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Where To Buy Asics Running Shoes

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Distance: How Far Will You Go In Your Asics Shoes

HOW TO BUY *discounted* RUNNING SHOES | Nike, ASICS, Brooks, Hoka etc

Consider the average distance you run in a week and if you are participating in a race or just doing it for leisure. These things are important to determine if you need a light and fast shoe or a cushioned pair.

Depending on your goals, here are the things you need to consider when buying a pair of Asics running shoes:

Daily Training/ Easy Jogs

A durable outsole material that delivers excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces.


These are irregular-shaped grooves added in the heel area of the sole that encourages stable and natural foot movement.

Guidance Line

It is a vertical groove that runs through the outsole, from heel to toe. It is meant to deliver gait efficiency from heel strike to toe-off.

AHAR is Asicss most durable rubber compound thats used on premium trainers. See all Asics shoes with AHAR.

About Asics Running Shoes

ASICS creates its running shoes and athletic apparel in a way that helps people fully take in the moment. Prioritizing comfort, providing support, and accommodating the needs of different feet and bodies, the brand brings versatility and thoughtfulness to the realm of athletics.

ASICS has left tracks all over the web. Whether its on Best of lists, news sites like the Wall Street Journal, or running magazines like Runners World, its not hard to grasp how popular this brand is.

Worn by Olympians and pro athletes, ASICS has taken the world by stormits even dominating the social media realm with a whopping 1.4 million followers.

So will it be these sneakers be the right fit for you? This ASICS running shoes review is here to help you decide. Well provide the key information on the brand and its best-sellers, along with customer feedback, discounts, and answers to FAQs. Ready, set, lets get into it.

How Has Asics Reinvented Running Shoes

ASICS creates shoes that will improve the performance, safety, and comfort of men and women, taking into account their different structural and hormonal characteristics, as well as their varying the gait patterns and lower-limb mechanisms. Here are the ways the firm is creating women’s running shoes.

  • Heel-to-foot ratio: ASICS running shoes for women are shaped to fit them, considering that their feet are shaped differently than those belonging to men. Thus, there are hardly any incidences of heel slippage.
  • Bounce-back performance: ASICS has also improved the bounce-back feature in women’s running shoes. ASICS has adopted Solyte, a less dense foam in the midsole. Solyte offers female runners more bounce and more impact absorption.
  • Arch height: ASICS has developed a Trusstic system in the women’s running shoes to offer the ideal levels of flexibility and support for changing arch levels, in accordance with women’s fluctuating estrogen levels.

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Fundamental And Applied Research

Observing and analyzing physical movements is the basis of every single ASICS® product. The researchers in Kobe have high-speed cameras, hi-tech measuring equipment and sophisticated computer software at their disposal. Several test rooms have been set up to be able to translate the findings of the fundamental research into new materials and products. Shock absorption systems, anti-overpronation features, outsoles with Wet Grip® Rubber, water-resistant clothing are some of the ASICS’ innovations which are put to heavy trials here. Three-dimensional measuring systems are used in Kobe to develop shoes with a perfect fit.

Shop Asics Signature Styles

Asics 360 Gel Quantum Orange Running Shoes

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Best Asics Running Shoes 100+ Shoes Tested In 2022

Asics is a big name in the world of running shoes.

With such an extensive collection of Asics shoes to choose from, there are options for all types of runners. Whether you need a comfortable cruiser for long miles, or a carbon-plated racer for new PBs, or a stability shoe for overpronation, Asics has got them all.

And we are here to help you find the best. Having tested over 100 Asics shoes in our lab and wear tests, here are our top picks in five different categories.

This Running Shoe Brand’s New Shoe Has The Lowest Carbon Dioxide Emission To Date

In the wake of crises arising from climate change, companies publicly and privately owned are making commitments to ensure the future health of Earths air, water, and ecosystems. Not coincidentally, the athletics and outdoors firms that produce products and services to utilize our environment are leading the way. Recently, one of the largest athletic shoe makers in the world publicly joined that march towards sustainability.

Asics dropped plans for releasing its the Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 sneaker in 2023. Named for its just 1.95-kilogram carbon dioxide emission across the products life cycle, these are even lighter than the Adizero x Allbirds 2.94 kilogram low carbon shoes currently on the market. This marks a significant step toward the Japanese shoe companys commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our society is facing a huge number of environmental challenges. These challenges will affect the ability of future generations to take part in sports and achieve a sound mind and a sound body. Thats why we at Asics are committed to doing our part to ensure the long-term future of our planet. To be of sound mind and sound body, you need a sound Earth to move on, Asics CEO Yasuhito Hirota said in a September 15 presentation.

