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Just Fab Shoes And Boots

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Is There A Monthly Fee For Justfab

JustFab Fall Boots Review

Yes. Just like any monthly clothing subscription service, there is a monthly fee for JustFab. However, the fee is converted to monthly JustFab credits. You can skip the month to avoid getting charged.

If you do not skip the month, your credit card will be charged $39.95 which will be placed in your account as a member credit on the 6th of every month until you cancel. I always skip the month!

Alternatively, if you make a purchase within the first 5 days of the month your card will not be charged.

Justfab Boots: How They Fit:

I’m a pretty consistent size 9 when it comes to shoes. I really didn’t have any reason to order up or down a size, so I ordered my JustFab boots in the size I was most comfortable in.

As it turns out, these JustFab boots fit perfectly true to size. You can see from looking at them that they’re low, slouchy and loose at the top, so there should be no worries about wide calves or pulling them up.

The boots I ordered are also flat and as exactly as wide as they look in the pictures. They’re super comfortable and I’d order more in the same size if I placed another order.

My First Justfab Boots $10

I was looking only at boots and I was seriously impressed with the huge variety of styles and colors that JustFab has. The above image shows some of my current favorites.

I’m a bit obsessed with leggings right now and I really wanted a cute pair of flat booties to wear comfortably with loose sweaters and fitted pants. The Lygia style looked cute, had fun buckles for a little detail and had great reviews.

I love that you can exchange or return any order for free, too. If I don’t like my boots, I’ll just try one of the other styles of booties I had my eye on

My JustFab order should arrive on Friday, and I’ll definitely update all of you with a picture of what my JustFab $10 first pair of boots looks like in person!

Check out the JustFab sale and get your first pair of boots or shoes for only $10 !

Update: My Just Fab boots arrived and I’m in love! Here’s a pic:

They’re cute and comfortable and perfect for the season. I’m loving them!

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Buying Justfab Boots: The Experience

I just ordered my first pair of boots for $10 from JustFab and it was a great shopping experience! You can see from my receipt that my JustFab $10 boots were indeed $10 . Shipping was free, too!

Your quiz answers also won’t lock you into shopping for a particular style of shoes and boots and the first pair of shoes for $10 offer will still be there when you’re done. The quiz is only for suggestions. You’ll be able to shop everything JustFab offers after you complete the quiz.

Justfab And Shoedazzle: Is It Worth It

Shoe of the Day

As many of you know, especially if you have followed me for some time, that I am a shoe and boot lover! Although I love basic black heels , I also absolutely love integrating fun, different, and unique shoes and boots to my wardrobe to create a variety of different looks. At times, the SHOE is the main part of the outfit!

As I began to purchase more and more shoes, I couldnt believe the prices of some! Although I do not mind spending money on a good, quality pair that will last for many seasons and years, it just didnt make sense to me to spend over $100 on a pair of trendy shoes that I may only wear for a season . At times, there are also pairs that I wear a TON and they often get worn out, especially during the winter months. I didnt want to spend too much on a pair of shoes that would end up getting ruined from the wet snow and salty sidewalks of Northeast Ohio regardless of how well they are made.

Along came Shoedazzle and Just Fab. Shoedazzle started first, and if I recall, it was mainly a Kim Kardashian company at the time. Im not sure if she still owns it, but I loved the idea of wearing shoes chosen by Kim! I immediately joined and have been a member since 2009! A few years later, JustFab came around. I saw a pair of shoes that I really wanted. With joining, I basically got a free pair of shoes at the time! Of course I would join for a free pair of shoes! So Ive been a member with JustFab since then.


So both services work pretty much the same:

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Justfab Promotions & Discounts

As we said earlier, JustFab is currently offering a 70% discount for VIP members. In addition, new subscribers can also get a buy one, get one free deal on their first order.

We couldnt find any other active JustFab promo codes, but youll definitely be able to stay updated on deals by becoming a member.

Justfab Haul: A Review Of The Justfab Shoes And Clothes I Recently Bought

As I previously mentioned, I only shop on JustFab when I see something I love. And always skip the month.

JustFab recently had a Presidents Day sale. Everything was a whopping 50% off and qualifies for free exchanges and can be returned . Heres a review of my recent JustFab haul .

For reference, I wear an XS or S and weigh about 125-130 pounds . And wear a US 8.5 9 shoes.

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Is Shoedazzle And Justfab The Same

Yes and no. Both ShoeDazzle and JustFab are owned by TechStyle Fashion Group. But they are operated by different teams. While JustFab carries solely products designed by JustFab, ShoeDazzle doesnt.

