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What Are The Best Shoes For Babies Learning To Walk

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Stride Rite Soft Motion Jazzy Sneaker

BEST BAREFOOT SHOES FOR BABIES | Reviewing 6 barefoot shoes for babies learning how to walk

Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance, these baby girl walking shoes are proven to promote foot health in little kids. The rounded, flexible soles improve balance and encourage natural movement while the plush, memory foam footbeds provide supreme comfort. The best part? These shoes are easy to slip on and secure thanks to the extra-wide openings and velcro fastenings.

Buy it: $48,

Best Walking Shoes For Babies Learning To Walk 2021

Here are the best walking shoes for babies learning to walk. Check it out!

Our babies dont really need special shoes for them to learn how to walk. The main reason why we want walking shoes is to protect our little ones from hot, sharp, and splintery objects. The anti-slip function is also one of the most important considerations when choosing the best walking shoes for your baby.

Getting the softest shoes that you could ever find can also be beneficial, so you wont worry about the shoe material rubbing onto your babys feet. After you have found the perfect walking shoes, you can now enjoy every moment as you see your childs new milestone!

What you need to know

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Shoes For Toddlers Learning To Walk

As any mother would tell you, walking is one of the hardest milestones any child can take and they need all the support they can get to do it faster and reduce the amount of times they fall.

Here are some of the features you should look for in the best shoes for toddlers learning to walk

  • Comfort

It can be difficult to tell if a child is comfortable in their shoe because they cant tell you but there are simple things to look for.

Baby first walking shoes must have room enough for the toes to wiggle around and has no loose fabric or material inside that can rub off on the toes.

The best shoes for toddlers should not be constricting their feet neither should it be too big and keep falling off.

  • Support and Stability

While soft shoes with thin bottom are okay for infants, baby first walking shoes should be something stronger like leather with a firm base for support and also protecting the child from hard surface.

The baby is crawling and hitting things at this point so you have to buy strong durable shoes that wont come apart after a few days or allow the delicate feet to be hurt.

The best toddler shoes with proper arch support allow the baby feet to form and develop properly and also offer stability while walking.

  • Secure Fit

It can be very annoying for the child and even for the mom if the shoe keeps falling off after you squeeze it in the chubby feet.

The best shoes for toddler must have ample support non-slip sole because you dont want the baby to slide and fall.

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White Baby Walking Shoes

Believe it or not, white baby walking shoes are very popular. In fact, there probably isnt a better time for your child to wear white shoes than when theyre in the beginning stages of walking, because theyre much less likely to jump into mud puddles just for fun. Whatever the occasion, white baby walking shoes look great with any outfit and can add a touch of formality when fitting.

Bobux Xplorerorigin Baby Shoes For Boys & Girls 9 To 24 Months The Best Toddler & infant First Walking Shoe Premium Leather Durable Superfabric Toecap

6 Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk

Bobux shoes are nowknown and loved worldwide for their performance, comfort, and foot health-carestyle, which was established in New Zealand in 1991.

During their creation,Bobux shoes are with children. Bobux makes the best footwear in the world togrow feet, backed by research, evaluated by real children and recognized byindustry leaders. The Superfabric toecap is ultra-flexible, sturdy, andabrasion-resistant this footwear faces the challenge of the first steps forbaby.

The Xplorer shoe ofBobux Origin is perfect for kids who still learn to walk. Your child will lookawesome in this shoe, an adorable style for every occasion! It features arelaxed ankle and velcro strap for healthy exercise and fast change. Bobuxshoes were produced in New Zealand, fashionable, practical, and sturdy.

Constructed from 100%premium leather, the Bobux boots were tested for safety for your little one incompliance with the international standards. Clear from harmful chemicals,these childrens shoes on delicate skin are comfortable, compact, and soft.Bobux is proud only to use premium materials in all its shoes!

Ideal for littlepeople who learn to walk, but still crawl, these shoes are designed to protectand nurture small feet without interruption. Further modification guarantees asafe and happy environment for your little boy or girl.

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Excellent For Learning And Practicing Independence

Great fit and lightweight arc support shoes for flat feet are now available in the market. Saucony kids shoes are best rated and good looking for infants, toddlers, and little kids. For both indoor and outdoor we recommend these homely shoes to help baby walk flat. Leather and mesh upper add two features in these shoes are durability and breathability. Honestly say that due to these two adoring features babies wear a long time without taking them off.

Moreover, to save from odor-causing bacteria antimicrobial lining is added. For great grip and durability, a non-marking outsole and tri-flex rubberized legs are added. Lightweight and cushioned innersole make this perfect choice among all. This running shoe comes with a hook and loop closure. So, every parent can pick these shoes and pleasure to go for these best shoes to help a baby walk.

