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How Should Birkenstock Sandals Fit

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Birkenstock Narrow Vs Regular Sandals: Narrowing It Down For The Perfect Fit

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Quite often Birkenstocks are referred to as Jesus Creepers or Jesus Sandals because of their likeness to those worn by Jesus Christ way back in the day between 6 BC and 4 BC yet despite this, the iconic yet ugly Dad Sandal does have a bit of a cult following and I for one am definitely waving the Birkenstock flag proudly.


Select According To Your Width

Acknowledging the fact that every person has a different foot size Birkenstock offers two widths of footbed that is regular and narrow to make it convenient and comfortable enough for all.

The Birkenstocks with regular width hold a symbol of outlined foot signifying that it is for normal to the robust feet and the narrow footbed is for small to slender or thin feet.

These two widths ensure the comfort and peace of the wearer leaving behind painless and aligned feet.

Are Birkenstock Really Good For Your Feet

In short, yes. Unlike most sandal designs the Birkenstock footbed is contoured to match the shape of a healthy foot. While it might initially feel different, Birkenstocks are designed to support the natural shape of the foot. The toe grips should be in the right place for your feet and the prominent arch and distinctive features will help to support and hold your foot as if you were wearing a closed shoe.

Birkenstock Leather

The oiled leather they use is thick and designed to mould to your feet to make them feel custom-designed to your foot. The ordinary Amalfi leather used by Birkenstock has stretch abilities, again adapting to each individual foot. The Nubuck leather has a softly brushed outer surface making it soft and easy to break-in.

Birk Flor

Birk Flor has a fleece lining making them super soft on your feet meaning you wont suffer from any blisters wearing them in. One thing to note, unlike leather, Birk Flor does not get better with age.

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Unbuckle And Adjust Straps Walk

Birkenstocks sandals are familiar for their unique strap design that can be unbuckled before wearing. So, now its time to unbuckle all straps and place your feet. There are heel cups in them where you should put your feet properly. Makes sure your arch is correspondent to the contours of the Birkenstock footbed. Alongside, fit the toe bar beneath your toes comfortably.

Am I A Regular Or Narrow Fit

How To Know If Your Birkenstocks Fit

Its important to measure your foot properly, to ensure you have the right size shoe.

To work out the size and width youll need, follow these steps:

Measure the length of your foot by standing on a flat surface with your full weight on your foot, then measure the distance from the back of your heel to the tip of your longest toe.

Add 10mm to your foot length to allow your foot room to move. This will give you the footbed length you need to find your size.

Measure the width of your foot across the widest point.

Compare your foot width measurement to the footbed length below, to see if you will need a narrow or regular width.

Example: Julie’s foot measures 240mm long and 95mm wide. Julie adds 10mm to her foot’s length to find she will fit comfortably into a Size 39 . At that size, the Regular Width footbed of 97mm will fit her foot properly.

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How To Check Your Footbed Fits Correctly

Stand up with the sandals on, straps fully open if these are adjustable, then feel your feet will naturally spread under your bodyweight. Your foot should feel supported, but be able to move freely. Your heel and toes should not overlap or rub up against the firm outer ridge of the footbed.

Make sure your toes do not rub up against the edge at the front of the sandal this can rub and cause corns or blistering over time. Dont be afraid to go up a size and try it on, if you are concerned or consider switching to a Regular Fit alternative if you need more width.

Once you are happy with the fit of the footbed you can now go ahead and fasten the straps. The straps should hold your foot in the correct place on the footbed, stopping you sliding forward or back during regular walking. Straps should hug your foot without being too tight remember your feet will expand on hot days for example.

Take a few steps to see if the straps hold your foot securely and adjust them once more if you feel that they are too tight or loose. You should not feel the buckles digging in at all, this might indicate you need to loosen the strap or that the shape and style may not be right for you.

Womens And Mens Orthotic Sandals From Vionic

This summer, dont deprive yourself of properly fitting sandals. And on that note, you dont have to deny yourself of fashionable footwear, either. The orthotic collections from Vionic include stylish, flattering sandals for women and men. When you browse our selection, youll find comfortable shoes for work, the beach, brunch, barbecues, fancy events, vacation, and anywhere else youre headed.

This includes supportive flip flops with iconic silhouettes, platform espadrilles and wedge heels with arch support, ankle-strap sandals, comfortable slides, and toe-post sandals. To accommodate a broad array of feet, we offer whole and half sizes, as well as medium and wide width shoes. Whether you are in search of flat sandals for women or heeled styles, we have the perfect shoe for you!

You shouldnt walk around with unprotected feet this season, even if your toes will be feeling the breeze. With the right sandal size and width, youll feel comfortable, confident, and ready for any activity and occasion.

Are you ready to take your sandal-wearing experience up a notch? Shop womens and mens sandals and flip-flops from Vionic today. For style tips like how to wear gladiator sandals or additional foot health information, check out our Healthy Footnotes blog!

