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What Are The Best Golf Shoes

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How We Test Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes of 2021 – We Review Top Shoes For Golfing!

Our golf shoe testing methodology revolves around putting models to the test over a number of rounds, and in different conditions so we can gain a better idea of overall performance in terms of factors like grip comfort, grip, stability, waterproofing and how they actually look on the golf course.

We do this because we think the best way of testing a golf shoe, is using it on more than one occasion and then seeing how they perform when variables change like weather, ground conditions, different stances and lies, and so on.

We think this also gives us information on the little details as well like which brands come up small or large, which models start to rub a bit too much after 36 holes, which designs can be used off the golf course and for the drive home?

We believe we are very comprehensive in our tests to the point where we will also usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturers R& D experts to understand the new technology.

That isn’t to say manufacturers can buy a good review though, because we tell it how it is for all golf product reviews, not just golf shoes.

How Much Should I Spend On Golf Shoes

As you probably noticed if you clicked on these shoes, there is a wide variety of prices. Some are $50 while others are $200 or more. So how much should you spend on your quest for the best golf shoes?

Personally, I think price is one of the last things you should consider. Its better to buy a pair of shoes that last a long time instead of a cheaper pair that arent comfortable and wont last long.

Also, I think your golf shoes depend on how often youre playing golf. If youre an avid golfer who is always trying to get better, spending more on shoes makes more sense than someone who plays a few times per year.

Footjoy Mens Fj Originals Golf Shoes

FootJoy Mens Fj Originals Golf Shoes will give a classy look. These shoes are perfect for dewy mornings, and rainy days. Made from leather and Super-cushioned foam, FootJoy Mens Fj Originals Golf Shoes are perfect for professional golfers. FootJoy Mens Fj Originals Golf Shoes come with a 1-year waterproof warranty.

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Puma Ignite Fasten8 Disc

As expected, the PUMA IGNITE Fasten8 DISC is exactly the same as the original Fasten8, except for the closure system, which is dial/disc//boa. It saves the hassle of dealing with laces and also allows for a slightly more precision/custom fit. We always have high expectations for IGNITE golf shoes, and this one certainly meets and exceeds them. As expected, it performs and feels very similar to other IGNITE golf shoes. The IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is very, very comfortable. As always, we love the IGNITE foam. It feels like walking on clouds and is so responsive. Then there’s the support. the PWRCage technology and the fastening system combine to keep your feet perfectly stable. The spikeless traction system is versatile, which means it’s excellent for walking yet still provides the grip you need during the swing. Because of its mesh/microfiber upper and waterproofing, the IGNITE FASTEN8 DISC is able to be worn in just about all conditions, year-round. Simply put, this PUMA golf shoe is one of the best golf shoes out there, and we recommend it to everyone because of its high performance, comfort and affordability.

Best Golf Shoes For Comfort

Best golf shoes: 10 comfortable pairs to buy for Father

The adidas ZG21 is a very commonly used golf shoe as it features what seems to be an incredibly lightweight and comfortable design, much like adidas’ best running shoes.

To make this shoe weigh just 13oz, adidas create the upper using a waterproof Sprintskin Synthetic material which should be ideal for playing a game in all weather conditions.

Moreover, adidas incorporate its infamous Boost technology in the midsole plus Lightstrike cushioning with the intention of providing maximum comfort on the course.

In terms of grip, adidas used heat-map studies to target the specific areas where stability is needed most, resulting in six strategically placed spikes on the outsole for the ideal grip.

Ultimately, we feel the adidas ZG21‘s tick a lot of boxes so are well worth considering for your next golf game.

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Puma Ignite Pwradpt Cage Crafted

RRP £119.95 | VIEW OFFERSizes : 7-13 | Colour options: Black White + High Rise Quiet Shade + Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Pumas knack of producing flexible yet strong offerings is all too evident in the Cage Crafted series and if these shoes can cope with the weight transfer requirements of Bryson DeChambeau, they will certainly cope with the stability needs of the average golfer, whatever the underfoot conditions.

The Cage Crafted model also stays true to the companys lightweight traditions in this marketplace and cleverly integrates a leather saddle so its one-year waterproof guarantee should prove a safe bet. A Microfiber synthetic upper does the job in terms of being supportive and breathable while also making sure wet weather golf isnt too much of a chore.

RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFERSizes 6-13 | Colours options Black + Grey White + Navy | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

They look like something from yesteryear but all the modern shoe developments are built into this hardy soul as well as some classic elements.

The upper leather portion certainly adds to the traditional vibe but the rest is very much 21st century. The patented Arneflex sole, which utilises memory foam technology, ensures you get a supremely comfortable fit.

And the A6 spike outsole is designed to give you maximum traction with minimum effort.

Under Armour Hovr Fade Sl Shoes


While the Pro/SL Carbon looks the same as the regular Pro/SL, inside they are very different.