Saucony kids shoes come with a lot of best features that parents pick these best Shoes To Help Baby Walk for their little ones. If you are looking for indoor and outdoor shoes then go for these breathable, durable, and good looking shoes. Lightweight innersole cushioned is a perfect choice for the toddler. To protect baby feet non-marking outsole and tri-flex rubberized legs make these flexible and durable shoes. Hook and loop closure to adjust shoes as per your own comfortable fitting. This shoe is rated 3.9 with less price at amazon.

  • Little issue in strap quality

Great Choice For Occasions Like Partys Playing Or Just Walking

High-quality shoes that are tested as safe for use is MechKior for infants and little ones that are starting their first walk. To protect baby skin and feet is a foremost concern here. This brand Best Shoes For Baby Girl Learning To Walk is specially styled for walking that baby feels natural. Enough soft anti-slip, fully comfortable, and flexible shoes and helpful in walking.

Very soft shoes with hook and loop closure allow you to easy put on and take off. This would also help adjustability features and baby shoes easily stay on. Perfect stable first baby shoes for walking always easy to use and supportive. MecKior infant shoes are also best if you are going to select shoes for a gift as crafted well best playing and walking shoes around all. The parent can go for this if they need the best versatile and stay on shoes for a long time.

Perfect quality and soft baby shoes that would not stay from baby felt while walking and help them in learning is MecKiro. Yet, a lot of great reviews from the customer and performance 4 stars overall made your choice more stunning and look adoring in little baby feet. Hook and loop closure, soft rubber sole, and leather upper with good designs is fit for baby girl that support her to walk easily.

  • Good looking shoes for baby girl
  • Flexible and easy to put on
  • Hook and loop adjustable closure
  • Comfortable and feel barefoot
  • Cute but not run long
  • Not use overall leather

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Do Babies Need Walking Shoes To Learn To Walk

No, babies do not need walking shoes to learn to walk. According to experts from the American pediatrics association, babies do not need walking shoes until they begin to walk. What does this suggest? It suggests that walking comes naturally to babies they would learn how to walk naturally without walking shoes. Walking shoes only shape the walking patterns of babies. They are only meant to stabilize your babys feet on walking surfaces and most importantly protect the feet.

Walking shoes are not the ones that would initiate your babys walking steps. Your baby would out of natural instincts start trying to walk and mount their feet on the ground. That walking instinct comes to your baby naturally walking shoes do not bring the instinct. Walking shoes just help stabilize and shape your babys walking steps.

Baby Sneakers For Boys And Girls

Best Toddler Shoes for learning to walk

Price: $13.90

I personally like to give my baby a breathable pair of shoesso he can use it all day. This Baby Sneakers for Boys and Girls is anaffordable way to give comfort to your baby while teaching him how to walk. Ithas an adjustable strap closure, so your childs growing feet would always becomfortable wearing this.

The upper part was made from breathable mesh so even if these shoes are enclosed, your babys feet would never sweat. With the exquisite stitching, you know that this pair would always come in handy on your childs everyday adventures.

Other Features:

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And Dont Forget Most Importantly Of All To Have Fun

Once you know all the things to watch out for, buying your babys first pair of walking shoes is fun and marks an exciting new stage in them growing up.

Go to stores that specialise in high quality baby shoes for boys or girls and have fun selecting the colour, style and finish you want. Think about the time of year and any special occasions you might have coming up and choose a shoe that works for you.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy this very special time with your active little toddler.

See Kai Run Stevie Ii First Walker Sneakers

See Kai Run sneakers have sleek and perfect design to help kids walk their first steps. The rubber sole helps in walking properly and doesnt congest their feet inside the shoes. These sneakers are also highly durable and provide traction.

The hook and loop strap is also very easy to wear. The toe box provides adequate room for healthy foot development. Its one of the best shoes to have if your baby has just started walking.

Check it out here!

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Best Baby Walking Shoes 2022 First Shoes For Your Baby

Watching babies make their first attempts to walk is undoubtedly one of the most delightful moments in life and one in which we are most proud as parents. Its a huge milestone where your little munchkin leaves the age of crawling socks behind to owning a pair of cute baby walking shoes. In addition, many of them will begin to do it being barefoot and resting their little fingers on the ground, which will give them more security.

But over time, our little creatures will need the best baby walking shoes for babies that begin to walk their first steps and with which, little by little, they will feel very comfortable. Unfortunately, fashionable childrens shoes, with superhero and princess prints, bright colors, or bright applications, are not entirely a guarantee to help your child have a firm foot suitable for walking, jumping, and life, generally.

When babies start to take their first steps, the ideal footwear provides balance and stability while ensuring flexibility. Therefore, it is essential to take care of childrens feet during the first year of life to prevent later problems. It is crucial to choose a shoe and size appropriate to their feet length to do this.