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How Should Sandals Fit In The Back And Front

When it comes to sandals and flip flops, the way they fit in the back and front is crucial. If your heels extend past the soles in the back, the straps will likely cut into your skin, which can be painful and restrict circulation. Additionally, a portion of your foot wont be protected by the sole. The same goes for your toes in the front. Without that added protection of a toe box, its only a matter of time before you injure your toes. If youre wondering, are flip flops bad for your feet? Well, the answer is yes, if you arent wearing flip flops that fit correctly.

At this point, you know the perimeter of your foot shouldnt go past the sole on any side. However, the space on each side wont be exactly even all the way around. For example, there might be an eighth of an inch of space around your toes and a quarter inch around your arches. Not only that, but you can expect this to change throughout the day as your feet expand, as you transition from standing to sitting, and overtime as you break in a pair of sandals .

The Madrid Big Buckle

How to fit Birkenstock properly. 2020 Update! 🙂 (by a Retail Specialist) – SOLE SAVER

The BIRKENSTOCK Madrid is a true classic with a simplistic style that impresses the world of fashion. The Big Buckle variant has a huge, exquisite pin buckle that serves as a terrific, eye-catching focal point on this otherwise subtle sandal. The upper is constructed of high-quality nu-buck leather with a natural, which gives it a truly natural and rustic look.

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How Should Birkenstocks Fit

Birkenstock is an iconic brand of footwear well regarded by people of different ages and groups. They are adored by senior citizens and young hipsters alike. Known for their comfortable, easy-to-wear shoes and nature-inspired designs, they bring a lot of value.

There is quite a bit of debate about how Birkenstocks should ideally fit, whether they should be tight or loose. By reading this article, you should know how Birkenstocks should fit.

Do Birkenstocks Run True To Size

A common question that arises regarding the sizing of shoes is whether they fit true to size. There is, of course, a quoted size, but there is a question of whether the shoes fit accordingly. Not all brands fit exactly as their mentioned size would suggest.

Generally, Birkenstocks fit true to size and allow for plenty of adjustments along the way. There are some models like the Mayari that run slightly narrower, while there are others that may be slightly wider. But in general, they fit true to size.

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Birkenstock Size Chart: Everything You Need To Know

They make Birkenstock footwear in European sizes, meaning you must convert to US sizes to find your fit. Birks should have a bit of room in front for your feet as you walkadding 0.25-inch to your measurement should suffice. Then use the straps to adjust the fit around your foot.

Purchasing a pair of Birkenstock sandals isnt as straightforward as it may seem, especially if you arent familiar with European sizes. To help you out, were sharing our guide to the Birkenstock size chart with everything you need to know.

Birkenstock Fitting Guide Tips

Looks Good from the Back: Birkenstock Gizeh Review and Fit.

The iconic footbed used in the Birkenstock range is relatively hard and unforgiving compared to other brands. While a bit firm, the standard footbed also has very distinctive features which help to support and hold your foot.

The deep heel cup will support your feet almost as if it was in a closed shoe. While the arch support offers you stability with every step. The toe grip is one of the most recognisable features of Birkenstock sandals. This supports the natural position and rolling motion of the toes to keep them loose and spread out.

This means that if you get the right size Birkenstocks can be incredibly comfortable and supportive. In the event you pick one thats too big or too small however, you could really regret it.

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How To Size Birkenstocks

The popularity of Birkenstocks sandals is out of the question. With a glorious history of more than 225 years, this Birkenstocks has become one of the most demanding and iconic brands worldwide.

Each sandal model of Birkenstocks has been crafted in Europe with premium materials and the highest quality control. However, Birkenstock footwear has an exceptional footbed shape that has been contoured uniquely, and this is what distinguishes them from others.

Therefore, people often experience discomfort if they dont pick the proper size and fitting. Suppose youre one of them whos hesitant and thinking, what size Birkenstock should I get! Were here for you. Here, were going to guide you about how to size Birkenstocks.

  • What size is 41 in Birkenstock?
  • How To Fit Birkenstock Sandals Properly

    To make sure your Birkenstock sandals fit properly, stick to your EU size or follow the same steps as we recommend for the Birkenstock clog. Once you have a pair of Birkenstock sandals, we recommend leaving a 5mm gap behind the foot, and a 10mm gap at the front of your foot to allow for movement. Then, there should be a 5mm gap between the bottom strap and the foot, and a 10mm gap between the top strap and the foot.

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    Go Up A Size In These Birkenstock Styles

    For years, when Birkenstock started making sandals, all of the cork and latex footbeds were the same. Today there are many different types of footbeds relating to sizing. Assuming that you know your Classic/Heritage/Basic Birkenstock size, you can simply figure out what size you need in other styles. The following list below shows some of the styles you will most likely need to go up one size higher in:

    Sandals: Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ottawa, Ohio, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, Savannah, Sonoma, Colorado, Shasta, Barbados, Oregon, Tobago, Trinidad, Aruba, Sansibar, Pacific, Bridget, Jardine, Morgan, Alice, Scarlet, Georgia, Arcadia, and Katharine.

