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Can You Rent Christian Louboutin Shoes

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Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Now Pay Later

Major Christian Louboutin Shoe Haul

I think every shoe lovers dream is to own a pair of real Christian Louboutin shoes! But the cost of a new pair of Christian Louboutin pumps costs as much as a months rent! Even the price of used Christian Louboutins is too much for the average fashionista. Luckily, we found the following online stores that sell new and pre-lovedChristian Louboutin footwear and also offer deferred billing or payment plans, so you can buy now and pay later!

From Sketch To Designer Shoe This Is How Christian Louboutins Are Born

Once Christian Louboutin has settled into his location of choice with studio director Hugo Marchand, he prepares to design the shoes for his next collection. After conjuring inspiration from the world around him, Louboutin gets to work sketching, and, from there on, the magic happens. “Every drawing brings me to another,” he shared in a chat with The New Yorker. “It’s like a sentence. Or, do you know the game cadavre exquis where one sentence builds to another?”

Once the sketches are complete, Louboutin has them sent to a factory in Milan where prototypes are created which are sometimes not what he expects. “You have this idea in your head, and then it arrives in, like, electric-blue napa,” he continued. “It’s kind of scary.”

After both Louboutin and Marchand have properly analyzed the prototypes, they once again meet up to discuss next steps. “We go to the castle in the country and look at what works, what doesn’t work,” Marchand added. There, any final changes are made. Um, think they need an assistant or two? We’d be happy to help!

Christian Louboutin Designs Shoes For This Kind Of Woman

Christian Louboutin sells quite a bit of shoes every year. In fact, more than 500,000 pairs of his designs leave stores in the hands of happy customers every year, with prices starting under $400, going all the way up to $6,000 for some of the fanciest pairs. So you may be tempted to think that Louboutin has something for every buyer in order to appeal to a broad customer demographic.

However, that’s not the case, as Louboutin’s style is only for customers with an edge. “I’ll do shoes for the lady who lunches, but it would be, like, a really nasty lunch, talking about men,” he revealed in a chat with The New Yorker. “But where I draw the line, what I absolutely won’t do, is the lady who plays bridge in the afternoon!”

That’s not lost on Hamish Bowles, Vogue‘s European editor-at-large. “There’s the promise of something wicked in Christian’s shoes,” he proclaimed. “They’re a little dangerous, and there’s a sense of teetering on the precipice between avoiding dreary conventional good taste and tumbling into something far more outrageous.” And we at The List are here for it.

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Christian Louboutins Can Change The Way Your Body Looks

High heels aren’t exactly a new invention, as they’ve been around for some time since at least the 16th century, as noted by ABC News. But until Christian Louboutin came along, most high heels weren’t so, well, high, says Elizabeth Semmelhack of the Bata Shoe Museum. “He has sort of upped the ante in terms of how high the heel can soar,” she said .

Thanks to the height of Louboutin’s stilettos, you can make your body look more desirable in a variety of ways. Obviously, you’ll appear to stand taller, thanks to the shape of the shoe. But in addition to this, Christian Louboutins make your legs look longer, give your calves more definition, and lift the way your buttocks sit. And while it may be expensive to shell out the money for a pair of these miracle shoes, it’s arguably cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

To that end, you should probably know what happens to your body when you wear high heels, as some of it isn’t so pretty. But for some of us, it’s worth it.

Christian Louboutin Fought To Trademark Those Famous Red Soles

How to Rent Louboutins &  Designer Shoes Online When Youre ...

Of course, when you make an in-demand product that retails for thousands of dollars, there’s a good chance that copycats will try to cash in on your creation. To that end, Christian Louboutin filed a lawsuit against a Dutch retailer that tried to sell their own take on red-soled stilettos in 2012, according to CNN.

The suit, which argued that the iconic red soles should be protected by trademark, made it all the way to the European Union’s highest court. So when judges ruled in favor of Louboutin six years after the lawsuit was first filed, the shoe designer was obviously happy about the outcome. “Christian Louboutin warmly welcomes this judgment,” the company shared in a statement. “For 26 years, the red sole has enabled the public to attribute the origin of the shoe to its creator.”

While there are still plenty of knockoff Christian Louboutins out there a quick Google search will show you that Louboutin isn’t messing around. According to the company website, they have a “zero tolerance” policy in effect, as well as a strategy to fight counterfeiting.

