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What Stores Sell On Cloud Shoes

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On Reviews: What Do Customers Think

The Endurance Store Guide to On Running Cloud Shoes

If you search for On cloud shoes reviews online as we did, the results will show many fervent and loyal customers to the brand.

Customers are choosing On sneakers over more well-known brands and applaud the company for the:

  • Level of comfort
  • Customer service
  • Fast shipping

Firstly, Running World, a site dedicated to providing advice on buying high-quality sportswear, reviewed the brand for its practices, products, and sustainability and was overall impressed with the brand.

What was especially noted in this review was how the shoes were constructed thoughtfully and with many redeeming features.

In each individual product from the brand, the review spoke favorably about how the shoes work and how they are meant to be worn. Most notably, the review loved the Cloudflyer and their in-house tester even stated:

The ride in this shoe is up there with the best tempo shoes Ive wornyou get a quick turnover and springy liftoff.

Another review from The Sports Edit, a site dedicated to promoting high-quality sportswear, agreed with the sentiments from Runners World.

In their review of the brand, after evaluating a few of the brands best sellers there is applause for the shoes construction, the versatility of use, and reliability. At the end of the review, the brand made their conclusion:

The most common complaint among customers is regardingOn customer service. Many have noted that theyve reached out to the customer service team only to beignored for weeks.

Some Of Your Shoes Have Seen Better Days

As you look through your shoe collection, its obvious that some pairs are not worth keeping. They were great in years past, but they are simply too worn to keep. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the footwear you will never wear again and invest in a new pair of Merrell shoes. While youre at it, why not treat yourself to two pair?

Is On Worth It

Are On running sneakers worth it? This On cloud shoes review believes that their products are worth buying. Do not let the negative reviews about customer service, shipping, and refunds, deter you from making a purchase.

The brand is incredibly innovative and creative and for every negative review, there are hundreds of positives that prove these reviews wrong.

Ons new releases are always stepping up the game and innovating the way we exercise. The shoes are also reported to be the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear, with many swearing off other brands altogether.

Also, the brand has On backpacks that could pair nicely with your runners, plus a selection of other lightweight bags and accessories that you can run off with.

The brand also offers a Home Try-On, which essentially is the brand letting you try on the shoes for 30 days, commitment-free!

On truly believes in creating shoes that will only enhance your performance, whether youre an elite athlete or enjoy taking casual evening strolls.

No matter your level, this On cloud shoes review believes you can rest easy knowing their products are top-notch quality.

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Youre In The Mood For A New Pair Of Shoes

The bottom line is you want a new pair of shoes. Thats the only reason you really need. Theres something about having new shoes to pair with some of your current outfits that makes them seem newer themselves. The fact that those new Merrell shoes are also so comfortable to wear will make it all the easier to be happy with the purchase.

There is no better place to find Merrell shoes than Walking on a Cloud. Spend some time today checking out the latest styles and colours. It wont take long to find one and maybe even two pair that need to be part of your collection.

What Are The Best Shoes To Sell Online

Ladies Clarks Cloud Steppers Sillian Tino Lace Up Shoes

Most people think of womens footwear when they think of shoes to sell online, but thats only one option.

Beth Marbach started out selling 90% womens shoes and 10% mens shoes when “Sex and the City” was in full swing, and Carrie Bradshaw started a craze for womens shoes. But after that, Beth noticed the mens luxury market grew, and by the end she was selling 90% mens shoes and only 10% womens shoes.

Trends change, and its important to keep your finger on the pulse. Notice which shoes are selling well and stock up on those. Also, notice if the market is changing, and adjust what youre selling to fit. Its all about experimenting and finding whats most profitable for you as you go.

Heres a list of the main things to consider when deciding what shoes to sell:

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About On Running Shoes

Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments, you are strong. On Running is dedicated solely to the run, offering shoes, gear, and accessories.

On has been featured in The Wall Street Journal where it was acclaimed that, On combines the best of a traditional and minimalist running shoe while staying exceptionally light.

The brands products have won international design and technology awards such as the ISPO Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoe. The brands impressive Instagram has over 500k followers.

This On cloud shoes review will explore everything about the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth a run.

What Is Ons Return Policy

To initiate a return, fill out the Return/Exchange Form. Next, there are two options:

  • Extended Holiday Returns: You have 30 days to return/exchange unworn items in their original packaging. This option allows gifts to be returned or exchanged.
  • Home Try-On returns: You have 30 days to return/exchange items youve tried out in your home.
  • On offers free return shipping to most countries. If you wish to exchange for a different size, you must fill out the Return/Exchange Form on the site and send the unwanted item back to On. The new item will be sent out in 10-14 business days.

