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What Kind Of Shoes Are Good For Volleyball

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Is Kyrie 7 Good For Volleyball

Best Volleyball Shoe From 2020

For instance, the Kyrie 7 features a tech-based traction pattern that allows wearers to monitor and identify specific areas of the foot that require the most amount of support. In other words, this unique rubber outsole design that is an ideal choice for many athletes, especially volleyball players.

What Features Make The Best Volleyball Shoes

If youre new to the sport of volleyball, or at least new to purchasing volleyball shoes rather than a another type of athletic sneakers, then this post is the best starting place for you. Even if youre a veteran who has purchased one or more pairs of volleyball shoes in the past, it may be a good idea to give this page a quick skim to ensure youre not missing out on any features that could potentially drive your game to the next level.

Get Ready To Play Volleyball

High, medium, low rise. Rubber or synthetic. Breathability, flexibility, durability. Lets face it, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before buying a pair of volleyball shoes.

Dont sweat it, you have done your research, you have several options that we included in this article to get you started, and with a little bit of time, you will have the volleyball shoes of a champion strapped to your feet. You are all set now it is up to you to decide if you are going to win the game.

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Nike Volleyball Shoe Reviews

As of the time when this article was written, there are only two Nike shoes that are dedicated and built specifically for volleyball. I have to say I am impressed with the Nike React HyperSet and the Nike Hyperace 2.

Nike Hyperace 2 brings all the goodness of lightweight and flexibility into one shoe the only downside is that it slips up on traction sometimes.

The Nike React HyperSet is the latest addition to the Nike volleyball shoe lineup, and it is incredible. The Nike React HyperSet offers durability, flexibility, impact absorption, traction, cool design, awesome naming scheme. In fact, the only feature missing is a set of wings to help you fly.

How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Cost

Asics Gel

Volleyball shoes cost between $100 and $150 for a new pair. The most popular brands are ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas. Some companies give select models discounts when they go out of style, offering a good opportunity to buy at a lower price. More often than not, however, you’ll need to purchase shoes within this $100-$150 price range if you intend on getting a quality pair of volleyball shoes.

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Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball In 2020

You see choosing a basketball shoe for playing volleyball is something thats not as easy as one could expect.

I mean you have to look out for footwear from a different sport to play a different sport.

In short, youd have to keep some important aspects in mind before you make the final decision.

So, lets check them out in the buying guide section, and then Id be answering some important FAQS regarding the main topic as well.

Why Are Some Volleyball Shoes More Expensive Than Others

Technology plays a large part in the different prices of shoes. Generally, the more expensive the volleyball shoe the better its technology and design will be. The comfort and cushioning will be greater, the shoe will be more durable and last longer, and the grip will be better.

There is also the brand to consider. While the shoes from top brands like Mizuno, Asics, and Nike are all similarly priced, shoes from lesser-known brands will likely be cheaper.

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Why Do You Need Volleyball Shoes To Play Volleyball

But if you want to get the best out of your shoes and be on top of your game in the process, a shoe designed specifically for volleyball will make a world of difference. You need volleyball shoes because they are specifically designed to grip the court, reduce the effects of shock, and allow quick shifts in movement.

Adidas Performance Womens Crazyflight Bounce

Running Shoes For Volleyball…

Many reviews claimed the Adidas Performance Crazyflights are a bit on the larger size and to go down a size from what you normally buy in volleyball shoes. That said, if you need an ankle brace, these shoes are perfect for accommodating that necessity. Adidas website shows limited color options for this style of shoe.


The Crazyflight Bounce uses a variety of Adidass technology adding features such as boost and ADITUFF technologies. The Crazyflight Bounce strives to remain lightweight despite its added features.


The rubber sole is asymmetrical to provide balanced support. The forefront is wider for more stability.


The upper part of the Crazyflight Bounce is made with mesh consisting of TPU foil reinforcements. This addition creates additional support for running and jumping. The mid-sole has EVA stabilization rims, which provide extra cushion for impact.


These tend to be in the mid-range of cost.

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Bloch Alcyone Dance Shoe

Blochs Alcyone dance trainer is one of the most highly-rated dance shoes around. They are strictly for dance and Zumba use, and have the durability to last for well over the one-year mark that we recommend. With arch support, great flexibility, a light weight, and a reasonable price point, these are a perfect all-around Zumba shoe for your next workout.

Available at

Features of the Bloch Alcyone Dance Trainer

These shoes provide an impressive amount of flexibility, and more than adequate arch support. This is thanks in part to the dynamic midfoot stretchable mesh that encases the shoes. These mesh uppers provide high levels of breathability. Additionally, the contoured and removable sock liners let wearers adjust the fit of their shoes as needed, while providing additional comfort as well.

Also, the Bloch Alcyone is incredibly lightweight . They also feature a non-marking outsole that encourages far simpler turns and spins and pivots throughout Zumba workouts. The Alcyone is also very, very durable, manufactured from mesh and a combination of soft-action leather

Price-wise, these are right on the money. Their reasonable price point is a great draw, especially when combined with the durability and additional benefits and features. This shoe will provide improvements in performance during Zumba workouts, saving you from potential injury while also maximizing your results.