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Christian Louboutin Expanded The Nude Collection To Be More Inclusive

One of Christian Louboutin’s most famous line of shoes is his nude line, which is designed to showcase the female form rather than the shoe itself. However, before he launched the line back in 2013, he was presenting it to a group of buyers and one woman called Louboutin out on a glaring omission. “She said, ‘You’re showing a shoe and calling it nude, but it is not nude to me. This is beige,'” he revealed in an interview with the Independent. “Nude is a color of skin and this is not the color of my skin.'” Naturally, and with good reason, the woman was justifiably “annoyed.”

To that end, Louboutin knew he had to do something about it. “So I looked at her, she’s Black, and I thought, ‘Well I’m sorry, you’re right, this is beige and not nude,'” he continued. “Immediately when she told me that, I understood.”

Louboutin than broadened the nude line to five colors before its official release in 2013. Since then, even more colors have been added, making the line truly representative of what “nude” really means.

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While Designing Shoes Christian Louboutin Has To Be In Specific Locales

One thing that’s evident about Christian Louboutin is that he’s a little bit extra. For one, in addition to his French properties, the shoe juggernaut owns homes in such far-flung places as Egypt, Portugal, and Syria the latter being an actual palace. “I have this disease that if I feel good somewhere I sort of buy a house,” he explained to The New Yorker. Clearly Louboutin appreciates the finer things in life, and that includes real estate.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the well-traveled Louboutin prefers to design shoes on location in seasonally appropriate locales. “What is really important is the heat,” he continued. “It’s difficult to think of winter when it’s sunny, so it’s really a big thing for me to have the correct radiation.” So, of course, Louboutin prefers to be somewhere more chilly when it’s time to buckle down and create a winter collection.

How To Rent Louboutins & Designer Shoes Online When Youre On A Budget

Christian Louboutin Haul: The Real Real

On a special occasion, everyone wants to feel their best and the right pair of shoes can make you feel more confident.

The problem? Designer shoes can come at a high cost, and shelling out hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes youll only wear once or twice might seem silly.

The solution? There are a handful of websites that allow you to rent designer shoes for just a week, or even a few days, so that you can wear a luxurious pair of heels for a wedding, a special event or a night out without having to break the bank.

Village Luxe lets you borrow designer shoes for as low as $35, offering a range of styles, including everything from strappy sandals to canvas sneakers, from high-end labels such as Chanel, Prada and Fendi.

Eternal Style has a range of Christian Louboutins, as well as a good amount of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and a smattering of styles from other brands. Prices are as low as $45 for a week in Giuseppe Zanotti.

Style Lend has a range of memorable styles for women looking to make a statement. Highlights include studded Christian Louboutin slippers, fur-trimmed gold Chanel boots and fringed Alexandre Birman booties. Rent for seven or 14 days, with prices as low as $35 for Michael Kors or $55 for YSL.

Cloak Wardrobe features the sort of heels you might want to wear only once, like furry Tom Ford sandals and shimmery sequined Miu Miu pumps.

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The Untold Truth Of Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutins are arguably the most popular designer shoes that money can buy. Known for their high quality and distinct red sole, these shoes are beloved by footwear fans around the world and sported by tons of A-list celebs. After all, is there anything else that can make you feel sexier and more confident than a pair of stilettos that boost both your height and your fashion cred?

It’s well known that Christian Louboutins aren’t cheap a single pair of them can easily set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars, according to their website but that hasn’t stopped many of us from plunking down an entire month’s rent for a coveted set of heels or, at least, daydreaming about doing it. For now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through Cardi B videos, pretending we’re rich enough to have a custom pair or 10 made just for us.

So what’s the deal with these oh-so-expensive, elegant shoes? Who is Christian Louboutin, and what is his design process really like? And why are the soles of these shoes red, anyway? Read on to discover the untold truth of Christian Louboutins.

Yes There Are Christian Louboutin Shoes For Men

Christian Louboutin designed women’s shoes for decades, and enjoyed wild success while doing so. But back in 2009, pop star Mika approached the designer for a few pairs of his own to dazzle in while wearing them on stage. That’s when Louboutin found himself inspired perhaps more than he expected. “I drifted towards designing a full collection, which of course he didn’t need,” he told GQ. “He needed a few pairs. I ended up putting some of them in my stores and they flew away.” Thus, Louboutin’s shoe lines for men were born.

