately let us set lower bids on those products which decreased overall cost.

    How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes:

    Hey Dude Shoes Wally Woven Carbon

    Hey Dudes signature design looks a lot different than your traditional shoe. This is mirrored in their laces as well. The elastic, bungee cord style lace is made to move with your foot while still keeping the shoe secure. You want to be able to easily slip your Hey Dudes on and off. To adjust the lace tighter or looser simply adjust the stopper that holds the lace in place. This stopper helps to keep the lace from slipping while you walk.

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    Best Hey Dude Shoes For Man Ans Women Reviews 2021

    It is tough to find a pair of shoes, which can provide you enough comfort and also make you look stylish. But there is one brand offering you both these features. You just need to select the Best Hey dude shoes after deciding for what purpose and for whom you are buying the shoes.

    I have included shoes for men, women, and kids in this list and Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Loafer stays top on the list. Except for the purpose and the user, you need to watch out a few more factors before making the final choice. And you will find all these in the latter half of the article.

    Hey dude shoes are typically made of synthetic outsoles and the lightweight nature makes them suitable for almost any type of user.

    Why buy Hey dude shoes

    You might be wondering why this guy is suggesting us to buy Hey dude should keeping other top brands behind. Well, I would like to share some of the reasons for this.

    Non-slippage outsole: You can wear the shoes without worrying about the slippage as the synthetic outsoles are slip-resistant.

    Breathable design: The cotton canvas upper panel provides enough airflow through the vents to make the shoes breathable enough.

    Comfortable inside construction: The insole is made of memory foam and sometimes faux fur lining for extended comfort.

    Easy slip-on design: You can easily put on the shoes because of the slip-on design.

    Hey Dude Shoes For Women Review

    Hey, ladies. Perhaps its time to give the ol outdoor stiletto a rest. Designed to cushion those soles and support the arches, this Hey Dude Shoes review will go through a small selection of their most popular styles for readers to compare.

    Love to be the center of attention? Make your presence known with the Wendy Canvas Sparkling shoe. Featuring a stunning rose gold shimmer across the tongue, this strapping pair of sneakers will bounce off light when left in the sun.

    Built with Flex & Fold technology and an ultra-light insole, users can strut in confidence without any aches or pains. If youre not a fan of the color, this sneaker is available in 4 different shimmers, such as blue and white.

    It also comes in a wide fit and features an integrated memory foam insole for added comfort. Best paired with white leggings and a matching crop top, make the Wendy Canvas Sparkling shoes yours for $60.

    Transitional seasons can send you into a closet frenzy. What exactly do you wear? Its too hot for boots, and its too chilly for slippers. When faced with this conundrum, opt for the Britt L Linen booties instead.

    Offered in the colors houndstooth grey, slate, and burgundy, the Britt L Linenbooties ring up to a total of $50 on sale. This is compared to its original price tag of $60.

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    Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support

    Hey Dude shoes feature a memory foam insole that conforms to your foots arch as you step into your shoes. Furthermore, in Hey Dude shoes, youve the ability to easily remove their memory foam insole if youre not comfortable with it. While in Sanuk shoes, you dont have the option of removing their EVA footbed.

    Memory foam properties lie halfway between EVA and Polyurethane foam. That is, memory foam has sufficient compression resistance to provide support underneath your foot, and elastic enough to change its shape according to your foots arch when you step on it.

    In addition, the sole of Hey Dude shoes isnt completely flat and thin like Sanuk shoes.

    This is what customers say about the arch support of Hey Dude shoes on Amazon.

    Furthermore, if you observe the construction midsole of Hey Dude shoes, it looks more like a sneaker.

    The sole of Hey Dude is ultralightweight as it is made of a soft and flexible EVA foam. So, for higher comfort and support underneath your feet, Hey Dude shoes win the spot over Sanuk shoes.

    Hey Dude Wendy Chambray

    ‘HEY DUDE’ Shoes Review – Proper footwear or hippy slippers??

    You can choose this pair of shoes from Hey dude for any occasion or party. Like most other shoes of this brand, it also comes with lugged synthetic outsoles that are superbly lightweight. The manufacturer used chukka construction from low to the top to design the shoes.

    The shoes come with a lace-up and rounded toe design, which offers a snug fit on the feet and provides enough comfort to the user. To construct the upper panel of the shoes, the manufacturer used cotton canvas and soft, oxford cloth lining. There are memory foam cushioned, removable insole used in the shoes.

    Key Features

  • The shoes come with chukka construction.
  • They have lugged synthetic, lightweight outsoles.
  • Lace-up and rounded toe design
  • Removable, cushioned memory foam insole.
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    Dr Scholls No Bad Days Platform Slip

    Vans shoes have been popular for a whole long time, and its easy to see why. The versatile design will look just as good when paired with casual jeans and leggings as it would be with original Hey Dude shoes. Customers also love how comfortable and well-made these shoes are to wear all day.

    While the Classic Slip-on sneakers fit true to size, theyre also available in unisex sizes. So be sure to check the Vans size guide to find the right fit.

    Comparison: Hey Dude Shoes Vs Seychelles

    How does this footwear brand rank up to its competition? Were here to find out, as this Hey Dude Shoes review provides a side-by-side showdown to see which company is worth your money. In this round, well compare this shoe label with Seychelles in terms of variety, comfort, and price.

    When it comes to variety and comfort, it seems that Seychelles takes first place. Compared to Hey Dude Shoes, their collection boasts an impressive amount of designs and styles. Aside from sneakers, they offer high heels, platforms, ballerina flats, and boots.

    They also introduce other forms of high-performance technology such as Sey-Curve and Ortholite. With that being said, Hey Dude provides options for men and children, while Seychelles only caters to women.

    Lastly, Seychelles shoes are quite pricey compared to Hey Dude. While most of their options fall within the $60 to $100 range, this Italian-based brand offers a more reasonable price tag of $55 to $60.

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    How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes

    Hey Dudes are machine washable!

    Before putting your shoes in to wash, brush them off with a brush with soft bristles to remove excess dirt. Make sure the washing machine is set for cold water and either the gentle or hand wash cycle. Use a mild/gentle detergent. When the machine is 3/4 full, add in the Hey Dudes. Remember to take out the insoles before washing your shoes!

    When drying your Hey Dudes, we recommend opting for the air dry route out of direct sunlight. This will help dry your shoes while also killing any bacteria that may be in them. Adding a dryer sheet also isnt a bad idea to help remove any lingering odors.

    If you are not keen on the idea of machine washing your shoes, you can opt to hand wash them. The process is simple. Again brush off the shoes before washing. Combine cold water and dish soap to scrub your Hey Dudes with. Continue scrubbing until you are satisfied with how clean they are. Rinse in cold water, and leave them to air dry.

    For deodorizing the inside of your Hey Dudes, place some baking soda in a piece of cloth, tie it up, and place in the shoes. Note that you should never put baking soda on any part of your Hey Dudes because it could potentially damage them.

    You can find more information on how to clean your Hey Dudes here.

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