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What Is Asics Running Shoes Shipping Policy

ASICS takes 1-2 business days to process your order from the time you place it online. Offering free standard shipping for orders over $100, weve put together a list of all of your shipping options below:

  • Standard Ground : $5

OneASICS members get free standard shipping on all of their orders. Once yours ships out, youll receive a confirmation email with an estimated delivery date and tracking link via UPS or FedEx.

Who Is Asics Running Shoes For

Asics Gel Kayano 27 | Running Shoe REVIEW | Here We Are Running

ASICS running shoes are ideal for athletes looking for the perfect fit. Whether its in terms of width, arch, or stability, the brand offers a range of options for men, women, and kids.

Making it easy to get exactly what youre looking for, youll find shoes for all kinds of sports and activities in its collection including running, tennis, and golf, as well as options just for street style.

Its an eco-friendly brand thats always pushing towards greater sustainability, so this ASICS running shoes review thinks its also a great choice for those who want conscious footwear.

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Is Asics Running Shoes Legit

Theres no doubt on our part that ASICS is a legit brand, but while scoping out feedback around the web, we came across some reviews that mention issues with returns. That appears to be the largest complaint made against the company.

Considering that ASICS is a worldwide brand and is an absolute giant in the running shoe industry, though it doesnt make things any less frustrating, its super common.

Youll find the same stats for other athletic giants like Nike too, so in the grand scheme of things, its not something that raises a red flag for us.

Best Asics Running Shoes To Consider In 2022

We take a closer look at the versatile running shoe collection available at Asics

With so many variables to consider when it comes to running, from the length of your stride and the distances youre covering to the terrain youre encountering, its important to select a shoe that is tailored to your specific experience and training regimen.

Like most shoe brands, Asics has a versatile range of run shoes that vary depending on the different needs of different runners, with plenty of options that will help you speed along if youre aiming for a PB, or slow you down and correct your form if youre looking for added stability.

Weve put together some of the brands key shoes that cover a range of benefits, so you can find a running shoe that really works for you.

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Asics Metaride Running Shoe

Especially designed for women, the Metaride running shoe from Asics has been built with a breathable upper mesh to keep your feet cool as you take on long distance runs.

The sole of the shoe promises a high-energy return for a quick toe-off to increase speed and theres a curve at the bottom to encourage the heel-to-toe transition for fast results.

Its also been built with their Flytefoam propel technology, which Asics says not only helps cushion the impact of each stride, but should also help push you forward as you aim for that PB.

Latest deals

What Features Does Asics Incorporate In Women’s Running Shoes

Asics Gel

Since its introduction, ASICS has worked to improve its previous designs, making them more athlete-friendly. The brand aims at providing you with safe, comfortable, and strong shoes. Thus, ASICS women’s running shoes have these features:

  • Gel technology: One of the greatest innovations from ASICS is the gel technology introduced in 1986. The technology incorporates a gel-like substance that is added to the midsole. The gel offers you a smooth ride by absorbing any impacts your foot makes.
  • Impact guidance: This system is another major feature incorporated in ASICS road running shoes. The guidance system works with an external heel counter and plates in the midsole to give you a natural foot movement when running.
  • FlyteFoam: Apart from the EVA foam, ASICS has also added FlyteFoam that is tougher than the EVA midsole. FlyteFoam is not only durable, but also makes the running shoes lighter.

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Terrain: Road Or Trail Asics Shoes

Asics road and trail running shoes are designed differently. They offer various levels of durability, traction, and foot protection depending on the running surface. Trail running shoes can provide safety and performance that road shoes cannot but they may come with extra weight. Heres the comparison:

Asics Running Shoes Women Review

Women tend to care a little more about what their shoes look like, and that may be why the ASICS running shoes womens collection has more color options than its mens. Bursting with hot pink and turquoise hues, below, well introduce you to its best-sellers available in sizes 5-13.

ASICS Womens GEL-VENTURE 7 Running Shoes

Theres really nothing like trail running. The fresh air, the sightsits a truly freeing form of exercise that connects you to this earth. The ASICSWomens GEL-VENTURE 7 Running Shoes give you the support you need for the path ahead, using GEL® technology to help absorb shock.

Constructed with an ORTHOLITE sock liner, these shoes conform to your feet, ensuring you get the perfect fit for stability. The GEL-VENTURE 7 is made of synthetic leather for a look and feel of quality but has a lower impact on our planet.