Youre more likely to see a select few of other brands on ShoeDazzle and even some JustFab products are sold on ShoeDazzle. At some point a few years ago, ShoeDazzle listed their brand partners as a filter option but I no longer see that option.

What Is Justfabs Return Policy

JustFab Combat Boots Review

JustFab has a 60-day return policy from the date of shipment. Orders must be in unused condition and in their original packaging. They offer three different options:

  • Return for a JustFab membership or store credit for free
  • Free exchange
  • Return for a refund

In addition, return shipping for US territories and APOs costs $9. Simply print the return label and packing slip on your Order History page. Then, pack up your order with the slip, attach your return label, and ship it out.

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% Off All Boots Available In Size 85

Just Fab sent this email to their subscribers onAugust 4, 2022.

70% off boots + booties + more
JUSTFAB | 800 Apollo Street, El Segundo, CA 90245Upon enrollment in the VIP Membership Program, if you do not make a purchase or log into your account to ‘Skip The Month’ between the 1st and 5th of the month, your credit card will be charged $49.95 for a member credit on the 6th until you cancel. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-866-337-0906.Pricing starting at $39.95 is only available to JustFab VIP members.FREE SHIPPING is available for orders over $39.00 shipped to destinations within the contiguous United States. A flat-rate shipping charge of just $4.95 will be applied to all orders under $39.00. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and US Territory addresses are subject to a $9 shipping charge each way.

Don’t Waste Your Time Money Or Sanity

ByBrenda A.,California, Verified Reviewer

I have ordered from JustFab once, and once was enough. I ordered two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants. When they arrived I was sad because NOTHING was true to size. I am a size 6 in shoes – one pair came in too big the other too small. I am a large or size 30 in jeans, both pairs were WAY too big. I decided to exchange everything for sizes that would fit. One pair of shoes in a 5.5, the other in a 7, the pants in a Medium or 28. I sent everything back right away.

Two weeks past and I had yet to hear ANYTHING! I reached out to JustFab and they tell me it hasn’t been processed yet, while online my account states they have already received it. I get transferred to a supervisor, Billy, who immediately processes my order, says all my items are still available, but they cannot expedite the delivery because it’s “out of their hands”, fine, I settle to receive my items in two weeks. He promised expedited shipping on my next order. The very next day I get an email saying the pair of shoes I was most excited about are no longer available. Now I’m fuming!

I contact their support team again and get transferred three times before finally reaching someone willing to help, his name was Ryan. He says my return was never received and my order is not processed and I can choose a different item to replace the shoes that are no longer available. I don’t know if the exchanges will even be in the right size or if I can get my money back.

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Can’t Process My Order

ByDiana V. S.,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Verified Reviewer

I tried to buy some shoes with the credit I have and extra money from my VISA, but it keeps saying that the address in my bank doesn’t match with my billing address. I called the bank and they tell me it is a problem with JustFab because it is the same address on my account. I chat with someone called Daniel in client services and he tells me that the problem is the bank…I explained I already talked to the bank and the problem is not them and he tells me there’s nothing he can do.

Anyways, now I can’t use the credit I have with JustFab and I’m going to lose $39.95 USD, which maybe is not a lot, but I feel like I’m being robbed and JustFab simply doesn’t care.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Inexpensive Way To Be Fashionable

JustFab Sale: First Pair of Boots or Shoes only $10 with Free Shipping!

ByBree A.,West Los Angeles, CA, Verified Reviewer

I am a VIP member and want to correct this article’s misstatement about membership “fees,” because there are none!

What really happens is that if you don’t wish to order in a particular month, then you must simply hit the Skip button. If you don’t, you get charged $40, BUT it can be used as credit toward a future purchase.

This routine happens the first week of every month, and you receive an email to remind you.

JustFab VIP members get the best deals, so it’s worth a few minutes of my time each month. Plus, I get to stay on top of what’s fashionable each month as I review the selections. Also, as a VIP member I get emailed about special sales.

If you think you can’t remember to either buy or Skip in the first week of each month, despite the email reminders, you could put it on your calendar as a recurring event. I’m busy so that’s what I do. And you can cancel your membership at any time.

I almost gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because JustFab is only about being “fast fashion,” meaning not meant to last for years and years. But that’s not fair, because they’re not trying to be anything else.

Their strength IMHO is their shoes. They are cute copies of expensive designer models. And they fit true to size – although, as with most brands elsewhere, you should go up half a size if the toes are pointy.

