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Are Air Max 90 Running Shoes

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Are Nike Air Max 720 Good For Running

Air Max 90 Review: A Timeless Classic (On feet)

The answer is no.

Like the Air Max 270, the Air Max 720 is one of the only Air Maxes ever to be made specifically for lifestyle wear and not for running.

Not only that, but Nike also put the tallest air unit theyve ever put in any sneaker into the 720, which makes the shoe a little bit unstable for running.

Because of the placement of the Air bubble on the heel and how just thick this Air bubble is, its a different walking experience and its something that you kind of have to get used to. But for running, this is going to hurt long before you get used to it.

Also, because this gigantic Air Unit has a wedge-like shape and because the back of the Air bubble is pushed out so far from the heel, I find that the back of the Air bubble actually hits the ground on strides before your heel does, which is kind of disconcerting like its definitely a weird feeling.


This Air Unit runs from the toe all the way around the bottom to the other side of the toe. It also starts to get significantly thicker the farther back in the shoe you get.

To be 100% honest, it almost feels like I have to change the way that I walk in this shoe and thats not a good thing.

But on the other side of the coin, this Air unit is incredibly comfortable for lifestyle wear and I dont want to hate on it because it just feels so great underfoot.


The upper comes in this padded mesh thats actually accented by pressed details that almost look like ripples or waves.



Are Nike Air Max 90 Good For Running

The answer is yes. I do count the Nike Air Max 3 as a running shoe because it was designed as a running shoe. It might be not classified as one right now, but certainly, back in the day, it was.

So, can you still run in the Air Max 90? Yes, you can, but Ive got to point out Im not going to go running any serious distance in this one because its really heavy.

A lot of people might complain and say its not a running shoe. Well, it very clearly is a running shoe. I mean if its good enough for Steve Moneghetti, then its good enough for me.

So, the more experienced runners out there, do you ever remember using the Air Max line for running?

There are some staple design features that have not disappeared from Nikes running shoe lineup over 30 years.


We rarely see such tooling on running shoes these days. Theres a leather piece that looks kind of like a bit of a mudguard, I suppose.

That mesh material upfront is unbelievable. Actually, the flexibility is really welcome and it does feel really plush interesting.

There are some extra eyelets at the top of the lacing system intended for the runners knot.

The padding in the heel, collar, and tongue is quite considerable and theres a considerable heel counter as well.

Its quite enlightening to see the development and advancement of running shoes. Maybe with the forthcoming Vomero 15 and that Zoom X Invincible as well were returning to a more padded heel collar and tongue.



Are Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers For Men Only For Running

Nike Air Max 90 sneakers for men were originally designed as running shoes. All of the shoes feature Nike’s Air unit in the heel. This unit is almost like a very sturdy pillow, and it offers support and comfort. It also gives runners a little bit more spring. In addition, these sneakers have thick soles and waffle treads, which help to grip different running surfaces.

These vintage style sneakers aren’t only for running. They’re suitable for any athletic activity, from running trails to playing basketball. All of the things that make them good athletic shoes also make them fantastic for everyday wear. In addition, they’re classy and fashionable enough to wear in a variety of settings.

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The Evolution Of The Revolution

That original Air Max hit the ground running for Nike, so much so that subsequent designs followed that would become equally legendary and beloved.

The Air Max 90 features a chunky outsole that was simply necessary at the time but is an on-trend look today. Its layers of materials on the upper offer a depth to this classic silhouette.

The Air Max 95 is comprised of smooth, flowing lines that draw inspiration from the human spine for a beautiful look and ride.

Speed was central to the concept of the Air Max 97, which designer Christian Tresser modeled after a Japanese bullet train. The upper looks like a blur, which every runner would strive for when lacing them up.

Modern variations include the Air Max 270, a lifestyle-oriented offering that draws from the Air Max 180 and the Air Max 93.

And the Nike Air VaporMax literally took things up a notch. It drew on Nikes running heritage and Air cushioning to pump up the biggest Air-Sole in brand history and run it the full length of the shoe. Articulate this sole system to allow for more natural movement and remove the midsole to put your foot in more direct contact with it, and you have a memorable shoe that will turn heads for years to come.

Once A Runner Forever An Icon


Aside from its eye-catching original colorway, at the time, the Air Max 90 was also an advanced running shoe. It was only the third shoe from Nike to feature a visible Air unit, the coveted shock-absorbing cushioning for runners in 1990. Since its release almost 30 years ago, these kicks have become essential for any sneaker rotation.

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Are Nike Air Max 2090 Good For Running

The answer is yes and no. You can run in it but only for very short distances.

The 2090 is extremely heavy, it isnt cushioned enough, and the heel area is a little bit hard, which would create issues if you run in this shoe for longer distances.

