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What Is Normal Shoe Width

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What Happens If My Shoes Are Too Wide

We Sell Normal Size Shoes!

Your shoe will not be snug, and will rub against the back of your heel, resulting in a callus or even a bone spur. You also wont feel as stable when you walk, and your feet will move around in your shoes, which can cause friction when walking, leading to sores and blisters. Nail problems and hammertoes are also common issues with overly-wide shoes.

Description Of The Measuring Systems

A to 4A+ Width: While an A width size will be considered as a Narrow size for women, its an Extra Narrow size for men. As the foot becomes narrower, extra As are included to accommodate the size. So, a 2A is AA, 3A is AAA, 4A is AAAA, and so on.

B Width: The B width size is the most remarkable size for women. It is usually common for them and considered as the Normal/Standard/Medium width size. But for the mens measurement, a B represents a Narrow width size.

D Width: This is common for men and is considered as the Normal/Standard/Medium width size. However, its a Wide size for the female folks.

E to 4E+ Width: In contrast to the A measurements, the E width shoe sizes are used to represent the progressive increase in wideness for mens measurements. So, an E to 2E shows Wide while 3E to 4E+ is Extra Wide. In womens measurements, an E or 2E is Extra Wide. Some shoes could have larger width measurements, such as diabetic with up to 10E as width size.

Measurement Of Shoe Widths

The measurement of shoe widths is of two different formats:

The letter or alphabet measuring system

This measuring system uses letters of the alphabet to indicate the shoe width sizes for both men and women. The size ranges include

  • A to 4A+
  • B
  • E to 4E+

The word measuring system

This measuring system employs the words to describe the different shoe width sizes. These size ranges include

  • Narrow to Extra Narrow
  • Wide
  • Extra Wide

The table below gives a conventional width measurement for both men and women using the two measurement systems.

Width measurement by Letters
Extra Wide

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Relationship Between Height And Foot Length

Foot length and height are related across different locations in the world.

Although there hasnt been any exact formula to measure this for all men, we cant deny that theres a correlation. The difference is due mostly to genetics. The fact that we dont know all the factors that affect a mans stature makes it hard to accurately predict all the time.

The left foot usually gives a better prediction of a mans height or stature than the right foot does. This is an observation that has proven true over the years.

Usually, the percentage of your height to the foot is 15%. This important measurement has been used several in Forensics to solve a crime.

Theres a relationship between the height and length of your foot, but know that there are many other factors that can dictate your foot length other than your height.

Your Guide To The Complex World Of Width Sizing

What are the average shoe sizes, worldwide?

Width is an incredibly complex topic for the pedorthic community. Pedorthists – the professionals who fit shoes for a living – are often very hesitant to make sweeping statements regarding what shoe width a person should or should not wear. This is because most people don’t know that there is no standard width system used by shoe manufacturers to determine the measurements of a narrow, medium, wide, or extra wide shoe. Shoe designers use their best judgment when deciding how wide to make a wide shoe and don’t consult with one another before labeling the widths of their shoes.Please understand, the only truly accurate way to determine if a shoe is the proper width for your foot is to try it on. That’s why has a free exchanges policy that allows you to order a shoe, try it on in your home like you would in a shoe store, and send it back to us to be exchanged for a different size or width without having to pay the cost of shipping.Because we understand that the exchange process isnt always as easy as being in the store, we have provided the width sizing chart derived from averages and approximations. Scroll past the width sizing chart for tips on how to buy shoes in the correct width.

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How To Measure Your Foot

  • While seated, place your foot on a piece of paper in front of you.
  • With a pencil, trace around your foot. Hold the pencil as straight up-and-down as possible while measuring and be sure that your pencil remains in constant contact with your foot during this process.
  • With a ruler, measure your tracing to determine your foot length and width.

Mens Vs Womens Widths

Theres not a huge difference between men and womens widths as far as increments go. They increase in size in the same way.

However, womens widths dont go as wide as mens. This is because men generally have wider and larger feet.

This is why youre unlikely to see any A numbers in mens sizing. You also wont see much beyond E/EE for women. Some brands are changing to include more widths for women, though.

Besides the letter-differences, the main difference youll see in mens vs. womens widths is that men have wider widths for the same shoe size. For example, a womens 6 medium is 3.313 inches in width. Mens 6 medium is 3.5 inches in width.

So, if you prefer the opposite genders shoes, be wary of this difference. Cross-check the charts when making a purchase.

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How To Measure Shoe Width Yourself

If you cant visit a shoe store, you can measure your shoe width yourself. Take off your socks, and make sure you measure both feet one can be wider than the other.

