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What Cycling Shoes Work With Peloton

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Renowned Brands For Peloton Shoes

Peloton Cleat Installation & Cycling Shoes Review + $100 OFF!
  • Shimano RC1: Best for Shimano SPD cleats, the material of these shoes are flexible and very comfortable with a rubber toe area. The grip they provide is great too especially when you go off-road.
  • Adidas: one of the best brands that have created a pure cycling shoe, which is high quality yet, affordable since it only costs $129.99 per pair. They are top most choice of riders because they are light in weight, responsive to pedaling requirements, durable and waterproof- perfect for all seasons actually!
  • Brooks pd-b1: the first type has outstanding performance on indoor spin bike sessions due to its shock absorbing ability while keeping feet extremely cool. It is also very comfortable with secure strap system.
  • Brooks pd-b2: these shoes are very durable and can be used for many years. They give you great performance at a cheap price .
  • Sidi cycling shoes: they have an excellent variety of models and sizes and look good on riders . Very comfortable with patented buckle system that ensures foot stability while pedaling.
  • Etxeondo peloton shoes: these shoes made in Italy, only cost $90, but provide high quality material with quick clip cleats great for road riding whether if it is dry or wet outside.

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How To Choose The Best Peloton And Indoor Cycling Shoes

Comfort and fit

When purchasing shoes to go along with your Peloton or exercise bike, comfort and convenience are two of the most important factors. Most spin shoes are made to be lightweight and have a velcro strap for easy and fast wear and removal you dont want to have to stop mid-workout stops to tie your shoe.

Clip compatibility

Just as important is clip compatibility. At the bottom of a spin shoe is a metal clip which locks your foot into the bikes pedals this clip is typically screwed in, so that you can remove it and attach it to a new pair of shoes when your current pair wears out.

Spin shoes are typically compatible with either the SPD Clip , or the Delta Clip . Better spin shoes can fit either clip. Either way, its important to know if the spin shoe youre buying will work with the clip thats compatible with your exercise bike. For example, Peloton bikes come with Delta-compatible pedals, so unless you want to replace the pedals on your bike, too, youll want to find shoes that work with Delta clips.

Also note that most cycling shoes do not come with clips, so be prepared to purchase them separately and attach them to your shoes. Heres how to attach a clip to your cycling shoe.


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Apps and exercises

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Cycling Shoes To Feel Connected To Your Bike

Some stationary bikes have pedals with cages that allow you to use them with any pair of sneakers. This is great for pure convenience, but can cause foot pain and may affect the smoothness of your pedaling and the quality of your ride. Upgrading your footwear to cycling shoes and cleats allows you to clip into your bikes pedals so your foot acts as better lever, creating a smoother range of motion and more power to climb higher up the leaderboard, or just beat your own personal best. Some stationary bikes come with cleat-compatible pedals, but you can easily swap those out, too.

Shoes usually dont come with cleats, so youll need to buy each separately. For shoes, you may prefer a pair thats compatible with any kind of cleat type, like the Giro Techne cycling shoes. In addition to a universal cleat fit, the Technes have a microfiber and mesh upper lining to keep them breathable, and velcro straps for a secure fitand no laces that could untie mid-ride and tangle. They have no rails on the soles, though, so take care if you need to hop off your bike to grab more water.

Venzo Bicycle Mens Or Womens Road Cycling Riding Shoes


Venzo provides bicycle riding shoes for both men and women that come with three Velcro straps to offer both superior fit and looks. The black, white, and red colorway is a stunning looking pattern that manages to be both sleek and modern. You will find that these shoes fit in and match most outfits effortlessly and complement your bike as well.

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Shimano Ic100 Indoor Cycling Shoe

Another pair from Shimano, the brands IC100 Indoor Cycling Shoe has a leather and textile combination upper and an elastic panel with a hook-and-loop closure, making them super easy to slip on and off. The perforated insole works in tandem with the ventilated glass fiber nylon sole to provide quick-drying effects and top-notch performance.

How To Measure Your Performance With The Peloton App

Using applications like Strava, you can look back at your workouts to see if you are progressing with your fitness. If you were to repeat a class from months ago, you see a few differences that show progression. For example, doing the same workout from months ago at the same level of resistance and seeing a lower heart rate is an excellent indication of your fitness improving. Also, you might find yourself working at higher levels of resistance for the same heart rate, which again is another great indication of your fitness getting better. You might even find yourself burning more calories each ride, meaning you are gaining the ability to bring your heart rate much higher.

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What Else I Tested

Giro Trans BOA : The Giro Trans BOA was this close to being the best overall BOA cycling shoe in this guide. It’s got excellent support thanks to the BOA/Velcro closure combo, is breathable thanks to mesh ventilation panels, and I think it just looks cool.

But Giro is slowly phasing it out in favor of new models. It’s also only available in a men’s fit starting at a size 39, so those with smaller feel could be out of luck. The Trans BOA only supports Look Delta cleats, while the Cadet supports both Look Delta and SPD, so the Cadet is the more versatile shoe all around.

