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Does Nike Have Satan Shoes

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Shoes Have Pentagram And Human Blood

Understanding Why Nike Is Suing Over Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ | NBC News NOW

Nas X created the shoes in collaboration with art collective MSCHF, which is known for its nontraditional work. According to a statement obtained by CNN, MSCHF collected blood from art collective members for the ink.

Fashion brand SAINT announced on March 26 that 666 pairs of Satan Shoes would sell for $1,018 a pair.

“Montero” is titled after Nas Xs legal first name. On the day of the music video’s release, Nas X tweeted a letter to his younger self about the song and his sexuality –the rapper came out as gay in 2019, USA TODAY reported.

yall love saying we going to hell but get upset when i actually go there lmao, he wrote in another March 26 tweet.

Nike Has Made A Statement About Lil Nas Xs Satan Shoes

It looks like the shoes are very real if youre willing to pay an exorbitant price Those complaining online about the themes of the music video seem to be driving the shoes popularity, although Nike has publicly denied anything to do with the shoes.

Nikes statement on the Satan shoes is as follows: We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.

Additional description of the shoes shows that stylizations on the shoe also include, Bible scripture Luke 10:18 is also emblazoned on the side. The passage references Satans banishment from heaven. There are also upside-down crosses and a pentagram attached to the shoe laces, as well as printed on its sole.

How Is This Shoe Different From Any Other Shoe

People sell customized sneakers all the time. The Internet is chock-full of individual sellers slinging custom Nikes, as well as any number of websites specializing in them.

US law, broadly speaking, tends to be pretty forgiving of doing whatever the hell you want with a thing after you have legally purchased that thing. In intellectual property law, there’s a legal principle called the first-sale doctrine. At a high level, the first-sale doctrine basically means that someone loses their intellectual property rights over what is done with a thing they have sold at the time they sell it and that the new owner then gets to decide what to do with it. There are, of course, exceptions, but generally if I spend my own money legally to acquire somethinga book, a shoe, a designer bagI can modify it however I want and then sell it to whomever I want for whatever price that person is willing to pay. There is a similar principle, called patent exhaustion, that applies to goods that are patented rather than copyrighted.

Nike is clearly right that the Satan Shoes and associated video are deliberately and intentionally provocative, and they are indeed drawing predictable ire from certain conservative Christian corners. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, for example, of the Satan Shoe with the caption, “We are in a fight for the soul of our nation. We need to fight hard. And we need to fight smart. We have to win.”

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Nike Scrambles To Distance Itself From Lil Nas X’s ‘satan Shoes’ Which Contain Human Blood

Nike is running away from Lil Nas X’s new Satan-themed sneakers as fast as possible.

The company noted it has nothing to do with the “Old Town Road” rapper’s controversial new “Satan Shoes” that are being sold on Monday, Nike Air Max 97s that actually contain a drop of human blood in the sole, NBC News reports. The shoes also feature a pentagram pendant and say “Luke 10:18,” referencing a Bible verse about Satan.

“We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF,” Nike said, per NBC. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes”

Nike Air Max ’97Contains 60cc ink and 1 drop of human blood666 Pairs, individually numbered


The streetwear company MSCHF is selling 666 pairs of these “Satan Shoes” on Monday for $1,018 following the release of Lil Nas X’s latest music video, which depicts him going to hell. MSCHF previously put out “Jesus Shoes” containing holy water in the sole, according to NBC. Apparently, six MSCHF employees donated the blood to be used for the sole of the Satan Shoes, which was mixed with ink, according to The New York Times.

“Not much blood, actually,” Daniel Greenberg, one of the founders of MSCHF, told the Times. “About six of us on the team gave.” When asked who collected the blood, exactly, Greenberg simply told the Times, “Uhhhhhh yeah hahah not medical professionals we did it ourselves lol.”

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Lil Nas X Satan Shoes: Everything About The Human Blood Sneakers

Satan Shoes: Nike disavows shoes containing blood

The artist worked with MSCHF â not Nike â on the sinister pair.

Two years ago, MSCHF created a media frenzy with the debut of its âJesus Shoe,â a customized Nike Air Max 97 sneaker filled with holy water from the River Jordan. Based out of Brooklyn, the artsy brand is known for its outside-the-box projects, like making $76,000 Birkenstock-esque sandals made from real Birkin bag materials. Thatâs just the kind of thing it does. Now, MSCHF has teamed up with Lil Nas X to craft something truly sinister, filled with genuine human blood: the âSatan Shoe,â another custom Air Max 97 dressed in black with a bronze Pentagram charm, which caused controversy before it was even officially revealed.

Only 666 pairs have been made , and each sneaker boasts its individual number on the side of the shoe in red. Like the Jesus Shoe, the Satan Shoe sports a bible quote on its mudguard, but this one honors Lucifer falling from heaven. The sneaker has then been completed with 60cc of red ink and one drop of human blood â which is real, Daniel Greenberg, Director of Strategy and one of the founding members at MSCHF, told Input. Some of the bodily fluids are even his own.

