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How Much Do Diabetic Shoes Cost

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What are Diabetic Shoes?

As a seasoned health writer, Alena Hall understands how important it is to know exactly what youre getting in a product intended for medical use. Over the years, she has reviewed dozens of products, from athletic recovery aids to condition-specific products to homeopathic essential oils, to help readers like you discover products that can help you live your best life.

Additional reporting to this story by Janae Price and Brittany Leitner

As a health writer, understands the importance of a knowledgeable and honest review. When there are so many different opinions out there, it’s great to have a concise answer that cuts through all the junk online. Every product in this piece has been thoroughly researched and sourced by professionals with potential user needs in mind.

As a health writer with over 8 years of experience, Brittany Leitner understands how important access to information is when it comes to making educated health decisions. She has interviewed dozens of medical experts, tested out hundreds of products, and aims to provide quality recommendations that won’t break the bank.

How To Get Fitted For Your Custom Made Shoes

A certified professional is the one who will have to take your measurements and other requirements. They must carefully evaluate and measure your feet. Shoe style, the color schemes, how much the shoe must weigh, the material of the sole and lifestyle will be all taken under consideration when getting fitted for the shoes.

Based on your needs and sizes, the professional may show you what your options are. They will try their best to take all your concerns into consideration during the fitting. The findings from your fitting session will be shared with your doctor who will then continue with completing the necessary paperwork.

Once it has been verified that you will be covered under your insurance, the shoes will be ordered from the manufacturer. Upon the receipt of your shoes, there will be second fitting session to ensure that the shoes fit and they meet the requirements which will prevent any discomfort. If satisfied with your shoes, you will have to sign the paperwork which will then be sent to your insurance. It is really important that a professional or predorthist do your fitting should you have any loss of sensation. If you do not feel your feet, it is possible that you may go for a size too small.

Do I need inserts or insoles?

This will depend on the prescription you get from your specialist. Most people who have the shoes will also invest in inserts or insoles for their shoes for flexibility and comfort.

Medicare Reimbursement: An Explanation Of Benefits

Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, according to the;Center for Disease Control. In fact, studies suggest prescription diabetic footwear can help prevent serious foot health complications that can arise because of diabetes.

Medicare and supplemental insurance may reimburse part or all the cost of Dr. Comfort shoes and prescription inserts for diabetics who meet certain criteria. A qualified health professional can determine if eligible. If diabetic or have any foot health concerns, we strongly encourage the patient to see a foot health professional to address all foot health needs.

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Innovative Diabetic Shoes Offer The Ultimate Comfort & Protection For Diabetic Feet

  • Protective Interior, padded with foam eliminates praessure points and friction against skin, offering superior comfort and protection in these unique walking shoes for diabetics.
  • Orthofeet diabetic shoes feature Premium Orthotic Insoles with anatomical arch support control overpronation and help reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.
  • Stretchable uppers offer a 4-way stretch that conforms to the contours of the foot and offers a comfortable, pressure free fit.
  • Wide toe box and extra depth design offer a relaxed fit and extra room for bunions and toes.
  • Ergonomic soles with a mild rocker shape and superior cushioning help propel foot forward and enhance comfort from heel to toe.

What Type Of Shoes And Inserts Does Medicare Give Coverage To

Diabetic Shoes in Action: 8 Tips for Healthy Feet ...

If you have Medicare Part B and you have met all the Medicare conditions to qualify for shoes and inserts for diabetes,

The types of shoes that are covered each year include one;of these:

  • One pair if depth-inlay shoes and 3 pairs of inserts
  • One pair of custom-molded shoes if you cant wear depth-inlay shoes because of deformity, and 2 additional pairs of inserts

Note:;In certain cases, Medicare may also; cover separate inserts or shoe modifications instead of inserts.

The source of the text is again Medicare Coverage of Diabetes Supplies, Services, & Prevention Programs which you can read or download here.

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How Much Coverage Does Medicare Give To Therapeutic Shoes And Inserts For Diabetes

Typically Medicare will give 80% coverage to the Medicare-approved cost of therapeutic shoes and inserts for diabetes, leaving you cover the 20% coinsurance of the Medicare-approved cost.

This is of course if you used all Medicare-enrolled doctors, providers and suppliers, and a supplier who was a Medicare-enrolled participating supplier who accepts assignment.

On the point of payment, Medicare advices the following

To find out how much your test, item, or service will cost, talk to your doctor or health care provider. The specific amount youll owe may depend on several things, like:

  • Other insurance you may have
  • How much your doctor charges
  • Whether your doctor accepts assignment
  • The type of facility
  • Where you get your test, item, or service

The source of the text is Medicares website page on coverage for therapeutic shoes which you can read here.

The source of the text is Medicares website page on coverage for therapeutic shoes which you can read here.