Offering enough space for a normal width foot, these sneakers are ideal for those with a neutral or high arch. Plus, theyre cushioned for support and comfort.

The GEL-VENTURE 7s are available in 11 two-toned color options, ranging from classic black/grey to vibrant blue/pink. Get a pair on sale for $60 .

ASICS Womens GEL-KAYANO 26 Running Shoes

The road is one of the most brutal places to run, and yet, its a even, easily accessible surface than many runners depend on daily to clock miles. The ASICSWomens GEL-KAYANO 26 Running Shoes are made to help with the impact that road running takes on your joints.

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Asics Running Shoes Review

Nea Pantry

Nea Pantry is a freelance writer living in downtown Toronto. She writes full-time for Honest Brand Reviews, alongside a variety of copy writing projects for local and international businesses. When not writing, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up a batch of vegan muffins.

Is Asics Running Shoes Worth It

ASICS Running Lineup 2022. 23 models Review and Comparison.

Throughout the years, ASICS became a name that casual and serious athletes choose to meet their needs for performance and comfort. Known as a brand that caters to a variety of foot widths and arch heights, many who choose it say they get the perfect fit and stay customers for life.

With a great range of shoes for all kinds of activities, ASICS has an impressive selection with something for everyone. Along with tons of discounts and a 1-year warranty, its easy to see why so many people love and are loyal to this brand and believe its worth the buy.

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Asics Running Shoes Men Review

When it comes to running, three things reign supreme: support, stability, and cushioning. The ASICS running shoes mens collection is full of functional designs for all levels of runners.

Offering sneakers in sizes 6-15, below, youll meet the brands top-selling styles that come highly recommended.

ASICS Mens NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes

As one of the most popular surfaces to run on, the road can be hard on your joints and can cause future injuries.

The ASICSMens NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes were made to cushion and stabilize your feet with every stride, using a heel stabilizer to support the back of your foot, but keeping the feel responsivenot like you have inches of cushion underneath.

Choosing FF BLAST cushioning to provide great rebound, these road running shoes are perfect for hilly and flat roads. Theyre available in ten striking color combinations.

Get a pair of the ASICS NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes for $130.

ASICS Mens GEL-LYTE III Running Shoes

Running shoes with cushioning are great for reducing the impact of the road on your feet and joints, but theres a point where they can start to feel too clunky.

The ASICSMens GEL-LYTE III Running Shoes are the most recent model of the GEL-LYTE design thats been going strong for over 30 years.

Available in white with yellow, orange, coral, or blue accents, you can get a pair of the ASICS GEL-LYTE IIIs on sale right now for $83, theyre normally $110.

ASICS Mens GEL-Resolution 8 Running Shoes

Find Your Balance In Men’s Asics Running Shoes

From humble beginnings to one of the premier companies in the running shoe world, ASICS strives to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded his athletic footwear company Onitsuka Co., Ltd. in 1949 in Kobe, Japan, after he began manufacturing basketball shoes out of his living room. In 1977, he changed his company’s name to the acronym ASICS based on the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano.” The saying translates to “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body,” an ancient ideal ASICS strives to achieve. ASICS running shoes for men balance style and function that inspire both athletes and non-athletes to seek happier, healthier lifestyles.

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Asics Running Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Knowing that this companys shoes are worn by professional athletes says a lot about their quality, comfort, and performance. But since no ASICS running shoes review would be complete without hearing from customers, in this section, thats exactly what well do.

First, lets check up on some ratings for the best-sellersfound on After that, well dive into some comments.

  • GEL-Resolution 8: average of 4.2/5 stars from 213 reviews
  • GEL-LYTE III: average of 4.5/5 stars from 125 reviews
  • GEL-KAYANO 27: average of 4.5/5 stars from 3,684 reviews
  • GEL-VENTURE 7: average of 4.4/5 stars from 1,235 reviews
  • : average of 4.5/5 stars from 198 reviews

To see what customers love about the brands footwear, we looked into the ASICS running shoes review section for the GEL-VENTURE 7. Among the feedback, the most common words we came across were sturdy and comfortable.

One comment that sums things up nicely reads: Love my ASICS this is my 4th pair of the Gel Venture. They fit well and last great on our gravel road for my daily 3-4 mile walks. A great example of the GEL-VENTURE 7s quality and comfort, the fact that this customer buys them repeatedly speaks volumes.

To see if these great scores help up outside of the brands site, we headed over to Amazon and checked out the Mens NOVABLAST sneaker. Finding a score of 4.6/5 stars from 152 shoppers, weve included the rating snapshot below to help you see how it breaks down.

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