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What Are The Best Shoes To Wear For Metatarsalgia

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How Do I Know Which Shoes Wont Hurt My Feet

The Best Fix for Metatarsalgia: Orthotics and Metatarsal Pads!

If youre feeling the type of pain we described, you may simply just be wearing the wrong type of shoes. Your footwear may potentially be aggravating metatarsalgia symptoms! In fact, your feet may need better arch support or footwear that includes shock-absorbing insoles to make the pain feel less severe or go away altogether!

The common obstacle we notice when shopping for shoes that include these two features is that a lot of the styles are simply not that cute. So, we decided to do some serious searching and find trendy styles that look great and provide the support that your feet desperately need. As savvy online shoppers with a penchant for jazzing up the ankle area, we feel more than confident that these options from Dr. Scholls, Naturalizer, Sorel and more will elevate your confidence. Read on to shop our ultimate picks from Zappos, Amazon and beyond!

Learn More About The Causes Of Metatarsalgia And Symptoms You Can Expect As Well As Takeaways To Help Determine The Best Treatment Option

Causes and Risk Factors for Metatarsalgia:

  • Wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes
  • Not enough footwear cushion
  • People with high arches or flat feet
  • Foot conditions, including Mortons neuroma, sesamoiditis, bunions, or hammertoes
  • Other medical conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, or neuropathy

Metatarsalgia Symptoms:

  • Sharp, aching pain in the ball of the foot: High levels of impact or excess pressure on the balls of the foot can cause symptoms of metatarsalgia, which is an inflammation of the metatarsalsthe bones just below the toes.
  • Toe joint pain: When a bunion develops, you can experience an aching, stabbing pain in the big toe joint. Though bunions can be hereditary, they often get worse with consistent use of too-narrow or too-tight footwear.
  • Feeling of a lump in your shoe: With Mortons neuroma, you might feel a sensation of a pebble stuck under the ball of your foot. In this condition, the tissue around the nerves becomes inflamed and enlarged, often causing pain between under third and fourth toes.
  • Numbness or tingling in the toes: Conditions that cause circulatory or nerve issues such as diabetes, neuropathy, and Mortons neuroma can lead to loss of feeling or tingling in the toes.
  • Top of foot pain: The top of the foot above the ball can experience pain from extensor tendonitis, bone stress fractures, or other injury.

Saucony Triumph Iso 5

Neutral Pronation W: 9.9 oz M: 11.3 oz Drop: 8mm Stack Height: Heel: 28 mm Forefoot: 20 mm Road True to size

Theres a reason why this series keeps coming back and thats because runners love it.

The Triumph ISO 5 is a neutral shoe and its built for the neutral to underpronator. So, if you are an overpronator, the Guide ISO offers the same cushioning with that added stability medial posting.

Upper & ISOFIT

The upper has an engineered jacquard mesh that looks and feels much more premium than the Triumph ISO 4s upper.

The upper has enough stretch to accommodate even wide feet but still supportive enough to keep your feet in place.

The ISOFIT lacing system is like a segmented cage lacing system that does the job of providing a comfortable personalized fit and wrap around feet without causing pressure, which is great for people with top-of-foot pain.

The fit of the Triumph ISO 4 was a bit narrow, but Saucony must have listened and theyve widened up the shoe across the board. Your feet wont get cramped and your toes have enough room to splay out.

The inside is lined with a smooth fabric lining with a padded footbed thats going to keep your feet comfy and all day long.


The Triumph ISO 4 felt firm, which is not a bad thing for some. However, when competing with other shoes in the same market like the New Balance 1080, the Brooks Glycerin, or the Asics Nimbus, you have to be able to keep up with the cushion.



Best Asics Shoes For Metatarsalgia

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Oofos Unisex Ooriginal Thong Flip Flop

If youre looking for a more casual shoe, the Oofos thong flip flop is for you. Normally flip flops offer very poor support, but the Oofos is made of foam that absorbs energy from your steps. This results in less stress and less impact on your feet and body.