    If you want to exchange an item for a different color, return the original order and place a new order for the color you desire. On will refund the original order amount within 14-21 days of receiving the return.

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    Free Shipping & Returns

    Not sure about buying a new pair of On running shoes? Don’t sweat it. Get free shipping on orders over $99 at Fleet Feet.

    If you don’t like how your new shoes look, fit or feel, we’ll take them back within 60 days. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.

    Don’t know where to start? Check out our guides for running shoes, running clothes and massage tools to get you going.

    The On Cloud Is True To Size

    Kanye’s Yeezy 450 In Cloud White Shoes Sell Out in Under a Minute | TMZ TV

    The shoes are true to size, although having a slightly narrow fit. The narrow fit may disallow toe splay. Runners with wider feet may prefer going half a size up.

    The Cloud came with elastic laces and conventional laces. I vastly preferred the elastic lacing due to two reasons. Firstly, I have wider feet and hence I did not feel like I needed that much lockdown in the forefoot. Secondly, the conventional lacing was too thin and long, which was rather messy and unsightly.

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    On Cloud Womens Shoes Review

    This On cloud shoes review will now move on to the bestselling womens sneakers. Any woman knows that shoes are true assets in aesthetics, confidence, and most importantly, movement.

    On strives to create womens shoes that not only look great but also allow for freedom of movement, protection, and breathability so the modern and active woman can stride freely and confidently.

    A new and improved version of the initial On Cloud 2.0, the Cloudstratus now delivers the ultimate cushioning experience. The shoe provides a double layer of CloudTec, meaning more clouds, more performance, and more run.

    While these sneakers feature maximum cushioning, they also stay responsive and offer additional support that doesnt stifle speed.

    The mesh is designed asymmetrically with movement in mind. Soft and firm, theyre optimized for comfort and breathable airflow. The shoe also features a star lacing configuration, wrapping the foot for a secure fit to support your natural motion.

    Where your foot flexes, the shoe flexes, too! The Cloudstratuscomes in five vibrant colors to complement any workout outfit and can be your next go-to running essential for $169.

    The Cloudflyer Waterproof is a next-generation shoe. With a wider outsole and more plush tongue than the average running shoe, the lightweight cushioning and Helion super foam provide cloud-like comfort.

    On Promotions & Discounts

    Currently, there is a sale on the brands official website offering up to 40% off on selected items.

    During the wake of the COVID pandemic, the brand was dedicated to their On Cloud ShoesHealthcare Discount, but unfortunately, the brand has discontinued this promotion. Keep checking the brands website for more information about this offer.

    At the time of this On cloud shoes review, if you refer a friend, theyll get 10% off their first order and youll receive an On running promo code for 10% off, too.

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    The Best On Running Shoes

    This Swiss running company has barely been around for a decade, but its already one of the biggest innovators in the shoe game.

    Founded in 2010, On was born out of a desire to create a shoe that would deliver the perfect Goldilocks running sensation with every step: a soft landing followed by a firm toe-off. The Swiss company began in Zürich when Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard teamed up with his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti to engineer a better running shoe. Success came quickly. Just a month after they founded the company, their prototype won an ISPO Brandnew Award for innovation among athletic startups, and later that year, On shoes were in running stores.

    Why Sell Shoes Online

    Ladies Clarks Cloud Steppers Sillian Tino Lace Up Shoes

    There is one great reason to sell shoes online: Theres money in it. Dont believe me? Consider the case of Beth Marbach, who made $4 million when she switched from selling books to selling shoes.

    Or how about Benjamin Kapelushnik, a 16-year-old who makes a killing selling sneakers. One woman even made a whole lot of money selling her old used shoes. There really is a market for everything if you know where to look and who wants to buy

    Im not saying that everyone will make millions selling shoes online, but there is definitely a market here. The global footwear market is set to reach over 400 billion dollars by 2025 and consumers in the US alone are spending over $76 billion on shoes each year. Thats a big money-pie, so why not take a slice?

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    What Is Ons Shipping Policy

    On ships to over 50 countries worldwide. On offers free shipping and covers any customs charges to most countries, however, shipping costs will occur if you reside in India, Indonesia, Israel, or Malaysia.

    If the order doesnt meet the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping, the cost will be displayed at checkout.

    According to On, the answer to shipping times is as quickly as possible. Depending on location, shipping should take 1 to 6 business days.

    On will send a tracking link in a shipping confirmation email. To check the order status, go to the Order Tracking section of their official site.

    You Need Something For An Upcoming Event

    Theres an event or activity coming up and you literally have no shoes that are right for the occasion. Certainly there will never be a better time to buy a new pair of Merrell shoes that will be just right. Since Merrill has so many styles of women and men, it wont be hard to find exactly what you need.