Tomasso Pista : The draw of the Tomasso Pista is that cleats come included and pre-installed on the shoe, which is great for beginners. But recently, the price jumped up by nearly $40. It was previously available for around $85, which would have made it a great budget buy.

The quality of the shoe itself is lesser than some of the other equivalently-priced models I tested, and the fit felt bulky in a way that other shoes didn’t, so it’s just not worth it at the increased price.

Giro Empire E70 W Knit : I was first intrigued by this shoe because it had laces a rarity in the cycling shoe market. And those laces ended up being its downfall, not because they performed poorly but because I was constantly worried they would get caught in my pedals or come untied during my ride. They never did, but the stress wasn’t worth it.

Engineered Specifically For A High

Nike SuperRep Cycle Shoes – Best for Peloton?

Size range: 36W – 43W, 39M – 52M

Fit: Runs a full size small

Closure: 3 Velcro straps

Cleat compatibility: Look Delta, SPD

Pros: Developed for studio use, antimicrobial mesh upper stays breathable, familiar fit for SoulCycle riders, three Velcro straps make shoe highly adjustable, good grip when walking around off the bike

Cons: No split tongue, long Velcro straps may hang over side of shoe slightly, runs small

If you’re a frequent SoulCycle rider, the fit of the Pearl Izumi Quest Studio will likely feel quite familiar. The cult-favorite spin studio pairs with Pearl Izumi to create the rental shoe you’ve likely used many times. While the Quest Studio isn’t exactly the same, it’s similar enough that when I first slipped my feet into them, I recognized it immediately. SoulCycle fans making the first leap to their own pair of shoes might want to choose this one for the familiarity alone.

Aside from a familiar fit, the Quest Studio still stands out as a great shoe on its own. Many cycling shoes that spin class enthusiasts opt for were originally developed for road cycling, but the Quest Studio as its name suggests was developed specifically for a studio setting. Increased breathability and sweat-wicking take the fore to compensate for a hot, sweaty indoor environment thanks to an antimicrobial mesh upper.

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What Are The Best Shoes For Peloton And Indoor Cycling

Our top pick for the best indoor cycling shoes are the Shimano RC1. They were light, comfortable, and breathable over a month of riding. At less than $100, they’re affordable too, though you’ll need to purchase cleats separately.

If you’re starting out on the Peloton bike for the first time, you’ll most likely turn to the Peloton brand, as you can buy the shoes along with the bike, making it convenient for someone to buy all at once. They’re pretty good shoes, too.

The best cycling shoes for those on a budget are those made by Vitalpa. At less than $60, theyre very affordable. Even though you have to purchase the clips separately, buying these shoes with them is significantly cheaper than buying shoes from a more expensive brand. And they work nicely with the best Peloton alternatives, too.

Read on for our top picks for the best Peloton shoes.

The Shimano Rp1 Is Outstandingly Comfortable With An Upper That’s Plusher Than Many Other Cycling Shoes But With Only Two Velcro Straps The Fit Isn’t Quite As Adjustable As Other Pairs

Size range: 36 – 48

Closure: 2 Velcro straps

Cleat compatibility: Look Delta, SPD

Pros: Excellent padding makes for a comfortable ride, fits true to size, good grip when walking around off the bike

Cons: Only two Velcro straps, no specialized women’s fit

Many cycling shoes are incredibly streamlined for increased aerodynamics and therefore aren’t always the cushiest. A few of the shoes I tried had so little padding that it affected my ride in a negative way, but the Shimano RP1 shoe has plenty of padding probably more than a road racer would want. But their loss is the spinner’s gain. The RP1 really cradles the foot for a comfortable ride.

It’s also the most budget-friendly shoe I tested, but it’s still constructed from excellent materials including nylon mesh panels for breathability and a ventilated glass-fiber-infused sole. Shimano is also one of the most trusted players in the cycling market, producing cycling gear for a century and cycling shoes in particular since the ’80s.

The RP1 also only comes in a men’s fit. I didn’t notice any major differences in how the RP1 fit me when compared to a women’s engineered shoe, but it does have a bit of a wider toe box than a women’s fit. Regardless of your gender, this is going to be a great option for those with wider feet.

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How Do The Peloton Shoes Fit

As Ive mentioned Bill has wide feet. The Peloton bike shoes do not come in varying widths. So he was worried that he would not fit his extra wide feet with high arches.

So, do Peloton shoes fit wide feet? Well, guess what? The shoes fit perfectly. They were a little snug around the front. But the two Velcro straps across the top allowed for his high arch. And the ratchet strap also allowed enough room for the shoes to be snug but not too tight.

If you wear a half size, I would recommend sizing up. Some people have reported that the Peloton spin shoes run small. Others, like my husband, feel like they fit true to size. Then again, hes a size 13 and he was able to get a size 43 in Peloton spin shoes. So Ill say it again. If you wear a half size, its probably better to size up in the Peloton bike shoes.

