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What Are The Best Crossfit Shoes

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Best Crossfit Shoes For Running Workouts: Nike Free Metcon 4

The BEST CrossFit Shoes of 2016 – Best Training Shoes
Best CrossFit Shoes for Running Workouts
  • Not easy to put on
  • May not stand up to rope climbs

So, heres what happened: Nike took the Free running shoe and the Metcon training shoe and they had a baby. And you got the Free Metcon, specifically the Free Metcon 4, which we tested.

This is a great blend of both shoes. You get the foot hug feeling that the Free running shoe offered, but still have that stability that the Metcon has always provided. In testing, we found that the Free Metcon 4 moves really well with the foot, especially when running, even on treadmills. It weighs 11.2 ounces, so its not quite as light as a straight up running shoe, but its not as heavy as the more CrossFit-specific shoes are.

The Free Metcon 4 has a lot of features that cater to CrossFitters: a wide heel that is great for squatting movements, webbing along the midfoot that forms to your feet for support on agility movements, and a flexible forefoot for running. The bottom tread is incredibly grippy and feels great when doing any kind of running or jumping.

We did notice that the Free Metcon 4 runs small. If you have a very narrow foot, you may get away with sticking to your actual size. Otherwise, going up half a size may give you a little more room. These are supposed to fit snugly, but you also dont need to lose any toenails. Lastly, this is a great shoe for running workouts, but the outsoles might not withstand rope climbs.

Check out my full Nike Free Metcon 4 review.

What Are Crossfit Shoes

As mentioned earlier, CrossFit is a combination of movements, ranging from cardio to powerlifts and when you are performing such high-intensity workout, you are expected to wear shoes that are designed to serve a purpose.

And this is exactly what Crossft shoes are. They are a combination of everything that you may experienced with your feet. They offer support, and stability during heavy lifts. Moreover, they are lightweight and flexible so your speed and ability to transition between moves do not get compromised.

And lastly, they are breathable so your feet does not get hot and sweaty as you workout. While this feature allows you to keep your CrossFit shoes odor-less, it also aids in adding stability and avoid slippage as you workout.

In all, CrossFit shoes are shoes that can keep you balanced and provide adequate support as you take up the CrossFit challenge.

Reebok Nano X1 Adventure

The Reebok Nano X1 Adventure has been my favorite cross-training shoe for casual trail runs. This model features a beefed-up lug pattern that grips most gravel and dirt surfaces really well. Ive been using mine mostly on trails in Golden, Colorado, and theyve been awesome for shorter trail runs.

In addition to the reworked outsole lug thickness, this model also features a Flexweave construction that is easy to clean and fairly durable from outer abrasion which is also great for trail running.

  • Best For: Recreational Lifting, HIIT, Agility, and Lighter Runs
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 7mm

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What Is The Difference Between A Running Shoe And A Cross Training Shoe

The main difference between a running shoe and a cross-training shoe is that running shoes are designed to absorb shock in the heel and propel your body in a forward motion. Cross training shoes have more support in the forefoot, are flatter in the heel which makes them better for weightlifting and they also have some support for lateral movement.

Ability To Absorb Shock

The 7 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men to Buy in 2018

Anybody who has worked through a particularly intense CrossFit workout understands shock absorption is one of the most important factors in your shoe. You will be hard pressed to find a type of exercise comparable to CrossFit in the level of intensity and shock that the feet go through.

Wearing a pair of shoes that fail to assist in lessening impact over the course of an intense WOD is going to be highly inadequate and can easily lead to strain, overextension, and injury. A pair of the best CrossFit shoes is going to provide shock absorption from the most basic to the most demanding CrossFit workouts.

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Top Manufacturers Of Crossfit Shoes

In the world of sports shoes, there are some leaders who continue to make durable and innovative footwear.

These shoemakers have proven themselves to be the very best at making shoes that suits all kinds of sports and exercises, so its no wonder that their range of CrossFit shoes is considered the best of the best. Here are some of the top-rated manufacturers of CrossFit shoes and what they bring to the table.

Reebok Mens Crossfit Nano 80 Flexweave

The Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave is a favorite choice for serious athletes and its definitely equipped with some of the best performance technology. Since this model, others have come out but athletes tend to come back to this design that is hard to go wrong with.;

These kicks have a heel bootie construction which is supposed to enhance comfort. It also has a Flexweave dynamic upper construction for optimal support, and the forefoot flex grooves improve flexibility, while the low-cut design offers mobility during non-lifting activities.;

Product features

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Most Reliable Crossfit Shoes: Nike Metcon 6

Nike doesnt keep shoes in its stable for six generations if they arent getting the job done better every time out. Thanks to a lightweight mesh upper, the latest Metcon is 18 percent more breathable than the beloved Metcon 5. It’s incredibly stable thanks to a grippy rubber outsole. a low, flat, wide heel and firmer foam in the heel for additional security. Then there’s the shoe’s most distinctive feature: a removable Hyperlift insert lets you adjust heel height depending what exercise is coming up next, so you can tackle cardio-heavy WODs and heavy lifting with equal aplomb.

