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What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

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Shoes To Wear With Flared Cropped Jeans

FASHION | 7 Shoes to Wear with Flared Denim

Theflare on cropped jeans can be;subtle or dramatic. A pair of cropped straight leg jeans creates a more subtle flare at the hem, which is usually an easier outfit proportion to work with. That said, if you have wider calves, a wider flare will be more comfortable.;

Flared crops look best to my eye when the hem finishes two to four inches above the ankle bone. That way the length looks intentionally cropped and not like youe wearing bottoms that are too short. Lengths that are as long as half an inch above the ankle bone can work, but youll need to put more thought into the proportions of the rest of the outfit. Its easier to create a longer leg line with a slightly shorter length, and an inch can make all the difference. ;

Youll see flared crops styled with all sorts;of;trendy shoes, but;to my eye some styles look better than others.;Here are six styles of shoes that create outfit proportions with flared crops jeans that are just flattering enough. You can apply the guidelines to trousers too.

#vintage Look Pulled Together

A plain halter-neck monochrome shirt or a strappy ruffled dress with plain flare jeans by Levis would give you the Tumblr vintage look. When we consider vintage flare jeans the make-up does favors us in every way. Be it the bright vermillion or cherry red lip color will give you a Bella-Hadid look. To complete her look you can add black round shades with a tight bun.

With A White Buttondown

A white button-down shirt is a must-have considering it goes with everything you can possibly think of. It can dress up your pair of flare jeans, should you decide to tuck it in. It will give you a casual chic look.

Alternatively, you can wear it in a more casual way by leaving it unbuttoned with perhaps a tank or cami underneath.

Jaserah wore a pair of flare jeans with a button-down. She tucked one side of it in and left the other side out. Its a simple look that anyone can pull off and if its cold outside, you can always wear a jacket or blazer over the outfit.

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Clogs With Flare Jeans And Bell Bottoms

Shop Clogs for Flare Jeans:

Clog sandals are a fun & retro way to wear with your flare jeans. From Swedish Hasbeens, to the new Dr. Schols, to;those;classic closed-toed clogs, any clog will work . These shoes will definitely make your feet happy & add a little flair to youruhmflares.

Flare Hemline tip : If you keep the hemline a little shorter, say 2-3 inches off the ground, the nailing detailing of the clogs will look fun peeking out from underneath! Love these shoes with flare jeans.

#the Retro 90s Outfit With Flare Jeans

Top 7 Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans in 2018

This hippie chick look remains faithful for eternity. Keep it simple yet catchy. Pair your high-waisted bell-bottom jeans with a light linen shirt or a typical retro 90s shirt with cap sleeves, round-necked T-shirt. Pulling out a 90s look with high-waisted flare pants is surely a bold approach. This look will buy you glances and appreciation!

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White Scoop Neck T Shirt With Blue High Waisted Flare Jeans

Lets kick start this list of slimming outfit ideas with a simple and clean street outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a white low scoop neck form fitting t shirt. Pair it with a pair of blue high waisted flared jeans. For the shoes, wear a pair of black rounded toe leather high heels to make yourself look even taller.

Wear Sneakers With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are a casual and trendy style of pants that are known for their bell-like shape. When wearing flare jeans, it is important to dress them up with a pair of sneakers that have a little more personality. Make sure they have some sporty details like perforated panels or mesh material on the sides.

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Pointed Toe Shoe Withflare

Pointed-toe shoes look good with flare jeans because they have that 70s flare look to them.

These types of shoes are an excellent style to wear with flare jeans because they give the flared part some definition and make your legs look longer.

Even if you want to go for a walk, these shoes can be the best stylish shoes for you.

Flared Jeans Trend For Women

What to Wear with Jeans – Pants & Shoes Haul – Crop, High Waist, Skinny, Boyfriend, Flare

I want to show you non-boring ways to wear flared jeans now. This might be the biggest denim trend of this year. I am about to highlight amazing outfit ideas snapped on the streets of big cities, including New York, London, Paris, and Milan. You are going to read expert tips and tricks on flared jeans. This denim shape is pretty massive right now and I do think they are here to stay for a long time.

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Dark neutral. A lovely off-shoulder tight top in black is tucked in mid-rise charcoal flares completed with gray patent pointed-toe heels. The look is completed with a black doctors bag, aviator sunglasses and buckled leather belt.

The 1970s style look is coming back in fashion and flares prove it! I am not saying you should skip your beloved skinnies, all you need is to buy a pair of flares and switch them every second day. The seventies references come with a modern twist which keeps the whole look appear contemporary with a little vintage touch. These attention-getting jeans add instant style to the outfit, thats why you are free to choose either to play up with bohemian chic style, dress them up with your favorite tie-neck blouse and fitted blazer, either wear them for casual weekends layering up with urban bomber or style them with polished pieces for the office look.

