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What Are The Best Light Up Shoes

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Cior Mens & Womens High Top White Flashing Shoes Light Up In 7 Led Colors Available In 4 Sizes

Top 5 Best Light Up Shoes for Kids In 2020 â Reviews and Buying Guide
  • CIOR Wings Ankle LED Sneakers Long-lasting bright lights with a beautiful wing design.
  • CIOR LED Dancing Sneakers Made with high-quality materials. Available in 10 colors.
  • CIOR Kids LED Sneakers Wear-resistant and comfortable design. Velcro alternative to lacing.

Ipupas Fiber Optic Led Light Up Shoes

7iPupas Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes is the top best product on our list. Being constructed from the advanced tech of fiber optic fabric, the light grows throughout the sole not just at the bottom. In addition, its pull-on design makes putting on and taking off becomes a very easy task to complete. If you want something breathable and comfy to wear, get this pair of 7iPupas Fiber Optic LED Light Up Shoes.

What We Like:

  • It features up to 7 colors to light up.
  • Featuring pull-on design, wearing it is quick.
  • Per full charge, it is able to last up to 8-10 hours.
  • It is very true to size.
  • The shoes feature a fiber-optic fabric LED design that allows the light to glow from the upper sole not from the bottle.

What We Dont Like:

  • It is limited to white color only.

Mohem Shinynight High Top Led Light Up Shoes

If you are a woman in your teenagerhood, this pair of light-up shoes from MOHEM really fits you. Its shiny glass exterior complement your entire hip hop outfits to the fullest. Moreover, it is very simple and quick to wet wipe clean too. Furthermore, it looks very trendy with the combination of lace and velcro wrap closing style. Besides, it will firmly accommodate your feet and provides a good fit.

You will never experience foot suffocation or sweating at all with this. This is because it is really breathable and spacious. Being high enough from the arch, it keeps your feet off the ground. Thus, when you walk, you will only step on its cushion that will never hurt your feet at all. FYI, for a full charge, you may need to spend up to 3 or 4 hours only. Then, you will be able to wear it with the light on for up to 10 hours straight.

What We Like:

  • It has a beautiful glass shiny design.
  • They are very comfy for walking, running, dancing, or jumping.
  • The shoes are said to be very true to size.

What We Dont Like:

  • It might take some time for putting on.

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Where To Buy Led Shoes For Kids

Similar to adult shoes, LED shoes for kids can be found in several online stores. You can buy them at Amazon or eBay. You can also check them in kids stores, or shops that stock toys and similar products. Kids love these shoes and they are very popular. You wont have to search for a long time to find a good pair.

Fiber Optic Led Light Up Shoes

10 Best Light


Women who love shoes that light up or illuminate will find this pair quite interesting. Coming from one of the known manufacturers, the pair has good quality to put-up with regular use. It can be worn on many occasions and will still look stylish. The footwear features fiber optic Led that is brighter than the ordinary type. However, they are more energy-efficient and the built-in battery should last much longer in comparison to other types.

It has a breathable fabric for good ventilation of air and the wearer will not experience stuffiness or unfriendly odor. Moreover, it improves the comfort since the interior will stay cool even in high temperature. The ultra weight shoe can be, or for a long period without causing any undue fatigue, whereas the soft EVA sole minimizes impact, vibration, shock, and offers decent buffering.

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Determining The Best Light

Lighting System

When buying light up shoes, one of your top priorities should, of course, be the lighting system the pair of shoes are equipped with. You should check the number of LED light colors present in the sneaker you are thinking about purchasing does it have the colors you like? Does it have a dynamic color change, or is it a static color? Which do you prefer? If you find yourself to be a particularly indecisive person, getting yourself a shoe with both of those color modes is preferable.


It cannot go without saying that the right material can make or break a shoe, literally. You should consider shoes that consist of durable but also comfortable fabrics that will not irritate your foot nor will it break down after only a few weeks or months. Dont forget, youre intending to get a pair of shoes you, or its recipient, really fancy, and therefore, will be wearing fairly regularly, so they have to last and have to provide you with a decent and comfortable experience.


Youre looking for a shoe that fits you, or the person you may be purchasing it for, perfectly. Ideally, the pair of shoes are not too small nor are they going to be too big .

Battery life

Ecocity Kids 7 Colors Light Up Led Shoes Slip

Discover the latest styles of boys’ light up shoes from your favorite brands at Famous Footwear! Find the right fit today!, 10 LED Shoes That Light Up At The Bottom And Change …, ATS LED Light Up Shoes Breathable Sneakers USB Charging SM-3101,2. Roll over image to zoom in ….. These shoes are made pretty cheap. I bought them for …, 9 results – , Teachay Fashionable Child LED Shoes Light Up USB …, $42.00. Boys’ S Lights: Hydro Lights. 2 Colors. Boys’ S Lights: Hydro Lights. $47.00. Boys’ S Lights: Hydro Lights. 2 Colors. Boys’ S Lights: Hydro Lights. $47.00. 10 LED Shoes That Light Up At The Bottom And Change …, Size 10 Girls Light Up Shoes cheap nike shoes Pick it up! cheap nike shoes outlet and all only Shoes Heels. Read it. Light Up Shoes For Adults Are Here And They’re Amazing. That’s so ’90s …, 10 LED Shoes That Light Up At The Bottom And Change ….

