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Ecco Women’s Sandals Sale

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Explore Sandals For Fashionistas


The summer-inspired lookbook is the ideal opportunity to slip in a fashionable pair of sandals for women. Many of our designs are inspired by the minimalistic look to wrap around your feet elegantly and provide rich support for most occasions. Explore our different styles of womens sandals, which bring a modern edge to your look. We have sandals with thick, chunky soles and hip details to provide a contemporary and comfortable look that gives your summer outfit an extra edge.

You can choose between many different colors to express yourself. Do you prefer the neutral look or do you want a more expressive style? Choose between black, brown, or white sandals for women as well as playful colors to match the look you feel most comfortable with. Your options are plenty.

What To Consider When Choosing A Sandal

When choosing a sandal, consider its intended use and what outfits it should fit with. For formal occasions, sandals from our Elevate Squared collection work well. Our Yucatan collection is for outdoor exploring and longer walks. For casual wear, check out our Flowt or Simpil collections. Lastly, our 2nd Cozmo collection perfectly suits the laid-back days at home or the beach. You should also make sure that the sandal fits your feet. See our womens size guide for more help finding your ECCO size. Finally, you should consider the closure and whether you prefer adjustable straps with buckles or Velcro to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

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Meet Our Collection Of Womens Sandals

The summer calls for summer footwear. Being light, fashionable, and easy to slip in and out of, sandals are ideal for most women to stay comfortable in the warm weather.

Whether you want to achieve extra height with chunky sandals or are looking for fashionable flip-flops to wear at the beach, we have a pair for you. Explore our range of womens sandals made for comfortable wear and contemporary style. Select from various styles, such as flip-flops, flat sandals, plateau sandals, wedge sandals, slides, and slippers.

You can discover multiple refined styles with light elegance and reliable performance from our women’s sandal collection. Each pair of ECCO sandals uses technology as the starting point of the designs and incorporates classic craftsmanship to deliver defining quality, design, and comfort for your feet.

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How Are Women’s Shoes And Sandals Made

ECCO combines machine techniques with hand craftsmanship to manufacture its shoes, from the design stages until the product hits the stores. The stages are design, selecting the leather, tanning the leather, crafting the shoes, and finally direct injection of the outsoles. ECCOs factories are in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Indonesia, and Slovakia. The company also has tanning factories in the Netherlands, China, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Compliment Your Style With Womens Sandals


Sandals are versatile footwear that you can wear for many different occasions. Our womens sandals are useful for both the busy workweek, during your own time, and at social gatherings like summer weddings or birthday parties. They are perfect for both casual outfits and dresses.

Try our work-ready sandals – When at work you can easily pair any type of sandals with a lovely pair of pants or jeans and a nice shirt or blouse. You can also stick to wearing your favorite t-shirt or top for casual wear for work and free time. Classy and exclusive or hip and modern, multiple sandals from ECCO offer ideal options for stylish everyday wear.

Sandals for a chic summer look – Pairing sandals with your favorite summer dress can make a cute summer look that displays classic romance and timeless beauty. Our high-heeled sandals, wedges, and simple flats are trustworthy bets for special occasions in warm weather. If you want to be at the top of contemporary fashion, you can also pair your dress with chunky sandals that have thicker soles.

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Shop Womens Sandals Online

Have you found a pair of sandals for women that you like? If not, you can make your search a little easier by using our filters. Simply select your preferred color, size, and price range to find the perfect pair for you. If your new ECCO sandals somehow dont fit, you can easily return them. Read more about returns here. Enjoy a new pair of womens sandals today from our official ECCO online store.

What Is The Difference Between Sandals And Slippers

Sandals, slippers, and flip-flops are alike. Sandals are generally defined by their open-top look, where either Velcro or straps hold an adjustable and more secure fit together. Slippers and flip-flops are separated from sandals by open heels with no straps, making for quick slip-in and slip-out wear. Slippers are only secured around the forefoot, while flip-flops also keep the fit in place by a strap tucked between the big toe and the long toe. Sandals are generally better and more practical for longer walks than slippers and flip-flops.

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Pick Your Ideal Sandal Size

Are you unsure of what size fits you the best? Our helpful women’s size guide provides a clear overview of all the different sizes for womens shoes, both in US and EU sizes as measured in inches and centimeters. You can also learn about how you can easily and precisely measure your foot size at home.

Discover Sandals For Explorers


At ECCO, we love the great outdoors and let the curiosity for what is waiting around the corner guide us. Therefore, we have designed walking sandals dedicated to keeping your feet comfortable and stable on your offroad adventures. Take advantage of the durable designs, special rubber soles with added grip and great cushioning for a soft fit when on the road. Keeping stable and comfortable on your feet while exploring nature is vital. With our RECEPTOR® Technology for special comfort and performance, you can enjoy high stability and dynamic support in selected outdoor styles.

Every step you take should feel just as comfortable and secure as the previous one while wearing sandals. The straps are safely wrapped around your feet to give you optimal conditions for long-term comfortability. You can fully adjust the straps on select sandals to accommodate your unique foot size and shape. The quick-fastening closures let you quickly put your sandals on and take them off for any spontaneous moment.

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What Materials Are Used To Make Ecco Women’s Sandals

  • Uppers: ECCO sandals are crafted from leather, suede, and nubuck produced in the company’s own tanneries. ECCO uses leather to produce its line of women’s sandals and flip-flops. ECCO women’s sandals are available in wedges or flats and come in colors like cream, white, brown, multicolored suede, and metallic gold.
  • Outsoles: Lightweight molded footbeds with microfiber coverings create a custom-fit surface for the foot. The company manufactures the shoes using FluidForm technology, which involves injecting shock-absorbent foam into the outsoles. This bonds the outsoles to the upper, eliminating the need for stitches. It also results in a lighter midsole.

What Are Some Available Sandal Styles For Women

ECCO carries sandal styles that include the Damara, a flat sandal that features a classic gladiator-style ankle strap. They also have the Yucatan sandal, the Terra sandal, and the Felicia sandal. ECCO has flip-flops, slip-ons, sling-backs, and t-straps, too. Outsole styles vary as much as their uppers do. You’ll find flats, wedges, and heels, as well as treads that can be used for light sports and trail hiking.

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Ecco Sandals Currently On Sale

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Our readers are obsessed with Ecco shoes for travel, and so are we! Theyre comfortable, durable, and adorable. Weve rounded up some of the best selling sandals from Ecco, currently on sale at the . Check them out before they sell out!

Cute Sandals For Women

ECCO Women

Stay on trend when closed-toe is optional by exploring our latest women’s fashion sandals. Strappy gladiator sandals never go out of style. Heeled sandals or wedges are bound to make a fashion statement, while sparkly sandals take summer style up a notch so you can look cool on special summer nights.

Find the sandals you love from Madden Girl, Skechers and more. With big savings around every corner, you can stock up on all the open toe shoes you need at Shoe Carnival!

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How Do You Take Care Of Ecco Shoes And Sandals

ECCO designed a special line of care products to help you maintain the original look of your shoes.

  • Cleaning: Use a soft clean cloth and a water-based cleaner to gently remove surface dirt from your shoes. Apply cleaner to uppers, including ankle, toe, and heel straps to maintain the originality of your ECCO shoes.
  • Moisturizing: Apply a specially formulated leather cream to your shoes’ surfaces to preserve moisture and prevent the leather from drying out.
  • Protecting: Spray your sandals, flip-flops, and slip-ons with water-resistant stain repellent. Periodically applying stain repellent to your sandals can help ward off stains.

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