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Do Reef Sandals Run Small

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Take Your Measurements In The Afternoon

Open a bottle with a Flip Flop!!! Reef bottle opening sandals review

As you walk around during the day, your feet can swell a little. Sizing can also fluctuate with the temperature. The change is usually minimal, but you may notice your feet are up to half a size bigger later in the day.3

Thats why its imperative to measure your feet and try on your flip flops in the late afternoon. By purchasing sandals that accommodate your feet at their largest, youre ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. Since youre probably buying new sandals to walk around in, it makes sense to buy a pair that fits your feet before, during, and after your walk.

What Is Reefs Return Policy

Were hoping for the best on any orders from Reef, but on the chance that a return is needed, customers will be happy to know they have 60 days from delivery to make a return. Even better, for those who return within30 days of purchase, all return shipping is free!

In order to return a product, items must be:

Making a return is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  • Grab the pre-paid shipping label included with every purchase
  • Re-package items with a new label
  • Thats all it takes. For those who need help, reach out to customer service for support through the process. We will say the return form requires a bit of information such as the order number, the description, the reason for return, and any other comments the company should know about the items included.

    Just a few easy steps and that money will be back in no time. Unfortunately, exchanges arent currently available. The best practice there is to return and make a new order.

    What Is Reefs Shipping Policy

    Reef is all about simple shipping and keeping the process easy for customers. That means from order to doorstep, this brand wants things to be straightforward.

    Off the bat, this brand knows that shipping times matter. They offer four services for US customers:

    Keep in mind that allorders over $55 equal free shipping. While not all products will cross this line, there are quite a few sandals that fit the bill to gain customers free shipping. Tracking numbers will be sent out via email as soon as the package ships to allow customers to keep an eye on when to expect their new cushioned and cozy sandals.

    PO boxes are available for shipping with Reef and theres an available space in the check out section to fill in the required information.

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    Reef Mens Sandals Review

    Comfy and casual, talk a walk on a cloud with any of these popular Reef Mens Sandals. Highlighting a few of their best-selling styles, this brand is all about looking cool and feeling great.

    Reef Mulligan Slide

    Golfers everywhere, we picked this best-selling style for you. The Reef Mulligan Slide is all about fun fashion and bringing that passion into the everyday.

    Right off the bat , we need to center in on style here. These sandals were clearly made for those who love golf beyond the course.

    Bedded on faux grass with a golf ball pad under the heel, customers can take pride walking back from the driving range with these fun flip flops.

    Beyond looks, the crafting of this design really takes on a new life. With their foam core to soften each step, the lightweight material makes it feel as though youre not wearing a thing.

    Walk freely and always be prepared these sandals go beyond simple style and make a statement.

    Grab these for any golf fan for $45.

    Reef Leather Fanning

    Perfect for beach days with the guys, the Reef Leather FanningSandals are ones to keep in supply.

    Well start with their defining feature the bottle opener. Thats right, these sandals feature a bottle opener built into the tread of the sandals for easy access to drinks at any time. Just kick back the feet, pop open a bottle, and relax into the evening with friends and family.

    Go big with the Leather Fannings for $65.

    Reef Cushion Phantom

    Add these to the collection for $45.

    Insert Products Inside Large Sandals

    Reef Girls Flip Flops

    Sandals that are a little too big? The ball of foot cushions, heel grips, and insoles are all options for making them work for you. These should act as fillers in your sandals, preventing your feet from sliding and slipping while wearing them.

    Of course, these ways might not work on oversized flip-flops, but they will work like miracles on other kinds of sandals, and no one will observe.

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    How Do You Keep Reef Sandals From Smelling

    Make a mixture of a small amount of laundry soap and warm water. Dip a soft sponge into the laundry soap mixture and gently clean the affected areas. Rinse the soap out of the sponge with warm water and then use the sponge to gently remove any excess detergent from the shoe or sandal…. see details

    How To Measure Your Size

    Go with your normal shoe size or, if you are usually between sizes, go to the larger end of your range. There is usually no need to buy bigger or smaller than your normal shoe size.

    Most footwear is manufactured using the Mondopoint sizing system. ‘Mondo’ means ‘world’ and mondopoint is the global standard – which is very simple, making it nice’n’ easy to choose the correct size footwear. The Mondopoint size is the length of the shoe’s insole measured in cm. To work out your size, the best way is to look it up on a pair shoes which fit you well or to measure the length of the insole on your best fitting pair of shoes. Remove the insole and measure, using a steal measuring tape, from the extreme tip of the toe to the extreme tip of the heel. The measurement will ALWAYS be exact to the nearest 0.5cm. You will never get 30.2 or 28.8 it will always be 30.0 exactly. This is your mondo shoe or boot size. Checkout this video to have Adam explain it all in plain English. He is using a snowboard boot but the same principle applies to all footwear.