Benefits Of North Jersey Podiatry Diabetic Shoe Center

At North Jersey Podiatry, we are experts on identifying and fitting you with a shoe that fits your needs. Dr. Paul Klein has vast experience in this area of fitting having been an Athletes Foot Store manager in 1977. Trained in orthotics and bracing at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine from 1977-1981, Dr. Klein has fitted many New York City marathoners and diabetics in the New York area. Dr. Klein maintains a small in-office lab for orthotic and shoe adjustments to minimize patients waiting time when their shoe or brace requires an adjustment.

If you are interested in learning more about diabetic shoes or you want to schedule an appoint to be fitted for a pair of diabetic shoes Dr. Paul Klein, please contact us or call 595-1555.

Request An Appointment

Please call; 595-1555;if urgent, or fill out the form below and our team will reach out to you to finalize your appointment.

NOTE: Please do not submit any Protected Health Information .

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When Should I Wear These Shoes

In general, these shoes are designed to be worn on a daily basis whenever you are on your feet. That being said, if your foot does not have significant deformity or loss of sensation, brief periods of time in a different type of shoe may not be so risky that it cannot be considered. Talk to your foot and ankle orthopaedic specialist. They will work with you to make sure you can be as active as possible.;

Where To Buy Medicare

What It Actually Costs To Make A Sneaker

When youre ready for a pair of diabetic shoes, youll have plenty of options. You can buy the shoes from your podiatrist or other medical supply carriers. Another option is finding a supplier online.

You can find diabetic shoes at stores like:

  • Diabetic neuropathy with evidence of callus;formation

If you think youre;unsure about your;eligibility,;you can contact a Medicare representative.

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Who Is It For

If you are prediabetic or struggle with Type 2 Diabetes, as well as you notice that you do not get enough top quality sleep in the evening, Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy program is more than likely the program for you. Kill 2 birds with one rock: enhance your sleep and also vitality as well as reverse your diabetic issues with this program. how much do diabetic shoes cost

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Need More Information On Medicare Reimbursement

We can provide a brochure to take to a Primary Care Physician to see if youre eligible and get the paperwork started. This pamphlet explains the process for both the patient and doctor with and includes simple instructions and forms the doctor needs to complete. It also has some important facts about diabetes foot health.

To receive this free brochure in the mail, along with one of our catalogs and a list of providers in your area, email your request with your name and address to;

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Things And Features To Consider When Purchasing Your Shoes

When shopping for shoes, you should look for something that fits properly, has enough space for your toes and provides arch support.;

  • Look for shoes which are made with leather that is soft and stretchable
  • Remember that shoes with laces have better support and fit better
  • A removable cushioned sole will provide for better shock absorption
  • Consider shopping for your shoes in the afternoon or evening as the size of your feet is probably a little bigger during the later hours due to swelling
  • Always try your shoes with socks on to ensure a better and more accurate fit
  • Consider wearing your new shoes for 2 to 3 hours for the first time. This gives you enough time to check your feet for cuts or blisters. After the first day, wear your shoes for a period of 3 to 4 hours to gradually get comfortable in them
  • Have a space of ½ between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe
  • Look for shoes that do not have inner seam as they can cause blisters or hot spots due to rubbing
  • The shoes should not leave your feet red or any marks on your skin. This can mean that they are not the right fit for you

Why Shop At Diabetic Shoes Hub

Crocs Unisex Ralen Clogs

Trying to find the right pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish can be difficult. You don’t need to spend hours scrolling through multiple websites to find the best diabetic shoes available.

Diabetic Shoes HuB offers a wide variety of shoes in various styles for both men and women. You can find everything you need on our easy-to-navigate website. With our diabetic insoles, you can customize the support underneath your arch. You can also adjust the space that’s inside of your shoe. This eliminates any foot slippage around your heel and provides you with the perfect fit.

Another area we strive to excel in at Diabetic Shoes HuB is providing excellent customer support. We’re here to help you find a quality pair of shoes that you love and will feel comfortable in. Our shoes are designed to improve foot health and comfort. Find your next pair with Diabetic Shoes HuB.

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Is Footwear For Diabetics Covered By Health Insu

Hey there is a great shoe company just for diabetics it`s called DR. Comfort Oh my god they have the best shoes and socks You can also get your ped dr to get them for you.. the shoes are kind of expesive and coverd but well worth it.. My hubby has heel spurs,arthris, and plater flantis and swears by them.. I love the socks!! they both mens and womens shoes. they have a great look too and comfy too thye also have ever size you will ever need.. I do not have and have never had foot problems. For a while the neuropathy did prevent me from knowing if my feet were cold or not. Between getting my BG under control and taking lyrica I know when I have cold feet. The C,PED that I saw trimmed my toenails and said my feet looked to be in good condition. My dr sent me to him hoping he would prescribe diabetic shoes for me. No the C-PED did not think they were necessary thank God as my medicare hmo would have paid all but $300. In my house I wear my flip flops, these help to cushion the heel spurs that I have had for around 30 years. When going anywhere I either wear my well cushioned sandles or my Nikes. Both fit well and do not rub or irritate my feet. I buy mens shoes they are wider then womens, are much more comfortable and last 3 times as long. We should be checking our own feet as well, and not go barefoot .I wear shoes outside, and slippers if cold in side. I have gone barefoot in my house as shoes make my back problems worse, but I try not to do that to often.Continue reading >>

