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Where To Buy Shoes In Nyc

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At your local SKECHERS New York shoe stores, you will find the right footwear to fit every occasion. We carry a wide range of products that will take you from work to weekend fun to a night out.

Great for the entire family, SKECHERS has a wide range of casual shoes for men and women, sturdy and stylish kids’ shoes that the little ones want to wear, and athletic sneakers for your weekend adventures.

The Armoury: Endlessly Tasteful Menswear With The Shoes To Match

168 Duane St, near Hudson;;


Possibly New Yorks most impressive menswear store overall, this Tribeca spawn of the Hong Kong original features a loft thats basically a treehouse for shoe-mad grownups, with Sour Patch Kids and comics and replaced by loafers and cap-toes. Owner Mark Cho has a rich history of identifying shoemakers that are under-appreciated or even unknown in the States: he was the first to convince Carmina they needed to sell in the US a half-decade ago, and is also the only stateside shop selling the otherworldly ready-to-wear line from Japanese bespoke maestro Yohei Fukuda. Other stuff you really just cant get elsewhere: Baudoin & Lange loafers, Bowhill & Elliot velvet slippers, and the Armoury namesake line of oxfords and derbies, which allow you to experience the majesty of Fukuda for under $500. And of course, there are Aldens.

Your Local Skechers Stores In New York New York Feature All Your Favorite Skechers Styles And Collections

Our casual offerings include trend-right sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, and boots for men and women. And there are countless fun shoes for kids, from infants and toddlers, to preschool and grade school sizes. You’ll also find the latest innovative Skechers Performance shoes, including the popular Skechers GOrun and Skechers GOwalk lines. Find all this and more at the SKECHERS retail store – your best option for shoe shopping in New York, New York.

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Does New Balance Do Black Friday

Expected Black Friday start date: Tuesday November 23, 2021. Note: All New Balance retail and factory outlet stores located in these malls/outlets were closed for the entire day on Thanksgiving day last year due to COVID-19. We may still see some similar closures in certain areas across the country this year.

Self Edge: The Only Place Youll Find Boots From Japans The Flat Head

Buy Handmade Shoes In New York . . Omarbailey Footwear is ...

157 Orchard St, between Stanton and Ludlow


If you often feel the desire to drown yourself in denim, you probably already know about Self Edge, one of the harbingers of the currentand warrantedmania around selvedge . But the LES shop also has a history of stocking deeply interesting boots youd have a helluva time finding elsewhere.

While theyve been one of a very small handful of shops to carry the exceedingly rare John Lofgren boots, and they may still have a few pairs of aggressively innovative/beautiful Yuketens by the time you read this, their main focus at the moment is on engineer boots from The Flat Head. The Japanese denim geniuses have created what Self Edge considers to be the ultimate boot in this style, made of natural Chromexcel leather that will wear beautifully over time, and built to the same impeccable standards as the brands denim.

Love a New York shoe shop that isnt on this list? Shoot us an email at , or DM us on Instagram at @stitchdown

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John Lobb: Revered Qualityespecially If You Go Bespoke

800 Madison Ave, between 67th and 68th


For over a century, the only way to treat your feet to a pair of John Lobb shoes was through their bespoke service: working with a master bootmaker for up to a year to create a last that followed the exact contours of your feet, from which a masterpiece was made to your exact specifications. In 1982, the brand finally became accessible to more men with the introduction of a ready-to-wear line that carried over the brands exacting quality standards. In 2000, Lobbs first Madison Avenue shop opened, allowing New Yorkers and countless shoe fanatics slipping away from family vacations to purchase ready-to-wear classics like the Lopez loafer and its double monk-strap William and William II. In 2012, the shop moved to this location five blocks further north.

Of course the bespoke tradition continues, carried on in the States by master bootmaker Paul Wilson, who creates his art every day above the New York shop when hes not flying to spend time with Lobb clients around the country. Wilson has designed and hand-made hundreds of John Lobb shoes throughout his storied career, and few people are more knowledgable about the processor are more enjoyable to spend hours with, just talking shoes. Are any John Lobbs, even the ready-to-wear collection, um, affordable? No! But when you end up with style icons that can last decades if you take care of them properly, they absolutely shouldnt be.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Sneakers In Nyc

Best cheap sneakers in Manhattan, NY

  • Solestice. 3.3 mi. 5 reviews. $ Shoe Stores, Sports Wear.
  • Nike Clearance Store. 7.5 mi. 94 reviews.
  • Foot Locker. 0.5 mi. 17 reviews.
  • JackRabbit East Side. 0.8 mi. 142 reviews.
  • Flight Club. 2.0 mi. 357 reviews.
  • DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse. 0.9 mi. 106 reviews.
  • West NYC. 1.3 mi. 37 reviews.
  • JackRabbit Union Square. 1.9 mi. 345 reviews.