Features Of Crossfit Shoes


We will cover the features of crossfit shoes in comparison to running shoes. This will give the answer to the can I use running shoes for crossfit question.;

As with any other training shoe, comfort is imperative. Crossfit shoes should feel comfortable when lifting weights but also during the HIITs.;

  • Cushioning and heel drop: minimal;

Cushioning and mid or high heel-to-toe drop are usually great for running. However, they are not a desirable feature in Crossfit. When pressing a barbell over your head, you want your heel firm on the ground, or as close as possible. Look for heel drop thats in the 0-4mm range.;

  • Rigid soles;

Softer shoes are usually good for running. In Crossfit, you want them firm – this will allow for stability during squatting, cleaning, deadlift, snatching. This also means you should not expect crossfit shoes to work well for running. They will enable you to do some short warmups but are not intended for longer runs, especially outside.;

  • Wide toe box;

When running shorter distances competitively, racers tend to look for a more snug feel. In crossfit, its important to have a wide toe box that allows your toes to wiggle and spread. This way youre more stable because weight is distributed evenly throughout the feet. In competitive running, this extra space might cause trouble, especially on downhill trails.;

  • Durability features

There are a few durability features that usually come with crossfit shoes:;

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Editors Choice Reebok Nano X Cross

The Nano X celebrates Reeboks 10th anniversary of the Nano performance shoe, the first official CrossFit shoe, originally released in 2011. The Nano X has an upgraded version of the Flexweave upper technology that further enhances the breathability, security, and durability while providing plenty of stretch. The minimal drop outsole improves stability thatll support any challenge that youre up against and the high-density foam collar and lightweight design makes for comfortable all-day wear.;

This is the perfect functional fitness shoe because its designed for just that functional performance.;

Product features

The Development Of Crossfit Over Time

CrossFit was started rather recently. The first CrossFit classes were held in the 1980s, and they were meant to train police officers. In those days, people had to train with their regular sports shoes. Mostly, people used running shoes for CrossFit classes.

The first CrossFit gym was opened in 2000, and even though the training regimen grew popular quickly, shoe manufacturers were still not bothered with designing shoes that could be used for the activity.

This changed in 2010 when Reebok and CrossFit signed a 10-year contract which stated that Reebok would be the official provider of CrossFit apparel and footwear. As per this contract, Reebok released the Nano shoe as the first official CrossFit shoe. This was the first shoe that was specially designed for CrossFit. Its first generation was released in 2011, and there are currently more than 7 generations of the shoe.

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New Balance Minimus 20v7

Although New Balance is a brand best known for its bouncy running shoes, it also happens to make a crop of CrossFit-ready trainers, chief among those being the Minimus 20v7. Unlike its high-cushion counterparts, the Minimus comes with a 4mm drop and a low stack height. In practice, this makes for improved stability during deadlifts, squats, and any number of complexes the WOD might have in store for you that day. Add to that an Asym collar with molded heel foam and some in-built Meta arch support, and this is one shoe that will have you feeling confident and sure-footed. And as far as ventilation is concerned, the Minimus comes with temperature control qualities in spades. Take, for instance, the knit upper new for v7. Made from a nylon-infused yarn with monomesh windows, it provides plenty of lateral support with the added benefit of being extremely airy.

Things To Look For In The Best Crossfit Shoes

11 Best CrossFit Shoes

While our research and testing at Shoe Guide is extensive, we are not perfect. As such, we try to stick to a credo and strict listing of features that we specifically examine and research as a baseline.

Even though there are a ton of different features available in even the simplest of shoes, for CrossFit, we are looking at a few things. These categories include: Level of comfort, ability to absorb shock, breathability, overall style, longevity and durability, and supportiveness.

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Puma Fuse Training Shoes

Believe it or not, the PUMA Fuse Training Shoe is a decent option for someone with flatter feet and lower arches. This models toe box has adequate room and the mid-foot offers a small level of support. Factor in the low-to-the-ground feel and this model is solid for flat-footed athletes with low arches.

This models outsole is flexible yet stable and for a first pass, PUMA did a fairly good job on this model. Its not as hyper-focused on some CrossFit construction elements as other cross-training shoes, but for the price and for the wider footed athlete, I think this model does a pretty good job across the board.

  • Best For: CrossFit-Style Training

Difference Between Crossfit Shoes And Running Shoes

Theres a lot of mystery surrounding this question: Whats the difference between CrossFit shoes and running shoes? And does it actually matter what kind of shoes you wear for a CrossFit workout? Not to worry. Weve got you covered. In this article, youll find out everything you need to know about CrossFit shoes vs running shoes.