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Wonzom Led Light Up Shoes Usb Flashing Sneakers For Toddler Kids Boots

If you are looking for a light-up shoe for kids that come with better features, then this can be the right one for you. This is composed of premium quality PU leather and includes rubber sole. Additionally, it lets you have superior comfort as this includes cotton on the inside. The cotton helps to absorb sweat so that the foot remains dry.

This is highly breathable and is suitable for all seasons. Moreover, this includes the hidden switch on the inside that lets you change the color and flashing. Furthermore, it will also let you have hassle-free charging and includes an indicator light that lets you know if the charging is complete.

  • The average rating is low.

Camouflage Mesh Light Up Led Sport Shoes

10 Best Light Up Shoes 2019


Light up shoes are an awesome choice for tons of events. But the place youre most likely to see them, is at a festival. After all, shuffling to your favorite artists set is awesome. Shuffling to your favorite artists set in light up shoes takes it to a whole new level.

These Camouflage Mesh Light Up LED Sport Shoes are an incredible choice for shuffling, or generally working hard in your footwear. Theyre made of a breathable material, and the soles are made of a wear-resistant rubber. The LEDs are located on the bottom. Plug them in via USB, let them charge for three-hours, and you can wear these babies for eight-to-eleven-hours. Change colors with one click, and hold for three-seconds, in order to turn them off. There are a whopping seven static colors, and four dynamic color changesfor 11 choices, in total.

Theyre available in little kids sizes three, up to a womens 15/mens 12. Come in blue camo, green camo, brown camo, and gray camo. Can definitely be used as shuffling shoes.

Price: $39.98

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Bewaring Without Giving Up Design Light Up Shoes

Power considerations are necessary to think about when purchasing a set of light up shoes, specifically for children. Several sets provide as much as 10 hours of illumination before requiring a fee. When it does come time to power them up, choosing a brand that consists of a trusted USB billing cable television is advantageous. Furthermore, the power button for the shoe lights need to be simple to accessibility for little fingers.

Like any type of various other shoe. One must likewise take into consideration the materials from which the shoes have actually been constructed. If you plan to use them on various kinds of surface and in varying weather. The soles must be made from durable thermoplastic rubber for sturdiness. PVC vinyl product additionally assists to guarantee the shoes withstand heavy rains or puddles.

If you plan to utilize your light up shoes for dancing and also performing, consider a set that provides the greatest degree of shock absorbency feasible in the soles.

In addition to a style heritage that goes beyond shade, type, style, and generations. Tthe background of footwear goes as much back in time as our very early forefathers nearly 40,000 years earlier during the Center Paleolithic duration. Shoes currently were made from wraparound natural leather as well as resembled shoes or moccasins.

Idea Frames Fiber Optic Light Up Shoes

Idea Frame shoes are some of the sleekest looking shoes around, light up or otherwise. These shoes light up the entire foot as opposed to the classic sole designs of yesteryear, providing a very futuristic and high-fashion feel and look to them. They are not bulky, but thin and minimalistic, with a cloth upper that is lightweight and water repellant.

Inside the strap, there is a switch that allows for color control. There is high abrasion and endurance EVA outsole and sturdy design to complement its looks. It goes without saying that these shoes are not just sleek but also built to have a long lifespan.

The shoe features two design choices: black with a glowing pattern across the shoe, or white with the same glowing pattern . For cleaning up a spill or mess on them, it is recommended to use a wet towel or sponge eraser to brush out the upper shoe smoothly.

While they are water repellant on the outside, it is ideal to not submerge them as it will cause defects in the internal mechanism. It charges for 2-3 hours with a 5-8 hour light lifespan, so while it is not the longest-lasting, it should definitely stay alive long enough for you to have a great time out. This is also a shoe that can be worn by any gender or age with kids sizes 12 to a womens 12/mens 10.5.

Pros+ Very aesthetically pleasing and trendy+ Good size range

Lights tend to give out and need replacement or repair after a bit Limited color options

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Sanyes Usb Charging Shoes Light Up Shoe

These sports shoes apply to many events and situations. You can wear them for dancing classes as the LEDs light up smoothly. Whats more, the outsole is designed using PU leather for strength and impressive traction. Now, dancing, walking, and even jogging are much more comfortable on most grounds. In addition, the cotton lining is soft and smooth to keep the foot cozy. And you can check the sizing chart to get an ideal size that suits your foots profile.

