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How Much To Ship Shoes

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How Much Do Shoes Weigh On A Scale


According to, the average weight of mid-level mens running shoe is approx. 9.5 ounces or 270 grams.

Womens running shoes are usually more lightweight than mens shoes.

So, you can consider womens shoe weight in the range of 200-250 grams.If you want to send a parcel of heavyweight work boots then their weight can range from 2-4 pounds or 1-2 kg.

Therefore, when sending a parcel of shoe box, it is very important to weigh your shoes first on a digital scale as mentioned above.

Ship Shoes In Either The Priority Mail Shoebox Or Custom Packaging

Speaking of boxes: youll need some sort of packaging to send out your shoes in. If you visit USPS website, you can actually order Priority Mail Shoe Boxes for free! These boxes are designed specifically for shoes and other footwear, and they dont cost a thing.

For those of you wondering, the dimensions of the Priority Mail Shoe Box are: 14.375×7.5×5.125.

If youre selling shoes online, another option is to use custom packaging for your shipments. Custom packaging allows you to reinforce the value of your brand and create a memorable unboxing for your customers at the same time. Its a win win for any eCommerce business!

Pro Tip: If you want to stick with the free Priority Mail Shoe Boxes, youll need to purchase Priority Mail service. You always need to buy the corresponding service labeled on USPS branded mailing boxes, or else USPS will charge you for it later!

Is It Cheaper To Mail Packages Ups Or Usps

UPS is often more expensive than USPS due to fees and surcharges, especially when it comes to shipping smaller packages. Generally, USPS offers much better rates when shipping smaller packages less than two lbs., though UPS typically is a better choice when shipping larger, heavier packages by offering superior value.

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Whats The Cheapest Way To Ship From The Mainland To Hawaii

As an online retailer, you understand that finding cost-effective courier solutions without sacrificing service is key to keeping your customers happy with their delivery experience. Thats why its always useful to find the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii or anywhere else. Whether youre shipping furniture to Hawaii or any other type of item, this is a key factor in the purchasing process.

To help you understand, weve broken down carrier charges from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu, Hawaii for a 5lbs parcel measuring 10in x 5in x 5in.

With the above estimates, its obvious that when it comes to finding the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii, USPS offers the most affordable rates. Whether youre shipping from California to Hawaii, or from any of the other 48 contiguous states, USPS offers a great mix of affordable rates and excellent delivery times and service.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Box Of Shoes

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Pair Of Shoes Usps

If you visit the USPS website then you will know their actual rates for shipping various products.

When I checked their prices for shipping shoe boxes, I found out that they charge approx. $12.80 for commercial base.

For retail and online shipping, they charge about $14.35.When you visit your local post office, I suggest you ask them about Flat Rate Priority Mail Box charges.If you are unsure how to send your shoes without damaging them, then I highly recommend to get in touch with the local post office clerks.

These clerks will be the ideal candidates for suggesting you the best and the most economical method to send your shoe box at your desired location.

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If Youre Using Freight

If youre going to be wrapping these boxes along with other boxes and putting them onto a pallet, then you want to be sure that you have the heaviest boxes on the bottom, the lightest on the top, and that youre aware of where the fragile items are.

If youre careful while youre sorting out the packing process, you will find that its that much easier to keep everything intact and that you can take care of other parts of your move without being stressed about the items that you made the choice to send ahead.

Pro Tip

Dont try to sneak other things into Media Mailboxes. The Post Office will often check a package if they suspect that there is something in there that isnt Media Mail. If they find that its not a Media Mail approved package, it will arrive at your destination with a postage due sticker, and youll have to pay whatever extra costs were affiliated with the package in the first place.

Using The Major Carriers

As we all know, there are three major shipping carriers in the United States: USPS, UPS, and FedEx. All three companies have their own SaaS you can use to buy postage and ship parcels, which weve listed below.

Pro Tip: The retail rates are exactly the same at as they are if you buy postage at the Post Office. The same principle also applies to both UPS and FedEx. Therefore, purchasing postage online through the major carriers websites will save you time, but ultimately wont save you money. If you really want to get hooked up with the best USPS discounts, youll want to go through a third-party postage provider.

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Shipping To Australia Requires Patience

Australia is a remote country that has no land borders with other countries. Because of this, all packages have to be sent via air or sea shipping and this can take time. On average, package deliveries to Australia from the USA can take anywhere from 7-10 days if you arent using expedited shipping options.

Its important to communicate these long transit times to Australian customers so they know that they might have to wait a little longer than usual.

How Do I Ship Shoes In A Box


To make sure that the shoes and the original shoe box arrive at your customer in a good condition, double-box it. With this, you dont only secure the shoes, you also secure the original box.