Many people question whether baby walking shoes really have benefits or if the baby should walk barefoot. So we have answered that question below.

Best Barefoot Shoes For Kids

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2021 [Buying Guide]

The best barefoot shoes for kids have thin, flexible soles and a wide toe-box. This allows a child to naturally develop strong, healthy feet!

Most parents, doctors and experts would agree, barefoot is best for babies learning to walk. Learning to walk while barefoot helps grow stronger muscles in the foot and doesnt interfere with the natural, healthy walking and running gait. Plus, being barefoot means more sensory messages are being sent to a growing childs brain that is learning all about their new and ever-changing environment.

When your baby starts walking literally everywhere and you need to put a little protection on their feet, there are quite a few companies making cute soft leather barefoot baby shoes and moccasins. But once they start hitting those toddler sizes, there are less and less barefoot and minimalist shoe options, and more traditional shoes with stiff soles and narrow toe boxes.

However, having comfortable, flexible shoes that allow our feet and body to move naturally is important at any age. Wearing barefoot shoes means that toddlers and kids can continue to develop a natural walking and running gait, and keep their sensory connection to the world beneath their feet.

If you want reviews on new barefoot shoes as they come out, check out my Instagram account just for barefoot shoes:

Splay Athletics barefoot kids shoes are flexible, zero-drop and perfect for exploring. Use code NOMANBEFORE for 10% off.

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Best Splurge: Stride Rite Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby And Toddler Boy’s Frankie Athletic Sneaker

If you’re willing to splurge for top-of-the-line baby walking shoes, go for the Stride Rite Soft Motion Frankie Sneaker. The shoes have a memory foam footbed, sit higher up on the ankle , and have the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. They’re made of classic white leather and feature a cushioned collar for added comfort and support.

Basically, these are baby luxury shoes. Like other Stride Rite shoes, they’re available in sizes 3 to 6 , including half-sizes, and have two different width options.

Keds Little Kids Champion Toe Cap Sneaker

Another ode to the classics, these Keds baby walking shoes duplicate the look of the original sneaker. A memory foam sole makes them comfortable enough for all-day wear, while the lace-up closure ensures a snug fit. Plus, the premium leather upper and rubber sole allow for natural movements as your munchkin explores their world.

Buy it: $35,

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Best Budget: Stride Rite Baby Girl’s Soft Motion Jamie Sneaker

One of the best things about Stride Rite shoes is that they have many size options, so youre bound to find something that will fit your baby. These sneakers are available in sizes 3 to 7 , including half sizes, and have three different width options.

Parents also love that the shoes have a rounded sole to help reduce the risk of trips and falls, non-skid rubber soles, and an elastic strap with velcro to keep them put. The American Podiatric Medical Association -approved shoes are made with breathable material to promote air circulation and feature memory foam footbeds to enhance your baby’s comfort. What’s more, they come in a variety of adorable colors.

Top Rated Early Walker Baby Shoes Reviews

Choose The Best Baby Shoes That Won’t Impact Their Development (Or Worse!)

First baby walking shoes would be enough protection and help your little toddler in developing toe with roomy fit shoes. At this stage, shoes must be slip-on, provide traction, with hook and loop closure for adjustability features. Now, for little growing feet, we provide you reviews for a selection of homely and easy to wear shoes. Among all this branded list is a perfect choice of parents that is also rated best in the market according to new trends and quality.

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How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes For Babies Learning To Walk

Here are some of the best tips while choosing a walking shoes for babies:

  • Shoes Fitting: This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pair of shoes for walking. It should be too tight, too loose or broken in.
  • Flexible and non-slipping: Baby shoes for walking should be flexible and comfortable to wear with closed toes from the opening. The shoes should have non-slip soles that would help kids walk properly and not slip on surfaces.
  • No special feature required: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that no special features like wedges, special arches etc are needed in the walking shoes as theyre not comfortable for walking.

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Kakakiki Baby Boys Girls High Top Sneakers

We find it interesting about this shoe because it is designed using high-quality cotton material combined with a unique canvas upper material that makes it suitable for babies to learn how to walk. In addition, parents will love this shoe as it will feel soft on your babys feet.

Offering comfort is one of the benefits that come with getting your baby this shoe, and having a downright adorable design is what makes babies find this shoe very attractive. Supporting babies to move naturally is another advantage that comes with getting this shoe for your baby.

There will be no issue with removing or wearing this shoe, thanks to its lace-up design. Its adorable and stylish design makes it easy to pair this shoe with any outfit.


  • These sneakers are good looking
  • They are designed to be durable
  • It makes it easy for babies to learn how to walk


  • There are complaints that it ripped off easily

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