Furthermore, the switch instruction provides you with clear directions about the LEDs performance. By pressing it, you can change the light mode efficiently. Whats more, a 3-second press turns on the illumination after an exciting and continuous use. This item is easy to charge, unlike most models suitable for beginners, kids, and other people. Plus, the lightweight construction leaves the foot comfortable and walking in natural stride.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for many events such as dancing lessons
  • The PU leather sole delivers increased traction
  • Easy and safe to press the switch dial

Unisex Led High Top Breathable Sneakers

Women High Top USB Charging LED Light Up Shoes Flashing ...


The Odema Unisex LED high top shoes should add glamour to any events. They are stylish, fashionable, and go well with many outfits. On top of that, they are suitable for men, women, youth, teens, and adults since they are available in size 4.5-13. The upper section is sturdy and long-lasting because of the PU leather. It can put-up with regular wear, frequent cleaning, and the elements.

The sole, which is made of rubber, has excellent traction even on wet surfaces. It also comes in a flat profile for better surface area and good stability. Lighting the shoe is done via a hidden switch, which only requires a simple push. Switching it off is done similarly. It comes with a USB charging port and will need about 3 hours to recharge fully.

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Shinmax Light Up Shoes

They are an absolute highlight for gatherings, concerts or celebrations. With Shinmax shoes on your feet, you are at the center of all the attractions and openness of all eyes. These shoes are also worn by individuals from music groups and moving troops.

Because these shoes are made of fiberglass, they are lightweight and exceptionally breathable. This ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable and that the sweat runs off quickly. Due to the pleasant and light material and the high abrasion resistance of the delicate elastic soles, they are also suitable for long walks outdoors and in the hall.

Tricandide Womens & Mens 7 Colors Led Flashing Sneaker

Tricandide also designs sneakers that are ideal for both women and men. Although it comes with only black color, it has 7 LED colors that you can set fixed or flashing. It has a gum rubber sole, so users do not have to worry about slipping at all. It will firmly grip to most surfaces.

With this pair on, you can increase your height up to 2.5 cm. If you want to use it up to 10 hours long, we highly suggest that you charge it up to 3 hours long. This pair of shoes comes with its own charging cable and there is a USB charging port inside the shoes.

What We Like:

  • It has 7 colors of the LED light.
  • The gum rubber sole is able to hold the shoes firmly to most surfaces. Thus, it will prevent slipping.
  • It also helps to raise your height up.

What We Dont Like:

  • It is limited to black only.

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Are Shoes With Lights Worth It

LED shoes are great value for the money. They are fashionable and vibrant, and you can attend different events wearing them. They produce different lighting styles and patterns, to spruce up your night. You will receive a lot of attention wherever you set foot outdoors. Most have been made using durable materials, which makes them last for long.

Colors Led Light Up Sneakers

Light Up Shoes Guide Top 10 Best LED Shoes


Comprising of eight different color modes, this high top sneaker is what our need to be the star in the event or occasion It has good illumination that will make people.

Notice you very easily. And unlike its close rivals, it maintains s consistency for a long time thanks to the superior technology and longer-lasting battery. The footwear comes with a flat sole for better support and to also minimize the chances of falling or slipping. Moreover, the sole is made of top-grade rubber for better traction and grip even on a slippery or wet surface.

The innersole is well cushioned to reduce pressure or impact on the foot whereas the soft interior and good airflow keeps the feet dry and cozy. The built-in battery lasts longer than other types and also recharges much faster. The shoe is okay for both men and women and is easy to wipe and clean.

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Kids Led Light Up Shoes Usb Charging Flashing High

Voovix stands out from other light up shoes that change colors because of their unique style. It comes in different shades, shiny and dull to suit customers choices. Despite your choice of color, expect quality casual sneakers that your child will love and appreciate.

It is made up of high quality synthetic upper and no toxic substances. The outsole is made of thick transparent rubber to display the LED lights. The sole is also slip-resistant and has shock-absorbing properties for feet protection.

Moreover, these shoes have excellent stitching that makes them strong and durable. They also have the traditional lace-up closure and an additional hook and loop strap for a tight and secure fit.

In addition, these light up sneakers with LED lights with seven static colors and four dynamic colors. The LED operates on a powerful battery that can last up to seven hours with a full recharge of 2-3hours. Also, the shoes have easy charging as it allows you to use a USB adopter. The switch button and charging port are near the shoe tongue. Interestingly, they do not interfere with the overall look of the shoe.

What do we love them so much?

  • Different fantastic LED lights mode
  • Transparent and cool outsole
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Convenient charging

Best Light Up Shoes For Adults And Kids In 2021

Light up shoes were all the rage in the 90s amongst kids and adults alike. They are now making a comeback with better LED technology, USB charging, and remote controllers. Weve covered a total of 14 of the best light up shoes for adults and kids all of which are perfect depending on what you value.

Weve covered some of the things to look out for, as well as each shoes best attributes as well as some caveats. Overall, we hope this list will help dispel some myths and enlighten you on the world of LED light-up shoes and help you find your perfect pair!

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