Also, the shoe doesnt provide stability and you would definitely feel wobbly because it is such a massive stack on the back.

Jump down to Air Max 98

Every year on Air Max Day, Nike releases a few different Air Max models and also usually releases a new version of the Air Max silhouette. The Air Max 2090 is no different.

With the Air Max 2090, Nikes doing one of the things that they do really well which is draw on their history.

As you may already be able to tell, the Air Max 2090 is heavily inspired by the Air Max 90 which originally released in 1990.

I would almost consider the Air Max 2090 the modern take on the Air Max 90 and I really do think thats a good thing.

The Air Max 90 is so insanely popular for a reason and so by drawing on that sneaker, you really do get a lot of the great elements from that shoe on this new version of the sneaker.

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The majority of the upper is covered in this clear plastic mesh. Underneath this clear plastic mesh, youve actually got this textile liner which goes right up against your foot.


Youve got this semi-translucent heel tab which actually bears a striking resemblance to the heel tab on the Air Max 90.


Years Running The Nike Air Max 90 Keeps You In Step

Nike Air cushioning encouraged runners to get out and run, basketball players to get out and ball, and essentially everyone to get out and Just do it. In 1987, Nikes Air Revolution let air have a peek outside as well.

Thats when Nike first opened up the midsole to show the world what had been absorbing and dispersing its every footstep since the 1970s. The public loved it, and Nike obliged our love of the shoe by issuing fresh Air with a new design every year.

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Nike Sneakers Ranked Best To Worst To Workout In

What sport doesn’t Nike cover? When we ranked 20 adidas shoes to workout in, we posed the question if there was a brand more versatile than the Three Stripes? Obviously, if there is, it’s Nike. From running to basketball to even skateboarding, the Swoosh pretty much has its hand in everything. Therefore the task of selecting the perfect workout shoe from the Swoosh’s wide range of offerings can be pretty daunting. Since it worked so well with adidas, we’ve decided to do it again with Nike, only bigger this time.

No. 1 – Zoom Hypercross TR

Meant for: TrainingPro: Contains Nike’s innovative HexZoom outsoleCon: A lot of the good colorways are currently sold out

It’s fitting that a shoe as futuristic as the Nike Zoom Hypercross TR would get the “Galaxy” treatment. Don’t let the snazzy colorway fool you, though. The Zoom Hypercross TR comes absolutely loaded with performance technology like Flywire and a full-length Phylon midsole. However, the shoe’s real highlight is the HexZoom outsole, which delivers an ultra-responsive feel to the forefoot, making the Zoom Hypercross TR the best workout option on our list.


No. 2 – Kobe 9 Elite

Meant for: BasketballPro: It’s the first-ever basketball shoe to feature Nike’s Flyknit technologyCon: It’s run is almost ever


No. 3 – Air Max 2015

Meant for: RunningPro: Features a full-length Max Air unitCon: It’s pricey for a running shoe


No. 4 – Lunar TR1 LE

Richard Sherman. Marshawn Lynch. LeSean McCoy.






Not Just For Shoes Anymore

How To Clean All-White Nike Air Max 90 With Reshoevn8r

Nike Air has proven so popular over the years that its migrated from shoes to other footwear such as boots and even slides.

And the Nike AIR wordmark can be found virtually everywhere, from long- and short-sleeve T-shirts to hoodies, jogger pants, backpacks, and more. Nike has made it easy to complement your nod to Nike Air history, no matter where you roam.

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To The 90s And Beyond

The most visible of those carryovers was the plastic adjustable lace tab set at the eyelets. Its designed to give you the option of a narrower or wider lacing pattern to customize your fit, as well as offering a hit of color in the midfoot part of the upper.

The Air Max 90 maintains the double-layered foxing of its immediate predecessor, the Air Max Light , which offers another option for colorblocking.

The hits of color keep coming with the colorblocking around the window to the Max Air unit under the heel continues. Its also visible on the Air Max inset directly above it and the Nike Air plate on the heel counter.

And of course, all of the Air Max entries carry on that studded waffle outsole that Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman concepted from his wifes waffle maker.

Experience Supreme Comfort With Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers

In the early 1990s, Nike decided it wanted to create a running shoe that was lightweight and comfortable. They also wanted something that would be on the cutting edge of style. In 1990, the Air Max 90 was released. Today, enthusiasts of these retro running sneakers can find them in a wide variety of colorways, but all of the shoes retain the original style and functionality.

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How Much Are Nike Air Max 90

The price for the Nike Air Max 90 has been only going up over the time, especially lately. These use to be $110 just a year or two ago in 2019 but now, in 2020 the base price is $120 and it only goes up from here for special collaborations or special editions. The price went up for the entire Air Max line due to high demand in a time when the supply chain is affected by the pandemic. Unfortunately, we do not expect for the price to go down again soon. Luckily there is no shortage on eBay of pairs at lower prices for both men and women.

