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On Women’s Cloud X Low Top Running Sneakers

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On Cloud X Training Shoe Review

On Cloud X Shoe Review

On is a company that is well-known in the running community, but within the cross-training and lifting community, theyre not as common of a name to throw around. The On Cloud X training shoe is marketed as a model for agility workouts, cross-training sessions, and shorter to mid-range runs.

The On Cloud X is an interesting cross-training shoe and they perform really well in certain training settings. Honestly, I was skeptical at first about this models outsole and midsole construction, especially for CrossFit and lifting, which Ill elaborate on below in my performance section.

My main thought was, How would a company that primarily focuses on running fare when building a shoe for tackling cross-training?

In this On Cloud X review, Im going to dive into the specifics of this model and discuss the training contexts in which the On Cloud X performs well and where they fall short.

On Cloud X Fit & Design

The On Cloud X shoes have a neutral fit, similar to the most popular On Running shoes, the On Cloud, reviewed here.

When I first slipped them on, I was impressed at how comfortable they felt, easily as comfortable as the infamous On Cloud, which in itself is impressive.

When you combined this comfort with their minimal weight, they really feel like an extension of your foot.

How We Picked The Best On Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best On running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

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On Running Review: The Worlds Lightest Trainers

On has made a big splash in its relatively short existence, and now has the accolade of being the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Founded in 2010 by a three-time world duathalon champion and multiple Ironman winner Oliver Bernhard, together with his friends David Allemann and Casper Coppetti, the vision from the off was to come up with a fast and truly revolutionary running shoe.

Whilst that term gets bandied around too much, in Ons case you just have to look at the Cloud or Cloudflow to realise that these On Running shoes are unlike any other running shoes on the market. They set out to solve the two perennial problems in distance running shoes: of combining a cushioned, soft landing with a firm, responsive take-off and a highly cushioned shoe that is also extremely lightweight. Plenty of shoes on the market are good at one or the other, but not both.

Distance shoes tend to be either fast, responsive and lightweight or comfortable, cushioned and heavier. On has come up with a shoe design that genuinely delivers on both fronts, built around two main innovations.

On Cloud X Shoes Inner Sock

Adidas Womens Cloudfoam QT Racer Low Top Lace Up Walking Shoes, Grey ...

On Cloud X shoes have a nice little sock that attaches the tongue to the forefoot area, similar to the On Cloudflow running shoes.

This helps keep the forefoot snug within the shoe and stops the tongue from slipping out of place.

As a result of this sock, I didnt feel any discomfort caused by rubbing materials. All seams inside the shoe appear to be really well hidden, which also helps.

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On Cloud X For Classes Agility And Plyometrics

For agility training, classes, and plyometric work, I enjoy this shoe. The midsole and outsole are highly responsive and you get a lot of bounce out of them when in the takeoff stages of bounding and ballistic movements. Plus, theyre pretty good at helping to absorb landing phases.

I also really like this shoes upper construction in regard to its breathability and maneuverability. The upper construction may not be the best for lifting and CrossFit, however, its a good pick for breathability in the context of more versatile training.

This model has strategic mesh upper areas to promote breathability in the areas that you want it most especially if youre in hotter classes and gym settings or training outdoors.

The weight of this shoe is 8.47 oz and it has a heel-to-toe drop of 6mm. The only area where the On Cloud X falls short for versatility training is with lateral movement. The CloudTec midsole doesnt provide a ton of support when cutting and really digging into the ground so you may feel limited in this regard with this model.

What Can Cloudtec Do For You

There’s no right way to run. Whether you are a rear-, mid-, or forefoot striker, the important thing is that your running shoes support your individual stride. Regardless of your biomechanics and gait, there are two main things you should focus on: your take-off and your landing. Both are important in preventing injury and conserving energy when running.

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How Can I Best Take Care Of My On Shoes

Cleaning your shoes should not be a hassle here are a few tips:

  • To preserve the durability of the shoes, wash them only when they accumulate dirt or stains. Don’t use soaps that might damage the color or material. Use a washcloth, a non-abrasive cloth, or a soft toothbrush to remove any stains.
  • You can reduce shoe odor using footwear-specific odor absorbers or sprays.
  • Always allow your shoes to dry completely between wears. Air drying with the shoelaces out is the ideal way of maintaining the integrity of the shoes. Avoid drying your shoes in direct sunlight as it may affect the midsole.

What Runners Are Saying

The BEST Running Shoes 2022 | ft. Nike, New Balance, adidas, ASICS, Brooks and more

Trail and Kale

Maybe you enjoy mixing up your trail running with some road running, training at the gym or playing other sports. The On Cloud X will hold its own for all of them. I bet you notice a flurry of PBs when you start running in them too because the outsole transfers energy to forward motion so well!