Whether youre a long-time shoe collector or not, you would always prefer to have the shoe that you bought in its original box, right? If the box is not there, the experience of unboxing a brand-new shoe is not complete. Unfortunately, some people would cut corners to save on shipping costs. Theres nothing worse than receiving a pair of shoes in a plastic bag or a smaller box that could potentially damage the shoes while in transit. If ever the time comes that you may need to ship shoes in the future. So, here are some tips that you need to remember.

Make sure to double box

This is should be your rule of thumb. When shipping shoes, you should not use the original box as the transit box. Place the shoes in the original box then put them into a bigger box. If you are shipping multiple shoes, then you can combine them in the box. Many, as we mentioned before, want to get the whole package, shoes and original shoe box, in perfect conditions. So, if you use the original box then seal it and attach the waybill, how do you think it will look like when the customer receives it?

To avoid any unwanted damages, put it in another box and seal it properly. Your customer will be satisfied once he/she opens the package.

USPS Cheapest option you can get

Custom Packaging

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How To Ship Shoes In The Original Box

While some customers discard their original shoe boxes to minimize shipping costs, others prefer to keep the original box when shipping shoes. It is possible, however, for shoes to be damaged if they are shipped in their original boxes.

Most likely, the box will get damaged during transit, damaging your shoes as well. Send your shoes in their original package by following these steps:;

  • Using Double Box
  • When you want to retain the original packaging, double boxing is a must. Your shoes should be packed however you want, placed in the original box, and then placed in another box.

    Our recommendation is to still double box if you are opting for a flat rate priority mail. The box should stay intact by using a double box since your aim is to keep it free of damage.

    It is often believed that flat rate priority mail does not require double-boxing, but we disagree.;

  • Filling Up With Packaging Paper
  • When you have very lightweight and tiny shoes, you may want to fill the second box with packaging paper in order to prevent the shoebox from moving during transit.

    When you send shoes overseas, this method can be applied. When shipping internationally, the hassles are greatest, so just double-boxing isnt enough.

    The original shoebox should be protected with packing peanuts or papers.;

    Double-boxing will make your parcel a lot heavier, so bear that in mind. Flat rate priority mail is not a concern if you are opting for it.

    Final Words

    Guide To Shoe Packing

    Having set everything, here is what you are required to do.

  • Ensure that your shoes are safe during transit by securing them using paper. Then, if need be, you can place many pairs in the box.
  • Ensure that your shipping box is as small as possible. It ensures that your shoes fit in comfortably besides cutting on the expenses. In case of extra space, try filling it with a piece of paper or cushioning material.
  • Any mailers like thank you notes, receipts, or discount coupons should be inside the box as well.
  • Use packing tape to secure the box. Ensure that everything is secure to keep the shoe protected.
  • Place the shipping label on the package and double-check that the address is correct. If youre shipping overseas, double-check that all necessary customs information and harmonized codes are not left out.
  • Select the best rates by using a shipping service provider to know the estimated charges.
  • Arrange for pick-up and delivery, and then youre done.
  • Choosing the Best Rates

    It is vital to know the different services and rates for each courier before shipping. It will enlighten you on which is least expensive but still offers quality services. In case one of your friends is in the eCommerce industry, make an effort to consult them. They might share some of the tips they have experienced before with you.

    How to ship shoes in a box

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    Fast Affordable Shipping Across Australia

    When you bulk ship inventory to our Melbourne location, you can easily;reduce shipping costs;and transit times. With ShipBob, you can choose between standard or;expedited shipping;options for Australian orders.

    The average transit time to all of Australia is 1-7 business days. ShipBob partners with Australia Post for shipments within Australia and will continue to add more carriers and shipping destinations in the future.

    How To Save On Shipping With Ups

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shoe? Ship A Shoe With ...

    I love seeing that big brown truck pull up to my house, dont you? The UPS has a shipping matrix that rivals most calculus textbooks, but the basic deal is, the heavier the package and the farther away it is going the more you pay.

    The benefit of shipping via UPS is that you know when the package is going to arrive, have access to tracking, and insurance is included in the price, up to $100 worth of coverage.

    Below is an example of what 20 pound package shipped from Maryland to Florida would cost using the different UPS options.

    • Next Day Air = $159.40
    • 3 Day Select = $52.17
    • Ground = $23.51

    To compare, that same box shipped via the post office with 2 day priority mail is $43 at the post office. You can save even more with the priority mail flat rate large box. It costs $18.90 and gets there about the same time as UPS Ground.

    Use the online tools to find the best deal when shipping heavy packages.