Length of Use: 36 months

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros and Cons

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Is Justfab Legit 10 Best Shoes And How To Skip A Month

JustFab is an online subscription footwear and accessories retailer that is owned by TechStyle Fashion Group.

Other brands in the same group include Kim Kardashians ShoeDazzle and Kate Hudsons Fabletics.

Pretty much every woman we know has a weak spot for fashion. Because, who doesnt love shoes, clothes, and accessories?

Especially when they are affordable. You can make a statement and show your personality just by wearing the right outfit.

Sexy pointy-toe snake print pumps from JustFab

With the current boom of online shopping that keeps increasing year by year, women try to find new options to buy from as soon as new stores open because its easier than go to an actual store, especially now with the whole COVID situation.

One of these online stores is the popular website JustFab.

They sell their own exclusive labels through a unique combination of proprietary technology, on-trend design, integrated ROI-based media, and membership commerce.

This last point is one of the things we will focus on today. JustFab offers a large catalog of products at EXTREMELY low prices.

Step into summer with confidence and comfort in flatform sandals

So low that they sound too good to be true. So, whats the catch? Well, you have to pay a monthly VIP membership subscription of $39.95 to have access to the offers shown on their website.

These white JustFab sneakers look amazing with a cute pair of jeans or a cute dress

What Is Justfabs Shipping Policy

JustFab offers free shipping in the continental US for orders that total $49 and over. They also provide Rush Shipping in the contiguous US. Here are the shipping options, prices, and estimated delivery dates:

  • US and Canada : $79
  • APO/FPO : $9
  • Rush Shipping : $15
  • Once your order ships, youll receive a tracking number through email. Youll also be able to find details on the Order History page under My Account.

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    Complete And Utter Scam

    ByAelin A.,New York, Verified Reviewer

    JustFab is hands down the absolute worst place I have ever purchased from. I bought one pair of heels for my prom. Not only were they overpriced, which is why I sprung for the VIP membership, but they were terrible quality. They were scratchy and uncomfortable and started to break during prom night. Setting aside the fact that their product is terrible, the company is a complete and total sham. they stole money out of my account without and former warning. When you sign up you “agree” to a $40 monthly charge if you don’t buy anything. There are no refunds. It’s incredibly difficult to cancel your account, and it’s near impossible to talk to a real person about this issue. I hate JustFab. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had with a company. 10/10 would NOT recommend. Please don’t waste your time and money on this horse manure.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    Is Justfab A Ripoff

    JustFab Shoes Try-On Haul! Honest Review | Drew Dorsey

    No. While I dont think JustFab is a ripoff, I think their practices come off a little shady especially for a $100 million worth company operating in the US . Negative articles like this have not sent JustFab out of business.

    With celebrity endorsements and partnerships with Kate Hudson, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Rowland, JustFab/Fabletics is still going strong. And the quality of the products is excellent. Ive had a few clothing pieces that date back to 2014 that I still rock today.

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    Will Rip You Off

    ByDoug K.,Medford, OR, Verified Reviewer

    Will automatically sign you up for a $40 monthly charge and lie about the refund. Told me on January 12th that my account would be processed in 5-7 days and on February 2nd I called and was told the refund had never been started.

    Length of Use: Less than 3 months

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    Pros and Cons

    No pros were specified in this review

    Fraudulent charges

    Tips On Shopping From Justfab

    As a final thought, before you hit the checkout button or provide your credit card information to JustFab, know this:

    • Youre going to be charged $39.95 every month if you do not skip the month or make a purchase within the first 5 days
    • Set a reminder, so you get an alert every month
  • Free shipping and free return only applies to the contiguous 48 states
  • JustFab only offers free shipping/returns on orders in the contiguous US.
  • I lived in Alaska and always had to pay $9 for shipping wait almost 15 business days to get my order. Plus returns were never free for me. Same thing applies to Hawaii.
  • Now, regardless of if you live in the 48 contiguous states, you might have to pay a $3.95 restocking fee on returns. You still get free exchanges though.
  • You CANNOT apply or use your membership credit during a sale
  • Lame? I know! I skip the month every.single.month and swipe my card when I see something I love .
  • Sometimes, usually during the end of a season items on sale cannot be returned
  • Many other stores do this. Just make sure you read the sales exclusion though.
  • Ill be returning two and exchanging three of the items from my order below free of charge for a refund to my credit card. I called their customer service to help with this .
  • The quality of the product is comparable to other fast fashion websites or slightly higher.
  • I still own and wear those red bow pumps from 2014 and even bought one for my twin sister.
  • Got more questions?
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