Our Verdict

What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Volleyball

The Best Shoes To Wear With All Your Bell Bottoms

  • Banded Mini-Heel Sandals. First off, let me just say that this look is probably my favorite on the list.
  • Flat Thong Sandals. Want to be extra bold this season?
  • Black Platforms. Purple crushed velvet bell bottoms?
  • Chunky Wooden Heel. Nope, these arent your mothers clogs.
  • Booties.
  • Cheetah Print.
  • Furthermore,What kind of shoes should men wear with jeans?

    Shoes with dainty heels do not gel well with the casual hanging bodice of boyfriend jeans. Instead, opt for wedges or chunky heel pumps which create a visual balance and give u a longer, sexier appearance.

    Herein,What shoes do women wear with jeans?

    So, if your jeans have a wide or flared opening, you should be looking for shoes that dont get too lost in the mass of denim thats pooling around your feet. Your best bets are: High heeled shoes and boots. Platform shoes and boots. Lug-soled boots and shoes. Any shoes or boots with chunky heels.

    Then,What shoes to wear with flare jeans?

    The best shoes to wear with flares. Keep it simple and chic. Try on striped long-sleeve top with flared jeans and peep toe heels: The peep-toe heels are ideal for making an extra height. Pair them with your favorite boot-cut jeans and you will get an illusion of longer legs: Wedge sandals are ideal for casual look.

    Should you wear heels or boots for strength training?

    4 Related Question Answers Found

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    Nike Zoomx Superrep Surge

    Shoes from Nike are incredible for running, sprinting, lifting weights, and almost every other athletic endeavor you can consider. In addition to that, they provide great support and relief to people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and sore joints. But do they make a shoe for Zumba? They sure do, and they have two entries on our list, including landing the top spot with the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge.

    Available for Women at:

    As with all of their shoes, Nike makes a great shoe that you can use for your Zumba class or any other High Intensity Interval Training style of workout youre interested in.

    Features of the Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge

    A very new shoe from Nike designed with a lot of the latest features and specifically targeted at people looking for shoe for endurance classes and workouts. This means that in addition to providing a solid platform for your Zumba workouts, it can also be used in the gym more generally and will hold up to rowing machines, strength training, or any type of HIIT classes you might explore.

    In terms of comfort, the Surge provides a smooth front fit with a mesh upper and some room for your toes to wiggle about. Weve found that these fit pretty close to true to size, so you shouldnt need to make any adjustment. Of course, theres a good chance youve owned Nike shoes before, and the sizing on these will be consistent with the Nike brand.


    • Excellent shoe for jumping because of the responsive sole

    Our Verdict

    Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos 2020

    Best Volleyball Shoes

    At their best, volleyball shoes look to provide lightweight traction, comfort, and most importantly, impact absorption. We all know volleyball is a jumpers sport, so impact absorption makes sense. But what about for liberos? So how necessary is it that they invest in volleyball shoes, and what do the best volleyball shoes for liberos in 2020 even look like?

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    Whats The Difference Between Volleyball Shoes Andbasketball Shoes

    Imaginefor a moment, a basketball game. The players dribble the ball down the court,pass, and quickly run a play. One player jumps and shoots and all the playersrun to the other end of the court. There is a large amount of small, quicksprints mixed with a few jumps.

    Ashoe for this sport is designed with the activity of the athlete front andcenter. In this case, quick sprints and some jumping. Dynamic cushioningbecomes necessary for basketball, and much of that cushioning is located in theinsole. The design of the shoe itself is for the purpose of moving forward andrunning.

    Volleyballshoes, in contrast, must be designed for lateral movements mixed with a largeamount of jumping. It is not enough to simply move forward one has to moveside to side and forward, backward, up and down. Because a basketball shoeisnt designed for the sheer number of jumps that a volleyball player has, itquickly breaks down after a few months.

    Interestingly,with volleyball, the force of landing an approach is at the amount of ninetimes our body weight. Yes, you read that right, nine times. A shoe has to becreated to support the amount of force repeated time and again throughout amatch.

    Theweight of the shoe matters. Basketball shoes tend to be heavier and broader inshape. While this helps for the purpose of basketball, for volleyball, thewidth of the shoes can be cumbersome on the court. The weight works against theability to jump, using more energy than necessary and breaking down your game.

    What Makes A Good Volleyball Shoe

    A good shoe will have a sole that is non-marking and decrease ankle-injuries. The mid-sole supports the ball of the foot. This is for the quick movements and jumps volleyball players make during a game or practice.

    Likewise, what makes a volleyballshoe? Volleyball shoes may look very similar to basketball shoes or cross trainers, but under the surface, they are very different shoes. Volleyball shoes consist of a gum rubber sole material. The rubber is designed to give excellent traction on the gym floor and prevent the shoe from sliding on the floor.

