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Which Hoka Shoe Is Best For Running

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Hoka Vs Salomon: Extras

The Best New HOKA ONE ONE Running Shoes of 2019

A pair of trail running shoes are more than just the sum of their individual parts. When purchasing shoes, we also need to take into account their heel-to-toe drop, sizing, and other features.

The XA Pros have an 11mm heel-to-toe drop, considered a traditional design and comfortably allows a heel striking run style. The model also comes in both regular width and wide sizes, for those of us who find regular width shoes pinchy at the midfoot.

Lastly, while the XA Pro 3D V8 has a breathable topper, it is not waterproof. But the Xa Pro 3D line has a Gore-Tex version that is waterproof and is perfect for running through deep mud and snow.

The Speedgoat 3 boasts only a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, making it a low drop shoe intended to promote the lower impact, mid-foot striking style. However, the low drop does take some getting used to. And running too many miles, too quickly, can be an injury risk.

Speedgoat 3 too comes in both regular and wide width, and with a WP waterproof version also though the WP version uses Skyshell instead of Gore-Tex membrane.

The biggest remaining difference between the two shoes is the heel-to-toe drop. The choice is simple, if you are more comfortable as a heel striker the XA Pros takes the lead. And if you are a mid-foot striker or thinking about transitioning to a mid-foot style, you should consider the Speedgoat.

Are Hoka Shoes Good For Nurses

Did you think nurses still wear white, chunky heeled Mary Janes? Most modern nurses wear sneakers in just about any color. In fact, darker colors are more practical for this job. Bondi 5 has the greatest support and stability. Gaviota is foamy and lightweight.

Clifton 4 comes with neutral arch support plus a low drop. Arahi allows for a natural gait. The Speedgoat 2 provides maximum cushioning technology that is engineered to actively absorb the impact of each step.

Which Hoka Shoe Is Best For Me Running Shoes & Sneakers 2021

Hoka shoe brand was created in 2009 by a trail runner. The shoe movement was at its peak in those times. So Hoka One designed the most comfortable and cushiest shoes. The best features in Hoka shoes make them a wise choice for runners and non-runners. It is best suited for those who spend a lot of time standing or moving around, like nurses, teachers, doctors, and cleaners. For runners, Hoka running shoes provide fit and comfortable shoes that provide extra cushion to their feet.

Hoka shoe brand offers various shoes for both men and women, including running, walking, casual, and trail running shoes. Hoka brand has designed shoes on few basic features like advanced cushioning to protect your heel, toe, and ankle from pressure and pain during running. The shoe is lightweight therefore liked by most of the runners. The Rocker Midsole provides a wearer with a comfortable ride and a snug fit.

The specific Hoka shoes are also designed for flat-foot people to offer their feet with proper arch support. Hoka shoes are made with EVA foam rubber, R Mat, and R Bound materials. All these materials serve the same purpose: they are the lightweight and breathable fabric that allows air circulation and protects the runner from sweat and odor. The best Hoka shoes with their features are listed below.


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Hoka: Comfortable Shoes For Men And Women

Since their first design, HOKA has expanded their line to include shoes to fit almost any lifestyle and foot. Today, Hoka produces many different styles of shoes, whether that be a low-profile or extra cushioning.

Their shoe designers tailor each model to have specific attributes for specific uses. Whether you need a pair for walking, running or hiking, HOKA has the perfect shoe for you.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recognizes the brand, and their shoes hold their Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health. To attain this, a group of APMA podiatrists must review each product to ensure it can keep the seal of approval.

St Pete Running Company Is Open

Hoka Running Shoes

If youre ready to test out a pair of Hoka shoes for walking, we can help! Come into the store where our shoe experts are ready to provide the high-quality customer service you expect from a Top 50 Running Store in America.

We are working hard to keep our store clean and sanitized for you, our customer family. In accordance with county, city, and CDC guidelines, we require our employees to wear masks. Customers are also asked to wear masks when they come into our store. We provide hand sanitizer when you enter the store.