Price: Starting at $39.95

What users say: Plantar Fasciitis sufferers, SUFFER NO MORE! My Feet have been in agony for months. Ive stopped working out, stopped jogging, stopped walking the dogs, and bought orthotics, and multiple pairs of shoes, massage devices, foot rollers, tried frozen water bottles and everything else I could think of, and NONE of it helped me find the kind of relief I have gotten from these flip flops. I wish I could buy a work shoe version. I never want to take them off. If you suffer from this condition, if you have felt the excruciating pain, and have had to crawl to the bathroom on your knees for not wanting to step on your feet, Get over it, and buy a pair of these.

Average user review: 4.6 out of 5 stars

How Is Metatarsalgia Treated

The Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Although generally not serious, metatarsalgia can sideline you. Fortunately, conservative treatments, such as ice and rest, can often relieve metatarsalgia symptoms. And proper footwear, along with shock-absorbing insoles or arch supports, may be all you need to prevent or minimize future problems with metatarsalgia.

Conservative measures usually relieve the pain of metatarsalgia.

  • Rest, Ice and Stretch the lower body.
  • Wear proper shoes. Your doctor may suggest a shoe that is specifically designed for your foot type, stride, and sport.
  • Use metatarsal pads. These over-the-counter pads are worn just in front of of the metatarsal bone in your shoes to help redirect stress away from the affected area.
  • Custom arch supports. Arch supports that minimize stress on the metatarsal bones and improve foot function can be made to control your foot mechanics and off-load the pressure to the metatarsal boned. Rigid arch supports are made of a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber. Theyre designed to control motion in two major foot joints below your ankles. Semirigid arch supports are made of softer materials such as leather and cork reinforced by silicone. Arch supports designed to treat metatarsalgia may include metatarsal pads, too.

If conservative treatments fail, in rare cases surgery to realign the metatarsal bones may be an option. If youre considering foot surgery, discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor.

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New Balance Mens Mw928 Walking Shoe Men Walking Shoes For Metatarsalgia

Leather Made: The New Balance brand has been there for more than a century. They are believed to be one of the best brands out there for walking shoes. The entire shoe have been made from leather. It makes them soft and hence suitable for long walks.

ABZORB Cushioning: There is an ABZORB cushioning system in the heel and forefoot areas for shock absorption and to displace energy. You will not experience any discomfort while walking on any surface.

ROLLBAR Technology: ROLLBAR technology is responsible for reducing rear-foot movement. A molded plate is placed under the heel featuring both the postings on the inner and outer edges of the shoes.

Wide Toe Box: The shoes have a wide area for the toes. Hence, your toes wont be stuck in one place like it is in most other shoes.

Odor-resistant Phantom Liner: There is a smooth phantom liner that is odor-resistant to keeps your shoes and feet free from any bad odor.

My Opinion:

Pros: The forefoot sole and rollbar provide support on the ball of the foot by preventing the feet from excess movement. When there is the minimum movement of feet, less pressure applies. Also, its wide toe box allows free movement of the toes.

Cons: It is hard to run with these shoes for more than 10 minutes or so.

Skechers Mens Go Max Walking Shoe For Metatarsalgia

These GOwalk Max shoes are ideal for athletic walking due to their supportive sole design and mesh fabric upper. They feature a Goga Max technology insole and are super lightweight and comfortable. Whether youre running or just going for a walk, stability is one of the most important factors your footwear has to offer. These shoes, ideal for people with metatarsalgia, have solid mesh fabric toe and heel panels.

The slip-on design is also a great advantage since you will be able to put them on or take them off quickly. These high impact sports shoes help relieve the pain in your feet and knees while offering shock absorption and wide toe boxes. They are ideal for all foot conditions.

