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How To Enter Raffles For Shoes

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How To Reserve Your Pair

how to enter sneaker raffles
  • Enter. Select your size and store location to enter.
  • Confirm Your Reservation. If you have a winning entry, you will receive a SMS/Text message on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 9:00 AM PST. You will have until 5:00 PM PST to confirm your reservation to buy your shoes. If you confirm your reservation by December 8 2021 5:00 PM PST, you will receive a 2nd SMS/Text message confirming your store location and selected shoe-size. If you dont confirm your reservation in time, you will lose your purchase privileges.
  • Pick Up & Pay In-Store. On Launch Day, bring a valid photo ID, a form of payment, and your confirmation SMS/Text message to pay and walk away with your new Js.
  • How To Enter Sneaker Raffles: Your Guide To Securing The Highest

    We may earn a commission when you buy something from links on this page.

    It seems unheard of to enter a raffle simply for the chance to purchase a pair of shoes, but with the popularity of sneakers increasing over the past 5 years, that’s exactly what we have to do to get the latest sneakers.

    Whether youre an OG sneakerhead or you’re just looking to cop the latest pair of high-heat kicks youve had your eye on, securing the hottest releases takes more than just jumping online 2 minutes before the drop to get in a queue, or hoping that your size will still be in stock. Getting your hands on the highest-heat releases requires not just luck, but a little bit of effort and knowledge. Entering sneaker raffles is one of the only ways you can cop the most hyped pairs but raffle releases aren’t the most simple of things to understand, so we’ve put together a little ‘How To’ guide for anyone who wants to be in the know with where and how to enter.

    Unlike a few years ago when the only sneakers which brought a queue were limited Nike Air Jordan 1s, there are a lot more high-heat releases dropping every month. Limited edition sneakers are becoming more sought after and there are still only limited stock numbers available. So if you’ve ever wondered why you haven’t been able to get your hands on those hyped releases, then you’re not alone!

    How To Win Sneakers On The Snkrs App

    The SNKRS app is a very popular one and a lot of people can check out the latest Nike sneakers on that platform if they want. That being said, you can also win sneakers on the app, which is very exciting. The challenge that comes in such a situation is actively figuring out how you can win and how you can achieve the results you expect. Yes, its possible to win sneakers on the SNKRS app.

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    What You Should Know When Entering Any Sweepstake

    As a sweepstake entrant, you want to have fun but also to win. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you play:

  • Read the official rules of a giveaway to know whether you qualify to enter and win
  • Check the end date, especially for mail-in entries, because your letter needs to arrive on time
  • Enter a sweepstake multiple times if its allowed
  • Check the winner notification policy so that you submit your current contact details
  • Find similar giveaways and join all of them to increase your chances of getting what you want
  • Consult a tax professional, especially for high-value prizes, as the winners are responsible for covering most taxes
  • Dont reveal your credit card info or make a payment to avoid falling for sweepstake scams
  • Find games that show the number of entrants so that you know your odds
  • Go for less popular sweepstakes because your chances of winning get better
  • Footlocker Footaction And Champs

    The footsites are mobile entry only. To enter raffles for Footlocker, Footaction, & Champs you must download each app. All three stores require an account so be sure to sign in or create one. Footsite raffles have a unique component where you earn headstarts or points that increase your likelihood of being selected on release day . If chosen, you’ll receive a notification via email. If your sneakers are not picked up before 3 PM on release day, your reservation will be forfeited and they will sell on a FCFS basis.

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    How Do You Win Sneaker Raffles

    Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to win, it’s just the luck of the draw! . Allegedly you can improve your chances by engaging with content on whichever app you are entering on but this is not always the case. All we can recommend is to enter as many raffles as you can.

    We hope this guide helps you cop your favourite sneakers. Be sure to tag us in your latest pickups and ‘fit pics on using #thesolewomens.

    Release And Raffle Info


    Most sneaker releases nowadays are raffled off. Since a few of todays sneakers are very limited, the stores try to make the release as fair as possible through various raffles, such as the classic “online raffle”, which is usually processed via a form or Instagram. Here you simply enter your data and the desired shoe size and hope that your name will be drawn at random.

