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Where Can I Find Cheer Shoes

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How To Clean Base Cheer Shoes

Cheer Shoes 101

You can extend the life and cleanliness of cheerleading shoes by only wearing them indoors. Since cheerleading shoes are often durable and comfortable enough for everyday wear, you can clean your cheer shoes by wiping down with a damp cloth. Cheer shoes can also be hand washed or laundered with the proper technique.

Best Cheer Shoe For Bases: Rebel Revolution

The Rebel Revolution is built atop the same sole as the Rebel Ruthless, but has a mid-top fit and several features unique to this shoe.

  • Exoskeleton: Wraps around the heel and ankle to prevent rolling and provides additional support

  • Ribbed Band: Comfortable sock-like fit around the ankle that wont rub

  • Ventilation Air Holes: Help keep feet cool and dry during intense activity

  • Ankle Cushions: Cradle the ankle for additional support

Available in black, the Rebel Revolution Blackout, or white in order to follow gym requirements and/or best match the uniform.

Is There Any Wrong Way To Wear Cheer Shoes

You might think that wearing cheer shoes is as easy as slipping them on and tightening the laces, however, theres more to wearing cheer shoes than you might think. A common mistake to wear cheer shoes the wrong way is to tie them too tightly.

Lace-locking systems are a unique feature of cheer shoes, and they were made specifically to keep your laces secure and out of the way. However, they will break if you pull them as tightly as you possibly can. Pulling them so tight will also have a bad effect on your feet. Stability and comfort stem from getting the right shoe size and wearing them correctly, so pay attention as youre purchasing and make sure you are not wearing them carelessly.

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What Color Are Cheer Shoes

The Color As we all know, cheer shoes, above everything else, must entirely be white. Most athletic or tennis shoes dont come in all white they either have accent colors or a colored sole or shoe laces. For cheerleading, shoes must be perfectly white not beige, not white with a thin colored line.

Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe


Since these shoes come in the youth sizes 1 to 13 and fit well because of the secure-fit system, the Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte cheer shoes are the best cheer shoes for younger cheerleaders who are just starting out.

What the secure-fit system does is, it adjusts the interior of the shoe according to the foot arch and shape, thus providing superior support. These shoes last long and do exceptionally well in tumbling and jumping moves because of the EVA outsole.

The shoes are cushioned in a way that protects your heel from spurs and other injuries by absorbing the shock during jumping, flipping, and landing in cheerleading. The Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte cheer shoes have a breathable anti-microbial lining that allows airflow and keeps your feet bacteria-free, thus avoiding diseases like athletes foot.

It is made of leather and fabric on the outside which helps it last longer and makes it easy to clean. It is an affordable buying option with all the basic features that would get you going in the field of cheerleading.

Check out Kaepa Youth Stellarlyte Cheer Shoe on Amazon.

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Cheer Shoes For Wide Feet

The shoe criteria for wide feet is completely different from that of a standard shoe. Over-arching problems can seem overwhelming in a sport like cheerleading. Having proper arch support. These kind of cheer shoes should fit you snugly while allowing room for the free movement of toes.

After detailed discussions with shoe experts and pro-cheerleaders, I have shortlisted Nike Womens Cheer Compete Training Shoes to be the best cheer shoes for wide feet. I you would like to have a detailed read on the various issues and solutions with respect to the wide feet cheer shoes, you may have a look at this article here.

Why Do Cheer Shoes Tend To Run Small

As youre shopping online especially, you will see that the biggest complaint against cheer shoe companies, or shoes specifically, is that the size is very small. Some companies even recommend in the About section of the product that you should buy a size up, and give an explanation.

Cheer shoes are small because they need to fit tightly around your foot. Since theyre used in competitions and performances, its imperative that theyre tight enough to never fall off so theyre made small as safeguard against this. If youre aware of this feature, you can just buy a size or two larger than you normally would, and save yourself from the headache of returning a shoe thats too small for you.

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Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe

The Nfinity Vengeance is a very popular and loved cheer shoe among cheerleaders. Because of their specialized structure, they are the ideal shoes for beginner flyers. But they are not a great choice for bases and spotters since they lack cushioning and support in the heels.

But the positive points far outweigh any cons it might have. For example, its uppers are made with breathable transparent mesh and feature synthetic overlays for support, which also promote airflow, keeping your feet sweat-free and cool even after long hours of wear.

The bottom half of these shoes, are equipped with outsole grace EVA and pylon pads for durability. There is no movement inside the shoe since it fits very tight. This makes sure that there are no unforeseen painful injuries during stunts and dances. This model is ideal for beginners who have an acrobatic role in the squad.

