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Are Skechers Non Slip Shoes

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Skechers Womens Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

Skechers Work Shoes – Slip Resistant Shoes

The following non-slippery shoes from our recommendation are the Skechers Womens Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe. If you are looking for affordable shoes that will help you from slipping on the ground, these Skechers womens shoes will be the best choice.;

The shoes are made out of mesh fabric on the upper portion. The mesh is going to contribute to keeping the moisture out and giving your feet some breathable air. The rubber sole inside will provide you a sturdy experience of walking. The shoes are entirely slip-resistant. The bottom of the shoes has a unique design to help the shoes from sliding into the slippery ground. Overall, these shoes are comfortable to wear.;

Skechers Non Slip Shoes Sport Womens Energy Sneaker

Skechers Womens Energy Sneaker is made of rubber and a highly slip-resistant material for comfort and high performance. The upper is 100% leather for durability.;

The inside of the shoe is knit with an EVA midsole. The midsole adequately padded to not only support your high arches but also to offer your foot an ample place to rest.

Its shaft measures about 1.5 inches from the arch. This is ideal for users with heel spurs, and orthopedic doctors highly advocate for it.;;

The slip-resistance outsole provides traction making it suitable for long-distance walking, jogging and running. You will forget about the discomfort that comes with other shoes, thanks to its sufficiently raised heel, and the streamlined forefoot.;

The padded collar and tongue provide additional comfort.

The shoes dual-compactness band line makes it easy to slip your foot in and out, making you feel happy and relaxed any time you wear it.


Keen Utility Womens Ptc Oxford Work Shoe

The KEEN PTC Oxford womens work shoe has a variety of helpful features that make it ideal for anyone whose workplace is a restaurant.

For starters, KEEN places safety at the top of the list with its PTC Oxford design: among other features, the shoe has KEENs patented toe protection in which its outsole wraps up and over the toe for ultimate protection. Thats nice protection to have in a work environment in which your toes can take a beating including from objects that fall off counters and shelves.

The PTC Oxford has an oil and slip-resistant that meets industry standards for proper traction and stability.

KEEN doesnt sacrifice comfort in its PTC Oxford design:

  • The shoe has superior cushioning thanks to a combination of recycled polyurethane, memory foam, and cork that adjusts to your foots unique contours throughout your workday.
  • The PTC Oxford has a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Theres a compression-molded EVA insole that provides an extra layer of support.
  • It comes with a removable footbed that you can remove and replace with custom orthotics if youd like.

The shoes 100% leather upper, meanwhile, is water and stain-resistant another plus for restaurant workers. The PTC Oxford also features a lace-up design.


  • Non-marking outsole thats water and stain-resistant
  • EVA midsole provides plenty of comfort
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Not available in wider widths

Bottom Line

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Skechers For Work Mens Flex Advantage Slip

Skechers deserves another entry in our reviews with its Mcallen Slip-on for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is their breathable, mesh upper that keeps your feet cool and comfortable during a busy shift.

As its name suggests, it features a slip-on design that makes for easy on and off convenience, and includes elastic side gores for additional comfort whether youre slipping on or out of them. But the Mcallens highlight feature is its slip-resistant traction outsole. Its lab-tested for slip resistance and helps you to avoid dangerous situations that may occur in any kitchen or restaurant.

The sole is lightweight and wont make you feel that your shoes are weighing you down. Cushioning and comfort are other strong features of the Mcallen. The synthetic mesh fabric on the shoes upper is stylish and lightweight, while its FlexSole removable shock-absorbing midsole never feels too heavy, either. All in all, the Mcallens relaxed design helps to keep your feet fresh not fatigued during a long day. And youll never have to worry about your shoes coming untied.


  • The mesh upper isnt completely waterproof.

Bottom line

The Skechers Mcallen is all about comfort and safety, which is a nice combination to have. Its ideal for the stress and demands of a busy workplace.

Choose The Right Shoes

Skechers Work Men

No surprise here considering that weve reviewed the best non-slip shoes for restaurant workers, but its worth emphasizing the point again you need to choose your shoes carefully if you spend long hours on your feet.

You could even address this issue by listing shoes that you shouldnt wear if youre on your feet all day, i.e., high heels, flip-flops, unsupportive flats, sandals, and others. Instead, you need shoes that offer plenty of support and, in the case of restaurant workers, plenty of grip and traction.

Look for shoes that fit comfortably and arent too loose or too snug, that have cushioned midsoles that even allow you to insert custom orthotics if you so choose.

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Best Non Slip Shoes In 2021

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If you are looking for the best nonslip shoes, stay tuned to the end of this article.

Finding the right shoes for your feet is essential if you have to run around and walk all day long. You do not want to wear shoes that could cause harm to your feet and becomes the reason for your injuries. Sometimes we are in some very slippery places, has water, and other substance that we can easily slip on and cause accidents. If you want to avoid these kinds of circumstances, you might want to consider buying shoes that are non-slip.

