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What Shoes Are Good For Track And Field

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What You Need To Know About Spikes

Track & Field : How to Train for Track and Field Events

Understanding how spikes help your performance will help you pick the best pair for your race. A good rule of thumb: the longer the distance, the fewer spikes in the spike plate. Cross country and long distance track spikes typically have four or five spikes, while sprinting and mid-distance spikes can range from six to eight spikes, which provides the extra grip needed to generate top speeds.

Depending on the surface you race on, youll want to choose the appropriate spike length so you dont find yourself carrying extra turf with you on the cross country course, or sliding around an indoor track.

Quarter inch spikes are usually a safe go-to for track and cross country races. If you are racing on an indoor track, there can be regulations on the length of spike you are allowed to wear in order to keep the track intact as its used; on average, one-eighth inch spikes are the standard for indoor track.

As you gain experience and fine tune the feel you prefer in your spikes, you can toy around with a variety of spike shapes from pyramid to needle spikes on the track, but always be sure to check the meet rules before changing out your spikes.

From Leather To Rubber

The first athletic shoes were designed in the 18th century in England and were made entirely of leather. When track racing became popular, these shoes were given long metal spikes to give the racer traction, but the leather proved to be impractical for long-term use, as the leather stretched and became misshapen under wet conditions. The first rubber-soled shoes, which were termed “sneakers” for the wearer’s ability to sneak up on someone quietly in his new shoes, came out in 1917 and were made popular by the brand Keds. With the running boom in the 1970s, Bill Bowerman, the owner and creator of Nike, first poured rubber into his wife’s waffle iron and created the waffle-soled racing shoe. Nike and Adidas went on to market a shoe specifically for running with foam cushioning and waffled rubber tread. Since the 1970s, new companies and types of shoes have blossomed with advances in technology, such as air cushioning and gel pads.

What Kids Shoes Are Best For Track And Field

The most important piece of gear for track and field is a supportive shoe and choosing a kid-friendly style is imperative.

For toddlers and young children, these shoes need more support than their everyday footwear and have to protect against the impact of running and jumping, while also being comfortable and lightweight.

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Do Spikes Make You Run Faster

Although spikes can help you run faster, they have their drawbacks. The lightweight shoes arent designed for long-term wear, so they need replacing more often than standard running shoes. Practicing in your spikes wears them out faster, so consider using alternate spike / running shoes except on race days.

No : New Balance Mens 20v7 Minimus Cross Trainer

Saucony Shadow 5000

New Balance Mens 20v7 Minimum Cross Trainer Shoe is perfect for track and sprint runners. Runners need proper foot support and comfort while running on track and field as well as for long distance cross country running.

This running shoe has a good breathability which will prevent excessive sweating and moisture.

It comes with mono mesh windows along with nylon infused yarn material.

It is comfortable to run for short distances as well as for long distances. What I more liked about this shoe is its outsole.

Its single piece Vibram zoned sole provides really good ground support and comfort as well.

For track and sprint runners, this is an essential feature to have in a good quality trainer.

What I feel lacks in this shoe is little bit cushioning and heel support.

As this is for track running purpose, I suppose we can ignore this lacking.

I will give this shoe a rating of 7 out of 10.

If you are a regular track and field runner and wants a good quality track shoes without spikes, then you can test this New Balance trainer for sure.

Check out the following video to see how this shoe looks and you will get to know more about its features.

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Does It Matter If I Buy Stability Or Neutral Running Shoes

Yes, but its less of a concern for track athletes than it is for recreational runners.

First, lets have a quick primer on the differences between these types of shoes.

A neutral shoe is your classic running shoe with foam evenly dispersed in the midsole.

A stability shoe is stiffer and features a dense piece of foam in the shoe called a medial post that adds stability and support.

A guidance shoe has slightly less stiffness and support than a stability shoe while a motion control shoe has a LOT more support than a stability shoe.

Runners who overpronate which means their feet, ankles, and knees roll inward while running do best with a stability shoe. This often goes hand in hand with runners who have low to flat arches. How much athletes overpronate determines whether a guidance, stability, or motion control shoe would be best.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Track Running Shoes Without Spikes And Sprinting Shoes With Spikes

The main difference between your regular track running shoes without spikes and sprinting footwear with spikes is their overall running performance.

A recent Sports Science study reveals some significant test results about spiked running shoes performance.

According to this study report, the running speed and ability to sprint faster improves a lot when you wear track running shoes with spikes.

Spikes provide lightness and less surface friction as compared to your traditional track running shoes without spikes.

But regular track sprinting shoes are also important to wear to make your feet stronger and faster to prepare for competitive sprint races.

Therefore, one must always prepare with traditional heavy running shoes without spikes first and then gradually start wearing running spiked shoes.