Care In The Home Medicaid And State Programs

Programs which are;primarily for low income families, the disabled and the elderly, and;which serve to help the participants maintain their independence, with care in the home,;are calledHome and Community Based Services , Waivers or 1915 Waivers.

HCBS programs, waivers, and 1915 waivers will all help to coverhome medical equipment for the maintenance of the participants independence, and will very often cover it up to 100% of the cost.

To find out about your eligibility for HCBS programs or waivers, you can contact your State Medicaid Agency;here.

if you want to find out more in general about HCBS programs or waivers;use the link below

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Durable Equipment Used For Care

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

Devices for physical movement
Lifts or hoists

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible lift/hoist repairs incurred prior to purchase.


Limited to one every 5;years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible walker repair expenses incurred during the previous 5;years.

Wheelchairs Limited to one every 5;years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible wheelchair repairs incurred during the previous 5;years .
Devices for support and resting
Hospital beds

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible hospital bed repairs incurred prior to purchase.

Wheelchair cushions

Limited to one every 12;months;and a maximum eligible expense of cost less all eligible wheelchair cushion repairs incurred during the previous 12 months.

Therapeutic mattresses

Limited to one every 5;years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible therapeutic mattress repairs incurred during the previous five years.

Devices for monitoring
Apnea monitors

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible apnea monitor repairs incurred prior to purchase.

Enuresis monitors

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible enuresis monitor repairs incurred prior to purchase.

Importance Of Proper Care

Diabetic Alert Dog Q&A Training Videos – Does Insurance Cover Diabetic Alert Dogs

Proper care can help you avoid problems that may lead to amputation. Practice good hygiene habits by cleansing and thoroughly inspecting your feet and wearing clean socks each day. If you are having trouble healing a wound on your foot, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or podiatrist to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Claiming Diabetes Expenses & Taxes: Know Your Agi

To get deductions the minimum amount of your medical expenses has to exceed;10% of your;Adjusted Gross Income;. As its name suggests, the;AGI;is not the same as your taxable income. Instead, it is an income amount that it adjusted according to specific fees, such as your student loans. You can find your AGI on the very first page of your tax return sheet;.

Once you know that that figure is, it shouldnt be all that tricky to work out how much you can claim. Lets say your AGI figure is $30,000. That means that you can claim deductions on any fee relating to your diabetes that exceeds $3,000.

If you do itemize, use form 1040 to file;and;attach Schedule A

  • On Schedule A, report your total medical expenses on line 1
  • Report your adjusted gross income on line 2
  • Enter 10% of your Adjusted gross income;on line 3
  • Enter the difference between your total expenses and 10% of your AGI on line 4
  • The amount on line 4 will be subtracted from your adjusted gross income, which will reduce your taxable income

*If this amount is less than your standard deduction, you shouldnt itemize.

If you keep that in mind, you should have absolutely no problem when it comes to making an official claim. Remember, this is a discount that youre entitled to, and so there is no reason to miss out on it!

*Please note:;If you or your spouse were older than 65 between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2016, you may be eligible to claim for amounts that exceed 7.5% of your AGI, rather than the standard 10%.

Diabetic Shoes And Inserts

We have been crafting high end custom orthotic inserts and insoles for over 25 years. We believe we are the best diabetic shoes provider. We also offer a very wide selection of diabetic footwear including diabetic dress shoes and diabetic tennis shoes. Most insurance will pay for one pair of diabetic shoes and three pairs of insoles every calendar year.

We also provide diabetic day programs all over the southern United States. These programs allow patients to get foot exams, to be fitted for diabetic shoes and to ask questions about their diabetes to our certified Pedorthist. We have a fleet of vans and we deliver the shoes and insoles directly to our patients residence.

Custom diabetic footwear and custom orthotic insoles from The Diabetic Shoppe are some of the most popular products for our patients.; These products must be prescribed by the patients health care provider. Most insurance provides coverage for them.; Ulceration, amputation, and other serious consequences of diabetes may be prevented by the use of Diabetic footwear and custom orthotic insoles.;;; The products reduce the likelihood of the patient suffering from diabetic foot disease, a very costly and, perhaps, deadly consequence of diabetes.; These products increase the quality of life for our patients.

Contact us;today to get a pair of Diabetic Shoes and Insoles!

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