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What Shoes Are Comparable To Tieks

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I Have Had Tieks For A Few Years Now So I Wanted To Answer Some Questions I Often Get On Tieks Sizing Different Material Requires Different Sizing

TIEKS Ballet Flats Moonstruck Review and Comparison

The most common question I get around my favorite pair of flats are Tieks sizing and when Tieks go on sale. I’m here to give you the scoop!

You are probably wondering ;if I’m some sort of brand ambassador or saleswoman or if this is a sponsored post. None of the above, I am just a lover of these fabulous shoes! This post does contain affiliate links, which just means you are helping a small blogger like me out and won’t pay any extra for them!

While my;previous review;still holds true, I wanted a separate post to give you an update on my new experience with ordering from their Vegan line as well. Let’s answer those questions!

Tieks Designs & Styles

Tieks come in four main styles:

  • Classics Solid colored Tieks made with standard leather; this is the style Ive always bought.
  • Prints;;Tieks made with standard leather in a number of fun patterns like Leopard Print, Plaid, and metallics.
  • Patents ;Solid colored Tieks made in patent leather.
  • Vegan;;Tieks that are made entirely without animal products.

There are also Mini Tieks and one design in suede .

Once you decide you want to buy Tieks, the next decision is choosing which style and design you want. I have a separate blog post about how to choose the perfect color Tieks, or you can take this quiz I created.

The Best Guide For Buying The Right Size Tieks

I LOVE shoes. They are my favorite thing to purchase, wear and travel with.;There are many types of shoes I love, but my most favorites are Tieks. Tieks are my go to shoe of choice thanks to their amazing comfort level, durability, portability, and also their style factor. They even have a signature Tieks blue sole and stripe up the back of the shoe for a classy and unique look. Since you cant try these shoes on before ordering them, how can you be sure you are buying the right size Tieks?

After buying so many pairs of these ballet flats over the years I am going to share whether you should size up or down when ordering Tieks.;

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you make a purchase at NO additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this site!

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This Is Where Tieks Can Help

Its one of the most versatile flat shoes in the world.

With its flexible soles, Tieks is very comfortable. It molds your feet and flexes when you walk. And because it is bendable, you can easily pack it in your suitcase; you can even fold it inside your purse.

Tieks is also durable. It has a thick rubber outsole with non-skid patches in its signature Tiek Blue color. This feature provides shock absorption and traction with your every step.

If you closely, you will notice each Tieks pair is crafted from deluxe Italian leather and advanced foam cushioning. There are over 60 Tieks prints and styles to choose from. Perfect for your every occasion and wardrobe.

With its commitment to craftsmanship and fine Italian artistry, you can expect impeccable style and unparalleled comfort with every Tieks pair.

Rothys Vs Tieks: Style Showdown

Tieks knock off

Rothys makes their shoes with a mindfully sustainable approach from start to finish. Rothys emphasizes sustainability through caring for people from the production and innovation perspective to the valued consumer. Crafting five silhouettes for adults and children, Rothys offers comfortable shoes that show a wild side and crank up the colour.;

How often have you longed for a foldable shoe to fill the gap on those nights where you ambitiously sport heels, or to slip into your bag for work? Tieks fill the void through their avant-garde reinvention of the ballet flat. Tieks embodies versatility, easy wear and comfort. Tieks are durable to match your pace, and the design of the shoe embraces flexibility, so you dont have to make any compromises in the name of fashion.;

The following comparative Rothys vs. Tieks shoes review will examine key elements of the brands and their products to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.;

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Amazon Essentials Womens Belice Ballet Flat: Best Tieks Alternative

Tieks Alternative is an excellent choice for anyone who values comfort as the best thing. The small bow that can be seen on all shoe designs is a touch of rock and roll that will make your life easier because it is very important for your comfort to have a shoe that makes you feel good on your feet. This is a performance dress flat designed for all-day comfort and all-night elegance.

Featuring our signature thin sole design, its every bit as comfortable as our original Tieks. With three colors to choose from and suede upper, the Tieks Ballet Flat is an essential item in your wardrobe! From the first moment you slip on a pair of Tieks, youll fall in love with the comfort and freedom they bring.

Their flat soles ensure that youll walk with ease, while their unique no-tie straps make them easy to slip on and stay on securely all day long. It is a stylish ballet flat designed for women. It comes with a soft sole which gives the perfect comfort guarantee. This wardrobe staple shoe can be worn day after day without any signs of fatigue.

This is one of the hottest new styles this year and is functional, comfortable, and fashionable. These Tieks are perfect for any activity whether youre working in the office or hitting the beach; these flats will go anywhere with you. This is a great substitute for uncomfortable heels that can ruin your day.

Sock Liners For Ballet Flats

No matter which kind of flats you get, sock liners can make them a little comfier. I tried these liners in the shoe store. They were comfortable but hung out of the flats and looked silly.