A Water Bottle To Replenish Your Fluids

Peloton cycling shoes EU 45 / UK 10.5 **BRAND NEW, NEVER ...

Staying hydrated is key to powering through your workouts. Maintain your workout water intake with our favorite water bottle, the Brita Premium Filtering water bottle. This 20-ounce drinking vessel has a straw-containing lid that opens with the push of a button and allows you to drink without twisting a cap or even tilting the bottle, which is helpful when youre simultaneously panting and trying to slurp down your drink before the next interval begins. The Brita also keeps water cold for 24 hours, helps remove funky taste from water, and fits in most cup holders.

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Peloton Spin Shoes Sizing Guide

Like I said when we got our Peloton bike, it came with a free pair of shoes. My husband took the free pair of shoes. As far as the Peloton bike shoe sizing, heres what I can tell you. In real life my husband wears a size 13EEE shoe. Those are some wide feet. So when it came time to choose the bike shoes for Peloton, he went with a size 47.

First, I should say that the European sizing confused him. He had no idea how to translate a size 13 into a size in the 40s. What size Peloton shoes should I get? I remember him asking me.

Then, while the Peloton website doesnt have a shoe size chart or a shoe sizing guide, per se, it does offer size translations right in the cart. So, he was able to see that a 47 was a mens size 13.

An Absorbent Towel To Sop Up Sweat

If youre biking for a while, youre going to sweat beyond what a fan can help. So you dont drip all over your bike , its a good idea to have a towel close by to blot your face when drops start to form.

Any old towel can work for this, but if you want an exercise-specific option, go for a soft, quick-drying microfiber, like the PackTowl Luxe face towel. We tested the full-size PackTowl for a review of beach towels, and found the fabric effective at wicking away moisture and drying out quicklytwo vital components when youre perspiring during your workout.

Get the PackTowl Luxe Face Towel from REI for $12.95

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The Giro Cadet Cycling Shoe Comfortably Cradles Your Foot As You Ride Thanks To The Combination Of A Boa Closure And Comfortable Ankle Padding That Doesn’t Make The Shoe Feel Bulky

Size range: 36W – 43W, 39M – 50M

Fit: Runs half-size small

Closure: 1 BOA dial, 1 Velcro strap

Cleat compatibility: Look Delta, SPD

Pro: BOA closure tightens uniformly, Velcro straps stops toe shifting, nice padding around ankle, split tongue, breathable, very lightweight

Cons: Slippery when walking around off the bike, runs slightly small

After testing 11 pairs of cycling shoes, you might think they’d all start to blend together, but the Giro Cadet shoe very quickly set itself apart. The BOA closure allows for uniform tightening across the shoe which led to an exemplary feeling of security, and the added Velcro strap ensured that my toes didn’t shift back and forth as I rode.

It’s the shoe I favored for personal use, so it’s also the pair I clocked the most miles with. There’s no considerable break-in process, so I was able to have productive rides right out of the gate, and the shoe has done nothing but get more comfortable over time. Where lesser shoes caused pinching, hotspots, and occasional numbness, I was able to all but forget about the Cadets and get lost in my ride a surprisingly tough metric for some of these shoes to hit.

I have a high instep, so where other shoes would cut into the front of my ankle, the Cadet compensated for it with a flexible tongue that has a slit cut down the middle of it to account for the tendons that flex in that area as you ride.

Tommaso Pista Womens Spin Class Ready Cycling Shoes

7 Days of PELOTON Cycling Workouts + NEW Spin Shoes

Here is something that ladies just now getting into cycling will love. Though suited for the noobs, this is a durable and versatile shoe that will deliver more than just your basic cycling needs. Its exceedingly comfortable and compatible with many systems. For a little more power, theres a fiberglass sole.

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Venzo Bicycle Black All

  • Lightweight and good design.
  • Budget-friendly option for novices.

Venzo Black shoe features award-winning technology for performance on peloton bikes. It has a breathable mesh design that dries out quickly and soaks sweat for a comfortable ride.

On top of it, the shoe has a textile lining that is easy to remove and attach. With 3 Velcro straps, you are able to wear and remove quickly with no trouble. Besides, the cleat area is compatible with every cleat type you can find on the market.

Unlike other peloton compatible shoes, it has low cut construction that makes sure to feel light whenever going on racing. The quick-drying, cleats with a 9 degree floating and highly-breathable mesh ensures top-level comfortability when riding a bike indoors or outdoor for a long time.

Besides, this shoe is made of full synthetic material that makes sure no bad odor or smell is flowing on your feet. It also ensures safety to use at ease.

This best cycling shoe for peloton is a big deal for those who tend to wish for comfort and good quality sneakers. Its also compatible with all Shimano SPD and Look ARC Delta pedal systems.

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