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How Much Does Shipping Cost For Shoes

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Reasonable Price For Shipping Shoes Uk


Hi, first time seller, trying to sell a pair of somewhat heavy shoes – the UK shipping guide on depop says to put shipping for shoes at £10, do people think this is reasonable or too high?

Way too high. Unless they weigh above 2kg with packaging then second class signed for shipping costs £4

The shoes on their own seem to weigh just under 2kg on my scales. Theyre doc martens

Your best bet is to weigh them and measure them and use Royal Mails price calculator to give you a price. Don’t forget to add some weight for the packaging! Also for larger items, I like to use Hermes as I find they are a bit cheaper and their tracking is superior

Ive been looking at postage price guides and as far as I can tell, because the package is right around 2kg, it could cost me £4 or it could cost me £6-7. Plus I have to pay for packaging which could be another £1-2. I dont want to overcharge the buyer but I also dont want to have to absorb a shipping cost!

Having sold shoes before they would have to be pretty massive/heavy to not qualify as a small package: £4 signed for

Even if you get bad luck and its a medium parcel that’s still like just shy of £7 or something like that for signed for 🙂

Edit: I only ever ship with royal mail hence these prices, may well be cheaper through a courier serivce but that’s your call-i personally don’t bother with them

How Do I Ship Shoes In A Box

To make sure that the shoes and the original shoe box arrive at your customer in a good condition, double-box it. With this, you dont only secure the shoes, you also secure the original box.

Whether youre a long-time shoe collector or not, you would always prefer to have the shoe that you bought in its original box, right? If the box is not there, the experience of unboxing a brand-new shoe is not complete. Unfortunately, some people would cut corners to save on shipping costs. Theres nothing worse than receiving a pair of shoes in a plastic bag or a smaller box that could potentially damage the shoes while in transit. If ever the time comes that you may need to ship shoes in the future. So, here are some tips that you need to remember.

Make sure to double box

This is should be your rule of thumb. When shipping shoes, you should not use the original box as the transit box. Place the shoes in the original box then put them into a bigger box. If you are shipping multiple shoes, then you can combine them in the box. Many, as we mentioned before, want to get the whole package, shoes and original shoe box, in perfect conditions. So, if you use the original box then seal it and attach the waybill, how do you think it will look like when the customer receives it?

To avoid any unwanted damages, put it in another box and seal it properly. Your customer will be satisfied once he/she opens the package.

USPS Cheapest option you can get

Custom Packaging

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A 7lb Package

A seven-pound package costs between $8.33 and $15.20, depending on your shipping carrier and the productâs final destination. In many cases, you can get flat rate shipping for goods up to 10 pounds, which may translate to greater savings long-term.

Shipping costs are known to vary greatly based on package destination, current market rates, the weight of an item, and seasonal demand. Use the above numbers as reference points for your eCommerce business, but remember to afford wiggle room in your budget. This allows you to maintain reliable turnaround times during unexpected events, which keeps your fill rate high.

Before shipping any package, be sure to double-check that all of the following information is correct:

  • Package origin
  • Shipping date
  • Package weight

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What Is The Most Inexpensive Way To Ship A Pair Of Shoes

The latest trends in eCommerce have revealed that shoes are among the most shipped products. However, even though it is frequent, shoe shipping can be a hassle. If youre a shoe retailer, the most straightforward approach to deal with this is to locate a less expensive option.

To find the less expensive option to ship your pair of shoes, first understand its factors. What challenges do you expect? What courier is less costly? How can this be done in the most straightforward ways? Generalizing the actual shoe shipping cost is problematic since, as earlier stated, it is affected by several factors.

Comparing the rates of different couriers is one approach to obtain a sense of shipping costs. Also, get to understand the limitations that the shipping company might impose. Another essential thing is a shipping solution provider that you can trust. They will easily handle the shipping automation and keep you posted with the latest discounts.

Easiest Ways To Ship Shoes

Production Costs for the adidas Yeezys

Before questioning the cost of shoe-shipping, it is essential first to understand how to pack them. Besides ensuring that your pair of shoes arrive in the best condition, good packing will also help cut down your shipping cost. Also, many shoes being lightweight is a good thing. It makes it easy to pack them and ensure that they are safe while on transit.