    In this regard, do volleyball shoes make a difference? The two major differences between volleyball shoes and basketball or running shoes are their soles and their weight. Volleyball shoes need to allow the player to move the way the game demands. The weight of the shoe is very lightweight.

    Similarly, why do you need special shoes for volleyball? You really do need volleyball shoes to play volleyball! Why? With all the side to side movements, mixed with constant jumping, a volleyball shoe is made to absorb the impact and stick to the floor where needed. They are also lightweight, so that jumping and lateral movements are much easier.


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    Can I Wear Volleyball Shoes Outside

    As long as it doesnt rain on them, volleyball shoes are made of rubber and will not become damaged by the rain. If volleyball shoes are meant for sports, they will only be damaged if you play outside in the rain. A puddle can form on a volleyball court, which can cause people to slip and fall. If you plan on playing in the rain with your shoes, make sure to purchase some waterproof shoes as well.

    However, you can prefer wearing volleyball shoes for an everyday walk or even jogging in the morning on grassy lands. The rubber comfort from the sole will help you release stress more quickly when you walk on the ground rather than jumping and rashly changing directions . So it is outstanding to use them on dry, general walk sides.

    Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

    How to choose volleyball SHOES?

    We have answered some of the most repeated questions related to best pickleball shoes so our readers can make the best-informed decision which can actually help your gameplay without putting extra burden on your body.

    Do You Need Special Shoes for Pickleball?

    Yes. Even though there arent shoes that are designed to be exclusively for pickleball, there are shoes that are designed for the surfaces that you use in similar sports such as tennis and volleyball.

    People often ask, What kind of shoes should you wear for pickleball? You will want to consider a few factors when you are trying to answer this question. Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors. Although some shoes can be worn on both types of surfaces, there are specific types of shoes for each. Indoor courts are normally made of hardwood or a gym flooring, whereas outdoor courts can be asphalt, clay, or grass.

    If you are playing pickleball indoors, you will want to buy shoes that are similar to volleyball or squash shoes. These shoes have a natural rubber outsole, which does a good job of gripping the flooring used in gyms. You can use these shoes on outdoor courts, but the outsole is not as durable as shoes made for outdoors, so they will wear much more quickly.

    If you use outdoor shoes on indoor courts, the synthetic outsole will not grip the hardwood surfaces well, so you will find that you are sliding around more than normal.

    Are Pickleball and Tennis Shoes the Same?

    What Shoes Are Best for Pickleball?

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    How To Clean Volleyball Shoes

    Cleaning and making your volleyball shoes tidy isnt a piece of cake.

    These shoes come in handy with special kinds of soles and shock absorbers that enable users to jump, land on the court with ease.

    These specifications make the process of cleaning these shoes a little bit complicated.

    Having said that, in order to clean your shoes efficiently, it is advised to go through the tips and tricks below.

    Shake It Off:

    The very first element you need to consider while cleaning your shoes is to shake the dirt off from your shoes.

    Proceeding towards washing directly will create little granules like stuff in your shoe.

    Make sure to shake your shoe off while its dry and warm.

    Why Buy Volleyball Shoes

    You may be wondering why you should even buy specific shoes for volleyball instead of just using your regular pair of sneakers. The reason is that the shoes are specifically designed for what the sport of volleyball requires of you.

    If youre playing volleyball then your shoes need to have plenty of grip and cushioning, allow for quick movements, and be designed to handle the intensity that the sport puts your feet and shoes under.

    It can be tempting to wear your volleyball shoes everywhere, particularly as they look quite stylish. However, you should remember to wear the shoes only for volleyball purposes. If you dont then you will find that they wear out more quickly, particularly the all-important sole area that provides traction.

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    Are Volleyball Shoes Necessary

    Hum, yeah. Of course, volleyball shoes are necessary. I mean, I do understand the urge to play barefooted and feel the court right beneath your feet, but good luck getting shock absorptions after landing from a jump. Also, I dont think volleyball court officials will let you play without a pair. Just go through our list of the best Nike shoes for volleyball in 2020 and pick one already.

    How often should you get new volleyball shoes?

    This question is subjective, since, how often you get new volleyball shoes depends on a lot of factors like the durability of your main shoes, your style of play and how much you like to keep things fresh.

    A person with an aggressive playstyle is likely to change their shoes probably twice in a season or even thrice if they play like Lebron James on a volleyball court. Also, if you are the type that likes to try out new shoes and keep up with current trends who is to say how many times you might change your shoes. Just make sure to pick a suitable Nike shoe from our list.

    Can I Play Volleyball In My Running Shoes

    ASICS Women

    No, buy some volleyball shoes to get the proper grip and protection. Running shoes are designed for endurance training during longer distances, not for playing sports like volleyball where youre moving up and down on the heels of your feet. The problem with running shoes is that they provide less foot stability than specially-designed volleyball or basketball sneakers.

    All too often, people who try out this sport in ill-fitting footwear find themselves hobbling off the court with twisted ankles or other injuries all because they werent wearing the proper footwear. Its always best to adhere to reasonable safety procedures when playing ball games , but its also essential to purchase specialized sporting goods like this tough-soled volleyball.

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