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What Is The Difference Between Running Shoes And Trail Running Shoes

Running and trail running differ because in the former it is about running on asphalt, while in trail running it is about running through natural terrain, with irregular or hostile surfaces and slopes with elevation, as in mountain ranges or on deserts. The main difference, therefore, between trail running shoes and running shoes is that mountain footwear requires a different composition to prevent stones or water from entering, resist major ground irregularities and, of course, prevent injuries.

Running and trail shoes are quite different since they are aimed at runners who run in very different places The sole, therefore, is the most different point between the two types of shoes.

The soles of trail shoes usually have very prominent studs, especially if they are designed for soft areas such as mud or sand. On the other hand, the asphalt ones seek maximum contact with the ground, without neglecting the grip, but always thinking about the regular and stable terrain.

The upper, or upper area, of the asphalt shoes, prioritizes lightness and breathability over protection. On the other hand, the main objective of trail running shoes is protection against external elements and support, so that the foot stays exactly where we want it at all times.

Best Track And Field Shoes

Track Spikes VS. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

Track and field is a popular form of sport, all over the world. When you are a track and field player, choosing the best shoes is the most important and basic thing of them all.

Track and field is a popular form of sport, all over the world. When you are a track and field player, choosing the best shoes is the most important and basic thing of them all.

Track and field also known as athletics, is actually a collective name used for all the sporting events that take place in the field of running , jumping and throwing . It is not an exaggeration to say that track and field has the biggest team in all the competitions, as far as the number of participants is concerned. The main reason behind its popularity is the immense amount of skill and power, that track and field demands.

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Spikes For Field Events

Throwing: Spikes for javelin, shot put or discus focus on supporting your ankle as the rest of your body twists to generate momentum. Unlike running spikes, throwing spikes are smoother on the bottom to allow for smooth motion transitions. Some discus or shot put spikes even have a special disk in the outsole that lets you place your weight on one foot and spin while you throw, helping to stabilize your body and allow fluidity in motion.

Jumps and Pole Vault: The spikes for these events are relatively similar, they focus on helping you gain speed before you jump or vault. Jumping or vaulting spikes are similar to sprinting spikes in that they are lightweight and feature more spikes in the spike plate to help you grip the track. High Jump spikes feature additional spikes in their heal because they are the only event where they need to run on a steep curve and require extra traction, especially at takeoff. Long jump and Triple jump spikes are the most like sprinting spikes because you need to generate speed in your approach, but the plate is positioned slightly differently to help you takeoff correctly. Pole Vaulting spikes are usually stiffer than sprinting spikes and have a solid base to ensure traction at takeoff like triple jump spikes.

Do I Need The Most Expensive Or Top Of The Line Running Shoes

No! In fact, the most expensive running shoes are often detrimental to track athletes.

The reason is that the most expensive running shoes are often the most cushioned and softest running shoes. But extra cushioning also adds a lot of excess weight to a running shoe.

Track athletes will do best with a lightweight, responsive shoe. The cushioning found in expensive shoes makes them the opposite: stiff and unresponsive, precisely what you dont want when running track.

That said, a good pair of trainers should have some cushioning and enough support for each athlete. The trick is to find shoes that balance weight and responsiveness with cushioning and support .

One other benefit of choosing a lighter, responsive shoe is that these typically cost less than their plush cousins. Currently, $90 to $130 are the sweet spot these shoes.

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Cross Country Race Shoes

Gear up for the first race of the season in the best cross country race shoes. What sets apart your race shoes from the running shoes you train in is the lightweight construction. Many cross country race shoes include low profile foam cushioning in the midsole and heel to support you while you run without weighing you down.

Whether you choose a spikeless shoe with finer lugging or a spiked shoe, cross country race shoes will provide added grip to keep you on your feet in slippery conditions and help you generate speed across the course.

Here are our picks for the best cross country race shoes:

  • Brooks Draft XC Spike

Skechers Gorun Razor 3 Hyper


Weight: 6.6 oz. Type: Middle distanceThe right shoe for: Short races on the road or longer distances on a track

  • Seamless ripstop mesh upper
  • Not as soft as some more expensive options

Its no secret that we love Skecherss GOrun Razor line. The Razor 3 Hyper is light and fast, and the plus model has an understated beauty. Skechers evolved on the model again in the GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Elite by embedding a carbon-infused plate in the forefoot. While we like the newer Elite model better for speed day given its lighter weight and snappier ride, this earlier version is no slouch. Its much less expensive, and still uses the resilient Hyper Burst foam that provides just enough pop when you need it mostat toe off. We like the durable ripstop mesh upper, too. Its nearly see-through and completely seamless, which helps prevent blisters and rubbing when you crank the speed. It comes in unisex sizing, so women should order 1.5 sizes upa mens 9 fits like a womens 10.5.