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    But How Should Your Sandals Fit In The Front

    When you look at a pair of sandals, you will notice a sewn line that runs all the way around to the outer rim of the sole bed. So where else should your toes be in sandals? We suggest that you place your toes only on or just right behind this sewn line, rather than over it.

    For instance, the Salt-Waters sandals are made in a really classic manner. Its known as a little-way seam. Every sole is hand sewn to the straps or upper vamps that form the sandals top portion. A small amount of gum is used to keep the straps and liner in place while the sole is sewn on, but it is the rugged strand that runs all the way through the sandals sole and along the stream that holds your sandals together.

    Key Differences Between Reef Sandals And Rainbow Sandals

    The Best Reef in Australia – Evan Luo’s Glorious SPS Aquarium

    Now here comes the main part of this comparison guide.

    I have done the research and found out some similarities and main differences between Reef vs Rainbow sandals.

    Lets check them out one by one.


    1. Break-in PeriodThe break-in period is really important for any new sandal or shoe for that matter.

    If you purchase a new shoe or a boot, you expect to walk in it with more comfort and higher foot support.When it comes to shoes or boots, it usually takes longer time to break in and be more comfortable.But when it is sandal, you really dont expect it to take longer to break in.

    You consider them to be comfortable and supportive for your feet from day one.This is the number one issue that affects the overall rating of Rainbow sandals when you compare them with Reef sandals.

    Reef sandals dont take long to become comfortable to walk from day one.Rainbow sandals are made from premium leather material.

    This is the reason they take few days to break-in and become comfortable.

    If you want to learn how to break them in faster then check out this guide.

    Sandal Brand

    3. Footbed Quality

    Many ladies have complained in the past about the sweaty footbeds of Rainbow flip-flops.

    Excessive sweating and slipping are the two main concerns that I feel is affecting the performance of these sandals.On the other side, Reef sandals dont seem to have these issues.

    Sandal Brand


    8. Grip and Traction

    It provides much better grip and traction in slippery areas.

    Sandal Brand


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    Reef One Slide A Joke To What Reef Used To Be

    Completely different arch support from their thongs. Last two pairs of reef thongs were amazing, and were both worn until they fell apart. Both about several years old…

    After continually wearing and trying to wear them in, I had to take them off this morning due to a pain sent up from the poorly designed support. Its like a round hump in the middle of your foot. Who has a round hump in the middlle??

    The last pair of Reefs i will own. It seems they aren’t what they used to be.

    Ive owned several pairs of Reef flip flops. The quality is definitely not what it used to be. One pair ripped along the stitching and so did my last pair

    Bought a brand new pair for vacation and they died my feet orange for the whole trip. Reef wouldnt even send me a new different pair that arent orange. I like reef but cant believe I was left hanging with orange feet!

    Reef Little Ahi Convertible Sandals


    Free shipping on most items over $50

    Select a size to see availability

    Rocksolid guarantee

    Comfy summer sandals for little kids. The backstrap helps keep them right where they should be. And, a little extra retention wards off the classic “I can pull my shoes off and throw them at Dad” trick when they’re bored in the car seat.

    • Synthetic leather strap is lined with comfy polyester webbing
    • Contoured EVA footbed with fun print
    • High-density EVA outsole is non-marking and extra durable

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    Stretching Out Tight Sandals

    Stretching out sandals that are way too tight or small is the simplest approach to cope with them. You can accomplish this by wearing thick socks with your sandals. For the optimal outcomes, use the thickest pair of socks you have. If you dont get any pair of thick socks on hand, you can wear various pairs of thin socks.

    You could also invest in a shoe stretcher. Thats right , you read that correctly. There are items available in the market typically designed to help you stretch your sandals, such as the Lanney Shoe Stretcher . It is basically a simple four-product set that works to stretch and expand sandals, so they fit perfectly.

    Who Is Reef For

    Reef Women

    Well be honest, we see Reef sandals as a need for everyone. Whether constantly going to the beach, heading to the park for a stroll, sitting poolside, or even just stepping outside to do some chores, sandals and flip flops are lifesavers. And its even better when theyre comfortable enough to support arches, heels, and tendons.

    Reef offers products for men, women, and children in a selection of sizes. Dont let age or gender hold you back. For those who love having a pair of sandals kicking around to slide on with ease, this brand is one to check out.

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    Other Good Water Shoes

    If you want a unique pair of water shoes that dry relatively quickly : Try the Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Waves. Theyre not very attractive, though. Stylistically, theyre halfway between a slingback sandal and a pair of sneakers. Ultimately, we decided that if you wanted a traditional water shoe, you should probably buy the Speedo Surf Knit Pro instead. These Crocs also dont come in a version thats specifically sized for women, but they go down to a mens 4, the equivalent of a womens 5½. However, if you have trouble slipping the back of traditional water shoes around your ankle, the slingback style of the Swiftwaters may help you get them on and off.

