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Where Are Etnies Shoes Made

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Saola Recycled And Vegan Shoes

Etnies Jameson HT Shoe Review –

Theyre not the cheapest shoes on our list but they are among the most stylish. They use recycled materials, algae and natural materials to create beautiful and comfortable shoes. They are completely vegan and they say that each pair prevents at least 3 bottles from being dumped.You can find Saolo Recycled And Vegan Shoes online.

What If We Treated All Skaters Like The Next Target Market

So what were the big shoe brands doing during all of this? Nike had been trying to get into skateboarding already, with no luck they were basically seen as the uncool, rich jerk trying to slip the bouncer $50 to get into the club. Initially, when Nike came in, they put a bunch of MBAs on it, none of whom got the culture, says Richards. They did some fun , but there were cultural clues that anyone in the sport obviously realized they didnt have a clue.

In particular, there was a series of try-hard Nike ads that wondered: What if all athleteswere treated like skateboarders? But it was so quickly parodied by the skate industry, Richards remembers. Etnies or éS did a brilliant ad that was like, What if we treated all skaters like the next target market? So there was that sense of irreverence and ability to move quickly that big footwear companies never had.

Eventually, though, Nike managed to find a way in, and in doing so, accelerated the sneakerhead movement. The companys legendary maniacal drive and ruthless business strategies also worked to crowd out the skate-shoe brands from skate shops.

Ruonala points out another important fact, though: Those big companies were really good at making shoes. They had really good distribution, and they really knew what they were doing. Even though there was backlash like, Corporate companies getting into skate shoes! the truth of the matter is they make really good shoes. People like skating in them.

Etnies Jameson Htw Shoes Review

It is no secret that I really like Etnies shoes since I am a kid. I am lucky enough to review their shoes each year and when they asked me if I wanted to test some winterized shoes I said yes right away.I received the tan/gum version and it reminds me of a nicer version of the famous Timberland boots I got when I was a young kid.

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History Of Etnies Shoes

The origins of Etnies shoes goes back to France in 1986 with the original name etnics which was derived from the word ethnics. For legal reasons, the name was later changed to the Etnies label that has gained worldwide acclaim. A professional skateboarder named Pierre André took charge of the company in 1989 making Etnies the first shoe company for skateboarders to be owned by an actual skateboarder.

The company is now based in California but is still being managed by Pierre André and today it is the label of choice for amateur and professional skateboarders across the globe. Their commitment to excellence has continued for over three decades and they are constantly in the pursuit of new technologies in producing top quality footwear that has been especially designed with skateboarders in mind.

Today the Etnies label has added a whole range of sportswear to complement their range of footwear. This range includes shirts, sweaters, hats, pants and much more. The company also supports many sporting a variety of sporting events as well as introducing the buy a shoe, plant a tree reforestation program. In another program of giving back to the community, the Etnies / Sole Technology Inc. label does not allow forced or slave labor to be a part of any aspect of their production process. This includes their own factories and those of all their materials suppliers.

You Had A Lot Of People That Dont Skate Buying Them

The Etnies Scout: The Shoe That Does it All

In 1995, Gavin was approached by two brothers who owned a skateboarding shop in the San Fernando Valley, and were looking to get into shoes. Together, they started DVS. Initially, they had no idea how big skateboard shoes could or would become, and almost all the brands started similarly small. Look, skateboarding was a super rad, small little industry, right? Gavin says. These individuals that lived and breathed skateboarding didnt want to do anything else, so they had to find a way to make a living off of it.

Gavins business partners already knew the ins and outs of distribution to skate shops. In fact, the local shop is how many shoe brands got their start, including a little footwear offshoot of Droors Clothing, which would soon be named DC Shoes.

DC started here with consignment stickers. Stickers! says Jim Ruonala, owner of Pacific Drive, a legendary San Diego skate shop. DC also sold its first pair of shoes from the store, which was sponsoring skateboarder Danny Way, brother of one of DCs founders. Also in the area, pro skateboarder Tony Magnusson would cofound Osiris, and Chris Miller would co-create Adio. Meanwhile, Etnies unveiled another line, éS, with more technical styling. All of a sudden, skate shoes, a once untapped market, were blowing up, new brands were appearing all the time and local skateboard shops had a lot of new customers.

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Q: Who Should Buy Etnies Shoes

A: The obvious answer to this question is skateboarders. The Etnies brand is their guarantee of a skate shoe that has been specifically designed for active skateboarders. The basic design is to ensure the skater’s foot is properly cushioned and supported without compromising their comfort. However, it is these features that have made Etnies the footwear of choice for non-skaters as well. Skateboarders and athletes should definitely have a pair of Etnies in their wardrobe, but anyone who loves comfortable shoes that are made to the highest quality standards should also get their own pair of Etnies. With so many colors and designs to choose from, there is a pair of Etnies for everybody.