  • Upgraded foam is softer than the original
  • Upper is one of the softest youll find
  • Still firmer than many super shoes

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What Is The Reason Of Having Spikes For Track Sprinting Shoes

If you are a regular track runner, then you must have been familiar with spiked running footwear.

Running on track requires you to be more agile, faster and flexible with your feet.

The track shoes having spikes help you to enhance your overall running performance.

The spikes also help in getting more traction and grip on a running track.

They are usually lightweight and immensely increase your running ability on a track.

To know more benefits of spiked running shoes, check out this article.

Shoe Choice And Body Weight

Another variable that affects this is a runners weight. Heavier runners require a more supportive shoe.

And finally, the distance someone runs impacts the type of support they need. A heavier runner training for a marathon will need more support than a lighter runner training to run a mile.

So how does this impact track athletes?

First, track athletes should get running shoes for their stride and gait. Meaning, an athlete who overpronates will benefit from a running shoe with stability.

But because high school athletes are still growing, they tend to be thinner and lighter than older recreational runners. That reduces the amount of support they need.

And since even distance runners wont be training for events longer than a 10k, running distances at practices will be relatively short another reason less support is needed.

Put this together, and athletes who moderately overpronate can do well with a guidance or lightweight stability shoe. Runners with mild overpronation can probably get away with a neutral shoe.

You might be wondering why it matters whether an athlete gets a guidance, stability, or motion control shoe. The answer is weight. Stability shoes especially motion control shoes are more substantial than neutral shoes. Track athletes will be happier with a lighter weight shoe.

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Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Next% 2

Weight: 6.9 oz. , 5.8 oz. Type: DistanceThe right shoe for: Road racing at any distance

  • The fastest road shoe on the market
  • Better-fitting upper than first version
  • Expensive

When you make the worlds fastest shoe, you dont mess it up. And, good news: Nike didnt. In fact, the changes to version 2 were limited just to the upper, to improve comfort and durability. You still get exceptionally lightweight, soft, and springy ZoomX foam underfoot and a rigid carbon-fiber plate to help you bound down the road with less effort. Its the kind of package that lets elite marathoners race well under five-minute pace, so itll deliver in your fastest training sessions. But, when youre going long, youll find it just feels better on foot. Thats because Vaporweave has been replaced with an engineered mesh. Vaporweave, a ripstop nylonlike material, was great because it didnt absorb water or sweat while you ran, but it also didnt stretch or breathe particularly well. The new mesh resolves those problems.

  • Responsive midsole
  • Heel fit needs improvement
  • Nylon foam performs like Pebax
  • Bouncy and fast
  • Runs a little short

The midsole isnt Pebax, like on the Vaporfly; instead, Asics found that Nylon delivers similar benefits. A carbon-fiber plate ratchets up the responsiveness and speed, too. In our testing, we found the Skys sweet spot to be tempo runs, but the shoe doesnt hesitate when you want to make a sprint for the finish line.

What To Look For In Best Discus Track And Field Throwing Shoes

6ix Running Tips for Beginners || Improve your Track & Field Practices || Aaron Kingsley Brown

Tight but comfortable fit

A snug fit is necessary to both improve performance and avoid injury. A tight but comfortable fit around the foot is ideal.

Good traction

A shoe with good traction is going to help with stability control and reduce the possibility of slipping during the throw. Again, good traction helps with overall throwing performance by allowing the thrower to build momentum before the throw. Good shoe traction is also important in preventing injury.


Lockdown is fundamental because it keeps the foot secure and pushed down into the platform.

Flat and smooth shoe bottom

As referenced above, a shoe with a flat and smooth bottom allows the thrower to execute spins more smoothly which helps build momentum before the throw.

Heavy build

A discus shoe is much heavier than most track and field shoes. This engineering is intended to keep the thrower on the ground especially during the throwing phase. You would not, however, want your shoe to be so heavy as to restrict foot movement.

Other considerations

Aside from some of the technical specifications referenced above, you will want to consider other factors such as price, speed, and durability. ThowsLab has the right discus track and field shoe to meet your individual needs.

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Key Considerations When Buying

When making a choice of a track and field shoe that will most give you the best you desire, certain criteria are worth considering.

  • Fit Track and field shoes should not be too tight because it might obstruct blood flow. This will cause muscle and nerve cramps. Furthermore, extra cushion, padded tongues, and collars coupled with closed lacing system combine to add to the feel and fit of the track shoes.
  • Functionality Depending on the levels of skill and events, track shoes perform and function in diverse ways. For instance track, shoes for racing shorter distances usually have a strong, hard sole along the base of the foot.;This is good for takeoffs and gaining momentum.
  • Ventilation Adequate ventilation is essential in track shoes for long distances. Perforations and mesh fabric along with toes and uppers ensure proper aeration for middle or long distances.

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