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Do Nobull Shoes Run Small

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Can I Run In The Nobull Trainers

NOBULL Knit Runner Unboxing, First Impression, and 1 Mile Test Run!

Yes they are not bad running shoes at all they are light. The NOBULL logo on the side is reflective its good to be seen. But they are not purpose-built running shoes either. Look elsewhere for long distance running.

If you like NOBULL shoes, and do need a real running shoe, Rogue Fitness also carries the NOBULL Knit Runner shown where in Dark Grey.

This is a classic runners shoe 10 mm heel to toe drop, anatomical sock liner for a perfect fit, and very lightweight.

Nobull Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Customers are crazy about NOBULL, and in the best kind of way. 10K+ customersgave reviews with an average of 4.7/5 stars across multiple websites. Heres the best and worst of what they had to say.

On Reddit, there is a swell of positive comments regarding NOBULL shoes excellence with dynamic movements, like box jumps and lunges, and the fact that they are both supercomfortable and durable.

This Reddit comment sums up the general feedback: I love my Nobulls. I finally decided to give them a try during my last deployment, and I have to say, they are the best fitting CrossFit shoes Ive worn.

Amazon customers left NOBULL a 4.5/5 rating average from thousands of reviews. The most common feedback compliments the sturdy material of their shoes and that they are true to size .

The most significant complaint is that the top material on one customers shoes was too stiff and, over time, made their feet sore. Another customer said their trainers produce a squeaky sound on certain floor surfaces.

This Amazon review best sums up the customer experience: First off the grip on these shoes are tremendous. The flat sole makes great placement for workouts I have to do. Since my foot is wide the shoes definitely need more breaking in. And my feet feel well encased in the shoes. I havent seen any manufacturing issues. The exterior of the shoe definitely feels durable. They are breathable.

Pros And Cons Of The Nobull Training Shoes

Much like the brand name alludes, we here at Shoe Guide are all about a no bull approach to our reviews and research. We know that, regardless of reviews, recommendations, and features, every shoe is going to come with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

NoBulls training shoes are no exception. In the course of our extensive due diligence on these shoes in relation to CrossFit, we latched onto a few specific advantages, and noted some callout disadvantages. Below are the findings.


  • We cant count the numerous advantages associated with NoBulls SuperFabric. This includes such pros as breathable, thin uppers, and thicker guard plates, which serve to prevent injuries commonly associated with the intensity of CrossFit workouts.
  • In addition to the above, the NoBull Training Shoes provide intense levels of both support and flexibility. This makes it the ultimate shoe for cross-training, ideal for serious and competitive CrossFitters of all shapes and sizes.
  • Abrasion resistance is yet another support and protection layer. This assists in increasing overall shoe longevity. In the end, this only serves to further save money.
  • Durable lug patterns with the NoBull Training Shoes ensure that they are truly built to last, performing with consistency time and time again, for far longer than a workout shoe would be expected.

Potential Cons

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Can I Deadlift In Nobull Trainers

Yes a flat shoe with a stable heel, sole, and midsole is just what you want for a big deadlift. This minimizes the range of motion and provides a stable base.

The amount of material under your feet, also known as stack height, is an important characteristic of a good training shoe. Its one of the principles that minimalist shoes are built on less material means a more natural feel that leads to better biomechanics. But thicker, more protective shoes might lead to fewer injuries and better running due to shock absorption.

The NOBULL trainers lie somewhere between not too much, not too little.

Where To Buy Nobull Shoes

NOBULL Mens Training Shoes and Styles

NOBULL is fairly strategic when it comes to the retail outlets that offer their products. Currently, if you look around online there are two key online retail outlets that sell NOBULL gear. The first is NOBULLs site and the second is Rogue Fitness.

Essentially, if youre wondering, where to buy NOBULL shoes, then youre going to want to look at NOBULLs site and Rogue Fitness as these are the only two online retail outlets that have stock for NOBULLs shoes fairly consistently.

There are other online retail outlets as well that have NOBULL shoes on them like Amazon. However, oftentimes youll only find random sizes or lightly used NOBULL shoes on these platforms. Hence why I dont really acknowledge them as being a reliable and consistent place to buy NOBULL shoes.

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High Top Nobull Trainers Vs Converse Price

As for price, there is a clear frontrunner and winner in this NOBULL vs Converse showdown. If youve ever looked at NOBULL Trainers before, then you likely already know theyre not very friendly on the wallet especially the high-top models. It doesnt help that Converse shoes are often made to be super affordable.

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Nobull Training Shoes Construction And Materials

At this point Im beating a dead horse, but the NOBULL Trainers are some of the most durable shoes Ive ever worn. The outsole is constructed of carbon rubber, which can withstand rope climbs and outdoor elements.

The SuperFabric mesh lends itself to breathability without sacrificing durability. Theres a microsuede upper option, too, but Kate wasnt crazy about it. Regardless of which upper fabric you choose, the seamless one-piece construction remains constant, as does the suede tongue.