Etnies Was The First Shoe Brand To Make A Skate Video

Etnies released High 5 in 1995, a 14-minute promo with parts from , Eric Koston, Jamie Thomas, Peter Smolik, and a legendary Tom Penny section to round things out. It used classic music by artists such as James Brown and David Bowie without a licensing agreement making it virtually impossible to ever be rereleased.

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Sperry Bionic Recycled Shoes

Theyve got a certain ocean theme going on over at Sperrys and you may find that its not to your taste but we love these causal looks that would be perfect on the deck of an environmentally friendly yacht.Every pair you buy removes 5 plastic bottles from potential landfill. This in turn, keeps carbon emissions and material waste down.We like these sustainable sneakers and the recycled rubber soles are super comfortable. They result in stylish shoes that were proud to wear and to talk about the supply chain and how good it is with our friends.You can find Sperry Bionic Recycled Shoes on the Sperry website.

He Also Became A Handful

etnies Jefferson MTW SKU: 9075262

A few years later on tour, Penny rolled a spliff big enough to set off the fire alarm at a demo in an indoor hockey rink in Canada, shutting things down.

Tom was so hyped on the country that he later threw his passport and US work visa out at a 7-Eleven, leaving him unable to leave the country. Word got out that Tom had ditched his passport and some fans tracked it down, dug through trash and found his passport. They sent it to Penny while he was still in Vancouver.

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Q: How Long Does A Pair Of Skateboard Shoes Usually Last

A: Well, thats up to you. You can find average life expectancies and all that good stuff, but its all about how much you use them, and how rough you are on your footwear.

If youre skating every single day then youre going to burn through them faster. Even though theyre better for contact with the grip tape on your board, you still have to imagine that grinding against it for hours on end is going to begin to wear down the rubber.

A good quality pair of skate shoes, ones that you use for about ten hours a week on your board, should be able to last you between three to five years. That means proper care, giving them a little rinse and scrub every now and again, and not letting bacterial growth eat away at the interior. Grab odor eaters, use the baking soda trick, but do not let them fall out of sorts.

Types Of Skateboard Shoes

High-Cut – The old-school Converse look that everyone rocked in 90s punk rock. You remember, right? High-cut or high-top sneakers give you less mobility around your ankles, but also provide you with more coverage in case of a nasty spill. Yeah, you have socks, but cotton thread versus leather colliding with pavement? Give me a break.

Mid-Cut – Somewhere in between high and low, mid-cut or mid-top sneakers are the perfect blend between ankle protection, and retaining mobility. You have to display your dexterity when youre zipping down the road, you have to be up for anything. Mid-cuts are a great way to achieve a balance.

Low-Cut – Low-cuts, low-tops, call them whatever you want. These are a fan favorite for their epic look, and give you the most mobility for your ankles. If youre pulling some sneaky maneuvers, youll want as much movement as possible. Just keep in mind that youll have the least amount of leg protection.

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Is Etnies A Good Brand

Etnies has always focused on quality and design, quickly making their shoes popular worldwide. Etnies are also our favorite shoes, both as skate shoes, but also as shoes in other contexts. Therefore, pretty much all of their shoes are superior when it comes to durability, comfort, but also when it comes to price.

Gilbert Crocket Pro 2

etnies Joslin Pro Skate Shoe

The Gilbert Crocket Pro 2 is one of the coolest skate shoes.

Vans currently make the best skateboarding shoes, so they made a shoe line with world-renowned skater Gilbert Crocket, called Crocket Pro 2. These shoes are really made for hardcore skateboarding, as they are both rugged as a tank, but yet very flexible.

The shoe comes in various colors and uses the waffle cup technology for support and the stability from a cupsole, without sacrificing any of the board feel and grip.

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Ryan Sheckler Spent A Lot Of Time In Spandex At Etnies Headquarters

Etnies built their own lab for skating called the STI lab, to study the effects of skating on the body. This was around the time that a seven-year-old Ryan Sheckler started getting shoes from them, and he would come in and skate a stair set while wearing a black leotard covered in sensors that measured impact and how the body reacted. One of the first developments the lab came up with was that air bubbles are comfortable to stand on, but that they flatten out on impact, which inspired Etnies designers to move to foam cushioning for more consistent support.

Ethnic And Cultural Heritage

People may wear ethnic or on special occasions or in certain roles or occupations. For example, most Korean men and women have adopted Western-style dress for daily wear, but still wear traditional on special occasions, such as weddings and cultural holidays. Also, items of may be worn or accessorized in distinctive, non-Western ways. A Tongan man may combine a used with a Tongan wrapped skirt, or .