Wearing these shoes means you can say goodbye to the pain in the ball of the foot. Air circulation also wont be a problem because these athletic shoes will keep your feet cool. With their unique design, you will surely get countless compliments on your outfit. So, once again- Thumbs Up to Skechers!

  • Unique design

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How Can I Get More Support In My Shoes

There are plenty of different lifestyle factors that can affect the amount of support you receive from footwear. These factors include your height, weight, age, and activity levels.

If you feel that you aren’t receiving enough support from your shoes, look for something designed to offer you better support. You can also look for a shoe with a removable sockliner and built-in orthotic, specially designed to relieve metatarsalgia symptoms.

Aprilspring Womens Walking Shoes

Metatarsalgia and Neuromas: Rehab, Performance and Footwear Options

Running shoes from have a blade rubber outsole with an excellent hollow carved pattern bottom, which improves traction and wear resistance while walking. Keeping your feet grounded, absorbing vibration, and increasing airflow are all made easier with the Honeycomb Design insole.

A breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and dry when running or walking. The Aprilspring shoes feature fashionable color patterns that allow you to choose from various vivid hues.

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New Balance Insoles 3030 Pressure Relief Insole

The New Balance 3030 Pressure Relief insoles bring the support from their shoes to any shoes in your closet. They have ample cushioning for the entire foot, and the arch support and heel cradle work together to redistribute pressure. These insoles have also been designed to reduce friction and prevent blisters.

Price: Starting at $24.00

What users say: These have been the most effective metatarsal supports Ive ever tried. Bottoms of my feet get achy in regular sneakers, esp when running. No other inserts have prevented that as well as these. Ive been using this insert specifically for over 10 years. I only replace them when I replace my shoes, about every year or so, and they probably still have many miles left in them even after that long.

Average user review: 4.1 out of 5 stars

What Makes Hoka One One Running Shoes Different From Brooks Running Shoes For Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot

Hoka One One athletic shoes are often called maximalist shoes. These designs include more cushioning than your average shoe and are built to encourage a better gait. This additional cushioning is one reason why Hoka One One shoes work well for people with metatarsalgia and foot pain in general.

Brooks is, above all else, a company dedicated to runners. As a result, Brooks running shoes have a focus on high-tech features to improve comfort, efficiency, and endurance while running.

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Best Shoes For Metatarsalgia And Metatarsal Pads

The following are among your great options when you want to ensure all-day comfort and convenience with the best pair of shoes and metatarsal pad for your condition.

Hoka One OneBondi 6 Running Shoe for Normal Arches, High Arches

Are you looking Neutral running shoes for Metatarsalgia and knee pain? Hoka One One offer hard rocker sole with 2.5 times more cushioning than the regular running shoe. The extra cushioning will help in reducing stress and suffering on the ball of the foot. The mid rocker sole will also reduce pressure on the ball of the foot and heels, thus relieving Metatarsalgia pain. This is one of the best shoes for Metatarsalgia. The Hoka One One will reduce movements of the ankle joint and is a recommended shoefor arthritis as well. This shoe provides stability, comfort and will protect your feet from injury.

This shoe offers a breathable mesh upper with a synthetic overlay. Inside of the shoe is lightly padded tongue and collar along with breathable fabric lining and a removable insole. The midsole is over thick about the 2.5 times of the standard running shoe which promotes an exceptional shock absorption and prevent forefront flexion. The outsole is durable.

  • For heel pain and ball of the foot pain
  • Less stable, so not used in the side to side movements
  • Ankle problem, avoid Hokas
  • No ankle problem, try Hokas for long-distance and rough trails

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe Best Foot Support

The Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Brooks Ghost 13 fares very well as an all-round running shoe. This neutral everyday shoe offers you smooth and stable ride transitions.

The shoes upper is of a soft engineered mesh known as Air Mesh. Compared to other previous models, this upper has better breathability, which is essential in keeping your feet cool while on the run.

The midsole features two foams the BioMogo and the DNA loft. The manufacturer has fixed the BioMoGo at the medial side of the shoe while the DNA Loft is on the lateral side.

