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Are Allbirds Good Walking Shoes

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Are Allbirds Good For Walking Comfortable And Vegan And Other Questions Answered

Birdies & Allbirds Unboxing and Try-On – Best Comfortable Flat Shoes That Look Good for work/travel

Some of the hottest sneakers on the market right now are Allbirds. After all, people love that they’re fashionable, sustainable and of course, beloved by celebrities. With a trifecta like that, it’s no wonder that it’s so hard to get your hands on a pair of Allbirdswhether it’s the classic Tree Runners or Wool Runners style you’re looking for or its boat shoes or flats. But before you take the leap, there are a few frequently asked questions you deserve to know the answers to.

Like, what makes Allbirds so stinking great? Don’t worrywe’ll save you the boring, robotic answers full of editorial descriptors and whatnot. After all, not only do I have a pair of Allbirds, but I also proudly wear themliterallyevery day.

So, aside from being a writer, I’m also a wealth of information regarding all the things shoppers want to know before pressing “add to cart.” Ready for the rundown? Here are all your top questions about Allbirdsanswered.

They Really Are Incredibly Comfortable Even If You Have Foot Problems

I love Allbirds’ padded insoleit’s soft and cushy, which is ideal for my high arches and keeps my feet happy even when I’m standing or walking all day long. They also have helped keep my plantar fasciitis at bay . That said, if you think you might need extra support, you can easily remove the insoles and replace them with your own inserts or orthotics.

Additionally, the Merino wool upper is very flexible, and provides support while giving me freedom of movement. I tend to underpronate , meaning my feet roll outward when I start to get tired. The durable laces allow me to tighten or loosen the shoes to my level of comfort while giving me stability. The lightweight soles also have a unique S-curve tread that mimics that anatomical flexibility of my feet, so it distributes my weight naturally as I walk.

Are Allbirds Good Walking Shoes

4.4/5Allbirdsgreat walking shoesAllbirdswalkingsneakersshoesin-depth answer

As a travel shoe, Allbirds are a very good choice. They’re lightweight, versatile and packable, and aside from a correctable sizing issue, our reviewers found them extremely comfortable.

Additionally, what are the best shoes to stand in all day? View the Best Shoes for Standing All Day, Below.

  • Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On.
  • Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic.
  • Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker.
  • Skechers Women’s Sure Track Trickel.
  • CLARKS Women’s May Marigold Slip-On.

People also ask, do you wear socks with Allbirds shoes?

So soft you can go sockless: You can definitely wear Allbirds sockless. The Wool Runners, in particular, are super soft and feel almost slipper-like without socks. However, if you‘re planning to spend a full day on your feet, we recommend wearing socks purely to maintain the soft and comfy quality of the shoes.

What is the best walking shoe?

Top 10 Most Comfortable Walking Sneakers

  • Asics Gel Contend 4. The rating is based on the average rating from all the criteria in which we rated this product.
  • Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4.
  • Ryka Sky.
  • Reebok Walk Ultra 6 DMX.
  • Skechers Go Walk 4.
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    Best Supportive Walking Shoe: Mammut Mercury Iii Low Lth

    The Mammut Mercury III Low is by far the most supportive, burly option in this round-up, and weve included it for that explicit reason; the Mercury Low kicks ass and takes names on muddy trails and loose rock. The hiker is expressly designed to reduce stress on the ankles and minimize the risk of serious injury. Heavy and heavier duty, the Mercury III Low boasts a hexagonally lugged Vibram outsole purpose-built for barbarous use in the mountains. And yet, full Terracare leather construction, subtle style and an under-the-radar color scheme help the Mercury blend into more urban surroundings . Given the stiffness of the shoe, some break-in time is required, but once youve got the fit dialed, the Mercury is ready for anything you are.

    Stan Smith Sneakers By Adidas

    21/02/2021  The Best Walking Shoes For Women That Are ...
    • Pros: Matches everything, great for wide feet, odor-free
    • Cons: Most of the styles are white, so they risk looking very dirty;
    • There is no need for a break-in stage: These shoes are comfortable right when they come out of the box so you can buy them the day before your vacation;
    • Great staple shoe: This lightweight fashion sneaker matches everything from dresses to pants, to shorts

    Stan Smith sneakers made by Adidas are perfect for any vacation. The padded insole gives your arch enough support to keep you moving the whole day. They are extremely comfortable and amazing for wide feet.;

    Pair them with a dress or skirt for a night out so your toes dont get stepped on at the bar or club. You can also wear them with shorts during hot summer days when you are exploring a new city or taking a walking tour. With a rubber outsole, these shoes are also extremely durable. They will last you through years of traveling before you need to replace them with a fresh pair.;

    The only real con is that most of the designs are completely white shoes with a little color in the back. Dirt will show easily, and they might need to be cleaned often. Not if youre going to Paris though! Parisian men and women love to wear these shoes through all seasons even if they are a little dirty!

