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Where Is Goat Shoes Located

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How Does Goat Work

I Sold FAKE Sneakers on GOAT App… This Is What Happened

Sellers, including individual resellers, boutiques, and retailers, list their products for sale on the GOAT marketplace, while buyers peruse the listings.

Although sellers can list any shoes on the platform, they must first ship their resale products to GOAT for authentication.

Once verified, the product is shipped to the buyer. But if the shoes are found to be fake or not as described, GOAT will not ship the product and will offer the buyer a full refund.

Retail products listed on GOAT are pre-verified and shipped directly from their trusted retail and boutique partners.

Shoes that are labeled Instant Ship on their marketplace are also pre-verified and ready to be shipped to buyers from GOAT facilities.

Is Goat A Reliable Sneaker Trading Platform

The rise of e-commerce platforms has contributed to the growth of counterfeit goods, making it difficult to find legit online selling sites and platforms.

GOAT, which is a nod to the sports term for Greatest of All Time, is one of the most reliable platforms for buying and selling sneakers today.

Launched in 2015, GOAT was founded by college friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. The idea of a sneaker buy-and-sell app came after Daishin bought a retro pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes, which turned out to be fake.

Scottie Pippens first official signature shoe, the Air Pippen, in the OG black and Varsity Red colorway, retails for $378,073

As a self-confessed sneakerhead, Daishin was left disappointed, more so because he was not able to get his money back due to eBays poor policy.

It became apparent that the industry I loved was fragmented and unsafe. Many people buying sneakers were running into the same problems. There are entire subreddits, social accounts, and blogs built around how to spot fakes.

We knew we could use technology to solve many of the existing problems and with the knowledge we already had in the space, we would have an additional edge. We also decided it was important for us to find an industry that serves a passionate and youthful generation.

After talking with Eddy about his experience, the two decided to build the app with an aim to become the worlds most trusted marketplace.

You Cant Be The Goat If You Allow This To Happen

I ordered a pair of Jordan 4 infrared that were listed as New and In the box. When I ordered them, I received a notification stating that they were being sent to be verified before being sent to me. When I received them, there was a card in the box that appeared to indicate that they had been inspected. When I pulled the shoes out the box to try them on, I noticed that the shoes had been worn. The shoes had been cleaned up really well, but is was obvious that the shoes had been worn several times. I found it extremely disappointing that the person reviewing the shoes didnt catch the obvious flaws in the shoes before they were sent to me. To make matters worse, instead of giving me a full refund, I was only giving GOAT credit. When i asked the customer care agent what would be done to prevent the same thing again, they never responded to my question. This means that I am potentially going to have to deal with the same issue with the next pair of shoes I am forced to get from them because it is obvious that the inspectors they employ either dont take their responsibility seriously, or simply dont know what they are doing. If and when they get me a pair of shoes that havent been previously worn, I wont spend anymore money with this company.

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Us Sneaker Marketplace Goat Officially Launches In China

Chinas appetite for sneakers is growing at an astounding rate. According to industry analysts, its the next big frontier for the sneaker business. In that spirit, GOAT Group, an online sneaker marketplace, is officially launching in China.

The growth of sneaker culture in China is directly associated with the rise of basketballs popularity within the country, and GOAT group knows this.

The sneaker community has grown tremendously in China, especially with the rise of basketball and hip hop culture. So its no surprise the demand for sneakers has grown as well, said Eddy Lu, co-founder and CEO of GOAT Group.

As part of the launch, GOAT is kicking things off with a three-day event in Shanghai, where shoppers can use a localized version of the GOAT app via the WeChat Mini Program, so that it is compatible with Chinas ubiquitous WeChat shopping ecosystem.

A GOAT team based in Shanghai is leading the expansion efforts in China as well as in the greater Asia Pacific region. The city has a strong sneaker game going and recently hosted the greatest sneaker show on Earth:” Sneaker Con.

We know China is a unique market and if we use the same strategy as the U.S., well likely fail, said Lu. We are building this product with a local team in order to provide the Chinese consumer with a better, more personalized experience.

China is the second-largest sneaker market in the world, driven, in part, by the over 400 million millennials there.

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Why Is My Stockx Order Coming From China

GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers. We ...

Why is my item shipping from Hong Kong? In order to better support our customers in the Asia Pacific region, weve opened a new verification center in Hong Kong. In addition to the new center, weve reduced shipping rates and shipping timeframes, thus increasing the speed at which our sellers will be paid out.