These demonic shoes are truly a novelty, though, and you wonât find a pair like them at Nike. In fact, the brand wasnât involved with the Air Max 97 at all â instead, Greenberg said, MSCHF used the shoe âas a material,â or as a canvas, for the Satanic creation.

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Our Rating: Partly False

We rate this claim PARTLY FALSE because some of it is not supported by our research. Art collective MSCHF and singer Lil Nas X have announced the sale of limited edition Satan Shoes that include a pentagram and human blood. The shoes are specially designed Nike Air Max 97s. Nike has repeatedly denied involvement in the collaboration.

Nike Was Not Involved In The Design And Release Of The Shoes

MSCHF CEO Gabe Whaley told the Associated Press that Nike did not have any involvement whatsoever in shoe’s design or release.

On March 29, Nike sued MSCHF for trademark infringement and dilution and unfair competition. The complaint, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, alleges MSCHF materially altered Nike shoes without the brand’s permission.

“There is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution occurring in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the launch of MSCHFs Satan Shoes based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product,” Nike contends in the complaint.

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Rapper Lil Nas X Released A Custom Satan Shoes Sneaker Collab But Nike Didnt Have Anything To Do With It

The collaboration between Lil Nas X and the streetwear company MSCHF created a buzz on social media. The so-called Satan Shoes feature a reference to the Bible verse, Luke 10:18. That verse references the fall of Satan from heaven, like lightning. Only 666 pairs of the limited-edition Satan Shoes were available.

Lil Nas Xs Satan Shoes are a modified version of the Nike Air Max 97s. They are decorated with a pentagram pendant and cost $1,018 when they debuted. They were sold out shortly after going on sale. MSCHF says the sneakers contain a drop of human blood in each sole, drawn from willing members of the MSCHF team.

News of the Satan Shoes containing real human blood drew outrage on social media.

Some critics began directing some of their outrages at Nike since the logo is prominent. Nike had to address the situation by telling people that they are not involved in the collaboration at all. Instead, theyre custom adaptations of a product that anyone can buy. Think of it like taking a car into West Coat Customs.

The release of the Satan Shoes and Lil Nas X collab coincides with his latest single, Montero . The music video for that single has drawn additional criticism because Lil Nas X gives the devil a lap dance. The music video has been viewed more than 35 million times since it released on Friday. Pretty soon, Lil Nas X was responding to the controversy online.

The Shoes Are Promoted As Each Including One Drop Of Actual Human Blood

Nike Sues MSCHF Over Lil Nas Xâs âSatan Shoesâ | NBC News NOW

MSCHF x Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes”

Nike Air Max ’97


The shoes were announced as a collaboration between MSCHF and Lil Nas X to create a limited-edition version of the Nike Air Max 97. According to the products website, the shoes are individually numbered and only 666 pairs will be sold. These shoes arent created by Nike. Theyre revamped Air Max 97s by MSCHF made in collaboration with Lil Nas X, Page Six reported. The shoes cost more than $1,000 a pair.

A Nike spokesperson explained to Snopes that Nike had nothing to do with either the creation or sale of the shoes.

The product website notes that each shoe will contain 60CC ink and 1 drop human blood. An animation on the products site shows the sole of the shoe filled with a red liquid that sloshes forward and back with each step.

The shoe also features a pentagram in bronze with engraving that says, I SAW SATAN,MSCHF and LIL NAS X, and the words Luke 10:18 are featured on the outside of the shoe near the toe. This references the verse: I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven, which is also part of a theme in Lil Nas Xs recent music video.

According to the products website, the shoe is going on sale on March 29 at 11 a.m. Eastern time and can only be purchased on MSCHFs app.

Satan.Shoes MSCHFs limited-edition Satan Shoes.


Directly underneath are the words Tap here to get the secret drops, which connects users to MSCHFs app that can be used to buy the shoes once they drop.

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Nike Sues Company Behind Lil Nas X’s Blood

Nike was quick to distance itself from the questionable trainers, amid concerns they could be seen to be endorsing Satanism.

Tuesday 30 March 2021 10:16, UK

Nike is suing the creators of a pair of so-called “Satan Shoes” launched by rapper Lil Nas X for copyright infringement.

The black and red Nike Air Max 97s, customised by quirky art brand MSCHF, feature a pentagram – a symbol of Satanism – on top and it is claimed that each shoe contains “one drop” of human blood in the sole.

The trainers – unveiled with Lil Nas X on Monday – also feature a reference to bible verse Luke 10:18 on the side, which says: “He replied, ‘I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven’.”

According to XXL Magazine, the trainers sold out in less than a minute when they went up for $1,018.

Nike was quick to distance itself from the release, saying it did not have anything to do with the custom shoes, amid concerns the sportswear giant could be seen to be endorsing Satanism.

The company now wants MSCHF to stop selling the shoes, which bear its famous swoosh emblem.