What Shoes Are Youth Cheer Champions Wearing

Synchronized Divers Try To Keep Up With Cheerleaders | SELF

I wear the Rebel Revolution cheer shoes because I liked how they have the ankle support. They feel like a sock when I wear them & they are so light when I am tumbling. My favorite part of the Rebel Revolution cheer shoes are the inner cushions around the heel. Its like little pillows cushioning my feet! These shoes are so stretchy they really mold to your foot, I never have to worry about my foot sliding around in my shoe or my shoe flying off! The shoes are weightless so they make tumbling so easy. The grips on the sides give the perfect spots for my bases to hold. When I am hitting my flyer positions the shoes make it really easy to point my toe & show perfect technique. My bases like the Rebel Revolution shoes the best out of any cheer shoes Ive ever worn! -Ave Shae Roberts, 10 years old, Cheer Athletics

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What Should You Look For In Cheer Shoes

As youre shopping cheer shoes, there are certain features you should keep an eye out for that extend beyond the fact that theyre not simple sneakers. Since cheerleaders shoes arent just for looks and theyre part of the equipment they need for their performances, its very important to have the proper shoes. Features to look for include:

Comfort & Fit

The comfort of the shoes youre wearing can have a hand in how you perform. Its imperative that you select cheer shoes that have good cushioning. You should also look for something thats lightweight and flexible, so it doesnt impede your jumping.

A shoe that doesnt quite fit right is a recipe for injury. The shoe should feel snug around your heel with a firm grip, but there should also be extra room for your toes to move freely. Its very important that you try a shoe on before you make a purchase. Not only will a great fit prevent injuries, itll also improve performance.

Style Type

Depending on your team or coach, there may be requirements as to the style of the shoe, so make sure what youre getting meets these standards. If aesthetic look is important, also look for a shoe that you think is cute or low profile.

Special Cheer Features

If youre performing stunts and flips, youll need a different athletic shoe than youd need for dance routines. Overall, you need a shoe thats lightweight, offers comfort and cushioning, has finger grips, and has shock absorption, as well as breathability.


Whats The Difference Between Cheer Shoes And Regular Athletic Shoes Wont Typical Sneakers Be Good Enough

Cheer shoes were made specifically for cheering. They will be very lightweight, yet give your foot the support and cushion it needs so you can run, jump, and perform in them. They are extremely flexible, so youll be able to move in them as needed.

Regular shoes just arent made to withstand many of the things cheer shoes can do. Cheer shoes will also have certain special features sneakers just dont come with, such as finger grips, synthetic leather, and smooth rubber soles. Finger grips allow bases to hold on to the foot of flyers very easily, and the smooth rubber soles prevents injury as a foot is pressed against arms or chests during stunts. If you wear normal sneakers for cheer stunts, you could hurt somebody. Cheer shoes are also typically made of synthetic leather, so that theyre very easy to clean and stay white and immaculate for performance day.

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Dadawen Womens Cheerleading Shoes

DADAWENs shoes are high performance cheerleading shoes that were designed with athletes in mind. With features that provide breathability and comfort, this shoe is a sure fit for both cheer practices and cheer performances. Theyre light, soft, and comfortable with a secure fit that adjusts to your unique arch height. Synthetic leather wraps around the shoe, from the rubber sole to the breathable upper mesh. An integrated lacing system lends to flexibility and allows your foot to bend naturally. The inside is made from cotton for comfort and moisture absorption, while the outsole is made from competition-grade blown EVA phyon-tec material.

A low profile design makes these shoes great for wear, and the leather is easy to clean. The build allows you to move without restriction, and its engineered to give you enhanced flexibility for tumbling. Light materials provide superior comfort, flexibility, and durability.

  • May be more suitable for dancing than cheering, depending
  • People tend to get a size different than the one they specified during their order
  • Not recommended for people who dont have a high arch

Best Cheerleading Shoe For Kids

Chasse Flip IV Cheerleading Shoes

The Nfinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoe is a high-performance competition shoe for kids and novice cheerleaders. It is available in all kids sizes for quite reasonable prices. Made of 100% leather, its form-fitting design provides a slipper-sequel, ultra-lightweight feel.

The strategically located rubber outsole pods improve durability in performances that involve high wear stunts. Just 6.5 oz in weight, the shoe has light-as-feather laces that provide a superb fit. The outer leather and sateen make the shoe breathable and provides excellent support.

The rubber outsole helps perform on the spring floor and the specially designed insoles give excellent arch support with its enhanced cushioning. Proper fit around the toes and impact area provides the shoes the best fit and confidence while performing. The Nfinity Youth Evolution Cheer Shoes are ideal for a kid who has just started cheerleading.

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Does Bleach Damage White Shoes

As for how much bleach to use to clean white shoes: It varies, but most shoe-care guides suggest mixing one part bleach for every five parts water. Any more bleach used will increase your risk of turning your white fabrics a strange yellow tone.

Can you bleach colored shoes?

Use the mist setting and spray your shoes all over to completely bleach them. Set the shoes out to dry. This may take around 20 minutes to several hours. The longer you leave them out, the lighter they will become.

Can you bleach Nike shoes?

Nike Flyknit shoes provide flexible support where you need it most, but the fabric is delicate and requires care when using cleaner. Create a mild, soapy water solution with soap that doesnt contain chemicals. Never use bleach or other harsh cleaning products, since they can damage the material.

Can you use bleach on white canvas shoes?

Scrub. Working on one shoe at a time, dip the brush in the bleach and water solution, and then gently scrub the canvas in a circular motion. Dip the brush again as needed to keep applying the bleach solution to the canvas until the entire shoe has been treated.