Do Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers For Men Run True To Size


Nike shoes tend to run true to size, and the Air Max 90 is no exception. Most people can purchase their true size and feel confident that they’ll get a shoe that fits right out of the box. However, the ankle and toe box areas of the shoes can be a bit tight. People with wider feet or those who prefer a roomier shoe may need to go up a half size. See the manufacturers site for details.

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Air Max News And Releases

Air Max 90

Sure, Nike Air shoes have been around since the 70s, but that doesnt mean the company isnt continuing to innovate. Launched in summer 2020, the Vapormax 2020 Flyknit takes the brands air-bubble-soled Vapormax, and transforms it into the most sustainable shoe to exist in Nikes lineup. By weight, at least 50 percent of the shoe was made from recycled material, including an upper made from repurposed yarn. We love this multicolored version in particular, with bright polyester thread woven throughout and an Air unit made from more than 75 percent recycled TPU.

Nike Air Max 2090

The Air Max 2090 launched in spring 2020 as a reimagined, futuristic version of the Air Max 90, designed for all-day comfort. Nike says the shoe was inspired by the future of transportationspecifically, a far-off time when electric and solar-powered vehicles crowd the roads, which can be seen in coloring at the toe and heel that gives the impression of headlights and taillights. At the midsole, an oversize Air unit is 200 percent more visible than traditional Air Max 90 models. The upper features opaque color blocking influenced by modern electric cars. But there are some traditional features, too: The Air Max 2090 shares the 90s mudguard, cassette, and heel logo.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Nike Air Max Plus x Supreme

Nike Air Max Deluxe

Nike Air Max Tailwind IV

Undefeated x Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 1 N7

Are Nike Air Max 270 React Good For Running

The answer is no.

I would never wear the Air Max 270 React for any kind of sports and I would never run in the shoe.

Although the midsole is React which is the same name used on most Nike running shoes, this React was designed for lifestyle wear and it doesnt feel as cushiony as the React in running shoes.

And combined with the Air bubble, the heel is stiffer and it wont allow for a smoother heel-to-toe transition you would want in a running shoe.

But for lifestyle wear, even though the shoe feels different underfoot, its not unbearable and its still pretty comfortable.

Then, the upper has some kind of felt material that does provide the breathability needed for performance purposes.

Overall, the Nike Air Max 270 React is a great-looking shoe and a great-looking colorway, but I would not run in it even for one kilometer.

Jump down to Air Max 2090


Nike seems to be adding React to a lot of their sneakers like the Nike React Prestos which actually are very comfortable on foot.

Ive got to say React is probably one of my favorite cushions especially in their running shoes like the Nike Epic React or the Infinity React.

Nike gave us a generous amount of React in the forefoot which is very soft underfoot and then you also have a little bit of React on top of the 270 Air Unit.

Although the 270 Air Unit remains relatively unchanged from previous 270 sneakers, it does feel kind of weird with the React layer on top of it.

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What Colors And Styles Are Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers For Men Available In

There have been many different color combinations of Nike Air Max 90 men’s sneakers over the years, so sneaker enthusiasts can find these shoes in a range of styles. Most Air Max 90s feature a base color of white, black, or gray with other, brighter colors adding highlights along the top, sole, and heel. Blue, yellow, teal, and pink are all available. Those with an eye for design can also use Nike’s tool to create their own personal color combination.

These fashion sneakers were also released as 4th of July sneakers in limited edition red, white, and blue colors with American flags across the tongue.

The Air In There Nike Changed The World One Step At A Time


In what feels like a perfect fit, the man who invented Air lives on forever on the fields of play.

Not air, but Air, the cushioning system with which Frank Rudy approached a young but growing shoe company in 1977. After the Nike co-founder Phil Knight took Rudys invention on a test run, he was intrigued enough to incorporate it into Nikes lineup of athletic shoes.

Lets just say it developed a following. Enough so that Rudys alma mater, Case Western University in Cleveland, wears a patch on its athletic uniforms commemorating the inventor of such a seemingly simple yet profoundly game-changing innovation.

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A Quick Background Of The Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential

The Nike Air Max 90 silhouette was originally released in 1990 and was first known as the Nike Air Max III. It was considered the second leading sneaker of the Air Max line.

Throughout the years, the model has incorporated some of Nikes best and latest technologies. It has also seen various modifications, allowing it to keep up with the continuous evolution in both style and shoe performance. One of the AM90s iterations is the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential which features a new mesh upper that provides breathability and gives enhanced support.

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