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My Son Sold A Pair Of Shoes On Goat And

My son sold a pair of shoes on Goat and was to receive $135. Goat tried to deposit the money into a closed account, the bank kicked it back and Goat will not give him his money even though the shoes have gone on to the buyer. No one will get back to my son and they have claimed the money is at the bank but it is not. We know our bank personally and they said they kick it back. So they basically stole my kids shoes. You can not trust Goat to do things right.

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What Is Goats Shipping Policy

Shipping costs are expensive and depend on several factors, including the weight of the item, shipping destination, value of the item, customs and duties, and carrier rates.

And at GOAT, which is based in Culver City, California, the cost of domestic shipping to 48 US states is $12 and $15 to Hawaii and Alaska.

For Insta Ship-labeled items with Next Day shipping, buyers must pay the $25 shipping fee.

The cost of shipping to an address in the Peoples Republic of China is $25, to Canada $30, and to all other international countries $40. Additional charges may apply for multiple or heavy items.

GOAT collects Sales Tax on purchases of taxable items shipped to customers in certain states and countries and remits the tax to the taxing authority.

When Will I Receive My Order

My Experience Buying USED Shoes From GOAT

While most orders are shipping on-time, due to COVID-19 and government restrictions, your order may experience some shipping and fulfillment delays. We appreciate your patience.

Items except for Instant items are shipped to us first for authentication and verification before being delivered to you. It will typically take 7-10 business days for sneaker orders to be delivered to a buyer located in the US, since it takes approximately 3-4 business days to get to us, 1-2 business days to authenticate and 3-4 business days to ship to you.

Items that are labeled Instant have already been authenticated and verified and ship directly from our facilities to you. Excluding deliveries to PO boxes and military bases, it will typically take 3-4 business days for an Instant item ordered before 11:00 am PT with standard shipping to be delivered to a buyer located in the 48 contiguous states and 4-5 business days for an Instant item ordered after 11:00 am PT with standard shipping to be delivered to a buyer located in the 48 contiguous states.

Some apparel and accessory items have been pre-verified and authenticated and ship directly from our trusted retail and boutique partners, while other apparel and accessory items are shipped to us first for authentication and verification before being delivered to you. It will typically take 4-8 business days for an apparel or accessory item order to be delivered to a buyer located in the US.

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It Took Forever To Receive These Shoes It Took Forever To Receive These Shoes Return Boots For My Wife The Picture Of The Boots Was Perfect But The When The Boots Came They Are Nothi

It took forever to receive these shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It took forever to receive these shoes return boots for my wife the picture of the boots was perfect but the when the boots came they are nothing like they are of very poor quality and i want my money back ! I was trying to return this shoes back to the company several email no response then i I used Google to search for the company Contact number and i finally found their contact number which iS six zero sevenNINE8i contacted the customer service team is really aweome kind and polite with me customer service was a great help I needed to find out if my return had been received she was able to confirm it was received and my refund was processed I always have a good experience with customer service

I purchased a Dark Brown Wig with Cap included?? What I received was nothing like the picture advertised? A) It’s Black…… Not Dark Brown?B) It’s way TOO SMALL and doesn’t sit on my head, even though I have a small head!C) The SIDES don’t come down to my chin as advertised. Only comes down to my ear lobe?????D) No CAP INCLUDED? Nothing like they advertise. There a scam. Also They trade under so many different address’. Now they want me to send it back but I have to pay return postage? It’s a joke. 1) Email BEGINS WITH supportmenshape2) Company advertised as The Goat Stuff3) RETURN ADDRESS IS ….Name: LI ZHI PENG Country: CHINA

Is Goat Legit Will You Get Scammed

ArchRead more April 6, 2020

Buying a pair of fake sneakers has never been easier, and it has never been easier to get scammed into buying knockoffs online. Therefore, it makes sense to try to be super careful, but even then, you might end up on the receiving end of a bad deal.

GOAT is allegedly trying to change that. They claim to provide a marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers. But is it legit? Keep reading to find out.

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How Does Goat Authenticate Sneakers

With thousands of shoe listing on their marketplace, tracking down knock-offs is no mean feat.

GOAT, however, uses its propriety AI technology to stomp out fake sneakers. With their computer vision and several Amazon Web Services tools, GOAT is able to verify the authenticity of the products by replicating the key features and properties of each shoe digitally.

GOAT Chief Technology Officer Andy Shin told ZDNet: We use a lot of different heuristics and data points to verify whether the shoe is authentic or not. We see the most sneakers in the world. And we are the leader in data collection around sneakers. So every shoe that comes in, were collecting all the data points for it.

So we actually, we know what fakes look like. And we know what real shoes look like. Every single sneaker has multiple data points that we focus on, he added.

