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Where Can I Sell My Shoes For Cash

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Is Selling Used Clothing A Good Business

How to Sell Shoes on eBay in 3 STEPS ~ Make Money Reselling Used Shoes for PROFIT

If you tried to sell used clothing and cannot empty your stash entirely, you can always donate them to charity. Not only will you get a tax deduction but also some places will give you a discount on in-store items when you donate. Youre also helping people in need and not putting them into a landfill!

To sell clothes online, it all boils down to great pictures and a platform to list your clothes on. Dont be afraid to list clothes that were never your favorite items because everyone has a different style. Ive made great money selling clothes online in the past and I know of others who have done the same. It takes time and dedication, but selling used clothing is a great business to start.

There Are Many Places Where You Can Sell Shoes Online For Your Secondhand And Unwanted Ones This Is Why We Have Compiled This List Of The Top Places To Sell Shoes And Other Unwanted Items For Cash Online And Locally

Shoes and other footwear are often purchased for special occasions or to match a particular dress. We tend to forget about the shoes once the event is over or the dress has worn out. They sit in our closet gathering dust, unattended. Over time, these shoes become soiled and no longer useful.

Sell shoes online and offline for cash has many options we have discussed here in this post, please read until the end.

There are many places you could sell your used shoes, or those you dont use anymore. You can sell everything from casual sandals to formal shoes, as well as ethnic footwear and sports shoes.

This article will show you how to sell shoes online. It also shows you where to buy shoes offline.

Summary of This Article

How To Sell Your Shoes

Set the price low but not too low. You want the Goldilocks effect of getting the starting price just right to fuel a bidding war. If youve got some high-quality merchandise , you may want to set a higher reserve price.

Keyword baiting make sure your product description matches the most popular search phrases .

Start a new account if youre a fan of the free listings that come with a new account, then perhaps start one. However, bear in mind that using new accounts all the time limits how much feedback you can get: after a while, it may be better to keep the same account and see your ratings rocket!

Include lots of pictures Show the shoes in as favourable a light as possible and include photos of any defects so that the buyer has no cause to complain. Make sure you check eBays rules for selling as theres a few .

Sell near and far Include the US in your market settings but set the postage at a reasonable rate for international shipping . Remember that return customers are very important to ensure a consistent demand if youre going to take this seriously. Be polite and use a friendly tone.

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Be Mindful Of Shipping Costs

Depending on how you are planning to sell your used clothes, you need to be aware of any shipping costs as well as shipping labels that you might need to provide to the buyers.

For example, if you do decide to open your own online store to sell used clothes, you will be responsible for any shipping costs in order to get things to the buyer.

They are so many websites to sell clothes these days, make sure they work with your needs.

Want To Make Serious Cash Selling Clothes We Are Going To Share Some Of The Best Places To Sell Clothes Online For Cash Today

Where can i sell my shoes for cash near me IAMMRFOSTER.COM

Selling clothes and or items you no longer need is the best way to make extra cash especially if you are running low on funds or need the money to pay unexpected expenses.

I really love this idea as it really helps me not only to de-clutter but it clears space and gets rid of unnecessary baggage.

And the fact that more and more people are appreciating and shopping at second-hand stores, makes this the best place to get rid of your unwanted clothes.

The less unnecessary things I have around me, the less stressed out I feel and the more productive I become.

When it comes to spring cleaning each year, I really try to look around me and get rid of as much extra stuff as I can.

But throwing extra clothes and other things is not an option for me, if I can make quick money from it, as well as save the environment, I will definitely do it.

Otherwise, I am donating, putting it out in the garbage should really not be an option .

We would rather you make some money and finding the best place to sell used clothing online will get you one step closer to making that extra cash!

Of course any clothes you do not sell, be sure to donate them if in good condition !

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Use A Nice Basket Or Hamper To Carry Your Clothes

Quick! What do you think of when you see trash bags? Trash, right? Not clothes.

Again, presentation matters. The appraisers checking your clothes dont want to sift through trash bags. So after youve washed all the clothes you want to sell, fold them and place them in a basket, hamper or box that you can take to the store.

Selling To Our Pawn Shop

At Tempe Pawn and Gold, we specialize in buying, selling, and loaning cash against items of value like jewelry, electronics, tools, and fashion items like shoes. This makes us an expert in a wide array of items, and in particular, Jordan shoes! Weve bought, sold, and loaned against hundreds of pairs of Jordan shoes. Were aware of market trends and current prices. Similarly, our employees themselves also stay educated to make sure our customers are getting their worth.

