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Harley Davidson Women’s Motorcycle Boots

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Beechwood Work Boot $188

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Boots for Women *

Were only on the fourth boot on the list and already we have the second high top. This time its Harleys Beechwood work boot featuring 100% full grain leather construction. And because Harleys official description was too good not to use, well repeat it again here:

The Harley-Davidson Beechwood is a tall and sexy leather riding boot that is perfect for the lady who likes a little more leather on her legs. The Beechwood boot blends iconic moto-inspiration with a super sexy knee-high lace-up silhouette.

Specifically, the shaft of the boot measures 16.75 inches from the arch, and the heel itself is 1.25 inches. Side zippers make entry and exit much easier, and the rubber outsole is abrasion, oil, and slip resistant. All good things whether youre on or off the bike.

Beat The Heat In Harley

Riding in hot climates or on a high heat day, riders feet can become hot, but riding in proper protective motorcycle footwear is essential. This new heat-resistant leather innovation is game-changer for summer riders. By incorporating it into a series of well-loved riding silhouettes for men and women, Harley-Davidson footwear created a collection that perfectly combines durability, design and comfort.

The secret to the heat-resistant leather is TFL COOL SYSTEM technology, which keeps boot temperatures up to 54°F cooler than standard leather when exposed to the suns rays over time. This in turn reduces the surface temperature of the boots leather by reflecting infrared rays for improved long-term thermal comfort.

The TFL COOL SYSTEM is designed on sun reflective technology where energy is reflected in the invisible part of the solar spectrum. Dark colours absorb radiation from the sun and therefore heat up faster and more intensely than light colours. Black TFL COOL SYSTEM leathers reflect the sunlight like white coloured ones. In contrast, traditional black pigmented leather absorbs heat from the sun,

which can raise the boot temperature up to a sweltering 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available exclusively at Harley-Davidson dealerships retailing for $160.00 to $200.00 USD.

Visit Harley-Davidson Footwear to see all selections

Shopping For Women’s Harley

Harley-Davidson is a name that’s well-known in the motorcycle world, but they sell a variety of other items as well, including boots for women. There are several options available whether or not you’re looking to wear them while riding, and having an idea of what’s available to you can help you make an informed decision during your next Harley-Davidson boots purchase on eBay.

Boots designed for riding motorcycles

Some women’s Harley-Davidson boots are deemed as riding boots and are designed to stand up to the conditions that come with motorcycle riding. For example, they may have a rubber outsole and a metal shank for stability, among other features. If the boots are ideal for riding, they’ll typically be detailed as riding boots in the description.

What styles of Harley-Davidson boots are available for women?

You’ll be able to shop for women’s Harley-Davidson boots in a multitude of styles, but the selections can vary depending on when you’re shopping. In addition to the aforementioned riding boots, you may be able to also find other options such as those in hiking styles or ones that feature fringe. You might consider some of them casual and fashionable with an edge.

Sizes available in women’s bootsWhat should you look for when buying women’s Harley-Davidson boots?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Harley-Davidson.

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Jammie Strap And Buckle 10 Black Mid Cut Boot $100

Its back to semi-tall boots and laces we go with the fan-favorite Jammie boot. These arent quite as high as the Beechwood boot earlier, but the shaft still rises about 8 inches from the arch. The leather strap buckles across the top for a better fit and to help keep the laces in place. Unsurprisingly, the Jammie also features full leather construction and a side entry zipper like most of the other boots here. The rubber outsole is abrasion, oil, and slip resistant.

Inman Mills Motorcycle Boot $95


Next on the list is the Inman Mills boot. A more classically-styled boot, the leather construction gives way to a few finer touches like metal eyelets for the laces, a Harley decal on the side, and the iconic bar and shield adorning the bottom lace. Dual entry zippers running along both sides of the tongue are not only stylish, but make it easy to slip these boots on and off. The mesh inner lining is breathable for more comfort.

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Keeler Motorcycle Boot $120

Were back with a slightly taller boot with the Keeler, as the shaft goes approximately to the mid-calf. But theres a good reason for the Keelers added height this womens combat boot features an outside zipper pocket to store your keys, cards or anything else you normally lose at the bar. Not that you would lose anything, since all your drinks are virgin. Right?

Otherwise, were back to the similar pattern weve seen multiple times already. The Keelers full leather construction has metal eyelets and a full inner side zipper. Its also available in black or brown.

Eda Motorcycle Boot $117

The Eda boot boldly represents the Harley-Davidson counterculture style. This 10-inch lace-up full grain leather boot features a zipper on the side, making it easy to take the boot on and off. Mesh lining on the inner portion of the boot makes it breathable, resulting in a comfortable fit. Style points are seen throughout, including the D-ring buckle, metal eyelets, and distinctive metal Bar and Shield logo sitting above the ankle. The full grain leather means the boot is durable, on or off the bike. Lastly, the lightweight outsoles and heels provide nice flexibility and good traction for comfortable standing, walking, or riding.

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Amherst Motorcycle Boot $68

A short womens boot with just the right amount of attitude, the Amherst is a full grain leather boot that does away with laces entirely. It has a lightweight outsole and heel, with YKK dual locking inside and outside zippers for fashionable convenience and easy entry and exit. The added toe stitching and iconic Harley-Davidson bar and shield gives this boot just the right amount of moto edge.

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