Believe in the Run

The On Cloud X is the perfect shoe for the runner who doesnt love running. Heading to Cross-fit? Perfect. Gearing up for yoga class? A good choice. Walking the dog? Youll look great. Looking to pound out lots of miles? Not the shoe for you.

  • 1Derek

    I previously use quite minimalist shoes like Merrell Trail Glove, Vapor glove and vibram KSO, Vtrail, Spiridon. Ive used the Cloud X on my long runs 20-25km and absolutely love them I have lots of ground feel while it takes the edge off the repeated sole landing of longer runs.

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On Cloud X Women’s White/black

Meet the On Cloud X 2020–a versatile shoe designed to crush your workouts. This neutral running shoe can conquer any challenge, whether on paved roads or gym floors. Stay stable during explosive movements with the Sidewalls support on the medial and lateral side. Feel fast and energized with every stride on the Helion superfoam midsole. For runners who like to switch up their fitness routine, the On Cloud X 2020 is ready for whatever comes next!

What’s New?

  • Larger CloudTec® outsole pods include Helion superfoam to increase responsiveness.
  • Wider platform improves stability and support during exercise.
  • Sidewalls on the medial and lateral side increase protection during lateral movements. New heel cap with molded cushion pads create a secure, comfortable hold.

Who’s it for?

  • Runners who like to mix up their workouts and need a shoe they can use on the road and in the gym.

Shoe Technology

Upper: Engineered mesh upper features a weave pattern to increase durability, comfort, and breathability. Integrated tongue and no-sew design combine for a comfortable fit.

Midsole: Speedboard transfers impact into forward momentum to support explosive movements. Helion superfoam increases comfort, resilience and rebound.

Outsole: CloudTec® traction pattern offers grip on hard surfaces.

On Cloud X For Crossfit And Lifting

When it comes to lifting, the Cloud X will excel for light loading but this shoe falls short for heavier training. In this model, Ive worked up to about 225-245 lbs with deadlifts and cleans. Once I hit this weight, I noticed that the midsole was starting to compress and my balance was starting to be compromised.

In the context of CrossFit, this is equally problematic since a majority of the work in WODs requires a relatively stable shoe with less compression at moderate and heavy loads. The upper construction on this model also is problematic for CrossFit.

Exercises like rope climbs and burpees will wreak havoc on this shoes lighter upper construction over time as it lacks structured layers for protection that most CrossFit shoes have. If youre looking into this shoe for heavier lifting and CrossFit, then Id suggest passing on this model.

Personally, Im actually not the biggest fan of On marketing this shoe as a dedicated cross-training shoe because it does fall so short for lifting and CrossFit. For casual lifters, this model looks good and will work for lighter exercises, but if youre planning to train with a barbell or heavy on machines like a leg press or hack squat, then youll want to pass on this model.

Note, this shoe works for class workouts and lighter sessions, however, I would say look into other cross-training shoes that offer more stability if your main focus is lifting and bias a lot of your training toward barbell work.

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What’s The Typical Lifespan For On Running Shoes

Although most modern running shoes are pretty durable, they will wear out eventually. Many factors play a role in how quickly shoes wear out, including your gait, size, and preferred running surface. On average, you should be able to get an average of 300-500 miles out of your running shoes before changing them out. Remember: The technology may wear out faster than the material, making the shoes underperform even without visible signs of aging. So, don’t wait until they look worn out before you change them. Underperforming shoes decrease your running efficiency and increase your risk of injury.

Who Should Invest In The On Cloud X Training Shoe

Ryka Women

The On Cloud X Cross-Training Shoe is a great model for the lifter, runner, and athlete that needs a shoe primarily for HIIT training, plyometrics, agility, short runs, and daily wear. Theyre a good shoe for anyone that wants a trainer for daily wear that is highly comfortable that they can also wear to the gym for different forms of training.

The midsole and outsole are highly responsive and provide a lot of feedback during plyometrics and HIIT workouts. Plus, the upper construction is lightweight and it breathes really well so this is a good model for also wearing in hotter training settings.

Its important to note that the On Cloud X is not going to be your best option for heavy lifting or CrossFit, but it excels within the realm of activities listed above. If you can understand On Cloud Xs best use context, then I think youll enjoy this shoe and you wont be let down by their performance.