Shoes to wear with flared jeans

  • with flats
  • sandals

What flared jeans are in style right now

  • classic style

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What Are Flared Jeans

According to Wikipedia, Bell-bottoms; are a style of trousers that becomes wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of the trouser leg.

They are absolute hot winners.; Personally, I like Flares because of their 1970s inspired look, plus they are more comfortable than skinnies. Another great plus of flares is versatility, they come in many types and styles and since most of them are denim they dont shrink easily and have a great mobility factor. They look good on anybody, but you must balance the look, wearing the right pieces.; Here are some ideas on which shoes to wear with flared jeans.

Flare Jeans/denim With High Heels Shoe

If you have a habit of wearing high heels, you can wear high heels with flare jeans. When I wear my flare jeans with high heels, I only wear them for a short time.

But be careful when walking with heels it makes your flared jeans look dull, and there is a good chance they will tear. If you want to wear high heels, make sure it is comfortable to walk on and ensure your pants dont tear.

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What Are Flare Jeans

When you think about flare jeans, you might go back to the 1970s, when the bottoms of the pants were reminiscent of bells. Modern flare jeans arent always so wide. They come in a variety of shapes.

Bootcut jeans typically have the least amount of flare. They may sit at or below the waist. They hug the upper legs and widen subtly from the knee to the hem. Theyre designed to fit over boots without tugging or getting caught.

However, they arent noticeably full. Bootcut jeans balance out the proportions of the hips and look relatively straight from the knee to the ankle.

Wide leg jeans are usually roomier throughout the entire leg. They dont taper in at the knee. Instead, they create an A-line silhouette from the hip to the foot. They may be extremely wide at the hem, but they also allow for more movement in the thighs.

Traditional flare jeans are wider at the hems than bootcut jeans. The opening at the bottom is usually between 21 and 27 inches. However, the thigh is usually cut extremely slim. Therefore, theres a visual contrast between the width at the knee and the hem.

When jeans flare below the knee, they can make you look taller. They tend to smooth out the figure and lengthen the leg.

Many people wear flare jeans to balance out a curvy figure. Because the hem is broad, it complements ample hips. The wide leg openings also work well for people who have wide calves or wear boots.

Best Shoes To Wear With Flared Jeans 2021

Flare Jeans

1) Block Heel shoes

Block heels shoes provide you an elegant and comfy look.Each pair look impressive and ideal for wearing with a nice pair of flared jeans.

2) Peephole shoes

Peephole shoes give you a simple look but in a unique style. Triune hone striped long sleeve top with flared jeans and peep-toe heel shoes.

3) Wedge Sandle look shoes

Actually, this shoe looks like a sandal and also gives you a look of sandal as it is considered that sandal look is more considered in some kind of jeans. Combine this footwear with vintage clothes and achieve a casual look.

4) Ankle boot

Ankle boots are another great option for wearing in cold weather.; Choose a luxurious suede or leather style.

5) Pump Shoes

The pumps are extremely versatile.; You can wear them with your work outfit and glam party look.; They will definitely add that ultimate chic and polished feel to your outfit.

6) Chunky Heels Shoes

As mentioned in the ankle boots section, block heels are a great choice!; From high-heeled slides to lower sandals, chunky heels are the perfect heel type for flared jeans.

7) Sneakers

If you like a sporty and more casual look with your flamboyant jeans, sneakers are the way to go.; I remember wearing my flares with sneakers in high school, right through university, and nothing more comfortable.; Well, sweaty, but I avoid wearing those!

You can wear your flares with a classic kick of the moment or, even better, a sneaker with a thick outsole.

8) Clogs with Flared jeans


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Light Grey Longline Blazer With Chambray Button Up Shirt

To form this stylish business casual outfit, you can wear a light blue chambray button up shirt with a light grey wool longline coat. Pair them with a pair of dark blue high waisted flared jeans. For the shoes, wear a pair of black leather ankle boots to wrap up the look.

I hope you like the high waisted flare jeans outfit ideas that I have just presented. You will be surprised by how tall and lean these outfits can make you look.

Ankle Boots With Flare Jeans

Shop Ankles Boots for Flares of Bell Bottoms:

Ankle boots with square or almond toes are great boots to wear with flare jeans. Not high boots but simple ankle boots are a great choice with flare jeans.

Preferably with a chunky heel, since theyll be more comfy & with shorter flares theyll give off that 70s vibe which is so fashionable right now. Also fashionable right now? Long bell bottoms, also reminiscent of the 1970s!

The important point here is to have an ankle boot that is tight at/above the ankle. This way, youll get a clean, uninterrupted pant line from the knees down!

Toe shape is also important. Opt for a more rounded/almond shape for a softer look when your boots peek out from under the hemline of your jeans. Whether you opt for a platform or not is entirely up to you!