Designing shoes for men was a new challenge for Louboutin, who, like many men, had been conditioned to equate the notion of a good shoe with its longevity. But he’d also realized that a lot of men had jettisoned that concept altogether. “It could be called metrosexual or whatever,” he continued. “But a lot of guys who are really into shoes are just like women who are really into shoes.” Hey, sometimes you just want something shiny!

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Shoe Rental Guide: 5 Places To Rent Louboutins And Designer Shoes

Who would say no to designer goods? Almost every trendsetter dreams of wearing a luxury itemwhether it be clothes, bags, or shoesdesigned by her favorite fashion designer. Moreover, seeing how good celebrities and fashion icons look in designer clothes makes us want to copy their style and splurge on the exact same thing theyre wearing.

While theres so much to love about designer goods, like the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, theres one thing we surely hate the most about them: prices.

Much cheaper than buying, you can save money by renting Christian Louboutin shoes

Luxury designer goods come with hefty price tags, which are a major deal-breaker especially for fashionistas on a tight budget. Also, if youre attending a special occasion, spending a fortune on brand new designer items that youll only wear once is not practical.

This is why were grateful for rental services. There are surprisingly a good number of websites that allow us to rent luxury items, including designer shoes! Instead of buying pricey heels at the risk of being cheated, you can simply rent them at a fraction of the cost. Not only will it save you money, but it will also help save the environment.

According to reports, the fashion industry accounts for about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater. It is for this reason that most award shows today are attempting to be more sustainable.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps Available To Rent For 105 Per Week From Eternal Style

How can you not love Louboutins *drools*

Can you rent christian louboutin shoes. Interesting ive never heard of renting shoes before. And as always free return shipping on all rentals is included. Keep an eye on the weather.

For now well just have to live vicariously through Cardi B videos. But its sometimes hard to determine whether the pair of shoes you are buying are genuine or not. I hope all of this information helps you in some way.

Since the red sole will wear off with use it is not permanent as any other material protect the shoes by. You can do so by storing your shoes in the Christian Louboutin dust bag provided filling it with extra cotton cloths if needed. Rent the Runway.

You can get great prices on new and slightly used Christian Louboutin products. All items are authenticated through a rigorous process overseen by experts. Please be advised as there may be delays in the processing and delivery of your online order due to inclement weather.

Some other repairs include. If you want to be. In addition to resoling we can also perform a wide variety of other repairs on Louboutin shoes.

Now rent or buy as many items as you wish and only pay one flat fee to ship everything. Their most expensive pair of shoes is the Saint Laurent Era 110 over-the-knee boots which you can rent for 250. And as always free return shipping on all rentals is included.

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You’ll Never Find A Discount Line Of Christian Louboutins

For many of us, owning a pair of Christian Louboutins isn’t necessarily something that’s included in our budget. While we might hope to receive them during the holidays or on our birthdays, forking over the cash for Christian Louboutins is a big deal.

To that end, is there a chance that Louboutin might consider designing a more affordable line of footwear some day? In a nutshell, it’s not likely. “It would offend me to put my name on a design I would not be proud of,” he proclaimed in the documentary Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes . “It’s non negotiable.”

That being said, Louboutin knows that his shoes aren’t going to save the world. But he also values art for art’s sake. “I think that I make very useless work and I’m very proud of it,” he continued. “It’s very important to design things that you don’t need.”

Why Christian Louboutins Have So Many Studs

If you take one look at some of Christian Louboutin’s shoe designs, especially those with insanely high heels and custom leatherwork, you might be tempted to think he’s inspired by, say, Fifty Shades of Grey. However, Louboutin isn’t catering to anyone, so to speak. “I appreciate that some perceive them that way,” he revealed to the BBC. “But people project their own ideas on to a designer’s work, and sometimes this isn’t what the designer intended.” For example, when Louboutin puts studs on a shoe, it’s not an attempt to conjure anything intimate it’s more of an homage to punk rock, a style he appreciates.

However, Louboutin does recognize that his design tendencies have gotten simpler over the years, evoking the body’s natural lines. “Now I tend to go for simpler, more bare designs, ones that emphasize the shape of the leg,” he continued. “I’ve gone from dressy to undressed.” And well, that’s kind of appealing.

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