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Where Can You Buy Allbirds Shoes

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Are Allbirds Okay For Flat Feet

Allbirds Shoe Review | Why you should buy them

Heres where I have to be a bit honest, because I have flat feet and my right foot is more flat than my left.

In wearing the Allbirds Tree Runners, I definitely felt a strain on my flat feet while walking around during travel. I had packed the Allbirds Tree Runners as a choice of a walking shoe for travel, but after a day out in Dublin, my feet were sore.

I think what I could have done was acknowledge that Allbirds shoe insoles are very flat and rather thin, so supportive arch inserts wouldve done the trick.

In trying out the Wool Pipers, the variable is that I have a size up, so theres less tightness from end to end, and I have more space for trying arch insoles for flat foot comfort.

Are Allbirds Really That Comfortable

Simon and I both find our Allbirds very comfortable. Part of the comfort comes from the cosy wool insole and the soft lining of the shoe that makes it possible to wear them without socks.

The other aspect is the lightweight, bouncy sole that provides enough support for a day out walking.

If you require a lot of foot support, Tree and Wool Runners arent as supportive as a very cushioned running shoeyou might prefer the Allbirds Tree Dashers or Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles.

If you are looking for a minimalist, stylish shoe, Allbirds Wool or Tree Runners are a great choice.

Do The Allbirds Wool Pipers Fit Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, I wouldnt turn completely away from the Wool Pipers. Id try to find a retail store where you could do a try-on, or order them in the mail on the Allbirds website to give it a shot. You can always return them if you find that your wide feet are not a match for the build of the shoe.

In reading some reviews of the Wool Pipers for women on the Allbirds website, youll see that some women who report having a wide foot size also say that the Wool Pipers fit just right.

I tend to think I have narrow feet, so what I mentioned about tying my Allbirds tightly with no socks and loosely with socks is going to be my best recommendation.

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Allbirds Wool Runners Sizing

Most Allbirds shoes come in whole sizes only, and Simon and I have both found them true to size. We ordered our usual sizes and they fit perfectly.

Allbirds recommends that you size up if you are a half size.

Allbirds Wool Runners do stretch a tiny bit after a few weeks wear. This isnt something I noticed or that caused any problemsthey only became more comfortable over time. The Tree Runners dont stretch.

If you are unsure about sizing, Allbirds has a fantastic return policysee below for the details.

Their Sustainable Construction Doesn’t Detract From Their Comfort

Allbirds Winter Collection: The Cozy Shoes You

Rothy’s fit true to size, but if you have wide feet or fear toe crowding in the pointed flat style, you should go up half a size. They mold to your foot and are breathable, with slight give so you can still wiggle your toes around in them. They’re great for summertime wear since they stay slick and dry. I’ve been wearing and washing mine for nearly a year and they don’t stretch out.

Allbirds recommends going up half a size for its flats, which tend toward a more snug feel. The cushioned insoles are supportive, and the overall feel of the flat is softer and thicker than Rothy’s. If you plan on being very active, you might like Allbirds’ flats more because of the aforementioned collar that grasps onto your foot.

Both companies’ flats are light, really comfortable, and made for all-day wear we wouldn’t be writing about them if they weren’t. Thanks to their unique designs, however, they do feel comfortable in different ways. You can get both Rothy’s and Allbirds in half sizes .

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Simple Design And Range Of Colours

I love the simple design of Allbirds Runners. There are no logos or extra details, and they have a low profile design that works well in the city or countryside.

They would be ideal for a trip to stylish Europe where theyd blend in better than bulky running shoes but be comfortable enough for pounding the cobblestone streets.

Allbirds are casual and look great with jeans or leggings, but you can also wear them with a skirt or dress. Simon pairs his Tree Runners with a shirt and blazer for a smart-casual look that works well for dinners out.

They are available in a range of colours. The Wool Runners come in six classic coloursI have the Natural Grey , and theres also Natural Black , Tuke Jo , Natural White , Dapple Grey , and True Black .

In addition, there are many limited edition Allbirds colours that vary from pale blue, pink, and apricot to earthy green and more vibrant shades of blue and red.

Warm & Cool Weather Wear

Allbirds says their Wool Runners stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Well, on hot days my feet still got a bit warm and sweaty so dont expect these to be like air conditioning for your feet. That said, I didnt feel like these were too much different than other sneakers I wear and they did dry fairly quickly.

However, the Allbirds Tree Runners are much more light and breezy than the Wool Runners so theyre better suited for the summer.

And now that Autumns cooler weather has arrived in NYC, I find that my Wool Runners keep my feet comfy when I take Henry out on his nightly walks around the block.

Allbirds arent made for rainy weather so your feet will get wet fairly quickly if you get caught in the rain.