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Hoka One One Arahi 2 Running Shoe

Here is my last recommendation for the best HOKA shoes for nurses. Continuing their philosophy of providing the best quality to their buyers, HOKA has designed These HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 2 Running shoes with great aesthetic details. Athletes mainly consider it due to its durability.

Still, I am mentioning this beauty here because it is also reliable for those doing hustle jobs, just like nursing, and most importantly, this shoe is designed to prevent your feet from bad feet injuries. Firstly, the upper mesh is pretty breathable for your feet as it will allow airflow and makes your feet sweat-free, cool, and dry at the same time.

Secondly, the fabric is enhanced, which is a plus point for nurses to work on a hectic day without getting tired feet at night. Just like all other HOKA footwear, these shoes too have a plush tongue and collar for snug-fit as well as a secure fit to minimalize the discomfort during work.

Let us talk about its J-framed midsole, specially designed to give dynamic stability when you hurried to reach the operation theater or any patient ward. Furthermore, ample shock absorption is the key role performed by the midsole to save you from joint or leg muscles pain from unforgiving floors.

The Bottom Line

Are Hoka Shoes Worth The Money

That is of course very subjective. Only you really know the answer to that. However, if you like a shoe with plenty of cushioning, the Hoka is for you. People looking for speed may want something more minimalist. Hoka was built more for comfort than speed. They wont make you faster but will help you with recovery.

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Hoka One One Buying Guide: It’s Your Time To Fly

Initially distinguished by their oversized midsoles,;todays line-up of high-performance footwear from HOKA ONE ONE is designed with the same enhanced cushioning, inherent stability and problem-solving inspiration that now meets the needs of a wide variety of runners. We take a closer look at the brand ethos, as well as the bold and often unexpected approach that underpins some of the latest HOKA models.

What Does Hoka Stand For

The Best HOKA Running Shoes for the Marathon

This brand has an odd pronunciation. There is some contention as to whether the o in Hoka is like in hot or home, but the short vowel seems preferred. The One in Hoka One One is not pronounced like the number but as oh-nay. The name Hoka One One comes from a Maori phrase that means fly over the earth. This explains why their logo looks like a seagull in flight.

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Whats So Great About Hoka Running Shoes

Lets address the elephant in the room: HOKAs are not for every runner. Some people like a more standard cut, while others prefer minimalistor even barefoot-stylerunning shoes. Simply put, youre not going to feel the ground as much with HOKAs. Thats the trade-off for the increased cushioning.;

OK, but really, you might say, whats so great about em?

For starters, HOKAs are extremely lightweight. This means less resistance with each step. This is thanks to their PROFLY cushioning, renowned for its ultralight construction, springy comfort, and heel protection.

Second, HOKAs are built with a wider toe box. Runners with wide feet will certainly appreciate this, but even those with narrow feet might enjoy the extra space for their toes to naturally splay on impact.

Lastly, HOKAs have an exceptionally cushioned midsole, featuring their proprietary Meta Rocker technology. Meta Rocker geometry allows smooth transitions from the moment your heel touches down to your next toe-offkind of like a rocking chair for your foot. Meta Rockers can be classified as either early-stage or late-stage.

An early-stage Meta Rocker is placed behind the metatarsal heads and encourages a smooth ride and rapid forefoot transitions. The late-stage Meta Rocker is located in front of the metatarsal heads and prioritizes forefoot stability.

  • Versatile<\/span><\/li>
  • Grippy<\/span><\/li>
  • Lightweight<\/span><\/li>
  • Responsive feel<\/span><\/li>
  • Super minimalist<\/span><\/li>
  • Supportive<\/span><\/li>
  • Hoka One One Womens Challenger Atr 4 Trail Running Shoes

    The Womens Challenger ATR 4 Trail Running shoes by HOKA ONE ONE is carefully designed to have multi-terrain support for slippery and uneven surfaces. Feel free to walk or run on roads, trails, or wet floors. Breathable textured textile is used to make the upper layer of these shoes to keep your feet dry and cool at the face time hence preventing them from sweating which is the major cause of the bad odor, blisters, and rashes.