In the lawsuit, Nike says: “MSCHF and its unauthorised Satan Shoes are likely to cause confusion and dilution and create an erroneous association between MSCHF’s products and Nike.

Nike Settles Lawsuit Against Company That Produced Lil Nas X Satan Shoes

Nike announced Thursday that it has settled its lawsuit against MSCHF, the company that collaborated with Lil Nas X to produce the controversialSatan Shoes. MSCHF will issue a voluntary recall of the shoes as a condition of the settlement, Nike said.

The Satan Shoes are modified versions of Nikes Air Max 97, and each pair features a bronze pentagram charm, an inverted cross and one drop of human blood, according to the company. Even with a $1,018 price tag a reference to the Bible passage Luke 10:18, which reads, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven the 665 pairs of shoes sold out minutes after they were released in late March.

The company initially planned a giveaway for the 666th pair, but Nike filed a lawsuit soon after the shoes were released, alleging that they violated its trademark and damaged its brand. The company said the shoes were likely to cause confusion and dilution and create an erroneous association between MSCHFs products and Nike.

As a direct and proximate result of MSCHFs wrongful acts, Nike has suffered, continues to suffer, and/or is likely to suffer damage to its trademarks, business reputation, and goodwill that money cannot compensate, according to the lawsuit.

Days later, Nike obtained a temporary restraining order blocking MSCHF from fulfilling any additional orders. MSCHFs lawyers said more than 600 orders had been filled by the time the restraining order was approved.

Sophie Lewis contributed to this report.

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Meme Creator Clarifies Nike Was Not Involved

The meme includes a logo for The Gateway Pundit, a conservative news outlet that initially posted the image to Instagram on March 27.

Lil Nas X teams up with MSCHF to release a limited quantity of ‘Satan Shoes,’ a Nike Air Max 97 custom. A shoe dedicated to Satan complete with a pentagram and a drop of human blood in each shoe, reads the post. The shoe also contains the numbers 666 and come in a limited edition of 666 pairs…The left are canceling childrens books but not Satan.

The Gateway Pundit has since to reflect that Nike was not involved in the shoes’ creation. “Nike said they did not collaborate on the production of the Satanic shoes by Lil Nas,” reads the update.

USA TODAY asked The Gateway Pundit why the meme and false claim remained on Instagram without correction on March 29. The Gateway Pundit removed the original post and did not respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

The inaccurate meme is still visible on other social media accounts.

Nike Really Doesn’t Like Anyone Thinking It Made Or Endorses The Satan Shoe

Nike is suing MSCHF over Lil Nas X Satan Shoes that contain human ...

by Kate Cox – Mar 30, 2021 6:43 pm UTC

Nike is suing the company behind a viral, limited-edition custom shoe, arguing that the unauthorized custom work dilutes its brand and creates a false impression that Nike approves the controversial design.

The Satan Shoe, a collaboration between a company called MSCHF and rapper Lil Nas X, is a tie-in to the rapper’s new single, “Montero ,” released last Friday. The music video for the song tells a story “of sin, banishment, and redemption” that ends with Lil Nas X descending into Hell, giving Satan the lap dance of a lifetime, then deposing him and claiming the devil’s horns for his own.

“Montero” proved to be an immediate viral sensation in five days, it has racked up about 45 million YouTube views, and the song, the singer, and various related terms have been trending on Twitter and other platforms nonstop for days.

The Satan Shoes differ from the original Nike Air Max 97 shoe due to the addition of a bronze pentagram on the laces, the number “666” and the phrase “Luke 10:18” embroidered on the side, “Lil Nas X” embroidered on the back, a red inverted cross on the top of the tongue, and a mixture of 60 cc of red ink and one drop of human blood injected into the bubble of the sole. MSCHF made only 666 pairs of the shoes, which sold out in minutes.

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Why Did Nike Sue Over The Satan Shoes But Not Jesus Shoes

The lawsuit against MSCHF shows how, for the sportswear giant, any press isnt good press and the Lil Nas X sneaker might change the custom shoe game forever.

Two years ago, MSCHF created a media frenzy with the debut of its Jesus Shoes, a customized Nike Air Max 97 sneaker filled with holy water from the Jordan River. The pair, not endorsed or made by Nike, was worn by A-list celebrities like Drake a huge Nike fan who now has his own sub-brand with the Swoosh. As , the Jesus Shoes arguably brought Nike good press, or at least an enormous amount of attention, despite zero involvement from the company.

And while not everyone believes in Jesus, the man doesnt appear to have many haters. Neither Nike nor the Vatican, for that matter took legal action against MSCHF, or publicly disavowed the shoes. That wouldve been rad, Kevin Wiesner, then the creative director at the artistic brand MSCHF, told The New York Times in a 2019 interview. Well, if what MSCHF wanted was Nikes attention, its new, satanic-themed creation has definitely done the trick. A follow-up to its Jesus Shoes, the Satan Shoes are another custom Nike Air Max 97, though this one is a collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X and features genuine human blood and details like an upside-down cross and a Pentagram charm.

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