The most important thing to consider when selling shoes is the valuation that the buyer comes up with. When buying items of value, pawn shops use various types of information to come up with what they believe theyre worth on the market. At Tempe Pawn and Gold, this consists of using both our expertise and various online retailers to accurately value Air Jordans. While most other Tempe pawn shops err on the side of caution with low prices, our expertise allows us to come up with the highest valuations in town. This allows us to pay more when you sell your Jordans to us than any of our competitors.

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Is It Worth To Sell Shoes Online

Whether you want to declutter your wardrobe or just received a pair of shoes thats not really your size, you can make some extra cash.

For example, you could sell authentic Nike Air for $212 while a used wedding shoes could earn you at least $70.

Of course, the more shoes you sell, the more you will profit.

Quick Steps To Research Your Right Price:

How To Make Money Selling Nike Shoes Online
  • Search for the item you want to price
  • On the search results page, scroll down on the left margin and tick sold listings and pre-owned
  • Tick any of the other filters that apply
  • Sort the results in highest to lowest to see the best price associated with the item

Completed listings are the best to look at on eBay during this process as an active listing doesnt reflect selling price just the asking price. This way youll see the factors that affected the sold item, such as if shipping was included or what time of year it was .

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Reasons To Sell Used Shoes

Therere several superb reasons why you should sell used shoes too. Actually, therere good reasons to sell your old shoes, that you arent using anymore or dont plan to wear in the future too. Here I will enumerate some of the reasons why you should sell such old shoes.

  • You get instant cash.
  • Its possible to get exchanges and have newer shoes by trading off old ones.
  • Shoes require a lot of maintenance. And you might not have the time to do so.
  • If you live in place with humid or wet weather, molds can ruin those expensive shoes.
  • Sometimes, shoes dont fit us any longer due to weight gain and other reasons and hence, become redundant in our closet.
  • Some types of shoes go out of fashion and we wouldnt like wearing them anymore.
  • Youve spent a lot of money on buying those shoes and letting them go waste is pointless.
  • Selling old shoes helps us to declutter our closet and home.

As we can see, therere as many as eight strong reasons to sell your old shoes. Therefore, if youve a large collection of shoes that you wouldnt be using, I would suggest that you sell them at the earliest and make some money to buy newer ones. Or you can use the money for savings and investments too.

Selling Your Clothes Online For Extra Money Is That Simple

So if you are really serious about exploring this option for extra cash, I would suggest starting with any of the apps suggested above.

We listed some of the best places to make money selling used clothes and other things you may have such as shoes and bags!

So get started today.

What about those that want to buy and sell clothes online in Canada?

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Price Your Items Correctly

Depending on which platforms you pick, you might have to adjust your pricing accordingly.

If the platform I am going to use charges a fee, then I would want to adjust the price accordingly to reflect these fees.

If you want to be really successful in selling your clothes online for cash, I would definitely set prices that are no less than $10.00 per item I am selling.

You can also snoop around and play with the platform.

This gives you the opportunity to check out what others are charging for similar items.

Sell Your Shoes Online The Smart Way

21 Best Places Where You Can Sell Your Shoes for Cash ...

There are so many great ways to sell shoes online that its hard to choose one, right?

You can always try one or two at a time and see which one works best for you.

In my opinion, consignment shops are the best. They are stores that sell secondhand items on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price. Consignment stores give you a great opportunity to sell your used shoes and make money.

Thats right!

You wont make a ton of money, but its pretty good for shoes you probably would have donated anyway.

If you dont live in a big city and there is no consignment shop around, there is nothing to be worried about. You can still sell your stack of old shoes and other used items for top dollar online.

All you need is a good internet connection and a smartphone.

Good luck with selling shoes online and making some extra cash.

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Selling Feet Picture Is Superb Side Gig

Were living in an era where we definitely require a side gig, preferably an online one. The Covid-19 pandemic is laying waste on small and large companies, leading to rampant unemployment. By July 2020, over 51 million Americans had filed for unemployment benefits with the Federal government. Hence, having a side gig can potentially help you overcome a cash shortage.

The pandemic also highlights the importance of working online. Selling feet picture is something thats done online only. It helps you make money even while youre asleep. Theres no real investment in selling feet pictures: all you require is an excellent camera and a computer with an Internet connection. Even your smartphone connected to the Internet will be enough if it has a great camera.

