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Where To Find Kuru Shoes

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Why Youll Love It

QUANTUM – Review
  • Engineered – Cutting edge materials and advanced production create a secure, sock-like fit that moves with you throughout your day
  • Enhanced – Reimagined KURUCLOUD delivers extra bounce for more resilience
  • Eco-friendly – Seamless KNIT uppers minimize manufacturing waste
  • Energetic – Ultralight midsole wont weigh you down, breathability zones keep air flowing
  • Effortless – Easy-pull heel webbing loop and adjustable heel collar for easy on and off
  • Easy on your feet –KNIT upper is a perfect combination of soft and flexible, reducing pressure on almost all common foot problems


  • Arch Support – Built-in arch support custom molds to your feet
  • Materials – Seamless KNIT upper, reformulated KURUCLOUD midsole, and a full rubber outsole
  • Heel to Toe Drop – 8mm
  • Weight – 9.3 oz based on a size 8
  • Width – B+

Work Boot & Safety Shoes

Work boots vary depending on your specific line of work and work environment but there are several basic features that you should look for:

  • Reinforced toe box: Toes are a particularly vulnerable area of your body and a reinforced toe box, or even a steel toe, can help protect you from injury. A boot with a reinforced toe is absolutely essential for professions that involve heavy lifting or power tools.
  • Slip resistant soles: Most quality work boots and shoes should have thick, rubber soles with deep tread for excellent traction. If you work in an environment that commonly has wet or oily floors, make sure your boots advertise slip resistant soles.
  • Molded outsole and upper: Boots that have the upper and outsole molded together will last longer than boots that are glued or stitched together.
  • Weather appropriate: If you work outside in cold temperatures, make sure to purchase insulated boots. Choose boots with the appropriate amount of insulation for your climate.
  • Breathable materials: Most quality work boots are made from leather. If you work outside in hot weather, ask for boots made with materials and construction that allow your feet to breathe.

What Is Kurus Shipping Policy

Kuru provides free shipping on all United States domestic orders. For this option, most orders ship within 1 business day and arrive within 5 business days. They also have expedited shipping for $15 and expedited overnight for $30.;

For international shipping, it takes around 7-10 business days for orders to arrive. For US territories, it is $2 per order, for Canada it is $19 per order, and for all other countries it is $29 per order.

Customers can track their orders by going onto their website and inputting their order number and email address.;

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Kuru Shoes Review Chicane Supportive Trail Hiker

Im thinking of a four letter shoe brand that starts with K. They make ultra-comfortable active footwear. Up until a month ago, I would have answered Keen hands down. That was until I met Kuru shoes.

Kuru Chicane Hiker in WIDE

I was getting cocky about my feet this summer. Despite the rheumatoid arthritis, my feet decided to comply and not cause me too many aches and pains. Then one morning I got out of bed, placed my feet on the floor, stood up and OWWW! What was this heel pain I was experiencing? It couldnt be. Not the dreaded PF. I had heard of plantar fasciitis before so I knew what it was, unfortunately. Within a week, my new Kuru Chicane shoes appeared on my front stoop. A godsend indeed.

Ive been wearing my Kuru Chicane active shoes for the past week when I go on walks to pick my son up from school and would you know,; the heel pain is gone! Id like to thank Kuru and their worlds most anatomical midsole for playing a big part in helping my heels. Aside from the orthotic-like support of the insole, I love the generous toe box area which is a must if you have bunions or hammertoes. And if you need more ankle support, the Kuru Quest is the hiking boot equivalent of the Chicane .

Kuru Quest Hiking Boot

Take a look at the Kuru Shoes website where you can find out more about their patent-pending KuruSole TM developed by a team of podiatrists, pedorthists and other specialists.

See our most recent Kuru shoes review of the Atom fitness shoe!

How Do I Return Kuru Shoes

Mens KURU Chicane Boots Lace Up HIKING SHOES for Plantar ...

Kuru has a No Hassle policy, in which they implement 100% free returns and exchanges. All items can be returned and exchanged within 45 days of the original purchase.

Kuru footwear will ship out their exchange order and process returns within 14 days. All eligible Kuru footwear returns should be in new condition to be valid for a refund or exchange.;

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Why Youll Love The Draft

  • Cozy Yet Breathable – Knitted or mesh uppers and moisture wicking liners give you the ultimate temperature regulation and comfort
  • Tougher Than the Average Slipper – Premium suede or synthetic toe and heel for classic style and longer-lasting shoes
  • Eliminate Foot Pain – The DRAFT is great for those with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches and more
  • Improved Alignment – Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE improves your alignment and posture for a healthier you
  • Slippers with Grippers – High-grade, cupped rubber outsole offers excellent traction and long life, plus it’s non-marking

Kuru Shoes Review: Are Kuru Shoes Worth The Money

Home » Family » Health & Beauty » Kuru Shoes Review: Are Kuru Shoes Worth The Money?