    However, many stores also organize in-store raffles, which offer locals an even better chance, as you usually have to register in store.

    If it doesn’t work out with a particular sneaker release, don’t give up. At some point you will usually be rewarded for your efforts – but sometimes it takes a little longer. Good luck to everyone on the upcoming sneaker releases!


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    How To Purchase A Snkrs Drop

    Upcoming is where all the action takes place for popular drops. At the time the shoe launches , the Notify Me button will change over to the price of the shoe. Hit the price button and you will be taken to a list of sizes. Choose your size and hit the OK button.

    Hit the $200 button, then choose size and hit the OK button. Note, the dreaded Pending status, which may appear after making payment.

    You will then be taken to a page listing the size you selected, your address, form of payment and the total with shipping and tax. Hit the Buy Now button at which point you may be asked to enter your SNKRS password and possible your credit card security code or Paypal password. According to Nike, If you want to use PayPal to order in the SNKRS App, we recommend saving PayPal as a payment method about 30 minutes before the sneakers drop. If you want to use Paypal, this is a step you should take for each launch.

    Good question, if youre successful youll see a Gotem message on SNKRS and will receive an order confirmation email. If you want, you can DM us your NikePlus email and we can check on our end if you were successful.

    If you didnt win a pair, you may or may not receive a notification that you werent selected. In the case of the Jordan an Off-White drop on July 25, 2020, multiple people received a pending notice, which remained long after the shoe sold out.

    Nike Snkrs Or Sneakrs

    If youre a sneakerhead, youre probably familiar with Nikes limited release app. What app you use depends on where you live for the UK & EU SNEAKRS & for US users it is SNKRS. Both apps function the same and Nike uses a few different mechanics for their releases:

    • LEO – the most common method and the one which Nike most frequently chooses to utilize when releasing products via SNKRS. When release time hits, refresh the page, enter your details, and submit your entry. You will see a pending screen. During this time, Nike is filtering through the accounts which have entered and selecting the lucky winners, those who are able to successfully checkout the sneaker. Although this release type isnt necessarily first come, first served, its in your best interest to submit your entry as quickly as possible.
    • DAN – for Nikes most limited releases, they typically make use of the DAN release method. When a sneaker is released via DAN, Nike gives you between 10-30 minutes, depending on the release, to enter your account. This method is simply a raffle. Nike will send you a notification following the release, alerting you of whether or not your entry was successful.
    • FLOW – releases are first come, first served. The fastest users are rewarded with the opportunity to purchase the sneaker. The faster you get to the product page and checkout, the better your odds.

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    How To Enter Sneaker Raffles

    We may earn a commission when you buy something from links on this page.

    If youve just stepped into the sneaker world then its safe to say that it might be a little intimidating for a first-timer. Theres a whole load of releases by the week and each and every one of them is likely to launch at a whole variation of places and times. Now its likely that most of these will launch via a raffle process, but what even is a raffle you may ask? To put it simply, sneaker raffles run to give you a chance to purchase limited-edition sneakers at retail price.

    Users sign-up with personal details to be in with the chance to get their hands on the pair theyre after. Now theres plenty of different types of raffles and all of them require slightly different methods of entry, so weve put together this handy guide that details the most common raffle types and exactly how you can enter them! Read on further for all you need to know regarding raffles right here at The Sole Supplier.

    A Tutorial On How To Enter Nike Snkrs Reservation Or Draw Launches

    Enter Raffle to Win Zinc hover shoes Hosted By RaffallRaisers

    December 22, 2020.

    Nike uses an array of techniques to thwart bots from obtaining its most coveted drops, and its go-to platform is its SNKRS app where it employs a few different methods to enable everyday sneaker lovers greater access to its shoes. Before we go any further, it should be noted that at least in the United States, Nike has successfully shut down bots ability to succeed on the site.

    This tutorial is designed to help first-time U.S.-based Nike sneaker lovers who are attempting to cop a shoe via a SNKRS, but have no idea how either works. SNKRS is used to sell Nike shoes and more recently apparel, but also Nike brands Converse and Jordan.