    While UPSs shipping matrix is complicated, it is actually very easy to calculate the cost of postage. Visit their website and use the shipping calculator to find out exactly how much it will cost to mail your package.

    UPS will also pick packages up at your door if you schedule a pick-up.

    FedEx is similar to UPS and you can find out their shipping rates on the FedEx website.; You can also use FedEx Flat Rate which can save on shipping over UPS and USPS priority mail depending on the package.

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    Beginners Guide To Reduce Cost While Shipping Shoes

    In order to reduce the cost of shipping shoes, you must pack them correctly. Shoes ship in bulky packaging, which can add to the price of shipping since youll need to pay more if the package is overweight and bulky.

    In addition to being lightweight and sturdy, most shoes take up little space when packed properly. Sturdy shipping boxes are essential during shipping.

    Pack one pair of shoes in a small cardboard box with bubble wrap and then pack it in bubble wrap. When shipping multiple pairs of shoes, cardboard boxes are the perfect choice.

    Corrugated boxes are the best choice if you are shipping shoes internationally or even too far. Then use bubble wrap or bubble mailers to package heels and pumps, and proceed with double-boxing the package.

    You must properly pack these delicate shoes to prevent damage during transit. Fragile shoes with trinkets or other accessories can be mailed in bubble mailers or flat cardboard mailers.;

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    What Is Flat Rate Shipping

    Flat Rateshippingflat rateFlat rateshipping

    Reuben Santaclara

    How to Ship a Package

  • Step 1: Pack Your Box. How to pack your items starts with choosing the right box.
  • Step 2: Address Your Package. The address format for a box is the same as for envelopes.
  • Step 3: Choose a Mail Service.
  • Step 4: Calculate & Apply Postage.
  • Step 5: Ship Your Package.
  • Yahia Byon

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    International Shipping Doesnt Have To Be Expensive

    As a member of MyUS, you have access to competitive shipping rates. Here’s how we offer you such great shipping rates:

    • We never charge bundling, repackaging or airplane fuel fees
    • We negotiate discount postage rates with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS
    • We offer 20% off every shipment if youre a Premium Member

    The proof is always in the numbers.;Use our calculator to find the international shipping fees for shipping packages from the US and UK to Jamaica.

    Consider Popular Usps Shipping Service Levels

    eBay For Beginners | How To Ship BIG Shoes | Step by Step Tutorial

    USPS Priority Mail is one of the most popular and cost-effective shipping options available for packages weighing over one pound. Options include:;

    Priority Mail: Weight-based. As the names imply, the shipping fees you pay are based upon the weight of the package and the distance it has to travel, which is also known as the Zone.

    Priority Mail Flat Rate. If it fits, it ships. If your item fits within a specified Flat Rate box or envelope, itll ship for the pre-assigned rate of that package.

    Priority Mail Cubic.Priority Mail Cubic is one of the best options available, since the USPS bases shipping prices on the size of the package and distance traveled, instead of the packages weight.;

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    Grow Your Online Shoe Business With Post Pony

    With the continued popularity of e-commerce, shipping shoes have become increasingly important for online retailers to conduct transactions.

    Therefore, it is important to know how to find the cheapest way to ship shoes and understand the best practices for how to safely deliver footwear;orders to customers.

    If you are looking for the best way to transport shoes, please register for a Post Pony account. In this way, you can easily mail shoes from the United States to the world, and ship them to customers all over the world at a cheaper price.

    Post Pony;is a one-stop platform provides discounted shipping and oversea warehousing services in United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with warehouses in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Portland, and branches in Beijing and Shenzhen.

    And Post;Pony is the official partner of USPS, providing a large number of express discounts and online printing of express waybill services.Post;Pony prints USPS shipping label discounts with greater commercial rates for business users;;And;Post;Pony features are designed to be more simplified and easier to use;Using;Post;Pony to print the express waybill online, you do not have;to go to the store to queue up to fill out the form and pay. While enjoying the professional express service, you will also enjoy the huge discounts that Post Pony;provide.

    To ship in the U.S., please use Post Pony, which will help you save money, time and reliability.

    • 1.E-commerce Platform
    • 2.Bulk Printing

    Is It More Affordable To Move Large Items Or Just Buy New Ones

    It all depends on what it is that you may be moving. If you would only be moving a couch and no other large items, then it will likely be cheaper for you to sell the couch and get a new one instead of renting an entire moving van or truck to get it from place to place.

    This is especially true for interstate moves, where the larger the vehicle, the more its going to cost upfront and per mile.

    If youre moving a shorter distance , its going to be cheaper to just rent the truck and move it across town. Typically, trucks for local moves are less than $50 for the day, and unless youre buying from a thrift store, youre not going to find anything thats cheaper than that.

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