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You’ll Pay Around $100 For Rothy’s And Allbirds Flats

Rothy’srounded toe flats retail for $125 and the pointed toe flats retail for $145.

Allbirds flats, like all Allbirds shoes, cost $95.

If you don’t want to spend more than $100, Allbirds are the obvious choice, but there’s the trade-off of fewer print options, not to mention the fact that they tend to sell out more quickly. If you’re willing to spend $30 to $50 more for Rothy’s, you’ve widened your options and are likely to receive your shoes more quickly.

Are Allbirds Good For Flat Feet

My Allbirds 2 Years Later! (My Honest Review)

Allbirds feature a padded insole made from a castor bean oil blend with a wool lining topper. This cushioned insert has very noticeable arch support compared to minimalist shoes. I have relatively flat feet and even my feet felt completely comfortable with just the inserts that came included with the shoes.

Even customers who typically need orthotics or custom inserts found that they do not need to use their own given the level of cushion built into Allbirds. However, if you do want to swap them out, the insole is easily removable so you can replace them and go!

And that concludes this post! I hope Ive inspired you to make the drive out to the outlet yourself, or at the very least, shop for ultra-comfortable shoes with Allbirds online!

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Myus Alternatives What To Do If Allbirds Wont Ship To Your Myus Address

There are a number of stores that wont ship to package forwarders. If you encounter this issue with Allbirds, the solution is to use a personal shopping service or to buy your product on eBay.

1. eBay:This is a great option because almost all sellers on eBay ship to freight forwarders and many even ship internationally. To filter by shipping to your country, click on any item, click on shipping and payments which should be halfway down the page, then select your country. Now when you search on eBay, itll display international shipping prices.

2. Personal Shopping Services: These services will place the order for you and then ship to your international address.,, and all offer concierge services where they will buy the item for you and then ship it to your address. The biggest difference is that MyUS charges 8% of the purchase price, FishisFast charges $5 + 7% and BigAppleBuddy charges a $50 flat rate + $15 for each additional item.

Whats So Great About Allbirds Shoes

Allbirds shoes have a few key features that set them apart from other brands Im familiar with.

First of all, they use natural products in their sneakers. Allbirds shoes are made ethically with materials like merino wool, sugar cane and castor bean.

Some of their materials are even carbon-negative, like the soles of the Wool Runner Mizzles. Thats something to be happy about.

Lastly, you can wash your Allbirds in a regular washing machine. Just be sure to line-dry them, and dont put them in the dryer, but its pretty straightforward. Your shoes are guaranteed to be clean and free of odors after a good machine wash, and this is one of the simplest ways the Allbirds shoes make looking good pretty easy.

Another thing youll find out when shopping for Allbirds is that they have a 30-day return policy with no questions asked. Also, any order online over $50 ships free, and all of their shoes are $50+ so thats a one-and-done.

You can learn more about the sustainability practices of the company at the Allbirds website.

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Allbirds Returns Does Myus Offer Refunds Or Return Services

Yes, MyUS will help process your returns if you received the wrong item or a broken item. In fact, theyll even notify you if your purchases arrive damaged at their facility, so you dont have to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep before finding out.

You can also request them to take detailed photos of your purchases to make sure Allbirds shipped the correct items.

But every store is different. Most will offer refunds and returns, but sometimes youll have to pay for necessary shipping fees. So make sure to check Allbirdss return and refund policy before you checkout your order.

Quick Background Of Allbirds

The Best Allbirds Wool Runner Dupes

For a bit of background, Allbirds is a new shoe company from New Zealand that made their debut with their Wool Runners a pair of shoes made from merino wool and other sustainable/recycled materials.

They went the direct-to-consumer route and all their shoes sell for $95 via the Allbirds Website . People seem to really dig them and their popularity is skyrocketing.

Allbirds also has a model called Tree Runners .

We also like how Allbirds put a big focus on sustainability their soles are made from sugarcane and their laces are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

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What Kind Of Style Are The Allbirds Womens Wool Pipers

These walking shoes are a simple classic flat lace-up shoe that Allbirds refers to as the evolution of a classic.

Its true: I can picture earlier versions of a shoe like this worn with big skirts in the 1960s, and with jeans in the decades that came after. Theres nothing like a simple flat shoe that laces up and is ready for walking.

A style like this is timeless, and its a shoe I couldve done well with had I found it earlier due to its endless uses and versatility for different occasions and outfits.

Its also a great shoe to take on a trip during fall, winter or spring. You can add this shoe to your packing list.

Who Should Get Merino Shoes And Why

Are you looking for a new pair of work from home shoes that you can casually wear to the park or beach? Then Merino should be your number one choice.

For those who dont love walking indoors barefoot, these comfy and soft shoes can see you through cold winters. They look great and are quite comfortable.