To get some truly hidden ones, I ordered these liners and Im thrilled with them. Very comfortable and totally hidden in most flats.

They arent likely to fit if you have large feet, though. I wear an 8.5 and theyre quite snug.

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Can You Wear Tieks With

  • High Arches? By design, Tieks are naturally flat, so they dont offer built-in support for high arches. If you find that unsupported flats cause you a lot of discomfort, you might try these 3D Sponge Insoles that come in several colors to match your Tieks.
  • Flat Feet? If you have the opposite problem and have flat feet, Tieks also might be less comfortable for you. You also might want to opt for those insoles to get extra support for your feet.
  • Wide Feet? If your feet are wide, Tieks recommend going up one size to accommodate that.
  • Bunions? If you have bunions , I recommend going up one size to ensure your toes have enough room and arent cramped to make the issue worse.
  • Plantar Fasciitis? If its your heel that causes pain through Plantar Fasciitis, the hand-sewn insole of Tieks might not provide enough cushion for you. The insoles I just recommended will help provide extra cushioning to help with that.
  • My Wedding Dress? Can you wear Tieks with your wedding dress? Absolutely! I wore my Midnight Blue Tieks at my wedding once my heels got too uncomfortable.

+ Best Tieks Alternative Ballet Flats That Will Make Your Feet Happy

Tieks vs Crane Review

This post may contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclosure for details.

If youve been on the search for amazing Tieks alternative shoes that do not cost a pretty penny, youll love these top-rated ballet flats that feel just as good as their Tieks counterpart.

I first heard about Tieks from a coworker who wanted my opinion about Tiek shoes. Since she knew that I was a fashion blogger, she also wondered if I owned a pair.

Similarly, I knew another pharmacist and blogger who swore by her Tieks collection. But, I was not ready to spend close to $200 on a pair of shoes that I would end up wearing less than once a week.

Less than two weeks later, I walked into a restaurant and had an amazing server. I looked down at her feet.

What did I see? You guessed it!

She was wearing a pair of Tieks. As these flats have characteristic teal bottoms just like Christian Louboutin red bottoms.

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The Ugly Duckling Of Comfort: Everlane Day Glove Reknits

They may not win any beauty contests, but Everlane’s Day Glove ReKnits are extremely comfortable.

Everlane sells a lot of sensible, office-appropriate apparel . So its no surprise that its leather flats, called Day Gloves, are a favorite among those who like the brand. In June, Everlane released an updated version of the flats, the Day Glove ReKnits, which have a woven fabric upper, putting them squarely in the competition of comfort-forward Instagram flats.

Heres the deal on the Day Glove ReKnits: They are some of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, thanks to an upper that covers way too much of the top of the foot. They look like a pair of slippers that one might wear when in the hospital, and not, for example, paired with skinny jeans or a sweater dress. That said, style is subjective, and Everlane reviewers seem to like the way they look. Plus, the stretchy, sock-like upper combined with the cushioned leather insole make the shoes very comfortablenot quite at the level of the Allbirds or Birdies, but close. However, unlike Allbirds, these cant be machine-washed.

The bottom line: If comfort alone is what youre after and you like or don’t mind the look, the Day Glove ReKnits will serve you well.

Rothys Vs Tieks: A Review

For some time now, Ive seen Rothys often mentioned as an equally comfortable alternative to Tieks leather flats. Similar to Tieks, Rothys come in a variety of colors and more interestingly are made from recycled plastic bottles. After seeing no less than five girls wearing them on my commute to work one day, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair to conduct my own Rothys vs Tieks comparison.

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Do You Wear Socks With Tieks

I dont wear socks with Tieks and find them very comfortable.;

Theres no reason you cant wear socks with them, though, and I have done this on the occasional cold day. Thin socks work best unless youve allowed for extra room when choosing your size.

If you want the sock-free look but want to reduce odour, try a low cut no-show liner sock.;

Rothys The Point Vs Tieks Ballet Flats

Tieks Alternative

The Point is dainty but daring with its charming cut and distinctive colours. The Point embellishes the pragmatic. The Point is woven purposefully with a blend of premium merino wool, along with Rothys signature thread. The industrious thread is spun from repurposed plastic water bottles, so you can cruise in style while supporting the health of the planet.;

Additionally, the outsoles of the Point are made of vegan leather, so that you can impress your friends over dinner hour conversation. Rothys shoes are made by a dedicated team who are united in their purpose and dedicated to delivering it. Youll know when you step into The Point and fit it into all of your upcoming occasions that hard work pays off.;

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Are Rothy’s Better Than Tieks

Rothys are definitely easier to clean than Tieks. Amazingly they are machine washable, so you just remove the insoles and throw the shoes and insoles in the wash and they come out looking new.

You may ask, Do Tieks scuff easily?