All the two foams have the same densities. Consequently, the Brooks Ghost 13 offers you both balance and stability.

The Ghost 13 stands out on issues of comfort. Its plush feel is easy to feel, boosted by the extra DNA Loft cushioning that runs from the heel to the forefoot.

With this shoe, you will also enjoy a smoother transition from heel to toe. The ride is also cushier, and the additional foam in its heel helps the shoe to absorb shock from heel strikes effectively.

Whats more, Brooks Ghost 13 outsole has two types of rubbers. You will find a soft-blown rubber on the forefoot and a tough rubber at the heel.

This shoe also takes care of your flexibility. Beneath the shoes width, three broad flex grooves help to increase flexibility.

Brooks Ghost 13 also has a roomy toe box that ensures your toes are free to splay anytime your foot is inside the shoe.

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Is There A Way To Clean Birkenstock Sandals

Yes, Birkenstocks can be kept clean by handwashing. Always give the sandals at least 24 hours to dry after cleaning before wearing them, and dont place them in the heat to dry. Simply use lukewarm water, dish soap, and a cloth to remove stains and dirt by hand.

To maintain the cork in your Birkenstocks, apply a cork sealer at least once annually. This will keep your sandals looking nearly as good as new for years to come.

The 30 Best Walking Shoes For Metatarsalgia And Ball Of Foot Pain

If you are dealing with issues such as plantar fasciitis pain, pain in the metatarsal area, and pain in the balls of your feet, you might have a hard time choosing the best option for the perfect fit in a shoe. Weve got the scoop on the best walking shoes for ball of foot pain!

There are many individual features that go into finding the right walking shoes such as whether they include an orthotic device if they include a fat pad, and if they can support pain in the metatarsal bones.

The best way to find the best Metatarsalgia shoes is through a shopping guide. The good news is, in this shopping guide, we will include different brands that include the best choice for shoes that support foot pain. The shoes included in the article will also provide support in areas such as physical activity and high impact exercise!

Here is the scoop on the 30 Best Walking Shoes For Metatarsalgia And Ball of Foot Pain.

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Brooks Mens Adrenaline Gts 19 Shoe For Metatarsalgia

These great-looking running and walking shoes keep excess movement in check and help you move comfortably and quickly without experiencing any pain. They are perfect for runners and for people who need special arch support. Even though they are not advertised as shoes for metatarsalgia, they are soft and protective and designed especially for all those looking for shock absorbency.

These metatarsal shoes feature a DNA LOFT and BioMoGo cushioning that is designed to provide a comfortable softness and exceptional durability. They have rubber soles and come in different colors, so if you want to match them with your sports clothing, you wont have any problem doing so.

Running is excellent for your health, but when done with the wrong shoes, it can cause foot pain, knee pain, and even back pain. These synthetic-and-mesh metatarsalgia shoes provide just the right amount of foot support to help you run comfortably while also focusing on the most injury-prone part of your body- the knees. With all that being said, we can calmy say these are the leading running shoes for metatarsalgia.

  • Midsole drop: 12mm
  • New DNA segmented crash pad
  • Rubber outsole.

Cushioned Running Shoes Designed For Metatarsalgia

Shoe selection for metatarsalgia type foot pains

Brooks is known manufacturer for high quality footwear. This shoe is a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic Shoe. What we particularly like about this shoe is the ultra-soft cushioning. Itll adapt to fit to your speed, weight and stride. This will help protect your joints. Brooks also has a technology known as Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar , which supports the whole body. Your body will be able to follow the proper path of motion.

In short, this is the perfect running shoe to prevent Metatarsalgia. If you plan on running a long distance or even go for a long walk, you should get a shoe that is designed to provide the proper support and cushioning. This is the shoe that you need. However, a drawback is that it isnt very stylish. Youll be out of place in a formal office or a formal setting like a dinner party.

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