1. Use a soft tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your foot. Do not tighten it too much. Put your foot on the ground, and distribute your weight as you normally would when standing.2. Next, mark on the tape measure how many millimeters wide your foot is.3. Look up your width on the above shoe tables.

Dont have a tape measure? You can use a length of string. Just mark the string, and then use a ruler to identify its width!

When Do Feet Stop Growing

Shoe Widths Explained

Our feet usually stop growing after puberty at around 16 years old, however, you may find your shoe size goes up with age. Those with extraordinarily large feet have reported continuous, steady growth.

These cases are usually a result of genetics. Many people will find their shoe size increases a bit with age, which is usually due to weight gain and loss of ligament mobility, which essentially flattens out our feet.

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Average Feet Range In Shoe Width From E To G

Unfortunately, as is the case with shoe sizes, there is no universally accepted ordering principle for shoe width. In other words, there are no official, standardized regulations in place that dictate to manufacturers how wide shoes should be, or how these widths should be labelled. Usually, the reasoning behind this is mundane: wider shoes are supposedly less aesthetically pleasing, so they arent as commonly produced. Every manufacturer, of course, has their own preferences, and as a result its difficult to compare the widths of shoes made by different craftsmen. Adding to the confusion: recent studies have shown that shoe width has dramatically increased over the past 40 yearsfeet are becoming wider, and old systems of measurement could soon become obsolete.

Across the globe, shoe width is usually expressed in letters . The average range consists of shoe widths E, F, and G. An individual wearing size E has feet that fall on the narrow side of average individuals wearing size F or G have feet that fall on the broader side of average. Those with even broader feet should reach for sizes H or I. In some cases, double-letter sizes are available , as are numbered sizes . An overview of different sizing systems can be found on our shoe size conversion page.

What Are Wide Width Shoes

Wide width shoes are variations of normal sized shoes where the overall length is the same, but the toe box and forefoot width is increased to accommodate wider feet. People with wide feet usually have a similar heel width, but have a wider forefoot and wider toes. Wide width shoes may also have greater depth because wide feet are usually taller too.

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Can Your Foot Size Change Over Time

Feet can grow orexpand as you age. This is in part because of weight gain that additionally pressures your lower ligaments. Another cause is the loss of elasticity in the ligaments and tendons.

Because of this, youre likely to need a larger shoe size in your 50s than you wore during your 20s. Please check out our review of thebest running shoes for older runners.

Do I Need A Wider Shoe If My Foot Is Bigger

á? Kids &  Toddler Shoe Size Chart by Age

The answer is yes, but not always. Usually, larger shoes will be somewhat wider than smaller sizes the shoe will remain proportional. For example, a size 9D mens shoe will be narrower than a size 13D mens shoe, because a size 13 shoe is bigger, overall.

However, we do not recommend choosing a larger shoe size just to get a wider fit this can cause tripping hazards and other such issues. Make sure you choose a size that fits both the length and width of your fit properly.

What are average show widths?

For men, a D width is considered to be medium or average. For women, a B width is considered to be medium.

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Understanding Shoe Width Letters

When it comes to buying shoes, we all know the numbers refer to the foot length, but the letter ranges can be a bit more challenging. While they indicate shoe width, these letters can vary among manufacturers, just like clothing. However, the details below will help you decipher the different widths and prove helpful when you’re planning to make a shoe purchase.

How Can I Measure My Shoe Width

Follow these steps to measure your feet and find a pair of shoes with the right width:

  • Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your bare foot.
  • Place a foot on the ground as if you were standing normally.
  • Use this measurement to determine the shoe width you need.
  • This UK foot width chart should give you a good idea of the shoe width you require:

    UK Size

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    The Relation Between Shoe Size Against Height And Weight


    There is data to suggest that height and shoe size are co-related. Shoe size goes up with height however, formal research does not show this consistency.

    The reason for this difference in information is because the data will vary depending on who is asked and how the shoe size is measured. Additionally, height is strongly dependent on genetic factors which would explain the reason for mixed data.

    When people buy shoes they also tend to buy sizes slightly larger than their feet, for comfort. This means there will be a difference between the actual foot size and the shoes purchased.


    Weight directly does not impact foot size. But weight gain does affect your bodys strategy for storing fat across the body, which includes the feet.

    So things like pregnancy, obesity, and swelling in feet due to injuries or medical conditions will affect the overall size that will be a comfortable fit when selecting shoes.

    Women should expect and prepare for a change in foot size during pregnancy, as the weight gain or fluid retention in the body will probably create some swelling in the feet leading to a foot change.