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Thursday Boots: Classic Looks For Under $250

Ongoing pop-up: 65 Mercer St, between Prince and Spring

Showroom : 48 W. 21st St, 2nd Floor


Firmly planting itself right in the middle of the $250-and-under scene, Thursdays a newer-ish brand crafting handsomely straightforward, classically styled footwear at that aforementioned seriously reasonable price. While they also make a wingtip, loafer, and even a double monk , most of their work has been carving out a legitimate space in the crowded boot market with Chelseas, a moc-toe wedge sole workboot, and most prominently, a broad spectrum of cap- and round-toes. While you can swing by their Flatiron showroom to get sized and make a purchase , their current true retail shop is a cozy two-floor Soho pop-up that stayed popped. But theyre currently locking down a new spaceIll be sure to update once that happens.

Modern Anthology: The Only Place To Score Helm Boots In Ny


123 Smith St, between Pacific and Dean

Dedicated to an excellent selection of menswear that could be loosely categorized as street-/workwear for people who actually go to work, Modern Anthology is also the only place in New York City youll be able to find and try on HELM boots.;Austins own bootmaker crafts Goodyear Welted and Blake Rapid-stitched boots that are at once classic and still quite different than all the Red Wing knockoffs youll see out there, and age beautifully.

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Sneaker Stores You Must Visit In New York City

Its no secret that New York City is known for being one of the worlds best fashion destinations. However, what is a secret to some is where and how to find the best places to shop for sneakers when you visit the Big Apple. Lucky for you, were here to help.

Aside from the well-known places like the flagship stores for adidas and Nike, there are a few other sneaker stores that are necessary to stop in when youre in NYC.;Even if youre not looking to purchase anything, the atmosphere in these places will make you feel at home, regardless of whether youve travelled from a long way away. As an added bonus, there are so many good restaurants to fuel you as you go on your way!

Meermin: One Of The Best Shoe

123 Mercer St, between Price and Spring;


An upstart shoemaker from the Spanish island of Mallorca, Meermin has one major differentiator: price. The bulk of their deep line costs under $200, and even their upscale line built with higher-quality leathers comes in below $350. How do they do it? A direct-to-consumer model that sells only through their website, a shop in Madrid, and this roomy second floor loft in Soho around the corner from shops selling pairs of boxers for the same price.

So, what do you get for that crazy, wonderful price? Never having owned a pair I cant speak to their quality and longevity the way Id like to . But everyone I know who owns a pair speaks highly of their out-of-the-shoebox comfort and build qualitythey use durable leather soles from highly respected JR Redenbach, for instance, and Goodyear welt all their shoes, which is rare at this price point.

They certainly deliver on the these are pretty darn handsome front via a range of classic styles that stay right within the sweet spot of delivering looks without trying too hard: cap toe brogue oxfords, loafers of all ilk, chukkas and Chelseas, longwings, Norwegian split toes, the whole deal.

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The 15 Best Shoe Stores In New York City

Celina Joseph:;Received an excellent service from Jim’s Shoe Repair shop. The customer support staff is very nice and attentive. Doing their job very well. So much neat, clean & very well maintained area. Nice shop.

Bergdorf Goodman:;Every once in a while our boots need a polish and soles repairing… Jim’s is the one we always trust. Oh, and they can replace a heel cap in less than five minutes.

Howard:;Just the best! That simple

Elina Mayr:;I’ve got amazing vegan shoes for my girlfriend. and she loves it so much. friendly and kind atmosphere.

Erika:;Get hot vegan shoes. Save the planet.

Time Out New York:;Cruelty-free footwear is no longer a crime against fashion. Moo stocks a variety of brands for men & women, such as Cri De Coeur & NOVACAS, plus styles from independent designers. Read more.

Tommy Bakhtamian:;Great shoe collection overall. You wont be sorry walking 9 miles to go there

Dee Phunk:;We now live in a time where the Internet is killing boutique sneaker shops. Flight Club is a big exception to that phenomenon. Insane selection + helpful staff.

Jaye Jackson:;Bred11s Retro

Amanda Raye:;Quality shoes at a great price. And they always give great service!

Estefania Carvajal:;Excellent. All those dreamy boots you’ve always wanted.

7th.List:;The grunge staple. For workers, rebels and non-conformists. Either you love the clunky, comfortable boots or you hate them, but if you’re in the former camp, you’ll find plenty to choose from here Read more.

Rrl: The Line Is Small But Damn Is It Nice

25 of the Best Places to Buy Shoes in New York City ...

381 W. Broadway between Spring and Broome

85 N. 3rd St, between Berry and Wythe


While not exclusively a shoemaker by any stretch , Ralph Laurens upticked heritage label does peddle a small handful of highly worth shoes and boots. Most notable: these Quoddy-ish leather moccasins, and the Brunel workboot , whose exquisite details make it pretty obvious that your apparent Red Wing moc-toes are actually not Red Wings at all.

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Alden Madison: Shell Cordovan Heaven

340 Madison Ave, between 43rd and 44th


Alden Madison probably sells more shell cordovan than anyone else in the world, according to its co-owner of 15 years, Curt. And they definitely sell more Aldensthe Manhattan institution a block away from Grand Central Terminal is the number one account for the heritage Massachusetts shoe brand that inspires as much lust and excitement as any other shoemaker.