In addition, GOAT also has a team of sneaker experts that can easily tell the difference between real and fake shoes even without the use of AI.

GOATs lead data scientist Emmanuelle Fuentes said: They can spot a fake in like 10 seconds.

The team of authenticators works with the AI to ID and further ensure the authenticity of the shoes.

To support our verification process, we have logged hundreds of thousands of data points on our products to help define their authenticity. Our specialists go through rigorous training and inspect everything from the label to stitching, texture to color, and so much more.

Shoes Purchased Are Not Promised

Got these from goat today... think I need a legit check ...

Paid for a pair of sneakers that were confirmed by seller. Seller never sent the shoes after I received a confirmation that the shoes were on their way through UPS. Seller basically reneged on the deal and now the shoes cost way more and the Goat says they’ll refund me. Now they expect me to pay more on a new bid when I’m already paying a premium on the shoe, instead of them paying the difference on the new order after confirming that the original shoes were in transit. Why should I miss out after they confirmed the shoe was coming. If they had a better system I could’ve possibly bought the sneaker from another seller the same price or lower. I already have purchased other sneakers and want to buy more but this left a sour taste. Poor customer service because in a store if something you bought was damaged or misplaced you would get the same item at the price you bought it, might I add, a discount. I’ll edit this review if it turns out that they did the right thing and honor my initial purchase.

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Goat Uses Machine Learning Computer Vision To Verify Your Top Dollar Sneakers Are Authentic

GOAT CTO Andy Shin walks us through managing a team, KPIs, cloud computing and how the company goes about verifying those Nikes are real.

It takes a lot of machine learning and computer vision to ensure that a pair of high-end sneakers is authentic.

Just ask GOAT. GOAT is the largest sneaker marketplace and specializes in selling authentic goods. Specifically, GOAT provides buyers and sellers of sneakers an authenticity guarantee with a “ship to verify” model.

GOAT, which has both e-commerce and physical retail locations, has 400 employees and 60 of them are engineers with 7 data scientists. We caught up with GOAT CTO Andy Shin to talk about machine learning, cloud computing and how to manage a team to focus on hitting key performance indicators. Here are some of the key takeaways.

The authenticity issue. Shin said GOAT, which employs 400 people, specializes in the “ship to verify model.” Shin said:

What is deep learning? Everything you need to know | What is machine learning? Everything you need to know | What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know about the cloud, explained

Using computer vision and data to verify authenticity. Shin said GOAT uses computer vision and a bevy of Amazon Web Services tools to verify authenticity. Shin explained:

In a nutshell, GOAT is taking in physical attributes of shoes and replicate them digitally. Things like the suppleness of the sole, hardness of certain rubbers and seams can tip off fakes.

Is Goat Legit And Safe To Use

Right off the bat, GOAT is a legit site, and the chance of getting scammed is incredibly low. The team behind the app assures users theyre doing everything in their power to verify the authenticity of items sold through their platform.

But GOAT is a marketplace, which means any verified sellers can market their shoes through the app. So, how exactly does GOAT do quality control?

From its early stages, GOAT has employed a ship-to-verify model. In short, when someone buys a pair of sneakers from a vendor, those dont get shipped to the buyer.

Instead, the sneakers ship to GOATs team first. GOATs team of experienced sneaker specialists examine each item, ensuring they are authentic and in the condition promised by the seller.

Then, the sneakers get shipped to the buyer with GOATs guarantee of authenticity. They also have a money-back guarantee if they make an inaccurate determination.

Moreover, GOAT has an AI-assisted process to spot fakes before they even get to the experts. With thousands of unique styles and models in their warehouse at any given time, its hard to get to each one in time.

Using an expert-trained AI image recognition system, theyre able to screen out fakes instantly. The system is trained with a massive list of signals that can trigger fraud detection.

Ultimately, GOAT acts as an expert middleman between buyers and sellers to verify the authenticity of their products. And, they do that very well as theyre in the top 100 selling apps.

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Certified Tea Masters And Cream Puffs

One day the two wandered into a Beard Papa’s restaurant in LA, and, blown away by the flaky, custard-filled cream puffs in their hands, decided to franchise the Japanese chain for some “passive income” while they worked on their projects. But it was 2008, the financial crisis was in full swing and, because of the downturn, they couldn’t hire managers.

“Going through 2008 as a business owner you definitely earn your stripes,” said Lu.

Lu and Sugano’s cream puff days were painful, but they taught the entrepreneurs fiscal responsibility and resilience. And it provided the spark for their next adventure.

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