    • Water-friendly: The shoes wont be damaged if they get wet
    • Extremely functional: Bring them to the beach, pool, or just on a rainy walk;

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    Allbirds Shoes Cool Story

    Allbirds got its start in New Zealand when a man named Tim Brown had an epiphany to create a shoe using wool. Mainly because he was surrounded by a huge supply of wool from roaming merino sheep and wanted to pursue making a more sustainable shoe!

    Later Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger to make a shoe that is completely made with natural materials. That is how their motto better things in a better way was born.

    Different Styles Of Allbirds

    Allbirds has grown hugely in recent years, and there are now multiple styles beyond the original Wool Runners.

    All come in versions for men and women, except for the women-only Tree Breezers.

    Heres their current lineup:

    • Wool Runners The original merino wool shoes that caused such a sensation. This is what I have and my review will focus on.
    • Wool Runner Mizzles and Runner Up Mizzles These are similar to Wool Runners but are water repellent and have grippier soles. They also come in a high-top version. Read my Allbirds Mizzles review for how they compare to the original Wool Runners.
    • Tree Runners A summer version of the runners made from silky smooth and cooling eucalyptus tree fibre along with the classic merino wool insole. Simon loves these. You can read our Allbirds Wool vs Tree Runners comparison below.
    • Tree Dashers The Allbirds running shoes, which I love for running. They offer more support for walking if you need that. They also come in a water-repellent version. See my Allbirds Dashers review for full details.;;

    Sizes:;Womens US 5 11 and mens US 8 14 .Colours:;15 colours in the US Weight:;199g per shoe Price:;US $98 with free shipping and 30-day returns Buy from:Allbirds website;in many countries including US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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    Best Hybrid Trail/road Walking Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

    Given their baffling array of sneakers, just picking the right pair of Nikes is often the biggest challenge especially when a fresh drop seems to be announced every single day. If you cant see the forest for the trees, but love walking along tree-lined trails, zoom in on the Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail: the recent release is the first Pegasus edition in over a decade to possess a lugged outsole geared for dirt and mud. The lightweight Pegasus has been a hit with road runners over the years, and hype has been building around this all-terrain release. While the outsole is beefier than the regular Pegasus 36, the new Pegasus 36 Trails numerous flat-topped lugs offer a continuous surface thats well-prepared for road walking, too. The moisture-managing mesh upper is both breathable and quick to drain should precipitation or perspiration be in the forecast.

    Best Travel Shoes For Women

    The Allbirds Vision for Comfortable Shoes: Wool

    Please share if you enjoy this content!

    Nothing is worse than being on vacation and not being able to see all the places you want to visit because of aching or hurting feet. The best travel shoes for women should be able to take you through a whole day in the city or country without making your feet sore. Travel shoes should also easily fit into a suitcase or small bag so you can bring them on the go.;

    If you want to really enjoy your time away, you need to get some comfy travel shoes. This will ensure you are ready to move each day of your vacation. A pair of stylish walking shoes for women will give you ultimate comfort while still looking chic in all your travel photos.;

    As an avid traveler that spends most of my holidays walking around new cities, hiking, or visiting amusement parks, I have been through numerous walking shoes. My first few times traveling, I almost ruined my vacations by not giving my feet the support they needed. This guide will help you avoid that issue so you can enjoy every moment of your holiday.;

    Some links in this article may be affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission. This will never cost you extra, and I appreciate your support!

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    Are Allbirds Worth It

    At around $95 for both mens and womens styles, these sneakers are not exactly inexpensive, but put it this way: not a single person of the 65 users we surveyed was disappointed with their Allbirds purchase.

    On top of that, our reviewers said the shoes were worth the price and theyve held up to lots of wear . The best part is that the brand offers a free 30-day trial so you can get a full refund if dont love them, even after theyve been worn.

    Super Comfy Shoes For Counting All Your Stepsor Lounging

    Shoes youll love cruising around in as much as your favorite pair of running kicks.

    As a running magazine, we often tout the health benefits of our sport, but honestly, walking is pretty great, too. In fact, research shows thatjust like runnerspeople who walk at a moderate intensity regularly have a lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Turns out the most important thing is that youre getting miles in, wherever and at whatever pace you can. And what you put on your feet can either make you or break you in that mission. But dont worrywere here to help.

    Whether youre a high-mileage walker, a runner recovering from an injury, or someone who simply wants to squeeze as many steps into your schedule as possible, weve found a pair of shoes for you. We review hundreds of shoes every year and test the latest foams and materials at our shoe lab. Many of those same technologies are used in these pairs, which gives us unique insight into how theyll perform and hold up over the long haul. See a sampling below for the best walking shoes and read on to learn more about how to pick the pair thats right for you.