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Which On Running Shoe Is The Best One For Me

Well, that depends on your goal and activity level. On’s running shoes are designed to cater to different needs and are categorized according to your main running focus:

  • Active Life: When fitness is your way of life, why limit yourself to only wearing athletic shoes during workouts? Shoes in the On active life category are perfect for everything from running to running errands. Check out the classic Cloudor the stylish Cloud Terry for the perfect addition to your wardrobe.
  • Support: In need of a little extra stability during your run? On support running shoes feature a slightly wider base and comfortable cushioning that never slows you down. Check out the Cloudflyer or Cloudace for a smooth, stable ride.
  • Training: On training shoes are ideal for runners who like to mix up their workouts. Built to handle running as well as cross training and movement in all directions, shoes like the Cloud X and Cloudflow are the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal.
  • Trail: Hit the trails confidently with On trail running shoes! They bring together aggressive traction and uncompromising comfort so nothing gets in the way of your next adventure. Reach new heights in the Cloudventure or Cloudrock.
  • Race: If you’ve got a race in your future, On has a shoe that can help you find the finish line even faster. Combining responsiveness and cushion in a lightweight package, shoes like the Cloudrush and Cloudsurfer are perfect for indulging your need for speed!

Focus On Cushioning Not Correction

Ever run on clouds? Well, thats what On’s patented CloudTec® feels like. This state-of-the-art technology features cloud elements that provide the ultimate running sensation. This system of individual clouds cushions your landing and delivers an explosive take-off that lets you glide through your natural movement pattern without compromising protection. This is cushioning at its best!

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Why We Like The Cloud X Running Shoe

You’re in for a rough morning of hill sprintsthat’s enough to make you want to roll over and snooze your alarm. The Cloud X Running Shoes beg to differ. These fully cushioned shoes provide the comfort and support you need for intervals sets and training jogs, with a CloudTec sole that offers a smooth and energetic rebound while your heart rate soars. The flexible and lightweight design keeps your heel strikes quick and efficient, and the mesh upper breathes well on hot summer days, while the reflective details keep you seen in low-light conditions.


  • A cushioned shoe for running and training
  • Seamless mesh upper is snug and breathable
  • Dual-density liner offers a sock-like fit
  • Flexible and lightweight design invigorates your routine
  • CloudTec sole gives you a smooth, cushioned rebound
  • Full cushioning keeps your feet comfortable during long workouts
  • Lace closure lets you customize the fit
  • Precision-molded heel cap delivers strain-free stability
  • Item #ONFB02B

Harness Balance And Momentum

Best Running Shoes 2021 | End Of The Year Roundup with Jami Reviews

Running should be fun and refreshing, but without balance it becomes a strenuous activity. Good running shoes transition effortlessly from landing to take-off without causing friction, and thats exactly what On running shoes do. Powered with CloudTec®, On running shoes provide a swift shift of energy. When you hit the ground, the cloud elements create a strong propelling force that pushes you through a smooth take-off.

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Treat Running As A Sport Not An Illness

Do you have a deficiency or a problem that keeps you from running? Well, On has a solution! With its expansive range of footwear, the company caters to just about every needfrom low to high arches, from under- to over-pronation, and anything in between. Regardless of whether youre a beginner or a pro, you can find a great running shoe from On. Their world-class shoes are designed to help you enjoy every step of your run.

On’s Running Shoe Technology

On’s CloudTec® is the driving force behind the companys unique running shoes. The cushioning system is made of cloudshollowed-out pods that offer not only shock absorption but also stability and energy return.

Every On running shoe features CloudTec® and has protective heel cushioning to provide a stabilized, natural strike. Its adaptive rubber sole absorbs the stress of landing, and the clouds spring back from impact in order to offer a smooth transition to an explosive take-off.Apart from this revolutionary technology, On has developed technology that helps all kinds of athletes run on all kinds of surfaces.

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On Running Cloud X Low

Made for running lovers, the Cloud X sneakers are reactive and dynamic. Their CloudTec® outsole in Helion superfoam is made specifically for explosive movements in all directions while the moulded cushion pads in the heel offer gentle security and the Speedboard® within energizes every step.


  • logo print to the side
  • round toe
  • CloudTec® outsole
  • Helion superfoam
  • These styles are supplied by a premium sneaker marketplace. Stocking only the most sought-after footwear, they source and curate some of the most hard to find sneakers from around the world.


Running In The On Cloud X

Ryka Women

The On Running Cloud X are so comfortable for running on the roads and light trails. I havent tried any technical trails with them yet but if I do, Ill update this post to share my thoughts with you.

So far they have been very good for long and fast runs and I feel like I can push harder in my training sessions knowing that my feet wont suffer from it.

This, in turn, motivates me to want to run more often, which is so important during training blocks.

UPDATE: I ended up running a 50km trail ultramarathon in these during the summer and they performed better than I thought they would! The trails were mostly forest and buffed. I still rate these as one of my favorite On shoes for running!

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