CrossFit Shoes vs Running Shoes

Keep on reading our guide to find out everything you need to know about CrossFit vs running shoes. Our goal is to help you decide between the two for your next workout.

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Is Reebok Nano 9 The Best Crossfit Shoe Ever The Shoe That Divided The Community

Crossfita high-intensity functional training or sport of functional fitnesshas become very popular in recent years around the world.

Reebok has been on the sideline since the start, and the Reebok Nanos are their proposal for a shoe that will survive various types of exercises such as burpees, rope climbs, weight lifting, and running.

I have been a huge fan of the Reebok Nano 4, and they have been used for almost five years. They just wont breakdown and are still fully reliable. So, years passed by, but why are we not looking at the Reebok Nano 9?

Just like fine wine, the Reebok Nanos are aging with grace and is one of the most popular models on the market.

The Reebok Nano is using a split-finger outsole that allows your toes to move freely around and creates a feeling like you are touching the ground.

Another ideal aspect of the outsole is that it allows a lateral flex, meaning that you can easily navigate in various directions and still have good contact with the surface. This will enable you to squat all day long with great comfort or even run without the shoe slapping to the ground.

The heel is solid, thick, and stays stable during workouts, especially during weightlifting movements. The outsole is decoupled from the flexwave.

There is also added a TPU layer outside to protect the shoe and give stability during training. I really like this because it is made in a visually appealing way compared to the Reebok Nano 8.

Jacob Becker

Level 1 expert

Best Cross Training Shoes For The Gym


If youre more of a recreational lifter and you want a pair of cross-training shoes for the gym, then youre likely not as worried about some of the more CrossFit-geared features of some shoes. Great cross-training shoes for the gym and recreational lifting are those that are stable with a blend of versatility.

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Most Dependable: Nike Women’s Metcon 4 Ankle

Wet-grip technology
Stitched toe bumper

If youre someone whos brand loyal and swear by Nikes, these Metcon 4 Ankle High Cross Trainers will not disappoint. Using an innovative design, these shoes work to secure your foot in place and deliver a custom fit that contours to your foot that helps to reduce irritation. You can take your pick from 24 different colours and styles to get not only a supportive and durable shoe, but one with which you’ll feel confident walking into the studio. It’s also a great pair to buy because of its removable shock-absorbing insole and its non-marking rubber sole.

What About Cross Trainers For Tennis

If youre choosing a pair of shoes for that big tennis match , then opt for the cross-trainers over the running shoes for sure. They are designed for a range of activities and have some support for the lateral movement that youll encounter a ton of while playing.

However, a pair of tennis shoes can be a better choice if you plan regularly. They have thicker soles and insoles that are designed to absorb the shock from hard courts. Combine that with more support for sideways movement and youll be going a long ways towards preventing injuries if you plan tennis regularly.

Finally, crosstraining shoes may mark up a court, which is very bad form if youre playing somewhere like a private club. The shoes of tennis shoes have a non-marking sole for them.

Running vs CrossFit shoes

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Taking Care Of Your Crossfit Shoes

If youve ever invested in a pair of sports shoes before you know that they can be expensive, and the hope is that theyll last you at least a year before you need to upgrade.

Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to take care of your CrossFit shoes and keep them in top condition so that youre not having to buy another pair every few months just because theyre being worn to pieces.

Other Benefits Of The Reebok Crossfit Nano 9

The Best CrossFit Shoes For Men in 2018

Traction. Both types of rubber that are found on the outsole are meant to grip the gym floor efficiently. To enhance this asset, the shoe employs a diamond-shaped tread pattern which is also reminiscent of the barbell knurling. It is designed to bite into the surface and help the wearer stay glued to the floor or stop short during dynamic movements.

Protection. One of the rubber compounds extends up on the front and medial sides of the shoe. At the front part, it forms a shield for the toes which protects the wearer against painful toe bumps. On the medial side, the rubber bears the RopePro add-on. It assists the athlete during rope climbing exercises. It grips the rope on the ascent and prevents the sole from burning out on the descent.;

Low drop. To help the wearer feel more connected to the training surface, the shoe uses a low-profile sole unit. The 4-mm heel-to-toe drop places the foot nearly flat on top of the midsole. This differential is typical of CrossFit footwear as it provides a better sense of control for the constantly varied exercises.

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Nike Mens Metcon 5 Training Shoe

The Metcon 5 is praised as being a great addition to the Nikes Metcon Collection. As stated in the name, this shoe was created for MetCon training in mind. For those of you who are still new to Cross Fit, MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning which effectively burns calories and revs up your metabolism. Purchasers loved the exact fit and overall comfort of this shoe. Complete with a dual-density midsole, Nike react technology, and full rubber coverage, this shoe is a great all-around option for CrossFit.

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