The soles grip gently on the ground and you wont slip easily as is the case with other merino wool shoes.

Merino Shoes fit easily and are very lightweight. Provided you go half a size up, you dont have to worry about them running small or anything of that sort.

Merino Shoes have plenty of positive reviews online. And for a shoe that is highly spoken of, you can be assured of getting lots of positive experiences from it.

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Allbirds Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think

All of Allbirds products have dozens, if not hundreds, of five-star reviews. Overall satisfaction among customers seems to be unanimous, that these shoes deliver on both style and comfort.

One happy customer left this review for the Mens Wool Runners: Ive put thousands upon thousands of steps into my first pair. These shoes are great. Ive struggled all my life finding a sturdy AND breathable athletic shoe and the struggle is over. Ill be buying these again.

For the Womens Tree Breezers, one buyer put it simply, writing: These shoes are so comfortable! Theyre my new favorite pair of flats!

No matter what pair of shoes youre browsing, the reviews do not stray from total customer satisfaction. Stylish, comfortable and good for the planet? Allbirds seems to be the total package.

Are Allbirds Wool Pipers Worth It

NEW Allbirds Tree Dasher Review – Can Allbirds ACTUALLY make a running shoe?

The price tag may turn away some consumers looking for a cheap shoe, but the fact is that with Allbirds, youre paying for a product that sports a carbon-neutral product.

Allbirds is a certified B Corporation, which is a certification of social and environmental performance, so Allbirds boasts this as being like a nutrition label for your closet.

For many of us, we have no idea which types of effects our product purchases have on the planet, so with Allbirds, theyre pretty transparent about how much carbon offset their production has and they have a list of sustainable practices that is attractive for our generation.

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Keep Feet Warm In Cold Weather

I originally bought my Allbirds Wool Runners in Melbourne because we were there in winter and my ballet flats werent practical.

Allbirds turned out to be perfect for the weather, which ranged from 520ºC . My feet even stayed cosy and warm without socks when the temperature dropped close to freezing.

Ive since worn them in all seasons in New Zealand where they have also worked brilliantly. I prefer my Teva Verra sandals when it gets sweltering, but the weather is so variable here that they still come in useful on colder summer days.

In freezing weather you can maximise the warmth by pairing them with cosy merino wool socks.

The classic Wool Runners are not waterproof, so they arent snow shoes, but for milder winters as well as spring and autumn, I think they are ideal.

Allbirds Shoes Are Finally Available In Canada

Weve got some exciting news to announce Allbirds is finally available in Canada and if you havent heard of them before, you definitely will now. Allbirds is sustainable footwear company that uses premium natural materials designed for everyday life. Co-founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger have worked to create better shoes in a superior way and are on a mission to prove that comfort, design, and sustainability arent mutually exclusive.

A post shared by Allbirds on Mar 4, 2018 at 7:28am PST

Allbirds offers three styles of shoes for men and women including the Runner, Lounger and the newly launched Skipper for $135 in a range of colours. They also have Smallbirds for children in the Runner for $80.

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Made From Sustainable Materials

Allbirds is an eco-friendly company that is carbon neutral and committed to using sustainable materials.

Their shoes are vegetarian as they dont use leather .

The merino wool shoes use 60% less energy than materials used in typical synthetic shoes.

The company says they work with leading organizations like ZQ Merino to ensure our wool is held to high standards of farming, land management and animal welfare. The sheep who provide the wool roam freely on vast open pastures.

The laces are made from recycled plastic bottlesone bottle = one pair of laces.

The SweetFoam shoe soles are made from sugarcane, a fully renewable resource that grows quickly using rainwater rather than irrigation.

Allbirds is working towards their shoes having a zero carbon footprint and they are already doing better than most. While a standard sneaker emits 12.5 kg CO2e, the Allbirds Wool Runner emits 7.1 kg CO2e.

Allbirds Outlet Store: Overview

allbirds Shoes

Location: Currently, there is just one Allbirds Outlet store. This store is located at the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Livermore, California.

Discount: Most of the items in the store are priced at 20-30% off.

What they carry: The outlet stores selection includes collections from current and past seasons. The store carries overstock products as well as older, discontinued styles at a discounted price. They also carry their timeless/classic colors and models at full-price.

Allbirds Outlet Address: SF Premium Outlets, 3228 Livermore Outlets Drive, Suite 675, Livermore, CA 94551

Store Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-7pm

Phone: 800-3331

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Where To Buy Allbirds Shoes

You can order Allbirds shoes directly from the Allbirds website or at one of the brand’s 18 brick-and-mortar locations. In the U.S., Allbirds stores exist in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Washington, D.C., Austin, Chicago, and New York City, but they are closed right now due to the coronavirus .

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