    Be sure to open SNKRS a solid five minutes before the actual launch because it can be slow to load. The app is compatible with either Apple or Android smart phones. If its been a while since you last used SNKRS, provide time to make sure your size and payment info is saved.

    Also, have on hand your SNKRS password and depending on your form of payment, your credit cards three-digit security code or your Paypal password. SNKRS will often ask you to reenter your SNKRS password and also your credit card security code or Paypal password at time of purchase.

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    Top Ten Sneaker Apps For Entering Raffles On The Go

    With brands jumping on the hype wave and the rise of sneaker resale you have a better chance of catching a cold than a W on Off Whites, Yeezys, etc Luckily, many sneaker boutiques & retailers have begun to level the playing field by developing integrated raffles into their mobile apps for both in-store and online releases. To make your life easier, we put together a list of the top 10 sneaker apps for entering raffles on the go. We will always post the latest sneaker raffles and releases on Sole Retriever and our so be sure to keep it locked for the best chances of winning.

    Pro Tip: Using Multiple Accounts

    Having one account is great and I and many others have won profitable drops without more than one account.

    Multiple accounts give you as many more chances of getting the shoes as the number of accounts you have.

    If you have 5 Nike accounts or even 10 or 15, you can greatly increase your odds of getting one pair and youll also put yourself in a position for getting multiple pairs for insane profits.

    Many people sell Nike accounts across social media and eBay, but because of rampant scams, you might as well cut your risk and learn how to make your own accounts.

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    Become A Member Of Juiced Io

    For any manual user who wants to start reselling, becoming a member of Juiced IO is going to be your best bet.

    Not only will you receive access to information about how to find hyped shoes in-store and online but youll receive it daily. From alerts telling you to head to retailers immediately for restocks to giveaways and backdoors, Juiced IO has it all.

    Members also receive information about sports cards, collectibles, vinyl, tech, and so much more. Not only will you immediately become a better sneaker reseller by joining Juiced IO, youll also make more money reselling in general.

    If youre still interested in sneaker botting then you can rent free bots on a weekly basis from the group. That way, you still wont have to spend money to try out sneaker botting and see if you like it.

    If You Didnt Already Know Jdx Unlimited Members Get Exclusive Early Access To Some Of The Biggest Launches Plus Loads Of Other Perks


    If youre not signed up yet, whatre you waiting for? For just £9.99 a year youll get access to our most exclusive benefits! That includes UNLIMITED free delivery, as well as exclusive access to launches and sales, birthday treats and moreWanna get in on the action? Sign up to JDX Unlimited via the JD app now!

    Once youre a member, youll automatically get exclusive early access to some of the biggest launches think Yeezy, Jordans, Nike Dunks and more! Thats right, you can beat the crowds and secure your pair before launch day. Right here, were letting you in on how it all works so you dont miss out!

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    Apps For Entering Raffles

    The most common way of entering raffles has become through using an app. A lot of retailers have created their own app specifically for high-heat releases and launches, such as the Nike SNKRS App and adidas Confirmed.

    If you want to make sure you never miss the latest sneaker releases for any brand, make sure you . We provide a list of all the latest heat that will be dropping and tell you exactly where you can enter raffles. You can also look at trending sneakers, keep up to date on the latest sneaker release calendars and most importantly turn on push notifications to stay up to date on your favourite releases!

    Once you’ve found a pair of shoes you want to cop, be sure to list down all the relevant raffles to enter as this increases your chances massively. The best place to start is checking our product listing for the sneakers you want and looking at which retailers will be releasing them. Although you can only have one entry per shoe, you can enter in as many raffles as you want!

    The next step is downloading the relevant app for each retailer. The best apps to make sure you have are adidas Confirmed, Nike SNKRS, END., SNS and Size? Launches. These should cover you for most high-heat releases such as the iconic and much-loved, Jordan 1 retros, adidas Yeezy boost and Nike Dunks.

    Tip: In some cases money may be ‘held’ in your account. If this is the case do not worry. You’ll only be charged if your entry is successful. You don’t have to pay to enter any raffles.

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