Great thing about these types of boots is that they work well with almost all jean & pant types! I even have a whole post on boots to wear with skinny jeans!

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Fave Shoes & Boots To Wear With Flare Jeans

How to wear flare jeans or bell bottoms with the right shoes? Well, both shoe type & hemline is important: one compliments or ruins the look of the other.

The tricky thing about either flare jeans or bell bottoms is that not every pair will go with every shoe height or heel heigh. But cuffing at the ends, you ask?

Due to flare shape itself & surplus fabric, rolling up or even slightly cuffing isnt an option. I mean, you can try it, but theyll just unfold before your very eyes!

So if youd like to keep your shoes & flare jean pairing options open, youll likely need 2 pairs with 2 different hemlines: 1 for heels & one for flats. I personally love wearing flares with high heels, but thats not your only choice, as youll soon find out, below!

Which Footwear Should Be Worn With Flared Jeans Which Footwear Isntsuitable For Flared Jeans

What Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans

Lets start with shoes because this is an important point in creating a harmonious outfit.

The choice of shoes for flared jeans depends on the theme of the look since almost any option can be combined with them. But there are exceptions! And its also necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the figure.

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#outstand With A Boyfriend Coat

When it is the flare jeans we talk about then the variety of saggy, boy-friend coats is endless. English Actress, Felicity Jones, played with a snowy white overall and that look was admired by everyone. Other than leather you can also go for flared denim overalls. You can go for a strong red or a deep black leather jacket that hugs you on a cold night. Flared jeans and the coat take you to the classic entrance of fashion.

Mistakes You Are Making While Wearing Shoes

1. Donts

  • Wearing ankle length socks with all types of shoes
  • Wearing knee-high boots with any jeans
  • Dont hide your pair of sneakers with your pants

2. Dos

  • If Youre wearing shorts make sure you match them with boat shoes or sneakers.
  • If youre wearing jeans then match them with tan bucks or sneakers or Chelsea boots any of your choice.
  • If you are going to a business meeting or on a regular job day wearing formals then make sure you match them with whole cuts, Longwings, or plain toe bluchers.

Casual and formal shoes are available in the market.; How do you like shoes when you go to buy them?

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Flare Jeans With Flat Sandals

Shop Flat Sandals with Flare Jeans:

Want to keep it casual & heel-less but dont want your feet cooped up in a pair of sneakers? Although flats may;not come to mind when thinking of how to wear flare jeans, theyre definitely an option.

Why not try on a single-soled strappy flat or gladiator sandal with your flare jeans, for a relaxed bohemian feel? Im currently crushing on those white flare jeans with beige sandals above, myself! These are definitely a better option with flare to barely boot cut jeans.

I would definitely not recommend a flat shoe with extra wide bell bottoms, for both comfort and styling reasons, such at the image of the model wearing bell bottoms with her sandals on the right. Although it definitely is a particular look, if not worn well, if can make you look messy.

Flare Hemline tip: hemlines are even more important here, as the longer the jean, the more of a laissez-faire vibe youre going to emit. Translation: youll look sloppy. See image above, right. But if thats what youre going for, then who am I to stop you!? My two cents?

Aim for a hemline where the back edge barely scrapes the pavement: youll drag less dirt around, prevent edges from fraying & your jeans;will be far easier to walk around in. Example:;pant/sandal combo in the image above on the left & centre.

The 5 Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans and bell bottoms automatically evoke images of 70s style. But while we may be decades removed from that specific sartorial time, a demand for chic, attention-grabbing flares remains to this day. Still, pairing those new jeans with the right shoe can prove tricky. Were here to help with the shoes styles thatll take your flares to the next level.

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#flirty Night Combination With Flare Jeans

The avant-garde participation of flare jeans in making your precious nights comfy and exciting is commendable. Celebrate your anniversary your lover in on a crisp night in high-waisted bell-bottom jeans. Pair your flare jeans with a fancy lacy top or an off-shoulder silk top. Finish the look with chunky heels which will look right under the hems of your flare jeans.

White Scoop Neck Tank Top With Blue High Waisted Flare Jeans

This is a low-key sexy street outfit that makes use of a neat layering trick. To achieve this look, you can wear a white scoop neck tank top over a black bralette. Pair them with a pair of blue high waisted flare jeans. For the shoes, wear a pair of black leather heeled ankle boots. Add a black leather shoulder purse to complete the outfit with style.

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Can I Wear Other Shoes With Flare Jeans

The styles weve shown you here are fairly unique and can especially read as anachronistic, so you might not have a ton of these in your closet. Does that mean you have to go shopping for new shoes if you want to get in on this trend? Nope!;

Now that weve gone over some of the styles we think are most complimentary, were going to let you in on why we picked these styles and what you can do if you want to wear something different.

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