The name itself comes from a carbon fibre inlay integrated into the midsole that runs along the entire length of the shoe for more stability. And not only is it a more stable shoe but it’s also more comfortable thanks to the extra padding around the ankle that makes it one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

Its a feature that arguably could have been added to the normal Pro/SL, which does lack that soft sensation other shoes on the market offer. But this, along with the two-tone laces on the Carbon shoe, provides a point of difference and justifies the higher price point to a degree.

Whilst G/FORE are synonymous with outlandish designs and colour ways, the MG4+ has a more understated, and yet modern look and appeal.

Lightweight and completely waterproof, the shoe does not compromise in terms of comfort either thanks to ForeFoam cushioning and a triple density footbed which is “the ultimate massage for your soles.”

When we put the shoes through their paces, they were comfortable from start to finish, and performed about as well as is possible on a debut outing and beyond.

Take a more relaxed approach to the game with Mizunos G-Style golf shoes. At just 320g per shoe, they take the strain off your feet and joints and make walking 18 holes and beyond a breeze.

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Should I Pick Spiked Or Spikeless Shoes

Golfers can be very picky about their style of golf shoe. With the recent surge in popularity of the spikeless golf shoe, the debate has reached a fever pitch on what shoe is better.

Is it spikeless or spiked?

For most golfers, the difference is about the feel of the shoe as it comes into contact with the turf.

Golfers who swear by spiked golf shoes claim that their grip is better throughout the golf swing with spikes whereas golfers who tout spikeless golf shoes claim that not only do they not lose grip but their preferred shoe is much more comfortable.

In comparison, spiked golf shoes have actual spikes on the outsole of the shoe whereas spikeless golf shoes replace the spikes with rubberized studs that aid in gripping the ground during the swing.

When deciding between the two options, it is extremely important to understand how the two differ in construction.

Spiked shoes tend to have a more rigid outsole whereas the spikeless sole is softer and pliable. Older golfers love spikeless shoes due to their comfort, but younger, more competitive golfers prefer the feel provided by spikes.

Golfers who hate spikeless shoes complain about their inability to grip the turf in wet weather although manufacturers have created better soles recently to combat that problem.

Metal Spikes And Plastic Spikes

The best golf shoes for wide feet? SQAIRZ GOLF SHOES REVIEW

Large spikes mean more weight but more control. Being better attached to the ground with metal spikes can help you swing more freely and keep your in place on hills or during soft conditions. Spring, fall, and winter rounds can demand plastic spikes at a minimum to keep players injury free with plastic and metal.

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Under Armour Spieth 3

Difficult to Clean

Limited Color Options

After the success of the first two versions, Under Armour released the third edition of the Spieth in February 2019. With input from Jordan Spieth, this is the best version yet, with improvements in terms of stability and balance that will definitely be reflected in your results. The golf shoes come in two very simple color choices – white and black and can be purchased in medium and wide widths, allowing all players to get the best possible fit.

In terms of construction, the upper of the Spieth 3 is made with a thin Clarino microfiber leather upper thats breathable but has a membrane that prevents moisture from getting in. This means higher comfort even in less than perfect conditions. The forefoot and heel have been biomechanically designed for better support, which results in better balance, longer ground contact, and thus a more powerful swing.

In terms of traction, this spiked golf shoe with RTS2.0 cleats that are soft, evenly spreading into the ground and providing you with more comfort, and exceptional traction. The cushioning has been strategically placed throughout the footbed, and the upper features plentiful padding as well, so you can easily wear these all day. The price of the UA Spieth 3 is quite high, which you can expect from a flagship model for any sport, but if youre after the best, then the investment is definitely worth it – especially considering the 2-year waterproof protection warranty.

Under Armour Hovr Knit Lace Up

The Under Armour HOVR Knit Lace Up feels great. We love any UA shoe that utilizes their awesome HOVR cushioning technology, and this one is no different. This comfort combined with a high level of breathability makes it a great summer golf shoe that can also be worn off the course. The HOVR Knit Lace Up’s versatile traction is pretty great because not only does it feel good when walking, but it also grips amazingly well during the swing. As expected, the knit upper doesn’t provide quite as much support as some other UA golf shoes, but it still does the job. While the style of the shoe may not be for everyone, we appreciate its rather unique look, which undoubtedly appeals to quite a large demographic. We recommend the UA HOVR Knit Lace Up for the mid-handicap golfer who needs a versatile, comfortable golf shoe for the warmer months.

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Skechers Mens Go Golf Torque Pro

RRP £119 | VIEW OFFERSizes : 6.5-12 | Colour options: Grey + Red White + Navy Black + Lime Black + Grey | BOA option? No| Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

This spiked golf shoe made the shortlist for the Todays Golfer Editors Choice awards and when it comes to comfort, it is pretty hard to beat. Skechers really know how to keep your feet cosy.