Packing materials

  • Shipping box
  • Box Options

    Different shoes necessitate different boxes, which is why you must determine what you require the most. Below are some suitable options

  • Bubble mailers and flat cardboard mailers used for delicate shoes with embellishments and buttons
  • Corrugated boxes useful for shoe-shipping over a long distance.
  • Cardboard boxes helpful when shipping various shoes in one order
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    How Can I Lower My Shipping Costs

    Shipping costs can be lowered depending on the value of the variables. If you cannot adjust the value of the variable look for other solutions like contacting suppliers, getting free shipping, and more.

    Shipping costs can be a pain especially if your items are heavy or bulky. Its always ideal to maximize the space that you can utilize but irregular objects are proven to be a headache. Its going to be a jigsaw puzzle and figuring out how to fit everything in one box can take some time. Luckily, shoes, given that theyre in their original box, are fairly easy to manage.

    The shipping cost can either make or break your business. If people see that your shipping fee is more expensive than the product theyre buying, theyll leave. So, how do you make sure that youre shipping for less but not losing profit?

    Tips on Lowering Shipping Fees

    Partner with a good shipping company

    As we mentioned before, partnering with a good shipping company will help you acquire the best deals. Easyship is one of the best you can find. They give you access to more than 250 couriers and offer up to 70 percent discount on shipping rates.

    Coordinate with the supplier

    Coordinating with suppliers to directly ship the product to you using their shipping account has proven to be cost-efficient. This will not only help you increase your shipping quantity but youll also get cheaper shipping rates.

    Free packaging is the best

    Dont use too many couriers

    International Shipping Doesnt Have To Be Expensive

    As a member of MyUS, you have access to competitive shipping rates. Heres how we offer you such great shipping rates:

    • We never charge bundling, repackaging or airplane fuel fees
    • We negotiate discount postage rates with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS
    • We offer 20% off every shipment if youre a Premium Member

    The proof is always in the numbers. Use our calculator to find the international shipping fees for shipping packages from the US and UK to Jamaica.

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    Save The Most Money On Shipping Shoes With Online Shipping Software

    No matter what type of box you use for sending out your shoes, youll save the most money when you buy postage online with shipping software. When you do so, youll get access to USPS discounts like Commercial Pricing. Youll also gain access to special mail classes perfect for shipping shoes such as Priority Mail Cubic.

    Commercial Pricing represents the deepest level of discounts that USPS typically only reserves for huge shippers, and those discounts will save you way more money than if you simply went to the Post Office. Plus, you can print out your postage at home and affix it to your box, so you dont have to wait in those crazy long lines!

    What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Pair Of Shoes

    What It Actually Costs To Make A Sneaker

    The cheapest way to ship shoes is to use priority mail or you can use your boxes when shipping multiple shoes. The original shoe box is only good for shipping lightweight shoes that are quite nearby.

    If your keeping tabs on the latest trends in eCommerce, particularly in the fashion scene, youll see that shoes are one of the most shipped products. But, even though its common, shipping shoes can be a bit problematic. If youre a footwear retailer, the best way for you to overcome this is to find a cheaper alternative.

    In finding the cheapest way to ship a pair of shoes, you need to first understand the factors involved in it. What are the challenges? What is the cheapest courier? What are the best ways to do this? There is no way for us to generalize the actual cost of shipping shoes because, as we mentioned before, several factors are affecting it.

    One way to get a gist of the shipping prices is to compare the rates of different couriers. Also, get to know what limitations they might impose. Another thing that you should have is a trustworthy shipping solution provider. They will keep you updated with the discounts and seamlessly handling shipping automation.

    Easy Shoe-Shipping 101

    Before you go asking about the price of shipping, you should first know the best way to pack your goods. The packaging does not only make sure that the shoes will arrive in a condition, but it will also help you cut down on the cost.

    Packing Materials:

    • Packing Tape

    Box Options

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    Shipping To Australia Requires Patience

    Australia is a remote country that has no land borders with other countries. Because of this, all packages have to be sent via air or sea shipping and this can take time. On average, package deliveries to Australia from the USA can take anywhere from 7-10 days if you arent using expedited shipping options.