Where Can I Sell My Shoes For Money

Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes forcash.

  • Letgo. Letgo is an app that allows you to sell your usedshoes and other items to people in your area.
  • OfferUp. This is another Craigslist-like app you can use tosell your shoes for cash.
  • VarageSale.

In respect to this, do pawn shops take shoes?

Well the answer is yes,depending on the pawn shop and desirability of theshoes in question.

Also, is it OK to buy used shoes? You can absolutely buy a pair of used shoes. All shoes have germs, even new ones.Yes, used shoes do have more bacteria on them than new ones.In fact, the average shoe has more than 420,000 units ofbacteria on the outside and about 3000 on the inside.

Furthermore, where can I take clothes for money?

In-Person Places You Can Sell Used Clothes forCash

  • Craigslist.

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Best Places To Sell Your Shoes Online For Cash

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase or sign up through my links, at no cost to you. Please read our disclaimer for more info.

Want to sell shoes for cash? We’ll breakdown the best ways you can sell shoes online and make money for your used shoes.

The trick to finding places to sell your shoes is to put yourself in your customers shoes. I know, that such a cliché phrase, but you need to forecast the type of people you are selling to specifically. Young, newlywed mothers? Teenage male athletes?

Although you can sell basically anything online, shoes are one of the most versatile things to sell. You can sell on a seasonal basis if you clean your closet or go through a pile of shoes that no longer want. Or you can do it to make extra money by buying shoes to resell them for a profit. To get a bargain, you have to jump on designer offers or vintage shoes. In any event, if you have shoes for sale then you want top dollar for them.

This list below are some great places to start selling shoes for cash, but the more specific you get, the more success you will have.


  • Sell Your Shoes Online the Smart Way
  • Sell My Designer Shoes Online


    With all these difficulties you may wonder, how to sell my designer shoes? Well, one of the best ways to do it now is through the internet. There are many online marketplaces that allow people to buy and sell goods of all types. In order to sell designer shoes online, you need to ensure that your shoes are accurately described, and then wait for the right buyer. However, in this case the potential market for your shoes will be much larger. Depending on your preferences, they could be bought by someone anywhere in the world. Then, you will need to ship the shoes off to the buyer. Alternatively, you can consign your shoes to an online marketplace and let them handle the shipping.

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    How Do You Sell Shoes Online

    You can sell shoes online from your own store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. There are also niche marketplaces for shoes, like StockX and GOAT. You can also sell shoes wholesale to other businesses.

    Excellent Feet Pictures Are Uncommon

    This might come as a shocker, but excellent pictures of feet are quite hard to find nowadays. Despite some 25 percent of all bones of our body functioning in the feet, this is a stark reality.

    Our feet are among the most neglected part of the body, despite their importance to our overall wellness, says the American Podiatric Medical Association. In fact, eight among 10 adults experience foot problems due to overuse, foot injuries, and putting too much pressure on our feet, the APMA adds.

    As a result, most people wish to hide their feet and dont want to display them even at home, leave alone taking and selling pictures.

    This is where you can fill in the demand.

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    Sell Used Clothes In Person

    While there are many options to sell your clothes online, maybe you dont have the technical know-how to do it yourself. Dont fret.

    There are several national brick-and-mortar places to pawn off your used clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories even baby clothes, toys and supplies to get cash in your pocket by the end of the day.

    Get A Toe Into This Online Marketplace

    Where can i sell my clothes for cash? Jeans, t

    You can bet your boots on this one: plenty of people buy pre-loved shoes every day. Go online, take a look. Thousands of people sell their shoes. Sure, most are womens but theres a market for mens footwear too.

    Ordinary flats and oxfords make up most of the shoes people list. Right now, a pair of Christian Louboutin heels is selling for $650 on eBay, despite being in a clearly pre-worn condition.

    Contrary to what you might think, the bestsellers arent the killer 18 platform heels or collector-item sneakers worn by celebrities. Rather and this is how we know used shoes are the new crypto-currency for ordinary people like you and me the most consistent sellers are practical shoes. Yes, the type worn in their thousands on trains and planes. And in similar thousands, discarded as having no real value after the fact.

    So, have a dig around your place. Your footwear doesnt have to be in mint condition and even the more worn out pairs might find a buyer. Read on and sell your shoes.

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