Being made of Italian leather, Tieks do tend to scuff and scratch easily, and they also start to stink if you wear them completely barefoot inside, which I do. Like all leather shoes, you should regularly polish your Tieks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ballet Flats Tieks Alternatives

What flats are comparable to Tieks?

The most comparable ballet flats to Tieks are Me Too Tru Blue, Hush Puppies Chaste, Yosi Samra Samara, and surprisingly these cheap for the price, quality, and comfort. These are shoes similar to Tieks but cheaper.

Are Tieks really worth the money?

Generally, yes! Tieks are the Valentino of ballet flats and are durable and comfortable. However, these Tieks alternative ballet flats offer arguably similar value for less. Just like shopping store brand versus designer brands, it all comes down to personal preferences.

What are the best flats for walking?

The best flats for walking offer unrivaled arch and footbed support. Minnetonka, Allbirds, Rothys, Skechers, and Hush Puppies are top brands with a great reputation for comfort with standing or walking long distances.

Are ballet flats good for your feet?

For short periods of time, yes. They generally are the most supportive for arch but many newer ballet flats do a great job of providing some support to your feed.

Is it bad for your feet to wear the same shoes everyday?

Depending on the shoe, yes. If your shoe provides great support and is made for walking/running/extended periods of time, then no. it is recommended to switch out ballet shoes every now and then just to get some firmness beneath your feet.

Why are Tieks so expensive?Are Tieks worth it?

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Dream Pairs Ballerina Walking Flats

Dream Pairs is in it on the action too! And were not mad about it. These ballerina walking flats have a soft, faux leather upper and an elasticized topline for the perfect fit.

This classic design reminds me of the Dexflex comfort ballet flats that make it a great shoe for those with standard or wide feet. See the current price of this under $30 flats here and scoop them up with free Prime shipping.

Yosi Samra 20 Ballet Flat

Tieks Update: size 8 or 9 with Comparison

The Yosi Samra Samara flats are also a fabulous Tieks alternative and rank high on the list of best ballet flats for walking. Yosi Samra brings has all the essentials of a classic style. With soles that support, and a design that rivals that of Tieks.

However, these have a rubber sole, and memory foam to make every step feel like youre walking on clouds! And with 19 different colors, you have a color that fits your mood and style. Yup! You wont have to repeat shoes for a whole month.

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Breaking In Your Tieks

Once you receive your Tieks, give yourself a few days to make sure your feet are used to them. While Tieks should feel pretty comfortable right away, there might be a few spots where your feet and Tieks need to get. to know one another. If youre uncertain, remember: dont wear your Tieks outside if you think you might need to exchange them.

I generally find that it takes 2-3 days for my feet to adjust to my new Tieks, and the same amount of time for my Tieks to adjust/start stretching and forming to my feet.

If after a few days of trying them youre still not comfortable in your Tieks, reach out to the team to see if a size exchange is possible.

What Alternatives Are A Good Choice

Buying a pair of shoes instead of originals will provide you with the following benefits:;

  • Offers Variety in Style: For every shoe brand alternative, there is a variety in design and style that assures to provide different levels of comfortability. From stripes to prints or plain straps, you have a lot to choose from. Most of the alternatives dont compromise on comfort and proper fitting as well.
  • Gives More Colors Choices: Just like knock-off Tieks come in dozens of fantastic colors. The alternatives do too! Not only the patterns but some brands also offer several colors that you can buy depending on your skin tone or match them with your dresses.
  • Flexible as The Originals: The majority of the people out there have wide feet or broad toes, if you belong in this category, nothing to worry about! Even though the alternatives are comparatively cheap, they are as flexible as the original Tieks. The wide array of designs plus the patterns are perfect for versatile feet So, if your feet are narrow or wide, it doesnt matter.
  • Different Materials: Are you allergic to leather? Or do you hate wearing plain plastic shoes? Say goodbye to the worries! There are several material options from which you can pick any type easily.

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Ollio Womens Shoe Comfort Ballet Flat

Looking for light ballet flats that will suit your everyday style?

You will love Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat.

With a wide selection of colors to choose from, these shoes will look on point with any of your casual outfits. They are a great complement to your everyday office look.

And at its price, you can buy at least seven pairs of Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat for the price of one Tieks pair.

For its comfort, style, and price, no wonder Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat has a lot of positive reviews.

Just like Tieks, Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat features cushioned insoles and flexible design.

However, Ollio Comfort Ballet Flat is made of synthetic material. Still, its comfortable and durable, just like Tieks.

Do You Find Heels Overrated

Best Tieks Alternatives

If you do, then flats are the way to go.

But just because youre wearing flat shoes doesnt mean youre going to be comfortable already. Take the case of ballet flats. You can still get rubbed-out heels and blisters on toes when you wear an imperfect pair.

Cant find the right matching set for your feet?

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