For the overwhelming majority of club-level golfers this model will certainly be more than enough shoe to tick all the boxes. It is loaded with protection from the elements with a full-grain leather and synthetic upper plus waterproof membrane so wet weather will not be a problem.

Underneath is a diamond traction plate and a six-soft-spike layout to keep you stable even when it gets slippy underfoot.

Adidas Mens Tech Response Golf Shoe

Best Golf shoes review 2013

The Adidas Tech Response golf shoe is a great golf shoe if youre just getting started out in golf or trying to shop on a budget. While they are cheaper than a lot of shoes on this list, they are still extremely high quality. Adidas has been making golf shoes for over two decades and doesnt skimp on quality for the price.

These shoes have a synthetic sole, are very lightweight, and have a lightweight cloudfoam sockliner. This style of Adidas is also a great model if you have a wider foot as they are naturally wider than most and even have an additional wide size option as well.

These are very comfortable with great support built throughout the entire shoe. Plus, they seem to last forever which is great if youre just starting out playing golf.

These are available in three colors black, white, and gray. All three have the signature Adidas logo in the middle of the shoes and are bound to match with just about anything. For a small price upgrade you can also buy them in a spikeless version as well.

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Ecco Mens Biom Hybrid Hydromax


ECCO is one of the most recognizable golf shoe brands in the industry. ECCO shoes are renowned for their high-quality designs and exceptional comfort and it is no different with the Biom Hybrid Hydromax.

The outer of these fashionable golf shoes are crafted using a combination of highly durable ECCO YAK leather and premium textiles. This combination of materials ensures maximum durability and comfort. Furthermore, the design also features ECCOs Hyrdromax technology. This technology ensures that your feet stay dry thanks to its water-repellent properties.

The spineless bottom of these shoes features the brands signature E-DTS traction system. This system features 100 TPU traction bars that are situated at the bottom of the shoe at various angles to ensure maximum traction throughout your swing.

Last but not least these shoes also feature an advanced lightweight ergonomically designed sole. This sole design ensures maximum stability and comfort with every step.

ECCO golf shoes retail at an above-average price point, but they are worth the spend when you look at the quality and technology featured in these top-of-the-line golf shoes.

What To Consider When Buying Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your next pair of golf shoes especially if you have wider feet than others. Let’s take a look at them.

Measurements – Obviously, you should start by knowing what size your feet are not just in terms of length but width too. Because shoe sizes often vary from brand to brand, you yourself knowing your feet size is invaluable to knowing which models to go for.

Comfort – Once you know the right size to go for, comfort is the next factor to be aware of. If a shoe isn’t comfortable, you aren’t going to wear it so we recommend trying on different models before you buy.

When you are trying shoes on, listen for a ‘whoosh’ sound which should indicate air leaving the shoe which usually suggests a good fit. Walk around in the shoes too so you can feel any pinching and whether your feet are moving around inside them. A correctly fitted shoe should so neither of these things.

This is important because if your feet slide around inside, or you get rubbing and blisters, you won’t wear them again and they could damage your feet and performance.

Spiked or spikeless? – Next up is to decide between spiked and spikeless. There is a mix of styles above but you should know that they have pros and cons.

Spiked golf shoes offer better grip and stability but don’t sit as low to the ground as spikeless models.

Styling – We are sure you agree the models above show how golf shoe design is so diverse and different at the moment.

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Q: How Do You Clean Golf Shoes

A:Between rounds it can be best to wipe your best golf shoes to keep them looking like new longer. We recommend using a shoe cleaning solution or warm soapy water. Be careful not to use too many harsh chemicals on leather or fabricated materials as they can break down over time. Properly wipe down your shoes after they have been moistened and clean the bottoms with a club brush.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour

  • Not suited to narrow feet
  • Cleats tend to wear out quickly
  • Expensive

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour has a clean, slick, and sophisticated look. This is a very classy product that any golfer at any level will feel proud to wear.

The uppers are built with premium leather, for that classic traditional golf shoe look. The upper quarter has a thin, Flyweave stretchy skin which is very light and water-resistant. This also serves to act as a saddle for additional stability. The front lace-up style is integrated with the Flyweave overlay adding security and a supportive fit.

To ensure a smooth and comfortable walk the insole features Nike React Technology which is a lightweight and durable foam. The forefoot sports a Zoom Air unit providing a springy responsive feel.

The outsole has a very unique and interesting Hybrid grip design. Unlike most other brands, the cleats are not across the whole foot and heel. On the Nike Air Zoom, the cleats are on the outside, the lateral side, of the foot and heel. These cleats are on top of an integrated rubber system of ribs and nubs. The spikes are removable and replaceable. This combination gives optimal gripping power and stability in any condition.

To add extra comfort and cushioning underfoot Nike Air Zoom incorporates a sockliner.

The Air Zoom Victory Tour is available in the following color combinations: White/Platinum, Tint/Vast and Grey/Chrome.

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