Sometimes our profession or the work we do will require us to buy certain kinds of shoes

;If you have to buy a pair of;non-slip shoes for standing all day,;walking, or;running, you can check the article. After doing proper research, we have found the top 5 best non-slip shoes that you can purchase. Keep reading ahead to know about them.

Fila Mens Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

The following shoes from our list are the Fila Mens Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe. Fila is one of the renowned brands of footwear, offering their customers amazing shoes for a long time. These shoes from Fila can be your best mate to help you from slipping.;

The shoes are made of 100% leather material, making them very durable and comfortable with the rubber sole for a sturdy movement. The shoes will provide you a great experience of wearing in any profession you require. The outsole of the shoes is made out of solid rubber that is slip-resistant. They are tested to match the standard of the industry as well. The inside of the shoes has memory foam to give you a soft and relaxing fit. They are also breathable and comfortable to wear. So, you can count them in for anything

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Skechers For Work Womens Squad Sr

Do you ever experience pain and discomfort resulting from prolonged standing or walk? Skechers for Work Squad SR is your ultimate solution. This shoe features an upper mesh fabric, which makes your foot breathable by allowing the external fresh air to enter your foot and prevent build-up of bad odor inside the shoe. It has a flexible synthetic sole that adds to your comfort. The shoe is 100% synthetic.

It also comes with flexible and lightweight midsoles and memory foam insoles that help you go an extra mile by providing proper cushioning. The soft fabric linings protect your foot from friction and prevent it from getting blisters. The padded collar is vital for additional cushioning. On the other hand, the durable, rubber outsole is slip-resistant assuring you of your safety while walking on slippery surfaces.

This work shoe has an upper 3D printed overlays that ensure your toes are protected from injuries due to tipping. Its shaft measures approximately 1.8 inches low-top from arch providing great foot support and relieve your foot of pain due to long day standing or walking

Lastly, Work Womens Squad SR is EH rated making it safe for use in electrical hazard areas.


This amazing Skechers Womens DLites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker is a beautiful shoe. Its fashionable, casual design makes it easy to wear and use.

It also features thick memory foam that provides long-wearing hours per day with no discomfort.


Skechers Non Slip Shoes Womens Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace

SKECHERS Work Lace-Up Slip Resistant Sneaker SKU: #8073094

Everyone desires to move freely with comfortable wear without feeling slowed or weighed down due to stout footwear. Skechers for Work Womens Synergy Sandlot Alloy Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe is designed with a water-resistant soft toe non-slip athletic technology perfect for all-day wear. It has a squared heel that gives your feet extra firmness. Inside it is a padded collar and tongue that provides a soft inner layer suitable for tension cutback from standing or walking for long.

This shoe is safe to wear in any environment. The high-quality rubber sole anti-slip design minimizes the risk of accidental slip on wet, oily, and slippery floors. The top is made of 100% smooth Nubuck leather and synthetic, making it strong and long-lasting.

Another attribute is the lace-up design that allows for tailored fit every time you slip it on.

This footwear offers a sensible and fashionable solution with great comfort, technology, and design for regular users. It also has a new removable insole technology that provides additional cushioning and excellent arch support.

You do not have to worry about smelly wet feet. This skecher is light in weight and breathable keeping your feet cool and dry all day.


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Merrell Jungle Moc Nubuck Waterproof Slip

Merrells Jungle Moc is a a real gem of a range: beloved by basically all reviewers, its not hard to understand why so many people love these shoes. And their Nubuck Waterproof Slip-Ons may just be the best of the lot.

They are made from a combination of nubuck leather and synthetics, making for a really solid, respectable-looking shoe that is super durable. And the outsoles provide a great deal of slip-resistance and stability, whilst channelling water away and making the shoes totally waterproof.

That might be enough for some, but these are also incredibly comfortable: they have a padded collar with a pull-on loop, a targeted air cushion on the heel, a compression-moulded EVA foam foot frame, and are incredibly breathable. They slip on and off with real ease and comfort, never straining under your heel.

Ultimately, this makes for a great outdoor shoe which will give you all the support and comfort you need for long walks or trips. A pricey pair, for sure. But when you consider the extraordinary durability, it starts to look more like an investment and a good one at that!


  • Very pricey, lets be honest!

Bottom Line

A very comfortable, very durable, very low-maintenance shoe that is great for anyone with a taste for the outdoors looking for a true investment.

How We Chose The Shoes For Our Review

The first order of business when choosing non-slip shoes for restaurant workers is evaluating the shoes outsole. Put simply, a shoe must provide excellent stability and traction for anyone who works on surfaces that can get a bit slippery and unpredictable.

Comfort is another important factor because a shoe that doesnt fit correctly or doesnt provide ample cushioning wont help you to get through a long day without experience foot pain or fatigue. Thats why finding the right fit is crucial.

We also took the price and brand into consideration. As as far as price goes, we strive to provide a range of products that fit a variety of budgets. Meanwhile, certain brands have a better reputation for quality than others, although that doesnt necessarily mean theyre well-known brands.

