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Do Saucony Shoes Run Small

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Do Nike Shoes Run Really Small

Saucony Kinvara 11 Review ft. Believe in the Run

Im in need of a good walking/running shoe so I was browsing the Nike website and realized that, according to their website, Id wear a size 9 in womens. It shocked me because Im typically a 7.5 to 8, depending, but definitely never a 9 because that would just be way too big, usually.

I know my best bet is to actually try some on, but in this case, thats not going to happen. So, if youre pretty familiar with Nike shoes and sizing, do they really run that small?

Do Saucony Run Small Or True To Size

In this article, Im going to answer the question: do Saucony run small or true to size?

If you do not have the opportunity to go and try on your favorite Saucony running shoes in person and want to order them online, then this article is for you.


How do Saucony shoes fit compared to Nike or New Balance? Please check this running shoe size comparison between brands guide.

Lets dive right in

A Look At The Top Running Shoes By Category

Trying to make a guide to the best Saucony running shoes was a challenge because there are so many shoes out there.

Every pair of Saucony running shoes that I have owned have been great shoes that I owned for years and loved wearing.

However, I determined that the best way to share these shoes with you was to share them categorically so that you could find the shoes that you need with ease and know which pair we recommended for how you would be running.

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The Best Saucony Running Shoes Guide

Running is one of the most challenging and intensive sports, but it is a sport that everyone is capable of doing. This is what makes the running shoe market so popular. Literally, everyone can run.

It does not matter how slow you are in the beginning or if you can only run for 15 seconds at a time, with persistence you can achieve your running goals.

Since running is gaining popularity, there is a wide range of different types of running shoes and styles that are perfect for every runner.

Knowing what to look for and how to find the best Saucony running shoes can not only help you to increase your performance but will also improve your confidence as you try to gain your strength.

Today there are so many running shoes on the market that you might not know where to begin when looking.

Saucony is a leader in the running shoe industry and their attention to details and dedication to high-quality running shoes has helped them soar to the top of the game.


What You Need To Know:

Saucony Women

Something great about choosing between Under Armour or Nike is that they are pretty similar to one another when sizing is compared. One thing that makes Under Armour stand out is that all their sizing is a true fit. This makes it more on the snug side for most people. Some shoppers have reported buying three different size shoes online, trying them on, picking the one that fits best, and returning the rest of them. However, this method of choosing shoes will not be necessary if you follow these steps:

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Q: Are Saucony Ride 14 Running Shoes True To Size

A: Yes, Saucony Ride 14 running shoes are true to size. For those who dont know what this means, the shoes width, length and arch measurements are in direct proportion to the measurement with the universal foot measuring tool. So if you know all your sizes, you can rest assured that Altitude Sports will provide with a fitting pair of Saucony Ride 14s.

How Long Do Saucony Running Shoes Last

Replacing your running shoes is vital to protecting your feet and reducing your risk of injury. Saucony shoes are durable, but the material and technology will wear out eventually. Some indicators that you need to replace your running shoes include:

  • High mileage. Running shoes can last between 300 and 500 miles. So, track your miles or note the date of purchase so you know when to replace them.
  • The midsole is too firm/compressed and no longer offers comfort and support.
  • You experience frequent blisters and soreness or other kinds of post-run pain.
  • Shoes with proper shock absorption minimize strain on muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. If you feel the impact of every step, your midsole may no longer be absorbing the shock of your stride.

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What Are The Sizing Reviews For Nike

Customers have stated that the Nike shoe runs smaller than its competitors like Adidas and Reebok. This applies to both Nikes non-athletic and athletic range of shoes. However, it is quite similar to that of Under Armour. Not only do Nike shoes run a little smaller in length, but they also run smaller in width.

Do New Balance Run Small The Final Word

Saucony Ride 14 First Look | Reliable Cushioning Year After Year

There you have it, folks New Balance almost never run small. In fact, theyre one of the most consistent and reliable brands when it comes to true-to-size footwear.

Their shoes also boast roomy toe boxes, giving your feet plenty of space to expand into during exercise or when evening rolls around, so even if you plan on hitting the track with them, you shouldnt need to size up. Happy running!

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Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 Pros And Cons


  • Designed with durable materials from upper to outsole
  • Have great cushioning and stability support for high arches and neutral pronators
  • Breathable and have good moisture wicking property to ensure dry, cool and comfortable environment inside the shoes.
  • The shoes have an affordable price


  • 12-mm Heel-to-toe drop is difficult for runners to make great strides.
  • The weight is heavy
  • Some felt the shoes are too stiff for their feet

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Running Shoes

Just because a pair of running shoes is expensive, that doesn’t mean they are good. That said, cheap running shoes seldom deliver a running experience you might expect from decent running footwear.