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    Youre Wearing The Same Pair Day In And Day Out

    Conventional wisdom holds that it makes sense to rotate the shoes you wear from day to day. Doing so makes it easier to minimize the wear on any one pair of shoes. The result is that they remain in good shape and you can keep them longer.

    Unfortunately, youve gotten into the habit of wearing the same shoes every day. Now is the time to invest in one or more pairs of Merrell shoes and add them to the rotation. Along with enjoying more variety, you will find it easier to keep all your footwear in better condition.

    What Sets Merrell Shoes Apart

    On Cloud Running Shoes

    Merrell shoes for men and women both have certain elements in common that give them a reputation for high quality and extreme comfort. All of these shoes use Vibram technology in their soles, which provide more comfort and a better grip for slip resistance. The shoes also use Opti-Shell technology for waterproofing and Aeroblock and Opti-Warm to help keep the feet warm even on cold winter days. Together, these technologies work in tandem to create an all-weather shoe that is perfect for almost any use.

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    Return / Exchange Policy

    Shoes:Within 30 days of the purchase date, you can return your shoes, new or used, for a refund or exchange for the full value of your purchase. Refunds are given in the same payment method you made the purchase. Sale items are final and not eligible for a refund. After 3 returns, all future returns are subject to final sale at manager’s discretion.Apparel & Accessories:Within 30 days of the purchase date, you can return unworn and unused apparel or accessories items for a refund or exchange for the full value of your purchase. Worn or used items cannot be returned. Refunds are given in the same payment method you made the purchase.

    You Want To Try A Different Style

    Just about everything in your shoe collection is similar in style. While thats fine, dont you think some variation in color and design would be a good thing? Take a look at the Merrell shoes offered this season and seriously consider something thats appropriate but a little different from the footwear you already own. Even a little change like a square rather than a rounded toe coupled with a different colour or shade will be good.

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    On Mens Sneakers Review

    This On cloud shoes review will now delve into the brands best-selling mens sneakers. Whether you like to run on the street, in the great outdoors, or even on a treadmill, the most important tool needed for cardio is shoes.

    On cloud running shoes allow each user an option to keep running safely and smoothly whether sprints, bikes, or even HIIT is their thing.

    The Cloud Waterproof is a shoe made for all-day performance. Made from zero-gravity foam and CloudTec to provide soft landings, it also ensures superior grip.

    A speed-lacing system allows your foot to slip in and out with ease but keeps the shoe firmly in place on the move. Plus, the 100% waterproof nature of the shoe will keep your feet dry in rainy conditions.

    Dont let the weather stop your exploring! Available in Black, Forest, and Storm, the comfort and practicality of these shoes make them perfect for different kinds of urban adventures in all conditions.

    The Cloud Waterproof shoes are available for $149.

    The Cloud X can be summed up in three words: stability, agility, and versatility. This sneaker is a reactive and dynamic shoe made with Helion super foam for explosive movements.

    The shoe features molded cushions for mild security and the Speedboard energizes every step. Flexible and tough, this model also features a weaved pattern for durability and breathability.

    Get more comfort, kick, and speed with the Cloudflow that are available in five colors for $139.

    Return / Exchange Shipping Instructions For Online Orders

    RYKA Women

    It’s easy to make a return or exchange. Just follow these steps:

    1 Place the items you would like to return / exchange and a copy of the receipt back into the original shipping box and securely tape your shipment closed. 2 Take the package to one of the shipping carriers drop-off locations or schedule a pick-up. Please allow 7-10 working days for your return / exchange to be processed.

    All returns should be sent to:

    Louisiana Running + Walking Co.4153 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 70119

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    How We Chose These Shoes

    Many of the On shoes below have been through our extensive testing process. That means getting each model on the feet of our team of over 350 avid runners, who then put at least 100 miles on the shoe before providing their feedback. As our test team and staff report their on-foot impressions, we also run a battery of mechanical tests in our RW Shoe Lab, where we measure everything from the energy return of Ons Speedboard midsoles to the softness of its Helion foam. Weve relied on our own in-depth research and experience in the running shoe industry, personal consultation with product engineers, and nearly a decade of lab data and tester feedback to select the nine best models below.


    • More heel cushioning than previous version
    • Redesigned outsole tread improves wet surface traction
    • Less support for overpronators

    Although its still in development, we do have some details on the Cyclonthe upper will be made with PA11, a polyamide derived from castor beans, and the sole will be Pebax. Itll be a lightweight, breathable speed shoe, and On claims itll last roughly 373 miles before it needs to be replaced . Some might balk at the idea of paying $30 per month for shoes, but if you regularly churn through trainers, the Cyclon subscription could be a great way to lower your environmental impact.

    • Lots of support features
    • Expensive and firm
    • Some testers experienced heel slippage

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