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Best Running Sneakers For Men

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Are Running Shoes Worth It

The BEST Running Shoes 2022 | ft. Nike, New Balance, adidas, ASICS, Brooks and more

Good running shoes are definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about being a runner. But remember they can only do so much when it comes to injury prevention and performance. Training smart and adding strength and flexibility workouts to your weekly schedulecombined with good running shoesare your best bet toward getting the most out of the sport.

Nike Zoomx Zegama Trail

Type Trail

Named after the famed mountain race in the Basque Country of northern Spain that includes the steep, rocky, and usually wet Vertical K and Sky Marathon racecourses, the Zegama is Nikes most technical trail-running shoe and a fascinating addition to its lineup. In recent years, Nike trail shoes havent been known to tackle the worlds hardest mountains. The rubber compound was better suited for western trails, which are typically buffed dirt with the occasional rock and root. But the tread met its match on wet slabs of rock.

The Zegama, however, surprised me on its maiden journey up my local mountain in the Adirondacks. It had rained the week before my test run, so as I made my way up the 1,500-foot climb, I started cautiously, prepared to do some ice skating. But the lugs held firm in the soft ground on the lower parts of the mountain and resisted sliding as the slope turned into a boulder field closer to the summit.

On the descent, I found the shoe to be a bit tippy, forcing me to dance more carefully downhill. Then again, I was bashing down slopes up to 30 percent steep in spots. But the squishy ZoomX foam, while comfortable in absorbing the impact, deflected off football-sized rocks. So, if your terrain is similar, keep your laces tight and your ankles loose.

Type Trail
Type Trail Running Shoes
Type Trail Running Shoes
Type Trail Running Shoes
Type Trail Running Shoes

Can I Wear Running Shoes For The Gym

Most running shoes are designed to move forwards, not side to side or up and down, therefore not needing the stability of someone lifting weights or doing a HIIT workout, Prettejohn states.Wed always recommend that if there is a purpose-built shoe for an activity, you are likely to get a better result and avoid injury. However, on a practical level, this is not always possible or necessary if you are doing a much lighter workout or potentially running a shorter distance. There are several shoes that come close to fitting the needs of both, depending on the level of gym intensity, distance, or speed you like to run and frequency of exercise.

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New Balance Fresh Foam X More V4

  • Data driven outsole creates a more natural ride with a unique sense of stability baked in
  • Fit can be a little too wide, especially for those with narrower feet
  • Weight: 10.4 oz.
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm

If youre looking for a race-ready silhouette that delivers cushioning and stability, this is the profile for you. Weve loved each stride atop the Fresh Foam midsole, and the data-driven outsole gives the Fresh Foam X More v4s a unique sense of stability, as each step promotes a more natural footpath thanks to key areas of traction. Be mindful, though, that you may need to adjust your sizing to achieve that proper fit, as this shoe can feel wide in the midfoot for those with narrow feet. Plus, the non-gusseted tongue can shift when in motion, leading to some potential readjustments when out on your routes.

What We Don’t Like

Top 5 Best Nike Running Shoes for Men
  • Materials: Breathable mesh upper from recycled materials
  • Cushioning: Lightweight, “Zero Gravity” foam
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 9mm

The eye-catching aspect of ON running shoes tends to be the unique geometry of the midsole, an accordion-like structure of foam designed to cushion using both vertical and horizontal compression. ON’s neutral Cloudrunner cushioning is especially robust, making it an excellent choice if you do all or most of your running on pavement.

But, the most immediate thing you notice in lacing up a pair of ON’s Cloudrunners is the feel. The upper materials provides a cushioned feel when you slip the shoe on and lace it up. We also like that the ON Cloudrunner offers a wide version, making the luxurious feel and supreme cushioning available to a wide range of foot shapes.

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The Best Running Shoes

Why you can trust TechRadar Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 is the best running shoe, thanks to its impressive energy return that feels like nothing we’ve experienced before. This is a shoe made for running and running fast. When we tested it, we were extremely impressed by its springiness, courtesy of a full-length articulated carbon footplate and generous 40mm of ZoomX foam that never feels squishy or marshmallowy.

Its minimalist mesh upper is highly breathable, with the bare minimum of padding strategically positioned for comfort without adding too much weight. Our feel felt well connected and secure throughout our runs. The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 is a superb shoe for track days and races, with the potential to propel you to a new personal record. However, we’d recommend supplementing it with another, more affordable shoe from this list for your everyday training.

The Adidas Adistar impressed us with its well-designed rocker that keeps propelling you forward during long training sessions. It’s not the lightest shoe we’ve ever tested, but its dual-density foam is tough and resilient, standing up well even after some serious mileage.

Read our full Adidas Adistar review

If you’ve fallen out of love with running recently, the Saucony Endorphin Speed could be the best running shoe to rekindle your passion for the pavement.