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Oil Resistant Vs Slip

When you say a shoe is slip-resistant you can also say, in many cases, that its oil-resistant. Theyre a lot alike, but also different, if that makes sense. Heres how it works:

  • A slip-resistant shoe is tested for use on all types of slippery surfaces those that are oily, have patches and puddles of water, etc. So, a non-slip shoe, generally speaking, provides sufficient traction on oily surfaces, but were talking primarily about the shoes outsole.
  • An oil-resistant shoe refers to the whole shoe, not just its outsole. That means it outsole, insole, upper, lining everything is designed for protection against potential oil damage. Common materials used in shoe-making quickly degrade if exposed to oil frequently. Corrosion still happens on shoes made of oil-resistant materials, but more slowly than shoes that dont use those materials.
  • A slip-resistant shoe can prevent mishaps and slips on oily surfaces, but its upper may be susceptible to oil damage if not treated with oil-resistant materials.

Skechers Slip Resistant Shoes Womens Nampa Wyola Shoe

Womens Skechers Sure Track

This shoe offers great comfort with high performance in any environment. It is knit well with a metal cap that protects your foot from and harm and heavy objects. Coupled with anti-slip resistance ability, and shock absorbers that secures your foot on rough terrains, this sneaker will give your foot excellent comfort.

This shoe is suitable for users working in industrial and construction, workshop and warehouse, farmer, carpenter, maintenance specialists, and drivers. If you need a versatile and durable work shoe for comfy foot support, pick Skechers Womens Nampa-wyola Food Service Shoe. The shoe has upper leather and a flexible rubber sole which adds to its robustness. It is EH rated making is suitable for electrical hazards.


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Best Skechers Non Slip Shoes For Women

Seeing that we are engrossed with hectic days of having to walk around at our workplaces, we do not need another heavy load on our feet. Though many people have to work in areas with slippery or wet surfaces, there is a need for comfortable and slip-resistant work shoes.

These shoes will carry you throughout the day, with comfort, without slips, falls, or painful feet.; Go ahead and pick one of the Best Skechers non slip shoes provided below and forget the discomfort and pain.

There are several Skechers or sneakers shoes in the market today, available in different designs, styles, colors, and make. Before we look at todays editors choice for the person looking for Skechers slip-resistant shoes, it is logical to get to know a little about Skecher non work shoes for women.

Today, we would like to review a few of them that we believe are the best in the market. We trust that through this review, you can choose the most suitable walking shoes.

Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

Sketchers is a beloved brand, particularly by young people they have a brilliantly versatile range of shoes. Their Genter Bronaugh Work Shoes for Women are a great non-slip work shoe, ideal for anyone who needs to look smart when theyre on their feet all day.

They are, first of all, super slip resistant, with their tough gum rubber sole. And they are highly breathable with 100% mesh fabric, which is great to keep your feet from clamming or getting tired. Workers in any industry where they encounter wet floors or long, tough shifts should take note.

They offer a wide fit option for larger feet, which is ideal, and give stellar support to your arches; they are also super soft inside thanks to the memory foam, and many report finding them unparalleled in terms of comfort.

Unlike many shoes on this list, they are very lightweight, which is of course a question of personal preference they may not be as durable as other choices, but the Sketchers are also possibly easier on the arches than heavier leather shoes.

Aesthetically, these are nothing to write home about. However, they are a good combination of smart and casual, making them great for adding a slightly more relaxed energy to your workplace attire. They will keep your feet dry, comfortable and secure on the floor!


  • A lack of colour variety will let some down

Bottom Line

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Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel

Skechers Work Sure shoe is designed for professional women who want to walk and work with comfort and style. The 100% upper leather makes the shoe comfy and sturdy. The skecher has a lace-up design for easy slip in/out and adjusts the tightening according to your fit.

It is outstanding among other sketcher shoes due to its slip-resistant feature. It comes in different sizing from 5 to 12 inches with different widths.

It is fitted with a tiny panels side that is perforated for breathing and bringing the cooling effect on your foot. The insole is also detachable, providing you with excellent soothe. This sketcher quickly adapts to your environment as it is fitted with a lightweight FlexSole shock absorbing midsole for utmost strength and cushioning.

Slip-resistant nitrile rubber traction outsole and shock-absorbing midsole give you the assurance you need at your workplace. The shoe is affordable and offers excellent arch support. It comes with a padded tongue and collar for additional comfort.


Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 2 Slip

Skechers WORK: Safety Meets Comfort commercial

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 2 Slip-On Walking Shoe is highly ranked. It is ideal for users in restaurants where the floor is always wet and slippery. The outsole is made of high-quality rubber non-slip material that provides traction and grip and protects you from falling while walking and working.;It is made of 100% textile.

The shoe gives your foot perfect breathable space thanks to its upper lightweight fabric mesh. It is securely knit and durable thus, you wouldnt be surprised if you use it for many years. The elastic upper of the shoe gives your foot comfort even when you have soreness due to standing for many hours.

Its lightweight makes it perfectly fit for long hours of standing and walking on a wet floor, nursing, fishing, gardening, dress, shopping, travel, driving, jazz, tap dance, street jazz, ballet, folk dance, athletic, and workout.


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