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Who Sells Saucony Brand Shoes

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Running Clothes And Running Shoes From Saucony

Saucony Jazz Original Review + On Feet

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Do Saucony Shoes Run Small

The general consensus among most runners who wear Saucony running shoes is that they fit true to size. However, we always recommend trying on a pair of running shoes before making a purchase! Sizing and fit does vary from brand to brand and you want to make sure your next pair of running shoes fits your unique feet just right to keep you safe and comfortable during your runs.

Brooks Vs Saucony Feature Comparison

Both brands have been around for a very long time and are leaders in running shoe design. They both offer various technologies to aid with comfort, support, stability, and cushion.

Where they differ most are in the fit and that Saucony is also well known for their casual classic shoes.

Its gonna get a little TECHYso you can just skip on down to the specific model comparison if you want, but personally if Im shelling out $150 for shoes, I want to know why.

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Saucony Running Shoes And Running Clothing

The brand name Saucony is derived from the Lenape word saconk, which means where two rivers meet”. The Lenape people are an Indian community that used to inhabit the North-East coast of what today is the USA. The logo that is found on all Saucony running shoes and Saucony running clothing reflects the origins of the brand the logo is based on the original location of the company, the Saucony Creek, and shows a river with three boulders in the middle. Ever since the American running shoe brand was founded in 1898 – 2 years after the first Olympic marathon – the company has been a successful player in the running scene. Sauconys main focus lies on providing products for ambitious runners and with their slogan Run For Good they invite runners from all across the globe to join Saucony and use the transformative power of running to make the world a better place.

How To Size Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony is a brand that is known for its running shoes. And when it comes to running shoes, getting the right fit is essential. While wearing shoes around the house that are the wrong size may be uncomfortable, running with shoes that are the wrong size can cause blisters and even serious injuries. Sizing your Saucony shoes is more than just determining the length of your feet, however. Its also about the arch of your feet, their width and how your feet change when you are running.

Determine the arch of your feet before you go shopping for your new pair of Saucony running shoes. To do this, get each of your bare feet wet. Then, step down onto a dry paper bag. A high-arched foot with leave a print where your heel and forefoot are barely connected. A flat-arched foot, on the other hand, will leave a print of the entire bottom of your foot. Most people are somewhere in the middle. But if you have a high or flat arch, you will need a special type of Saucony running shoe designed specifically for that.

Visit a shoe store that sells Saucony running shoes. Even if you plan to buy your shoes online, its a good idea to try them on in a store first. Ask the attendant to measure your foot with the Braddock device, which determines the length and the width of your foot.


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When To Replace Your Walking Shoes

A good pair of Saucony walking shoes will last for many miles. However, even the best shoes will begin to show signs of wear and tear as they age. Old shoes, although they might still feel good on the feet, will not give the best support nor will they be able to absorb shock as well as a new pair. Unfortunately, you might not even know how deficient your old pair are until you put on a brand new pair of Saucony sneakers.

Replace your current Saucony walking shoes when:

  • The outsole is showing signs of wear. As the tread on your shoes wears away so will its grip. You might find yourself slipping in some situations when they used to give you a reliable tread.
  • It is also good practice to replace your shoes after 300-400 miles of walking. If you walk about 4 miles a day, then after 100 days , you should consider changing them.

Are Saucony Made In The Usa

Until 1994, Sauconys sneakers were Made in USA. New Balance still holds the reign as the only major athletic brand who still produces shoes in America, but Saucony also produced its sneakers domestically. In 1994, the brand was forced to stop labeling their sneakers Made in USA, however. But if you come up on O.G.

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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Saucony Running Shoes

  • A proper running shoe is not only right for your feet but also for your pocket. So, protecting them is paramount here are a few tips.
  • Switch back and forth between several pairs of running shoes to reduce wear and tear and lengthen their lifespan.
  • Protect your shoes from the elements, and do not leave them out in direct sunlight. Extreme weather will degrade the shoe materials.
  • On average, running shoes should be replaced every 500 miles. However, at times they can wear out faster depending on your body weight, running pattern, and overall durability of the shoes. Keep track of the number of miles you run in each pair of your shoes, and pay close attention to any signs of premature wear such as cracks, tears, or excessive wear.
  • Use Saucony shoes for their intended purpose. The various Saucony models are designed for different surfaces and activities. For example, trail shoes feature extra-grip rubber thats built to withstand rugged terrain that will wear out if used on concrete.

How Do You Say Saucony

Saucony Ride ISO 2

Since I used to get this question a ton wearing my Kinvaras, let me help you out.


Its actually named after a creek in Pennsylvania and their logo is to represent the flow of water! They really love places for shoe names. I got to visit the actual towns of Kinvara and Kilkenny in Ireland, just a few of their shoe names.