How Often Should I Replace My Running Shoes

The typical recommendation is between 300 and 600 miles of running, but individual variation plays a huge part in figuring out how often to replace your shoes. Your weight, weekly mileage, and how well your body is adapted to running all affect the lifespan of your running shoes. One way to judge how well your shoes are holding up is to buy a second pair and after a month or so of consistent training, compare how the old shoes feel against the new shoes. If you tend to get injured easily, you’ll want to replace shoes sooner rather than later.

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How Much Support Do You Need

How does your foot hit the ground when you run? Pronation is the natural way your foot rolls inward when it strikes the ground and then propels forward. There are three different types of pronation, and you may want shoes with features that support your pronation level. Brands use different footwear technologies and features that reduce excess movement. The technologies are meant to guide the foot through a smoother transition.

The Best Running Shoes Of 2023

The BEST Running Shoes 2021 | Feat Nike, ASICS, adidas, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony

The products featured in this article have been independently reviewed. When you buy something through the retail links on this page, we may earn commission at no cost to you, the reader. The Sports Illustrated editorial team is not involved in the creation of this content. Learn more here.

Want to know what makes the best pair of running shoes? A thoughtful and rigorously tested design.

For example, consider two features everyone should look for: durability and support. From the upper and tongue to the toe box and outsole, youll want a pair that can take a pounding for miles while protecting your joints and muscles. A quality pair of shoes properly withstands and absorbs the impact of your feet hitting the pavement or trail. It does so by distributing that impact across its structure to minimize the blunt force your body takes. This distribution occurs through foams, cushions and various elements of design. And when done well, the distribution of force can even be used to propel you forward.

Its also very important to consider the height of your arches, as that can drastically affect your gait, and which shoes will work best for you. People with low arches or flat feet often find that their feet roll inward as they run . Theyll benefit from stability shoes, which help provide additional support through the midsole and into the heel, Nike says, and can prevent injury.

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Category: Supportive Trail Running Shoe

1) Saucony Peregrine 12

The Saucony Peregrine 12 is an under-rated trail running shoe.

The upper fit is protective, secure, and possesses helpful features like gaiter attachment points. It also comes in a wide, and the interiors are very comfortable for the longer trail runs. We heaped praise on the latest Peregrine in our ultra-detailed review.

The stable ride makes the Peregrine 12 an excellent choice for large-framed runners. Though the new Peregrine has been redesigned from the ground up, the midsole retains its firm cushioning.

The Peregrine 12 is excellent on technical trails.

The Peregrines rock plate isnt a plate per se, but a woven layer thats also flexible and protective.

The firm midsole has inherent stability over uneven surfaces, and the rock plate adds forefoot protection and stiffness. The 4 mm heel-to-toe offset makes the transitions smoother.

We love what Saucony has done with the insole. Rather than having a Pwrrun+ topsole under an EVA footbed , the Peregrine 12 has a removable insole made of the bouncy Polyurethane.

Everun, Pwrrun+ call it whatever you will. The unique insole is no longer EVA foam, but steam-expanded Polyurethane.

This adds a cushy and responsive layer without negatively affecting the stability.

The outsole combines an aggressive lug geometry with the sticky Pwrtrac rubber to deliver a confidence-inspiring grip on the trails.

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Premium Running Shoes Vs Cheap Running Shoes

A high price tag is not a guarantee that a shoe is better than another. This said, we always recommend to shop for running shoes that have a recommended retail price of $100 or more. This does not mean you need to pay more than $100! New versions of running shoes are released every year and most often than not changes versus the previous version are small and incremental in nature. This means that instead of buying this year version of a shoe, you can very often buy last years model for a fraction of the price, often as low as 50% less.

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What To Look For

We consulted with , DPM, FACFAS, podiatrist at Precision Orthopaedic Specialties in Ohio to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about running footwear.

When it comes to fit, Mendeszoon told us the most important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of running shoes is that you are fitted in the proper functioning shoe for your foot type. There are several categories of shoes and a footwear professional from a locally owned running store will lend their expertise to evaluate, select and fit you properly into the best shoe for your foot type and condition.

Where Do You Plan To Run

Top 20 Best Nike Running Shoes For Men 2020

Road-running shoes are designed for pavement and occasional forays onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities.

  • Light and flexible, they’re made to cushion or stabilize feet during repetitive strides on hard, even surfaces.
  • Best for people who run on sidewalks, road, treadmills or track.
  • Road-running shoes have flatter, smoother soles to create a consistent surface for running on paved roads.

Trail-running shoes are designed for off-road routes with rocks, mud, roots or other obstacles.

  • They have bigger lugs than road-running shoes for better grip on uneven terrain.
  • They are sometimes fortified with plates underfoot to help protect your feet from rocks or sharp objects.
  • Theyre generally stiffer through the midsoles for more support on rugged trails and uneven surfaces.

Cross-training shoes are designed for gym workouts, cross-training or any balance activity where having more contact with the ground is preferred over a thick platform sole.