    If you are one of those who like to wear fashionable sneakers, then Womens Challenger ATR 4 is for you. These came in many colors, matching laces and contrasting midsole so, you can choose them according to your wardrobe style. It is safe to say that these are the most visually appealing shoes in the line of HOKA. Now feel free to wear them and walk whenever and wherever you like.

    When reviewing the upper features, I noticed that it is highly durable due to its improved features. You can face the high level of ruggedness while your foot will remain in a perfectly comfortable position to keep you away from any harm.

    These sneakers have a multi-lugged outsole, providing the desired grip on various indoor and outdoor moments. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole makes these shoes the best Hoka shoes for standing all day without feeling uncomfortable.

    The Bottom Line

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    Hoka Vs Salomon: First Impression

    At first glance, both models look stylish yet comfortable.

    The Salomon XA Pro 3D V8 comes in two muted and one vibrant colors. The Grape Leaf and black color schemes are perfect for both the trail and office, while the Bistre / Bluebird colors evoke a sunny autumn afternoon stroll.

    The XA Pro also carries the signature Salmon single-pull lace setup. Great for runners who, like me, always find laces untied at the most inopportune times. At 1 pound 8 ounces , the XA Pro is slightly heavier than I would prefer for an endurance racer.

    The Speedgoat 3 carries the Hoka signature neon palette no matter which color scheme you get. I am especially impressed by the Fiesta / Provincial Blue version. But no matter which colors you choose, its hard not to stand out from the crowd wearing a pair of brand new Speedgoats 3s. At 1 pound 4.6 ounces , the Speedgoat is also a good example of Hokas maximum support at minimum weight motto.

    Personally, I prefer the Speedgoat 3s colors schemes and its lighter weight. But if you hate neons trail runners, the XA Pro is a better fit.

    When Should I Replace My Shoes

    Hoka One One Mens Stinson 3 ATR Trail Running Sneaker Shoe ...

    Replacing your shoes is not something you want to do, but its very much a necessity and should be done regularly.; Knowing when to do it is tough, though.; Here are a few things to look for that indicate you need to make a change:

    You are seeing tears of the upper fabric.; This is a no-brainer, or it should be.; If you see tears, then you are susceptible to a lot of things you wouldnt normally would be.; You could fall or stub your toe and have no protection at all.

    The soles are no longer sticky to the ground.; If the soles are constantly sliding on surfaces, or if the soles are coming unglued from the shoes, then you have a real problem.; You need a stable foundation, and without it you could end up seriously harmed.

    Keep track of mileage.; This is not a perfect system, since all shoes are different, but if you are somewhere between 400 and 600 miles in your shoes, then you should really be considering a change. This DOES include walking, too, so dont forget that. You can do more walking, sure, but you still have to factor in all of that wear and tear to fairly judge it.


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    Why Hoka Works Great With Orthotic Solutions

    Many orthopedic professionals recommend HOKA shoes for those experiencing any foot pain in need of orthotic solutions. HOKAs range of products provides patients with a variety of supportive and cushioned shoes that help them during any activity levels, no matter their foot type or shape.

    Their well-known oversized cushioned soles can provide the wearer with a lot of support and enable them to stay on their feet all day, whether thats for work or play. The design works great for those who suffer from ball-of-foot pain and heel pain like plantar fasciitis. The oversized cushioning on the soles will decrease the pressure under the heel and ball of the foot as you are walking.

    The unique shape of the Hoka includes something known as a rocker sole, with the front and back of the shoe both curving upward. The rocker soles also help decrease the heel and forefoot pressure and decrease joint motion in the foot, making it an excellent option for people who suffer from foot arthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

    But even with all this added cushion, HOKA shoes still manage to be feather-light for their size, even compared to some minimalist shoes.