What’s cheap? If you’re taking running training seriously, we would recommend spending around $/£100 on a new pair of running shoes. This might sound quite a lot at first, but running shoes in this category won’t fall apart after a few runs and will support your feet for a few years at least.

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How To Find The Corresponding Size For Your Under Armour Or Nike Shoe:

The first thing you need to do is grab a pair of shoes that you already own, whether it be Under Armour or Nike. On the tongue of the shoe, you will see a label. Mentioned on the label is the length of the shoe in cm.

With this information, go to the table located below to find the corresponding size of your shoe. This will make ordering the right shoe size easier. However, we have another option that you can use if you do not have a pair of shoes available. This is to trace your foot on a piece of paper. After you have done this, measure from your heel to your longest toe. That note that your longest toe may not be your big toe. In some cases, people will have a longer second toe. This is called Mortons toe. When you have measured your foot, you will be able to correspond the size in centimeters to the accurate shoe size in either European, American, or British standards.

There are somethings that you need to look at when measuring your foot size. These are:

Questions And Answers About Running Shoes

Saucony Children Shoes SY58593 Fabric, Navy/Multi, Size 0 ...

The following are some of the common questions that we have heard or even asked ourselves about finding the perfect pair of running shoes.

Question: How do you know when you are purchasing the right pair of running shoes?

Answer: Your shoes will fit well and will be comfortable for long distances. There will be no pinching or rubbing and your feel will never feel restricted or tight.In addition, you want to ensure that the soles of the shoes are made for the type of surface that you will be running on.For instance, track runners want spikes, those running on wet or slippery pavement need shoes with better traction, individuals who run on trails need traction that will get them through the mud.

Question: How much padding should your running shoe have?What is the first step in finding the perfect pair of running shoes?

Make sure that you know the type of running that you will be doing. Think about the weather, type of paths or trails that you will be on, how long your runs will be, and how often you will be running. Once you know the type of surface that you will be running on, you will find that you have better ability and control over picking the right pairs that are going to work the best for you.

How do I know that I am buying the right size of running shoes?

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How Does New Balance Sizing Compare With Other Brands

Oftentimes, the best way to get a feel for how a pair of shoes will fit is to compare them with shoes from a similar competing brand.

If youve already had experience with products from one of the following brands, simply use what you know already as a baseline to ascertain what size of New Balance shoe youd need.

Saucony Kinvara 12 Review: A Solid Speedster But Outclassed By The Competition

  • 4.

When updating popular, long-running shoe lines, many brands err on the side of caution and make small changes that verge on the imperceptible. That has not been the case with the last few generations of Saucony Kinvaras, which have seen the shoe shift to a cushioned daily training option. But this 12th edition reverts to type, delivering a low-drop, lightweight and speedy trainer that you can also race in. It fits true to size and looks sharp, too.

Compared with the 11, the Kinvara 12 is a firmer shoe that loses some bounce, delivering a ride that lets you feel the ground beneath your feet. The firmer feel is more in line with the earlier Kinvaras I tested , and the reversion to that ride will please many people who werent such fans of the softer Kinvara 11.

It does give the Kinvara 12 more of a kick when running fast, and the most enjoyable runs Ive done in the shoe have been sessions doing short reps, either 400m or 60 seconds long. Its without doubt a speedy shoe, and although the ride is firm, it doesnt beat up your legs as much as a traditional racing flat with minimal cushioning.

There are also shoes without plates that are light and fast but have a more enjoyable ride than the Kinvara 12, like the Hoka Mach 4. The more comfortable ride of the Mach makes it versatile enough to do all your training in, and it matches the Kinvara 12 in the pace stakes.

  • Saucony Kinvara 12 Review: A Solid Speedster, But Outclassed By The Competition
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    The Saucony Kinvara 12 Vs Freedom 4

    Sometimes even a superior midsole tech doesnt give a shoe an advantage over a lower-priced model, and the Freedom 4 is a case in point.

    As both shoes have a 4 mm heel-to-toe offset and nearly identical stack height, the Freedom is often thought of as the unofficial Kinvara upgrade.

    In exchange for the higher retail price, the more expensive Freedom offered a superior midsole foam along with a higher level of outsole durability. Until the Freedom 3, the midsole was comprised of the heavier e-TPU variant.

    The circumstances have changed now, and the Freedom 4 weighs nearly identical to the Kinvara due to the lighter Pwrrun PB foam. Based on paper specs alone, the Freedom should be a better shoe.