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    Are Allbirds Hot In The Summer

    The Allbirds Wool Runners can get hot in the summer. Allbirds Tree Runners are a better choice for wearing in warm weather as they are made from a cooling eucalyptus material rather than merino wool .

    That said, I did often wear my Allbirds in summer in New Zealandthey were fine for cooler days .;

    Are There Any Negatives


    So far, I cant say one negative thing about these shoes. That said, I will be updating to let you know if I do find any.

    The only negatives based on other experiences is that people that usually wear a half-size wished that all the shoe styles came in half-size. For me, this wasnt an issue as I usually wear a size 9.

    Over time and with a lot of wear, some report that the wool styles stretch a little bit. I have not experienced this yet but will keep an eye on this. For some that is a plus if they have very wide feet.

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    Allbirds Wool Runners Sizing

    Most Allbirds shoes come in whole sizes only, and Simon and I have both found them true to size. We ordered our usual sizes and they fit perfectly.

    Allbirds recommends that you size up if you are a half size.

    Allbirds Wool Runners do stretch a tiny bit after a few weeks wear. This isnt something I noticed or that caused any problemsthey only became more comfortable over time. The Tree Runners dont stretch.

    If you are unsure about sizing, Allbirds has a fantastic return policysee below for the details.

    My Detailed Allbirds Review After Trying Out The Allbirds Wool Runners And Tree Runners As Well As A Quick Look At Every Allbirds Shoe Style To Compare And Contrast The Right One For You

    Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips. I also received one complimentary pair of Allbirds shoes and bought a second pair for myself, but all opinions are my own.;

    When I first saw an Allbirds review on a New York lifestyle blog back in 2015, I was immediately drawn to the look and style of Allbirds sneakers.

    Add in the fact that they were touted as the most comfortable shoes in the world and I knew they were at least a shoe brand I wanted to try out in the near future.

    Fast forward five years .

    I found myself scrolling through the Allbirds website, mouth agape, as I looked at the many styles of shoes the brand now offered.

    I had been following the company on and off for the past few years, but I was impressed by how many new styles and colors of Allbirds there were to choose from now.;

    After perusing the site for a while, I finally got two pairs to try out for myself the Allbirds Wool Runners and the Allbirds Tree Runners.

    Due to their stellar return and exchange policy, I was originally planning on trying out both and sending back the one I liked the least.

    But I have to be real guys Ive sipped the Allbirds kool-aid and theres no going back.;

    I ended up keeping both the Wool Runners and the Tree Runners because they were more different than I expected.

    I could easily justify keeping both pairs for different reasons.;

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    Are They Good For Wide Feet

    According to Allbirds, its “shoes are all medium width, but we have found that many customers with wider feet are able to find a comfortable fit due to the forgiving nature of our materials. The Wool Collection will stretch naturally over time, while the Tree Collection is flexible and form-fitting!”

    What Makes For The Best Travel Shoe

    The truth about Allbirds shoes..

    Before we dive into the comprehensive comparison between Allbirds vs. Vessi; its a nice idea to know the deciding factors when choosing a travel shoe. We hope that you will also buy through our post and affiliate links.

    Here we go;


    As you probably know, you walk or run a lot of miles in your shoes . This means that you will need a shoe that can last longer. Its important to know the materials used, including the fabric. Nothing is more important than durability when it comes to longer service life.


    In choosing the best pair of shoes, you also consider being comfortable in them. People prefer travel shoes or walking shoes that deliver complete comfort for everyday wear. If your feet keep hurting, then the shoes you are wearing are not for you. Nothing beats a comfortable shoe. Always consider comfort; simply because, comfort builds confidence.

    Style and Versatility

    Whether walking or travelling shoes, you will want shoes that suit different types of styles and trends . So, it is more of an advantage to look for a pair of shoes that will make you look good while giving you the best quality in whatever visual scenario.

    Water resistance

    Travel destinations more often than not, come with different weather conditions. The majority of problems associated with damaged shoes are caused by water or moisture damage . Water-resistance is truly a major factor when it comes to choosing your shoes. Oh! Most importantly, this will help keep your feet dry at all times.

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    Do Allbirds Get Smelly

    They can do. For average usage, it shouldnt be a problem, but when I wore mine without socks every day for months, they did start to smell.

    The best way to get rid of the smell is to soak the insoles in soapy water for a while and then rinse and air dry. You can also buy replacement insoles.;

    In two years with the Wool Runners as my main pair of shoes, I replaced my insoles three times, washed the insoles twice, and washed the entire pair of shoes in the washing machine three times .;

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