    If you want water shoes that will cinch down tight around your ankle, and you dont mind a slower drying time: The Lands End Slip On Water Shoes were comfortable, andthanks to the drawstringeasier to fit if youre between sizes. Youll have to look past the 4 hours it took for them to dry, though.

    If you want a pair of good-looking and extremely quick-drying water shoes made from EVA foam : Check out Native Shoess Miles pair. They dried completely in one hour, faster than any other shoe we tested. We also like that the company encourages customers to donate their old shoes to be repurposed in community projects like playgrounds. But the shoes werent as comfortable as others I tested because they were made from stiffer material. If you do try these, go up one size because theyre short but wide.

    Flip Flop Size Vs Shoe Size: Is There A Difference

    Are you looking to buy new walking sandals but feeling a bit confused about sizing? Youre not alone. There are many different factors to consider when buying new footwear: function, style, materialthe list goes on. But the biggest decision to make right from the get-go is the size.

    Wearing the proper shoe size can be the difference between a day of discomfort and feeling like youre walking on a cloudand thats especially true for finding your perfect fit in a flip flop.

    Is there even a difference in sandal size vs shoe size? Whats the best approach to finding the right flip flop for you? We have the answers to all these questions and more.

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    Reef European Store Nightmare

    Reef European store nightmareReef European store has zero customer service. Bought a pair of flip flops online and realised when received that the size shown online in UK were USA sizes! So I tried emailing customer services, but days later Contacted me if want return label got email back few days later charging 20 for return if I wanted to return emailed saying yes ! Return at my expense not happy was not advised of this on placing order Would have been zero stars if I could give them.PLEASE STAY STAY STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY !

    Date of experience:January 03, 2022

    What To Look Forward To

    How To Setup a Super Simple Saltwater Reef Aquarium for Beginners

    As I finished writing this guide, I saw that Vans had released the Slip-On Trks. They look like a pair of classic Vans, but instead of fabric, theyre made from a lightweight waterproof material. And theyre designed with big, checkered drainage holes that are reminiscent of Vanss classic checkerboard design. We hope to check them out soon and report back.

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    Are Sandals Sizes And Shoe Sizes The Same

    In general, there is no simple answer to this question. The true answer is that each brand will have its own sandal sizing chart. Consider this: your Converse might have fit perfectly as an 8, whereas your Vans required an 8.5. The same thing happens with sandals, which is why finding the right sandal size could be really difficult.

    But, on the whole, sandal sizes and shoe sizes are generally the same. Nevertheless, because sandals fit in a different manner than any other types of sneakers or shoes, you might need to size up which we absolutely suggest.

    Another matter with determining the correct sandal size is that almost all companies do not provide sandals of half sizes, as they would with normal sneakers or shoes. As a result, a female with a shoe/sneaker size of 6.5 is incapable of finding a pair of sandals in the very same size since they are only available in complete sizes.

    What About The Half Sizes

    Anybody who usually buys shoes in half sizes, such as 5.5 or 8.5, will realize that there are no half sizes available when purchasing sandals. This might make determining which size to use difficult. Should you size down or size up?

    You probably already know the answer to the question: if your normal shoe/sneaker size is a half size, you should always opt for a size up. A 5.5 shoe should be replaced with a 6. An individual with a sneaker size of 8.5 will require a 9.

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    What Is A Reef Shoe

    Reef Shoes are lightweight and flexible shoes made from rubber and neoprene designed for use in wet environments – like on the coastline, rainforest, inside a kayak or on a sailing boat. To get the most out… Reef Shoes are footwear designed for general use around boats, rocks and reefs…. read more

    Is It Better To Size Up

    Reef Women

    We always suggest buying a size-up when buying sandals, whether they are high-heeled sandals, flip-flops, or wedges. This is because sandals are designed in another way than normal sneakers and shoes and do not have to fit nicely around your feet as boots, shoes, and other footwear do.

    Going up a full size will help stop the catastrophic fashion blunder of heel and toe overhang while also lowering the possibility of discomfort and pain during use. Dont bother thinking going up a full size wont make that much difference because it is only a tiny percentage of an inch. So you wouldnt have to be concerned about having clown feet.

    Needless to say, you must keep in mind that each brand is unique. Reading reviews should help you determine when to size up.

    Even though sizing up an entire sandal size should be no problem, some manufacturers might run on the larger side, and you might end up with flip flops that are too large. Sandals that are too large will slip on effortlessly but will also move around during your step.

    Nevertheless, this is more than just an irritation. The sandals may interfere with your stride and end up causing you to slip or fall. They might also be clumsier on the surface, which is both frustrating and shameful.

    Finally, ill-fitting sandals that are way too large can intrude on your stance and stability, causing discomfort.

    Leather sandals might vary in size because they stretch after several days.

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