    Clogs: Oklahoma, Tahoe, Teton, Almanor, Napa, Cooper, Duna, Birki, Super Birki, Sport, Professional, Helfort, Mendocino, Madison, Sausalito, Redmond, Ashby, and Kyoto.

    Shoes: Derby, Tacoma, Bodega, Madera, Memphis, Trent, Kent, Annapolis, Andria, Claremont, Lindsey, Natoma, Cambria, Darien, Saratoga, Sedona, Sanibel, Wichita, Stanford, Bristol, Bangor, Lawrence, Richmond, Glendale, Carson, Manhattan, Cambridge, Fremont, Valencia, Napoli, Chicago, Aberdeen, Willington, Kensington, Lisbon, Sonora, Auborn, Ontario, Austin, Jasper, Calgary, and Rockford.

    How To Fit My New Birkenstocks

    Are Birkenstocks Worth It? How to Fit and Break In Birkenstock Gizeh

    Over the past few years, Birkenstock have gone from just a comfort shoe, to a global fashion trend – and we aren’t complaining! Combining comfort with style are two of our favourite things here at Grundy’s Shoes, so we’re all for it!

    Birkenstocks are made in Germany, using only the best products and materials, and their tradition of quality craftsmanship goes back more than 225 years.

    Birkenstocks also have their own unique contoured footbed, shock-absorbing soles, and specially designed buckles for ultimate comfort and durability.

    Here, we’re going to explain the different Birkenstock sizings, and give you all the advice on how to fit your Birkenstocks perfectly!

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    How To Find The Perfect Size For Your Birkenstocksyou Need Two Sheets Of Paper A Pencil And A Ruler

    Place the sheets of paper on the floor. Stand straight on the paper with your heels against the wall.

    Place the sheets of paper on the floor. Stand straight on the paper with your heels against the wall.

    Measure the width: with the help of a pencil, mark the outermost points at the left and right side of the balls of your feet.

    Measure the width: with the help of a pencil, mark the outermost points at the left and right side of the balls of your feet.

    Measure the length: mark the longest toe of each foot.

    Measure the length: mark the longest toe of each foot.

    Finding Your Correct Shoe Size And Width

    As mentioned, when sandals are too small, the ankle strap can dig into your feet, and you might end up with a stubbed toe, an ingrown toenail, or another painful condition. Conversely, while it may be better to go with a larger pair of sandals, sandals that are way too large present their own list of foot problems. Your feet can slip around in the shoe, which may strain your ankles and calves and impact your posture. Loose shoes can also slide off your feet and cause an injury or rub on your skin, which may lead to blisters and calluses .

    That being said, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research found that wearing shoes that are too small is much more common than wearing a pair thats too big . To find sandals that are good for your feet and fit correctly, youve got to measure your feet.

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    Factors That Affect Your Birkenstock Fit

    Monday, September 9, 2019

    There is nothing as uncomfortable as a pair of shoes that dont fit properly. When your shoes are either too large or too small, they can be extremely painful for your feet, not to mention that you are predisposed to numerous foot diseases. Finding the right fit should always be one of your top priorities.While Birkenstocks are known for being comfortable shoes with orthopedic support, the wrong fit will punish your feet just like any other shoe would. Fortunately, its easy enough to achieve the perfect Birkenstock fit. Once you understand various parts of a Birkenstock shoe design, you will know exactly how your Birkenstocks should fit.Below are five factors that will affect your Birkenstock fit:

    Are Birkenstock Sandals True To Size

    Looks Good from the Back: Birkenstock Gizeh Review and Fit.

    Birkenstock offers regular and narrow widths to accommodate most peoples feet the regular is an ideal shoe if you have normal to wide feet, as the straps can be adjusted accordingly, while the latter is best if you have slim feet. If youre between sizes though, its best to size up for a more comfortable fit.

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    Why Birkenstock Uses 2 Widths

    Were all human beings and come in different sizes, including our feet. Most of the Birkenstock models come with adjustable straps: in this post, we go deep in how to adjust your Birkenstock for a great fittingAs one of the most comfortable sandals on the planet for decades, Birkenstock offers the original footbed in two widths: Regular width: For normal to more robust feet, Narrow width: For small to slender feet. The right fit partly realizes a constant daily comfort guarantee.Your feet remain in the proper position and, as a result, prevents pressure points, aching feet, or even the severe misalignment of your feet.

    Are Birkenstocks Comfortable

    Once broken into, and considering the sizing is correct, Birkenstocks are the essence of comfort. The unique, contoured footbed and the materials that conform to your foot make them some of the comfiest footwear.

    That said, if you have excessively flat feet, the high arches on the footbed might be too uncomfortable for you. In such a case, youre probably better off trying other regular sandals or a specialized footbed. Read more in our review of the best tennis shoes for flat feet.

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