What makes Alden an icon? A combination of timeless looks, refusal to budge from a commitment to impeccable quality, and a price point thats not exactly cheap but still attainable. And of course that shell cordovan: the worlds most durable and perfect shoe leather, made from the rear quarters of a horse instead of the calf leather you see on most shoes. Cordovan absolutely refuses to crease, is tremendously difficult to scuff permanently, and ages into a beautiful, unique patina on every pair. Alden is famed for its burgundy Color 8 cordovan, and sources more of it from the famed Horween Leather Co. than any other shoemaker.

Curt, Aniello, and Anthony are experts at expert at sizing anyone into the range of Alden lasts, and have the stock to make good on those fits. They stock sizes 6 through 13 in medium and wide in all the styles and leathers youre probably interested in. Ive personally bought two pairs from these fellas , and dont plan on stopping there. Especially because they even mark down discontinued styles, something you almost never see on Aldens.

Taft: Wildly Unique Shoes And Boots At A Very Strong Price

135 Prince St, between Wooster and West Broadway


Taft founder Kory Stevens started a humble no-show sock company, and ended up with a budding footwear Goliath. Four years into its journey, Taft has established itself as a go-to brand for anyone who wants morenot a little more, a LOT moreon the style side of things when it comes to boots and shoes. And while Taft may be more for the purely fashionable than those who nerd out on construction and leathers, Kory ensures that everything is built to impressively high standards while keeping prices mostly in the $250-$350 range. Their first store, smack in the middle of Soho, is a fantastic stake in the ground.

Oh and for a ton more on Taft, check out my Stitchdown Conversation with Kory.

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Moulded Shoe: Home Of The Alden Modified Last

10 E 39th St, between 5th and Madison


There is no shoe store in the world like Moulded Shoe. Maybe they all used to be like this, at some more romantic point in our countrys footwear history. Back when the entire point of shoes was quality, and longevity, and an ideal fit that can legitimately make your life better with every step. Back when entire families bought every pair of shoes they owned from the same place . A place lovingly run by the same people who knew exactly what those customers wanted, and more importantly, what they needed.

Were not in that time, not by a longshot. Which is just one reason why we should all be ever more thankful that Moulded Shoe persists. Another oneand all the cause you need to stop in to see longtime owner Ronis that Moulded is the U.S. epicenter of the Alden Modified Last. Perhaps the New England stalwarts most unique creation, the Modified Last is an orthopedic marvel with an incredibly narrow heel and waist tapering out to a wide forefoot with a dramatic swing, and one of the highest arches youve ever encountered. If your foot agrees with the last , itll probably be the most comfortable, supportive, healthy shoe youll ever wear. If it doesnt agree, you will howl in pain, long before you ever come close to buying themyoull know theyre not for you immediately. So thats good, at least.

Crockett And Jones: Timeless Infallible British Shoes


11 E 55th St, between 5th and Madison

156 Spring St, between W. Broadway and Wooster


Northampton is the womb of fine British shoemakers, and its where Crockett & Jones has operated out of since 1879, now under the guidance of 4th-generation scion Jonathan Jones. Their museum-quality Midtown shop offers phenomenal customer service and education under the guidance of manager Kevin Hill, whos been at the helm since the shop openedand they just opened a more modern-designed store in Soho. Crocketts Hand-Grade collection is a step up in price from something like Alden, but plenty worth the scratch, especially if youre looking for something a bit morewell, British.

The Crockett & Jones range swings from chiseled oxfords, to wingtip double monks, to some truly exceptional country boots, to one of my personal favorites: the plain toe derby in a wonderfully pebbled Scotch grain leather. Meanwhile, their black or navy velvet house slippers are customizable with embroidery ranging from skulls and crossbones to the most distinguished T-Rex that Sam Neill could possibly imagine. And basically anything youre capable of dreaming up, Crockett can create through their special order program after a fitting and consultation at the shop. Even if you dream in crocodile.

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Allen Edmonds: A Classic American Shoe At A Solid Price

225 Liberty Street, in Brookfield Place

20 W 43rd St, between 5th and 6th

24 E 44th Street, between 5th and Madison


If youve never owned a pair of Allen Edmonds, its entirely possible that dont own any shoes at all. Based in Wisconsin since 1922, AE has all the dress shoe greatest-hits stylesthe Strand cap-toe oxford probably being the most famous; Ive had mine for almost a decadeat consistently reasonable-ish prices. Also notable: shell cordovan you can get for under $700, and a line of boots highlighted by the damn handsome Higgins Mill. Theyve got both downtown and Midtown canvassed, including two shops literally a block apart near Grand Central, because, why the hell not?

Brooklyn Tailors: Get Your Joseph Cheaneys Here Now Sadly Closed

327 Grand St, between Havemeyer and Marcy


Brooklyn Tailors main business is, believe it or not, tailoring . But they also hold the distinction of being one of the few stores in the US to carry U.K. stalwart Joseph Cheaneys line of oxfords, split-toe derbies, Chelsea boots, and chukkas. If youre looking for an incredibly well-made shoe around $500 that you can be reasonably certain everyone else at the party wont be wearingeven if its a party full of people in the shoe industrythis is your place.

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