Here are a few other things myself and our product testers loved about the construction of the NOBULL trainers:

  • The reinforced heel is ideal for staying strong during handstand push-ups
  • Suede tongue eliminates rubbing and irritation on the top of the foot
  • Anatomical sockliner molds to the shape of your foot after repeated use
  • Medial rope grip provides extra protection against abrasion
  • Reinforced sidewalls are also abrasion resistant
  • Outsole lug pattern supports use in different outdoor elements, including mud and rain
  • Very minimal midsole provides stability during highly dynamic exercises

At the end of the day, the NOBULL Trainer is a solid athletic shoe for CrossFit workouts.

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Best Overall Crossfit Shoe Runner Up: Nike Metcon 7

Best Overall CrossFit Shoe Runner Up
  • Priced at $150 or more, depending on style
  • Runs a little narrow
  • Some reviewers find running in Metcons to be uncomfortable

I love the Nike Metcon 7. I think Nike saw what Reebok was doing with the Nano and said, Hold my beer. And then came the Metcon, which, in my opinion, gets better with every iteration. In fact, I would have put the Metcon 7 as my top pick, but, as Nike shoes do, it runs a little narrow, so it may not be the best fit for most amount of people.

That said, I dont have a wide foot, so I dont need a wider shoe. I wear my Nike Metcon 7s a lot: for box jumps, cardio, deadlifts, and basically anything else that would require cross training shoes.

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So, heres why I like them: First, the Metcon 7s have what all the other Metcons have, which is a firm, stable heel ideal for squats, and a cushioned foam forefoot in the midsole that makes it ideal for plyometrics and running.

The all-rubber outsole is hardcore. As anyone who does CrossFit and uses CrossFit equipment knows, you need a hard bottom to withstand climbing ropes. Similar to the Nike Metcon 3 shoes, the Nike Metcon 6 has an extremely breathable upper. The large perforations in the material truly do make a difference, especially when Im working out in hot conditions.

Solid Grip Indoors And Out

NOBULL Mesh Runner Review | That Great for Running?

Scalloped outsole lugs provide traction for cross-training that you wont get on a regular running shoe. The cross-hatched pattern allows for better sideways movement and grips better laterally to stabilize the foot when you land unpredictablylike when youre leaping for the top a box jump, prone to wobbling during jumping lunges and split squats, or simply hopping a curb or puddle on your run. Light and tacky underfoot, the outsole held firm from the pavement to the stationary bikes pedals, without feeling at all heavy or clunky. Youll especially appreciate that grip if youre still working out from a home gym, where you might encounter slick tile, cement, or wood rather than rubbery gym flooring.

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Can I Squat In Nobull Trainers

Yes you can low bar, high bar, front squat its all good. Its a flat shoe with a small 4mm heel to toe drop , so youre not going to get any help on getting low with ease in a squat. But the sole and midsole are rigid enough to ensure a stable platform for lifting. Time to work on that ankle flexibility.

It should be mentioned that many people find the NOBULL trainers less friendly for heavy weights when compared to the Nike Metcon 4s. The NOBULL Trainer is more flexible and comfortable it seems, but the Metcon is stiffer and better for weights. Its all trade-offs which area is most important to you?

Nike Metcon 4 XD vs NOBULL Trainer

Check Out Why The Nobull Trainer Was One Of The Most Comfortable Cross Training Shoes I’ve Tried

Authors Note: This is an updated review. We wrote an initial NOBULL Trainer review back in 2016, and have since put this shoe through even more tests to provide you with an accurate analysis.

In 2015, NOBULL was founded with the idea of offering the cross training shoe industry a no frills approach to training shoes. Over the last four years, NOBULL shoes have grown in popularity and have quickly become one of the most popular, and most recognizable cross training shoe options for both functional fitness and recreational athletes. Since our initial NOBULL Trainer review in 2016, I thought it was time for a review update.

For this NOBULL Trainer review, I assessed this cross training shoes construction, price, performance, and the pros and cons that come along with model. In my opinion, out all the best cross training shoes that Ive tried, the NOBULL Trainer is one of the most comfortable to wear on a daily basis, and lets dive into the construction to learn why.

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New Balance Minimus 40 Trainer

If a Vibram sole is on a shoe, I immediately think of the outdoors. So before I went to the gym, I brought the Minimus 40 to the local high school track. I ran the stairs, hit the turf football field for suicides and did some running on the surrounding grass. The grip did not disappoint on any surface.

What I also liked was its comfort when running. Right away I could tell New Balances running background influenced its construction they are cushioned , and you could easily knock out a few miles in them. If you incorporate running into your workout, you wont be let down.

When I got to the gym, I went total-body with some lifting and plyo. The sneakers are light, which helps get good elevation on box jumps, and I felt locked in and secure during heavier lifts . I was most impressed when I did a standing row, which targets the middle of your back. During the row, my feet often move when I lift heavier weight, but the outsoles traction helped keep them in place.