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The Good Things About Saucony Shoes

  • They have running shoes for everyone
  • Theyve been going since 1898 so they have clearly stood the test of time
  • Their shoes are constructed with high quality materials and last a long time. Every running shoe I have reviewed lasts a long time
  • They are affordable
  • They have normal and wide size options
  • Most are packed with features
  • They are comfortable

The Saucony Triumph Series

Saucony Triumph running shoes feature a FORMFIT system that has three layers of cushioning that work together to create a cradle for your feet. Each layer provides a different benefit: The top layer molds itself to your foot for a custom fit, the middle layer adapts to your stride and unique pressure points, and the bottom layer is contoured to keep your foot secure. The light flexible PWRRUN+ midsole provides a powerful takeoff and a smooth landing.

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Best Saucony Walking Shoes With Superb Comfort

Saucony walking shoes are an excellent choice whether you are keen to walk paved city streets, uneven country trails, or required to stand or walk for long hours at work. Each of them supplies excellent comfort and shock absorption so that you end your day with feet that are ready for more. The best Saucony walking shoes are also stylish, either offering a sleek modern look, a contemporary sneaker profile, or even a retro vintage option.

  • Last Word
  • This post may contain affiliate links. That means that I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you buy something through my site. This helps me run my website and produce the articles that I hope you find helpful.

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    Triumphant Fit And Feel

    The Triumph ISO 5 has a FORMFIT contoured footbed and the same EVERUN Topsole to give you the best cushioning possible where it matters most. If youre running long distances or on your feet all day for working and running errands, you dont want to be thinking about being sore. The updated ISOFIT technology forms better to your foot, so for whatever range of movement you needwhether its for extreme sports or just a day out and about townthe Triumph has you covered.

    Designed similarly to the Omni, the ISO 5 steps it up a notch with a crystal rubber outsole that adds a little extra flair to an otherwise simple shoe. And the subtle mesh upper is offset by vibrant accents that are reflective for safety on nighttime runs and easy to pair with any outfit, whether its for a comfy workday or meeting friends.

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    Saucony Vs Brooks Running Shoe Brand Comparison: Whos The Winner

    Now that you know much about both the brands, its time we introduce you to the best running shoes by each brand.

    In this section of Saucony vs. Brooks running shoe brand comparison, we will compare two marquee shoes: Saucony Ride 7 and Brooks Glycerin 16.

    • IBR+ and XT-900 rubber materials in the outsole
    • Use of SSL EVA, the premium midsole material
    • Heel to Toe Power Grid
    • Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone from heel to midfoot
    • Vertical Flex Grooves to provide flexibility
    • Breathable open mesh upper
    • RUNDRY Collar Lining offering security to heel
    • Welded Overlays offering a seamless fit
    • Strobel Last for optimum cushioning and underfoot feel
    • Comfortline Sockliner

    Best Saucony Walking Shoes

    Technology For These Saucony Sneakers

    • VERSARUN cushioning absorbs impact and reduces backlash to the foot thus decreasing foot and leg fatigue.

    Best Features Of Saucony Cohesion 13

    • Segmented rubber outsole provides flex to enhance natural gait.
    • Synthetic and mesh for breathability and excellent fit.
    • Rubber outlays for abrasion control and durability.
    • Designed for neutral pronation.
    • 12mm offset between heel to toe.
    • Light at 7.3 oz 8.9 oz .
    • Available in half and wide sizes.
    • Affordable.

    Differences Between Saucony Cohesion 13 and Saucony Cohesion 13 TR13

    The fundamental difference is the outsole. Cohesion 13 TR13 is a trail shoe and has deep lugs on the outsole to supply better grip on uneven or slippery terrain. Saucony Cohesion 13 also provides an excellent outsole with a good tread but if you think that most of your walks will be on trails or challenging surfaces, then you should opt for the trail version.

    The Saucony Cohesion 13 is a budget-friendly walking shoe that offers lots of superb Saucony footwear technology. It supplies cushioning, durability, and support with excellent breathability. The outsoles have deep grooves to grip uneven terrain or for stability on slippery surfaces. The rubber protective overlays on the toe and heel will protect the shoe and your foot from scuffs and abrasions.

    Technology For These Saucony Sneakers

    Best Features Of These Saucony Walking Shoes

    TechnologyFor These Saucony Sneakers

    Best FeaturesFor Saucony Jazz Original

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    What Replaced Saucony Ride 10

    Since its official release in May, the Saucony Ride ISO has been making waves. The neutral, cushioned trainer is the successor to the perennially popular Ride 10, and yet somehow the latest iteration of the shoe has managed to continue to improve in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

    Is Saucony A Good Brand:

    Shoe review: Saucony Guide 13

    Saucony is best known for its high-performance running shoes. They use Grid cushioning, which is inspired by spider webs. This cushioning technique, which bends with each stride, has been used by Saucony for over 15 years.