Can white Converse bleach?

Toss your shoes into the washing machine. Place your white Converse shoes in the washing machine along with a little standard detergent. Run the machine on a full cycle using cold water. Do not use a chlorinated bleach or detergent.

Can I bleach Air Force Ones?

Can I bleach my white vans?

Can you bleach trainers?

Can you bleach leather?

Do I Need To Buy More Than One Pair For Practice And Events

Many sports require multiple pairs of shoes, and different shoes depending on whether its competition or practice cheerleading isnt any different. Did you know that one third of cheerleaders have two to four pairs of cheer shoes? One of the biggest reasons for this is that cheer shoes typically are required to be immaculate and cleanand as you can imagine, they get dirty very easily.

If theres not time to wash them between practices or performances, or to even give them a quick clean, many cheerleaders simply switch them out really quickly. Beyond having an extra pair on hand for performances, many cheerleaders purchase multiple cheer shoes at the beginning of each season. Since theyre athletic shoes and you will be jumping, tumbling, stunting, and performing choreography, your cheer shoes will be under a lot of stress and will suffer a lot of wear and tear, to the point where most shoes begin to fall apart after a few months.

Having a couple on hand to switch out will extend how long you have them and will save you if a pair falls apart in the middle of a competition. In addition, your practice shoes will get dirty and scuffed, so many cheerleaders have one pair of shoes for practice and one pair for game day or competition, so you can continue to perform and look your best.


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Nike Womens Cheer Sideline Iv Cheerleading Shoes

NIKE Womens cheer shoes help you be ready for game day. The mesh upper part has skin overlay for durability, and synthetic leather wraps the midfoot and feel for a comforting fit that conforms to your individual foot. The drop-in midsole provides even more cushioning and flexibility for your foot, while the outsole is designed to optimize grip. Perforations on the lateral sides of the midfoot allow for breathability. Overall, this shoe is designed to help you achieve your best performance, whether youre tumbling, a base, or a flyer.

Color Options For Your Cheer Sneakers

Should You Buy The Nfinity Flytes? | Cheer Shoe Review

Black and white are the two standard color options for womens and girls cheer shoes. White cheer shoes are more prevalent because they blend well with most cheerleading uniforms and have a clean look that judges often appreciate.

Black cheer shoes are becoming more popular with some squads, especially for street performances. Cheering outdoors on the hard pavement is more likely to leave scuff marks, and black shoes are less likely to show wear and tear.

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How Do You Break In Cheer Shoes

This is a classic problem with all beginners. Even though a brand new pair of shoes can be a delight, they can soon turn into a pain when you go on to wear them for your cheer performance.

New shoes are often too stiff and tight and can even cause blisters, other than a general discomfort when you first go on to wear them. And this is especially bothersome when you are new to cheerleading and are not used to cheer shoes yet.

To prevent this issue from becoming a serious burden on your health and performance, let us take a look at some useful tips to break-in cheer shoes.

  • Wear the shoes around the house or go for a walk or run in them. Just keep them on your feet and keep moving.
  • Gently bend and twist them in multiple directions with your hands, every now and then.
  • Tie a rubber band around them in the bent position and keep them like that for a couple of hours .
  • Do some foot exercises while wearing them.
  • Use special oils and shoe conditioners if available.
  • Dip the bottom of hard shoes in warm water.
  • Use a hairdryer to make the material more flexible.
  • Take them to a cobbler for necessary alterations.

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Best Cheer Shoe For Bases: Rebel Ruthless

A phenomenal cheer shoe for bases is Rebel Athletics original performance shoe, the Rebel Ruthless. It is made with a multi-layer mesh outer layer, unlike Rebels knit shoe options. If knit shoes arent your thing, definitely check out the Rebel Ruthless and Rebel Ruthless Blackout base cheer shoe.

  • Rebel Spin Pad: Allows ease of turning and provides durability

  • Close Foot-to-Mat Placement: Provides intense control

  • Transverse Flex Tunnel: Allows for ease of weight transfer to toes

Available in black or white in order to follow gym requirements and/or best match the uniform.

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Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes

The Nfinity Adult Evolution is a high-end cheer shoe, primarily made of leather with synthetic blends at some parts. The insole of this model is ergonomically designed to cater to the shape of the foot for superior comfort and arch support. This insole is generously padded for enhanced comfort. The outsole is kept a little thin but still offers good traction on indoor surfaces. This thin construction decreases the overall weight of the shoe and makes it more flexible, so you should find it easier to perform aerial movements.

The toe box of the Nfinity Adult Evolution features a rounded front and a flat base. This would allow your toe to rest naturally. The midfoot section of this model has a raised rubber, which assists lateral movements and also attenuates shock to keep your feet comfortable. Not only that, but this raised area creates for a rounded surface which assists you in lateral movements.

The outsole of the Nfinity Adult Evolution is made of a rubber compound, which provides good traction on indoor surfaces, ensuring that your feet stay gripped to the ground at all times. The features and construction of this model make it suitable for all positions so you can go for it whether you are the spotter, the base, or the flyer.

Pros of the Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes

  • Good arch support

Cons of the Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes

  • Minimal support at the toe box

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