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Movmt Recycled And Organic Cotton Shoes

Incorporating both recycled plastics and organic cotton the MOVMT shoes are the result of an unhappy surfer discovering stupid amounts of plastic waste in the ocean whenever he went surfing. As you might expect from a surfer, the shoes are super casual and meant for chilling out on the beach in. Reclaimed plastic becoming recycled PET is awesome, the use of recycled bottles really does make the world a better place.Theyre eco-friendly sneakers made with renewable materials that look amazing we couldnt wait to get rid of our old shoes to wear them .You can find MOVMT Recycled and Organic Cotton Shoes online.

Anyone Else Not Buy Skate Shoes That Were Made In A Sweatshop

Etnies Helix Shoes Review –


I’m not sure that too many aren’t made in foreign countries. Vans – Vietnam, Nike – China, Adidas – China, Lakai – China, etc.

I would be surprised if you found any skate shoe companies that don’t have their shoes made in countries that use sweatshop labor.

I need new shoes, what should I get?

I wear ipaths, myself, but most of the other brands are OK .

i wear adidas super skates, does that count?

I was going to “IPaths,” but then I went and looked, and they’re made in China, too.

So, I have no idea.

hate to break the news but there are no skate shoe made state side. Vans was the last one but they recently moved to china. So it doesn’t really matter what you use, it’s going to be from a sweat shop.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop wearing Nike. They are really my favorite all around shoe, not just skating, but every day. Soooo comfortable!

Am I a bad person for over looking the humanitarian issue for nice kicks?

I just wish I could get a pair that didn’t fall apart

oh, and in size 14 or 15

Is this meant as a jab at Nike?


How do you know if they are or aren’t made in a sweatshop though? I would surely pay the extra cost associated to avoiding sweatshop labor. I would pay even more if it was produced in my country or one with similar working conditions and wage.

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Q: What Is The Difference Between Regular And Skateboard Shoes

A: Both regular and skateboard shoes can offer a considerable amount of comfort and support. However, skateboard shoes are usually more adequately padded. This is a design feature with the skateboarders’ comfort in mind. During the various tricks, a skater can land hard on his feet dozens of times. This repeated impact can cause a lot of foot problems so the padding and cushioning is very important. Regular shoes have different padding, more support and flexibility for walking, hiking and other similar activities.

Whatever your reason for considering buying a pair of Etnies Skate shoes, you will love their versatility and durability. The best Etnies shoes for men can offer superior comfort and support while you perform your skating tricks at the ramps and they will also look fantastic when you decide to wear them in a casual setting. Whether you are a skater or not, there is sure to be a pair of Etnies shoes in our choice selection that is perfect for you.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Skateboard Shoes

Brand – Brand is a biggie here, especially in the style department. There are a million department store knock-off versions of skateboard shoes, but theres only a certain amount of quality brands that really hit the nail on the head. Youll see Nike, Vans, DC and other great brands on this list because they truly know what it means to make an amazing skateboard shoe.

Quality – Quality and brand are associated, and while were telling you that brand matters, it doesnt mean you should blindly follow a brands history. You have to take a look under the hood and the quality of your shoe, and determine if its going to be worthwhile to snag it. This all relies on materials, user reviews, the expected lifespan and more.

Reviews – User reviews help us determine what we should be looking for in order to narrow our scope. We buy and test all these shoes, and if we didnt have hundreds or thousands of reviews to scan through, it would be a blind process. User reviews are the preliminary round of how we determine whats worth our time, and worth your readership.

Durability – The age-old worth of any footwear. Your skate trainers need to hold up against the harsh and unforgiving world, otherwise, youll just burn through your skateboard sneakers in a matter of months, and not have the proper capital lined up to grab a new pair. Durability, lifespan, however you want to put it, is a matter of materials and proper sizing .

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Q: Do Skateboard Shoes Make A Difference

A: If youre actually a skater, then yes, otherwise youre just trendy. Skateboard shoes help you keep your center of gravity on your board, which is absolutely huge. Youll see the best pro skaters in the world wipeout because they doubted themselves for a half-a-second. Why did they doubt themselves? They felt their center of gravity being thrown off.

If you were to walk from one end of your house to the other, youd be pretty confident, with a clear path, that you wouldnt trip. Youre mentally prepared to walk, not to trip or fall. When you make that walk and you trip, you think Oh no, how could this happen to me? and you lose your footing. Whether you hit the ground or recover doesnt matter, thats you losing your center of gravity, if only for a moment.

Now picture that while youre grinding or youve just launched from the half-pipe. Its a lot scarier, and you need every bit of help you can get. We talk about vulcanized rubber, outsole designs, all that good stuff, but they all play back into your center of gravity, and retaining control and grip on your board. Youre not going to get that with standard trainers.

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