    However, things are never that simple.

    While the PEBA-based midsole is softer and bouncier than the Kinvara, the upper feels overbuilt a lot more so than the Freedom 3. Because of the overlays, the forefoot mesh isnt as pliable.

    The toe-box and lacing panel have synthetic suede overlays something that the prior versions lacked. The tongue also gets a gratuitous suede layering on its flap.

    To sum up, the Freedom 4s ride is great, but the upper feels stuffy. Now if the Freedom had a Kinvara-like upper now that would be an interesting product.

    Saucony Kinvara 12 Conclusion

    Asics Novablast 2 vs Saucony Triumph 19: How do these two cushioned shoes compare?

    MEAGHAN: For many, many years the Kinvara has been my favorite shoe from Saucony but that podium was swept by the Endorphin line earlier this year. While its a lightweight, versatile shoe, the Kinvara 12 is lost in my rotation. I find myself lacing up other options . If you prefer a more minimal daily trainer, this will definitely be a good option for you.

    THOMAS: Kinvara has always had a special spot in my heart. I have reviewed every model since the first one. My marathon PB was carved out in a pair of Kinvara. However, I have to agree with Meg. The shoe is a victim of sibling rivalry. For example, for daily training I would go with the Saucony Ride 13 . For tempo runs, you cant beat the Endorphin Speed. Finally, The Endorphin Pro is the shoe you want for race day. I am scratching my head to figure out where the Kinvara fits into my running rotation/family these days.

    ROBBE: I think Thomas and Meaghan are being diplomatic, but Ill be more dictatorial: There are plenty of other better shoes out there in the lightweight daily trainer or tempo category. That said, if youre looking to buy a tempo shoe or lightweight daily trainer and dont want to drop a ton of coin, this can work.

    Maybe Im a terribly inefficient runner . I can see how this works for someone with great form who wants a simple shoe to rip off some miles . But if youre looking for anything beyond that, you should check out some other options.

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    How To Buy The Right Running Shoes

    With so many different types of running shoes available to buy, it’s no wonder one can feel completely overwhelmed just by thinking about getting a new running trainer. To make a decision at least a little bit easier, we collected a few pointers that might help you when buying a new pair of shoes.

    Have your gait analysed: you can do this in a brick and mortar running shoe shop or work it out yourself by performing the classic ‘stepping on a piece of paper with wet feet’ test. There is also the NURVV running insole that can tell you exactly how much you pronate.

    Be mindful of sizing: not all running shoe sizes are created equal. Some brands are infamous for their sizing methods for example, New Balance shoes tend to be half a size under, so if you wear a size 10 normally, you might want to get a size 10.5 New Balance. Also, racing shoes are usually tighter than trainers. The best women’s running shoes may also be narrower and lighter than unisex or men’s options.

    Take the running surface into account: obviously, you need different shoes for the tarmac and the trail. That said, some shoes will perform well on all sorts of terrain, such as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail, while others will excel on one more than on the other.

    Best For Correcting Overpronation

    Those who have overpronation known how debilitating this problem can be when you are trying to run.

    It can cause you to trip or fall more often than other runners and can cause you to develop sores or other problems from running.

    Thankfully, Saucony looked at this problem and conceived a shoe that would help to correct the issue.

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    Shoes Similar To The Saucony Kinvara 12

    The New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo has been a historical competitor to the Kinvara. Well, not the Tempo exactly, but the Zante. However, those two New Balance shoes are nearly identical to one other from a functional lens.

    Just like the Kinvara, the NB Tempo has a low-profile midsole thats amenable to speed runs and comfortable enough up to half-marathon distances. The soft upper has a minimal design and snug fit.

    For a higher level of ride comfort, theres the Fresh Foam Beacon V3. Despite the thicker midsole, its a good fit for quick-paced outings.

    If it werent for the 10 mm heel-to-toe offset, the SL20 would have been adidass answer to the Kinvara. Despite the difference in midsole architecture, the shoe is designed with similar intentions. The SL20 is a cushioned and lightweight shoe for speed training thats fitted with a lightweight textile upper.

    Protection Saucony Peregrine 10

    Saucony Womens triumph iso 3 Low Top Lace Up Running, Navy ...

    Saucony Peregrine 10 Sole

    The Peregrines full-length plastic rock plate provides adequate protection against trail hazards like rocks, roots and other obstacles.

    Its upper features mesh which is heavily overlaid. This helps protect the foot from obstacles and also keeps the top dry from water, snow, etc.

    Again, the heel is built to be tight and secure for protection. But it may be too much for some runners, depending on your feet, natural gait and other individual factors.

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