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Brooks Glycerin Stealthfit Gts 20

Brooks Glycerin Stealth Fit GTS 20
Brooks Glycerin Stealth Fit GTS 20
Type Stability

The Glycerin, Brookss most cushioned shoe, is not just some colossus reserved for slow and steady runs. Todays model is more dynamic, more streamlined, and more responsive. The Stealthfit GTS 20 features elements from the brands other models, but this Glycerin is more of a monster on the road than Frankensteins experiment. Like it did with the Levitate 5, Brooks has released two versions of the Glycerin and Glycerin GTS 20 , giving runners a choice between a traditional engineered mesh upper and a knit version dubbed Stealthfit Fit.

Brookss knit uppers have come a long way since 2018s Levitate. When I tested the first Levitate, my feet overheated and the ribbed collar gave me some nasty blisters on my heels. The Glycerin GTS 20s new Stealthfit upper is thin and stretchy and adapts to your foots shape I no longer have to wear thick crew socks to shield my heels from rubbing.

Type Stability

The Axon 2 was a breakout hit among testers last spring. Trailing behind it is Sauconys new stability shoe, the Tempusand its garnered the same favor. Unlike the Axon 2, which is priced astonishingly low at $100, the Tempus costs $160, the baseline for a premium trainer. This is because its new stability tech takes some DNA from Sauconys Endorphin series. At the Tempuss core is Pwrrun PB, the same Peba-based superfoam found in the brands super shoe, the Endorphin Pro.

Best Running Shoes For Men For 2023

You want a shoe that’s lightweight, supportive and durable. Here are our top picks for the best running shoes for men.

No matter if you’re a marathon runner or light walker at the gym, a proper pair of running shoes is an absolute necessity for providing traction, support and lessening the strain on your joints. They can prevent light injuries, such as blisters, and long-term injuries that could tragically shorten your running career.

The best running shoe for you will depend on various factors: whether you’re a new or seasoned runner your loyalty to a specific shoe brand the type of running you’ll be doing and the support your feet will need. If you run various distances and races, your race-day sneaker will most likely be different from the pair you slip on for your training runs.

Wearing the wrong shoes can put you at risk of injury, blisters or overall discomfort. When in doubt, stop by your local running shoe store and get professionally fitted.

In the meantime, CNET has gathered a list of some of the best running shoes for men in 2023. This list is based on professional recommendations from a running coach, thousands of online reviews and customer ratings. It’s updated periodically.

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How We Test And Select

To select these shoes, we consulted Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate for his recommendations on the top running shoes for men, and we also relied on feedback from hundreds of male runners on our wear-test team. After putting countless pairs through the wringer and evaluating the data, weve rounded up some of the standouts that have received especially high marks and praise from our male testers. Seeking tips to get the best fit and price? Weve got you covered there, too, on how to choose your next favorite pair.

  • Soft and secure ankle collar
  • Good outsole durability
  • Cushioning loses some responsiveness over long runs

For running performance and style for under $100, its tough to beat the newest Winflodespite the upgraded midsole and redesigned upper, the price hasnt budged. For v9, Nike tweaked the formula of the shoes Cushlon foam. Its still not responsive as the brands more premium ZoomX or React, but testers noted a softer ride when compared to the Winflos previous versions. Plus, a larger Air unit now spans the full-length of the shoe for a smoother transition from heel to forefoot.

The Best Running Shoes For Men

Best Trail Running Shoes for Men of 2022

In terms of brands to look for, Donohue and Ringwood recommend looking for consistency. I like New Balance, Donohue says, because theyre consistent, and even when they update their sneaker models, theyre relatively similar to the original, but these days when I run, I like to run in the Nike Infinity Reacts.

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What To Look For In Running Shoes

Intended Use

Based on your intended use, features you should look for will vary. For instance, if you plan to run long distances on a variety of terrains, you might need a grippy shoe designed for multiple surfaces. You also might want to consider a more cushioned shoe. On the other hand, if you are looking for a shoe for light walking or jogging, you might not need as much support.

If you are looking for speed, youll want to look for features that enhance your ability to go faster.

Ruiz says one common mistake people make is buying a trail shoe when all they need is a road shoe. Trail shoes look like they will last longer and often their tread does, but they can be slower on the roads than a normal shoe, says Ruiz.

Keep in mind, running shoes arent just for running but can also be a good choice to wear while at work. It shouldnt surprise you that jobs that require a lot of standing or walking often have most of their workforce wearing running shoes, says Ruiz.

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Choosing a correctly fitting shoe for your intended purpose will help you be more comfortable throughout your activities.

If possible, Ruiz recommends getting fitted by a trained shoe fitting specialist at a traditional brick and motor running shoe store. A good tip when getting fitted is to consider going right after a run or later in the day. This increases the likelihood your measurement will be accurate, says Ruiz.





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