    In addition to this grid design, Saucony has used flexion plates, arc-locks, and their newly-developed unique design, which react when your skin is warm and cold.

    Nevertheless, Saucony is not only famous for its respectable range of running models but has also worked together with the likes of Alife Rivington Club and Bodega and makes important steps to become a common brand.

    Under the Spot-Bilt brand, the company also provides shoes for cross-training, walking, and hiking, as well as shoes for officials and coaches. In addition, Saucony sells athletic goods under the Hind brand. The company sells its sports items through approximately 21 Saucony outlets located in the U.S, as well as sporting items and shoe dealers in over 50 countries around the world.

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    Shoe Statistics: Using The Last 200 Shoes Sold

    For my report, I selected the last 200 pairs of men’s and women’s shoes that I sold and went through them to find out which brands and sizes are selling. I’m not reporting any statistics on children’s shoes because I only sold 8 of them so there isn’t much information to gather from that. I’m not saying that children’s shoes don’t sell, it’s that I just don’t send very many in.

    The Best Stability Shoe

    The Omni delivers stability, cushioning, and performance. It is fitted with the Tri-Flex tread that provides excellent traction. Plus, the ISOFit upper conforms to your foot for a comfortable ride. Saucony Omni running shoes have an EVERUN topsole and a PWRFOAM midsole, making them both soft and supportive. Moreover, the shoes feature firm medial support, offering a stable running experience.

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    How We Tested And Selected

    To select the shoes below, we pored over Sauconys deep lineup and newest releases, consulted feedback from our team of 350 wear-testers, and spoke with the brands designers. We also analyze data from the RW Shoe Lab, where weve run a gamut of mechanical tests. That includes checking the energy return of Pwrrun foam, measuring the changes in midsole softness among several iterations of the Kinvara, and gauging the flexibility of TPU outsole rubbers and support frames. We also use our own running experience and knowledge of the market to parse out these 10 best Saucony shoes.


    • Similar tech at a lower price than the Vaporfly Next%
    • Exceptionally responsive carbon-fiber plate
    • Less stable for tight cornering
    • Nylon plate provides a fast turnover
    • Pwrrun PB foam is soft and bouncy
    • Slightly heavier than Pro model
    • Aggressive 6.5mm lugs

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    Shoes: Which Brands And Sizes Sell

    Saucony Lady ProGrid Hurricane 10 Running Shoes

    Which shoe brands are the best to buy? Should you stay away from the smaller and larger sizes? I often see these shoe questions posted in the Amazon FBA Facebook groups, so I decided to take a look at my own shoe selling data and find out!

    But before I get started, just a little history: I started selling shoes last December and they now account for 69.08% of my sales. I like them because they raised my average selling price and profit for the year and by doing so, I don’t have to process as many units to keep my sales up.

    My 7-month sales are higher than all of last year’s by $384. But what’s really interesting is that I sold 366 fewer units this year! This means that I’m working smarter, not harder! I have shoes to thank for that.

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    The Best For Long Runs

    Saucony Freedom running shoes were the first to introduce the stylish-yet-functional ISOKNIT upper that dynamically adjusts to your individual foot shape. A full-length Saucony Everun foam midsole provides enough cushioning for longer runs, and a crystal rubber outsole disperses impact when contacting the grounddelivering traction and durability.

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    Are Asics Or New Balance Better

    However, New Balance managed to edge a win against Asics by featuring minimalist models with barely any padding along the bottom. Asics models tend to use gel for padding while New Balance uses foam. This decision does not make one brand better than the other, but it does change the sensation for you, the runner.

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    Differences Between Saucony Cohesion 13 And Saucony Cohesion 13 Tr13

    The fundamental difference is the outsole. Cohesion 13 TR13 is a trail shoe and has deep lugs on the outsole to supply better grip on uneven or slippery terrain. Saucony Cohesion 13 also provides an excellent outsole with a good tread but if you think that most of your walks will be on trails or challenging surfaces, then you should opt for the trail version.

    Saucony: 120 Years Of Passion

    Second hand/ Used Sport shoes- Best Brands Running shoes

    Yes, you read that right! Saucony has been catering to the needs of the runners for the past 120 years. The brand was established in the year 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

    Today, this brand is owned by Stride Rite and has come up with running shoes for every kind of runner.

    What makes Saucony, one of the most sought-after brands is the fact that it pays a lot of attention to the technologies it uses.

    The brand thrives on innovation. With the use of latest technologies, Saucony has consistently been one of the best-rated shoe brands.

    Right from the inception, it has been introducing us to some of the most advanced technologies used in running shoes.

    Whether its the use of EVA foam or TPU heel cups to the Everun midsole and ISOFit upper it has always given something new to us.

    Today, many models of Saucony frequent the best shoe list released by the experts. Some of the most popular lines by this brand include Xodus ISO, Freedom, Kinvara, and Omni to name a few.

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