This Kuru shoes review was totally born out of necessity! When I was told I had plantar fasciitis, I wasnt happy about having to switch from my favorite shoes to something more supportive. Thats when I decided to give Kuru footwear a try

Kuru provided me with their shoes in exchange for a review but my love for their shoes is 100% my own! For your convenience, this post contains also contains affiliate links.

Its always something! I had just started running regularly again and was killing it. So when my right foot started to hurt, I ignored it. Each day it was a little more painful and though I ignored it for as long as I could , eventually I had to have it checked out.

It turned out that I had plantar fasciitis. This was terrible timing because I had two upcoming trips that would require a lot of walking. Then my doctor gave me even more bad news. I couldnt wear my cute flip flops anymore. The cute black sandals with the big bow had to go. I was told that I needed more supportive footwear.

Though my doctor originally said that I should switch to wearing sneakers every day, I had to draw the line. I only wear sneakers when Im working out and that wasnt about to change. I searched the web for sandals that had support but didnt look like orthopedic shoes and stumbled across Kuru footwear.

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Kuru Shoes: Preserving My Feet With Technology

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I’ve had a few requests lately to test out high tech footwear not sure if it’s the hiking or constantly running after kids- but I decided to take up a Utah based company on their offer. I have to admit, it was largely because I hadn’t heard of them before and the name was kind of cool. Plus, I’m a sucker for the “high tech” pitch, even when it’s footwear. However, when I looked a bit deeper into the technology behind their product, I was a little more intrigued. Their active wear shoes compete against national brands and are priced competitively, but what Kuru brings to the game is an emphasis on comfort and orthotics. As a guy who’s all about comfort and also developing some concerns about the punishment I put I my body through during decades of contact sports and generally operating on the principle that I’d remain intact forever, I pay attention to these things now. A rebuilt knee, a handful of cracked teeth and all the other assorted signs of wear and tear now making their presence known will do that to you.

Missing A Competitor Contribute

QUANTUM – Natural Fit Sneaker

Allbirds is Kuru Footwear’s top competitor. Allbirds is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and was founded in 2015. Allbirds is in the Apparel & Footwear field. Allbirds generates 16,210% the revenue of Kuru Footwear.

The Walking Company is seen as one of Kuru Footwear’s top competitors. The Walking Company’s headquarters is in Lincolnton, North Carolina, and was founded in 1995. The Walking Company competes in the Apparel Retail industry. The Walking Company generates 544% of Kuru Footwear’s revenue.

Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company has been one of Kuru Footwear’s top competitors. Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company was founded in null, and its headquarters is in Greenbrae, California. Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company competes in the Apparel Retail field. Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company has 16 fewer employees than Kuru Footwear.

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Try A Different Brand

I have had toe and ankle pain for years. I’m not extremely overweight and I am an avid outdoorsmen so I know a thing or two about good footwear. I don’t like tennis shoes and found Kuru when looking for a shoe that I could be active in but not a hiking shoe. These have wide toes and narrow heel support which causes my feet to slip to the side unless I tie the shoe so tight it causes foot pain. The sole width on these is almost like a minimal soccer shoe and will only support your foot if you tie them very very tight. I wore them for two months during various activities but they are just terrible. Customer service wouldn’t give me trade in credit in any amount since it was over the 45 days exchange policy but even if I had been within the 45 days, I had actually worn them to see how they would support my feet so that would have disqualified me for an exchange anyway!! I’d recommend a brand called Olukai. I’ve never had an issue with their customer support and their warranty is way above and beyond what Kuru provides at a similar price point.Skip the Kuru gimmick and buy a better brand!!

Why Youll Love The Atom:

  • Breathable – Airy and light mesh feels ah-mazing
  • Athletic Fit – A performance inspired forefoot gives a more secure athletic fit
  • Patented ComfortKURUSOLE promises you unprecedented support and natural comfort in an athletic silhouette
  • Live Pain Free – The ATOM is fantastic for the athlete dealing with Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches and more
  • Improved Alignment – Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE improves your alignment and posture for a healthier you
  • Stand a Little Taller – The thickest KURUCLOUD midsole of any of our shoes gives you added height with endless cushioning
  • Durability from Heel to Toe – Full-length rubber outsole ensures a secure footing and long wear
  • Plush & Secure – Two layer upper provides a soft, padded heel collar and a heat molded mesh exoskeleton that locks your foot in place
  • Slip-on and Go – Finger loops for easy on/off convenience

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Do Kuru Shoes Help Plantar Fasciitis

The KURUSOLE technology has made these one of the most popular womans shoes for plantar fasciitis. They were built with the purpose of alleviation foot pain and protecting your foots natural cushioning.