    During pregnancy, women should wear soft and comfortable shoes. There is a wide variety available with lots of cushioning and support.

    FUN FACT: Barleycorn was the unit of measurement used by shoemakers. One grain of Barley is sized a third of an inch, so three Barleycorn would one inch.

    What Do You Need To Take Into Account When Choosing Your Toddlers Shoe

    Wide Width, Extended Size Shoe Haul (BIG Feet)
    • Before a child starts walking, shoes are unnecessary.
    • During the winter months your child can wear soft booties to stay warm, but all foot coverings should be as non-restricting as possible.
    • After your toddler has begun to walk , you can introduce him or her to a sneaker with a flexible outsole with good traction.
    • At toddler age shoes should be worn outdoors only. Inside the house barefoot is still best for toddlers.
    • Check your childs feet for blisters and other signs often which means their shoes no longer fit.
    • Toddlers feet tend to grow a shoe size larger every three months or so.
    • Feel free to buy shoes slightly larger than what your child needs. 1/2 an inch clearance at the toe provides some growing room.

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    What Is Shoe Size Considered Big For Men

    These days, shoe size over 14 is considered big for men as a lot of shoe brands offer the biggest shoe sizes for men going up to 13 or 14. However, it is quite difficult to find the right shoe size in the mens section. But size 13 or 14 is also really big that you can expect to fit. In case you are not fitted with that size, some shoe manufacturers offer made-to-order services that are great for men with extra-large feet.

    Difference Between Mens And Womens Widths

    Men, in general, have wider feet compared to women. This is why charts are based on gender.

    A is generally only used in womens sizes, whereas EEE and above are predominantly found in mens widths. However, many brands are changing this to accommodate women with wider feet.

    As we discussed at the beginning of the article, a D is classed as Medium for men but Wide for women.

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    Does Foot Width Change Over Time

    Yes. Your foot can get wider even when you stop growing. This can happen if you gain weight or are retaining excess water. Diabetes and pregnancy can also affect foot size.

    Foot size usually increases as your weight increases, and can decrease when you lose weight, or your insulin resistance is eliminated.

    How To Measure Foot Size

    What is the average shoe size and how happy are you with ...

    To know if your foot size is considered average, you need to know your shoe size! It is estimated that one in five people are currently wearing the wrong shoe size.

    For better foot health, and to know if your size is average, lets look at how you can measure your foot accurately.

    Did you know your feet are bigger at night? They are! This is because they can swell after weve been standing on them all day. For this reason, it is better to measure your feet at night, at their biggest.

    Jim Carrey wears enormous prosthetic feet to Elton Johns 2013 AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

    If you were to measure your feet in the morning when they are smaller, your shoes could feel too tight and uncomfortable by evening. Measuring in the evening ensures a comfortable fit all day long.

    The most accurate way to measure your shoe size is to use a Brannock Device. This is a special device used to measure the length, width, and arch length of the foot. You usually see these at shoe stores.

    You can buy a Brannock Device at , or you can walk into any shoe store and measure your feet there. Alternatively, you can measure your foot with a ruler.

    Invented by Charles Brannock, the Brannock Device is the standard foot measuring tool for the worlds footwear industry

    There is a standard width, but for those with more narrow or wider feet than average, they may need to find special shoes to accommodate their width.

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    The Average Shoe Size For Men In The Us

    For the United States, there isnt an official number for the average shoe size for men. However, the average male aged 20 years and up, with a height of 5 feet 10.9 inches, wears a shoe size 10.5.

    Men who are taller than 6 feet 2 inches, on average, wear a size 11 to 12 in shoes. For men shorter than 5 feet 5 inches, the average shoe size is around seven to nine.

    Find Your Perfect Fit

    In the first column, find your measured foot length. Once identified, the column to the right will determine your shoe size. In the next three columns, find your foot width to determine which width of shoe you may need.

    Note: For foot length, if you are in between sizes, always move up to the next size. For foot width. choose the width that you are closest to.

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    What If Your Feet Are Off The Normal Size Range

    There is no need to worry if your feet are not in the medium/normal size range. It is said that foot size for both men and women is getting larger every year. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to purchase bigger shoes as their feet tend to be larger than ever before.

    In addition, the most common sneaker sizes are also increasing. So, if you have large feet now, your foot size might get smaller over time as it tends to get larger all the time.

    But the more important thing is to find the right shoe size that fits you well. You should not feel uncomfortable and in pain when wearing your shoes. Even when you choose the corresponding size in a shoe size chart, you can always go up or down one or two sizes to get the most comfortable fit. This is because different types of sneakers and brands may have different size charts.

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