    All in all, HOKA provides quality orthotics shoes for men and women alike. Here are some of our most recommended HOKAs to wear with your orthotic solutions:

    Hoka One One Clifton 2

    Hoka One One Clifton 2 is our top favorite running shoes for heavy runners. The main reason behind choosing this as our favorite is the balanced and perfect cushioning. Hoka One One Clifton 2 provides amazing shock reduction for the heavy runners, that they can enjoy a comfortable and stable run for a long time. Though its an ultra-lightweight running shoe, it offers great cushioning.

    Best Running Shoes For Heavy Runners 2018


    • Padded tongue for extra comfort
    • Great road shoes
    • Better durability than the previous version
    • Smooth riding

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    Hoka One One Men Clifton 6 Running Shoe

    These shoes have changed the perception of a runner. Clifton 6 running shoe belongs to an award-winning Clifton Family. Clifton from HOKA ONE has maintained its quality by building 6 in a perfect blend of material, making it soft and light in weight and beyond your imagination. Clifton 6 will make sure to give comfort feel to your feet while walking or even running.

    Talking about the texture of the shoe, the upper part has been designed to regulate the airflow, hence keeping your feet cool and dry to avoid bad odor.

    Furthermore, its midsole has been created by keeping in view the responsiveness and cushioning, which is perfect for runners and male nurses, making it the best HOKA nurse shoe. The grippy rubber outsole is the best feature of this shoe.

    This will provide extra grip to your foot if you are walking in a highly rush area. Matching hill pull tub will guide you to wear shoes properly to avoid any tearing and wearing of the shoes. Clifton 6 is a balanced pair of shoes evenly cushioned to give you an enjoyable walk.

    The Bottom Line

    Saucony Mens Triumph Iso Running Shoe

    BDS Unboxing: Hoka Clifton 6 Running Shoe (Best Shoe For Heavy Runners)

    Triumph ISO is another great running shoe for heavy runners. This running shoe comes with amazing cushioning to let you run for more miles. Even though there is a new version of this shoe is in the market, I still feel that this is better for heavy runners. The lightweight support frame is used to increase the uppers structure and stability. Due to the good cushioning, the fit of Saucony Triumph ISO running shoe is amazing. Heavy runners will appreciate the smooth feeling while running.


    • Lightweight support frame for better supper structure and stability
    • Durable iBR+ midfoot outsole pode
    • Available in several colors

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    Have You Tried Hoka Walking Shoes

    When it comes to a low-impact workout, walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Not only is walking easier on the joints, its also a fantastic cardio workout, especially when you walk for at least 45 minutes a day.

    A recent study conducted in late March by Rockport and First Insight found that over half of Americans are now walking more than they did pre-pandemic. Combine that with those who walk a lot throughout the duration of the work day, such as Nurses, and theres a significant uptick in walking footwear.

    So, how important are walking shoes? Very important! Your feet need to be in a walking shoe that offers support and cushion according to your individual needs. Some walkers will require a stability shoe due to overpronation, while others will need a neutral shoe. Some walkers like a lightweight shoe, while others might prefer a high cushion shoe for added support. Some will benefit from both of those elements, which is why todays recommendation will focus on Hoka shoes for walking.

    Hoka One One Supportive Daily Trainers

    Hoka’s stability running shoes are characterized by low heel-to-toe drops, low weight and high cushioning. It’s a must-try collection if you need stability shoes.

    Hoka One One Gaviota 3

    • Comfortable, secure fit
    • Large heel loop
    Recommended for
    or buy them here: Men / Women

    Hoka One One Arahi 5

    • Very light weight despite looking like a heavier shoe.
    • Modest amount of stability and lower drop offer unique ride.
    • Outsole is durable and gives lots of grip.
    Recommended for
    or buy them here: Men / Women

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