Just from my own experience, I would say they do help with plantar fasciitis. Id wear these shoes for the comfort factor alone but I also havent had any more issues with plantar fasciitis since I started wearing them three years ago. It could be the shoes, it could be luck, or it could be a combination of the two. Of course, Im not an expert but thats just my personal experience.

Whether Im running through the neighborhood or just taking a walk on the treadmill, Ive been super happy with my Kuru shoes. Have you tried them too? Id love to hear your thoughts!

Why Youll Love The Kinetic:

Pin by KURU Footwear on KURU Adventure
  • A New Favorite – The KINETIC is a favorite among Nurses, Doctors, Food Service, Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality Workers and more.
  • Anti-slip – Our first anti-slip, high-grade rubber outsole. Meets AS F2913 and SATRA TM-144 standards.
  • Live Pain Free – The KINETIC is great for those with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches and more.
  • Improved Alignment – Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE improves your alignment and posture for a healthier you.
  • Move those Toes – A more generous, broader toe box gives your toes room to move. Perfect for Morton’s neuroma, hammer toes, bunions and more.
  • Safety First – High visibility, light reflecting material on the heel, logo, and toe keep you safe and seen on those early mornings and late nights
  • Custom Comfort – The extra eyelets on the molded eyestay allow you to choose from three lace positions for maximum comfort.

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Womens Kuru Shoes Review

In the womens category, Kuru sells sneakers and tennis shoes, hiking shoes and boots, slip-on shoes, boots, dress shoes and flats, sandals, wide shoes, and shoes for arch support. You can also shop by color, foot size, or by additional footwear features such as added anti-slip support or designed forcold weather.;

This Kuru shoes review will go over four of their bestsellersin the Kuru shoes for women section.;

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

  • Rub out any muscle trigger points behind the shin bone all the way down to the Achilles tendon
  • Strengthen your foot muscles by walking barefoot as much as possible
  • Wear minimalist-type shoes with a wide toe box, low to zero-drop, and little support.
  • You may need to ease into these if youve been in thick-heeled supportive shoes for a long time
  • Do not stretch your calves, since this will only lengthen the injured muscle.
  • See my plantar fasciitis video here.

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Why Youll Love The Pivot:

  • A Healthier You – The healthiest technology in a shoe, our patented KURUSOLE keeps the natural cushioning of your heels where it belongs for a pain-free life
  • Improved Alignment – Unlike anything else, KURUSOLE improves your alignment and posture for a healthier you
  • Lightweight Support – Sleek and sporty bootie design with an elastic midfoot gives you multi-layered security no matter the activity
  • Easy On/Off – Easy on/off design with pull tabs on the heel and tongue
  • Efficient Stride – Our proven KURUCLOUD midsole combines space-age foams for a super cushy ride and rubber pods for better wear
  • Animal Friendly – Fully synthetic uppers use performance-enhancing, animal friendly materials

Kuru Atom Shoes Review

Kuru Footwear Follow Up Review (Pica and Chicane)

The standard black shoe, lets face it, has been worn to death. Thats not to say that its an outdated look, but its seen as the essential go-to shoe which easily pairs with every outfit. The Kuru Atom shoe is designed with their signature Kuru Sole and flared KURUCLOUD midsole that combines the proven benefits of orthotics with our patented flexing action to dynamically hug your heels.

Whats super cool about this shoe is that its insoles harness your body heat to custom mold to your feet. This promises arch support and takes away the need to break in your shoes, plus the B+ width gives your foot some room to move naturally.;

With its breathable, patented comfort and athletic fit design, you can walk for miles. If black shoes arent your thing, they also offer Atom in Cloud Gray, Desert Green and White, Blue and White, and Jet Black with Lilac Accents. The Atom shoe retails for $130.

The Kuru Ellie shoe is the perfect yoga shoe or slip-on to wear for a light jog on the treadmill. This footwear design has built-in arch support, a heel to toe drop for better pressure distribution, and is super breathable.;

Ellieis optimal for those with Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches, and more due to the KURUCLOUD EVA midsole supporting you along the way. Plus, Ellies B+ width allows for your feet to fit naturally into the shoes for maximum comfort.;

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Where Can I Find Kuru Shoes Reviews

We love hearing your feedback, so there are many places you can read and leave reviews for us! You can find reviews on our website, on , and on Yelp. We do not edit or modify any reviews, and all of them are submitted by customers like you!

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Kuru Shoes Promotions & Discounts

TheKuru shoe sale category on the website features limited edition and last chance shoes for adiscounted price. Additionally, this Kuru shoes review found out that they offer a rewards program where customers can collect cash points that can be used in their future orders.;

They also have a refer a friend program where customers can introduce the brand to their friends to receive $10 off as a thank you gift.;

Kuru also has a Free Shoe Friday program where customers can win a chance to receive $120 worth of Kuru Cash. Keep checking the website and their social media for a Kuru footwear promo code.

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