Nobull Trainer Pair

My first impression of the NoBull Trainer was a little underwhelming

Having never owned a pair of NoBulls before, but having heard great things about them and knowing their popularity in the Crossfit community I was excited to try them. Looks-wise they were pretty plain .

The same texture, pattern and colour all over, and the shoe felt overall quite heavy and rigid.

I struggled to see how the $129 price point was justified with this simple construction.

Do Nobull Shoes Have Good Arch Support

Do Nobull Shoes Run True To Size?

Nobull shoes, as the company name suggests, have a minimal design. Because of their minimalistic approach, these shoes do not offer arch support.

Arch support is important for allowing your foot to spring when you run, jump, or even walk. If your arches are not supported, you will probably feel your feet slap the ground each time you move. Other shoes Ive tried and reviewed here such as the Metcon and the Savaleosoffer much better support for the foot

As a word of caution, if you have flat feet, Nobull shoes may not be right for you. If you purchase a pair, use orthotics to protect your feet and prevent injuries. You would be wise to wear orthotics with just about any trainer shoe.

The lack of arch support is not a deal-breaker for many, though it would be nice to see Nobull offer a more upscale version of their trainers, with additional arch and heel support.

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Nobull Trainer Lightweight Crossfit Training Shoe

We did something interesting we compared the weight of all the CrossFit shoes for 2019.

The NOBULL trainer came in at 11.3 ounces. The only shoe lighter was the New Balance Minimus Prevail.

Thats over 2 ounces lighter than the Nike Metcon 5 or the Reebok Nano 9.

Heres a picture of the line-up from lightest to heaviest.

On Cloudflow Reviews Zappos

  • 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. Style. 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. Runs Small Runs Large. Runs Narrow Runs Wide. Poor Support Great Support. I love this brand. I have a wide foot and osteo arthritis and these shoes fit perfectly with their rounder toe box. I walk my dog 6 to 8 miles a day and have no back or knee pain with their Cloud Flyer style
  • ess, they have a clunky look to them and are difficult to get into the foot bindings of the rowing machine and stationary bike
  • Experience the world’s lightest running shoe with the On Cloud. Launch into the world of zero-gravity running. Free shipping & returns
  • The RW Takeaway: The Cloudswift is On’s answer to overly plush, lackadaisical running shoes. You’d think that a $150, middleweight trainer with cloud in its name would be abundantly.
  • The majority of Adidas shoes run true to size. You’ll have to take into account wider feet for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0. Cloudfoam shoes can run bigger in women’s sizes, but you shouldn’t necessarily order a smaller size to start. Wait and see if yours fit in your regular size first
  • If you look at their store page online, they boldly claim all their shoes run true to size, and for many, this is true. I personally found they ran true to size. That being said, if you read Nobull reviews, you are going to find people talking about the length running a little on the small size. Some also say Nobull shoes run a little narrower.

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On Cloud Shoes Review

  • ON Cloudflow – Heel. I have read testimonials of runners using these shoes as racers for half and full marathon levels and saying they performed at a high level. At the $140 price point, these shoes land on the higher end of the spectrum and will see competition from shoes with much higher cushion levels
  • Do Peloton Shoe Size Run True? As peloton is a very polupar brand and everyone loves peloton brand accessories. The question is about peloton shoe sizing Do peloton shoes run small? or run big? or run narrow? Peloton brand shoes themselves are true to size if you have standard or semi-narrow feet, so you may have to go a bit size up or down.
  • Our Gallivanter shoes are designed with allover interior padding and a slim toe box therefore they have a slimmer fit. Many people are most comfortable when ordering a half size larger than their normal size. Our Disruptor style runs true to size. For unisex shoes, women should consider ordering a size and a half down in men’s
  • No Bull Shoes Mens Reviewed


    In this, No Bull Shoes review article, our first product is this incredible pair of NOBULL Mens Training Shoes, which can be found for a little over $100. These best trainer shoes can be found in a range of different colors however, the model we are reviewing today is in color black.

    Who wants to invest in something lightweight and straightforward? These NOBULL Mens Shoes are perfect for them. These no bull mens shoes feature a breathable upper construction with a material called SuperFabric. The material allows for fantastic ventilation.

    Also, know that the construction of the nobull crossfit shoes is a one-piece design, which is useful in protecting the pair from premature wear and tear over the course of your usage with them.

    Furthermore, there are also guard-plates on the uppers of these best workout shoes, which are further combined with a mesh layer below, hence protecting your feet from heat, moisture build-up as well as other forms of external impact.

    The outsole of these nobull trainers comes in a lug pattern, which not only gives the best grip on the ground but also makes sure that you do not slip and fall on wet and uneven terrains.

    Key features:

    With the padded high-collar on the shoes, you can comfortably wear the pair when opting for rock climbing or hiking as a pastime. The high-collars will not restrict your movement at all. They will protect your ankle from unwanted fractures, scratches, and twists.

    Key features:

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