    Its important to communicate these long transit times to Australian customers so they know that they might have to wait a little longer than usual.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Box Of Shoes

    If you visit the USPS website then you will know their actual rates for shipping various products.

    When I checked their prices for shipping shoe boxes, I found out that they charge approx. $12.80 for commercial base.

    For retail and online shipping, they charge about $14.35.When you visit your local post office, I suggest you ask them about Flat Rate Priority Mail Box charges.If you are unsure how to send your shoes without damaging them, then I highly recommend to get in touch with the local post office clerks.

    These clerks will be the ideal candidates for suggesting you the best and the most economical method to send your shoe box at your desired location.

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    How Much Do Shoes Weigh On A Scale

    According to, the average weight of mid-level mens running shoe is approx. 9.5 ounces or 270 grams.

    Womens running shoes are usually more lightweight than mens shoes.

    So, you can consider womens shoe weight in the range of 200-250 grams.If you want to send a parcel of heavyweight work boots then their weight can range from 2-4 pounds or 1-2 kg.

    Therefore, when sending a parcel of shoe box, it is very important to weigh your shoes first on a digital scale as mentioned above.

    These Are The Cheapest Ways To Ship Shoes

    Actual Production Cost of the adidas Yeezy

    Before deciding how to ship shoes, youll want to do a price and service comparison with different couriers. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL all offer some of the best ways to ship shoes. While shipping shoes isnt generally too expensive, comparing the services of different couriers will help you find fast-shipping shoe couriers at affordable rates.

    Before looking at the prices charged for shipping shoes by these couriers, its worth noting that most people prefer the USPS First Class option for lightweight packages. You can also opt for the UPS Ground service that takes between one and five days to deliver, depending on your destination.

    The table below outlines the estimated costs to ship shoes using various couriers.

    Price estimates for domestic shoe shipments from Los Angeles to Miami for a 10in x 5in x 5in package weighing 5lbs

    Courier Service
    6-10 days

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    The Footwear Costing Sheet

    Once the shoe design is confirmed, the factory will take the specification sheets and detail the cost of each line item. This is the costing sheet.

    The costing sheet will include every part of the shoe, including the packing box, stuffing paper, the silica gel pack, hang tags etc. Everything in the shoe box must be listed.

    Each item will be listed with the cost per unit and the usage to make that part. The waste percentage will also be added. The waste percentage, or cutting loss, is the amount of scrap material left over once the parts are cut.

    Yes! You have to pay for the scrap that is thrown away. For mesh fabric the loss is very small, less than 5%. But in the case of fine leather for an expensive shoe, the factory cant use any leather with cuts or scars from the animal. The cutting loss can be up to 20%!

    After listing the usage and waste percentage you will finally see the total cost per part.

    With each part listed, the costing technicians can check the material price for each part and measure the material usage. This is time-consuming work, but if the production run is 500,000 pairs, pennies can add up fast. A diligent costing technician can save many thousands of dollars and more than their entire salary.

    Container Shipping Rates Chart And Prices

    Below is a port-to-port container shipping rates chart for cost ranges of common international shipping destinations :

    Destination country

    Calculating the cost of half a container is not as straightforward as halving the cost of a full container.

    You can view live international freight rates, prices and trends, updated daily from the worlds largest freight rate index on the Freightos Baltic Index .

    How much does it cost to ship half a container?

    Thats because space in an LCL shipment is more expensive per foot than space in a full container.

    In fact, most shipments has a tipping point where shipping LCL can become more expensive than a full container! Especially with the freight market experiencing high prices, its worth taking some time to explore the fastest and most cost effective mode before booking.

    A trustworthy logistics provider will always inform you when it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a larger container.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Package Ups

    The cost to ship a package via UPS will depend on a number of factors, such as the itemâs dimensions, weight, and final destination.

    UPS offers multiple flat rate shipping options for eCommerce packaging of various sizes. These flat rates apply to package sizes from one square inch up to 1,728 square inches.

    If there are products you sell online like t-shirts, books, or goods of similar shape and size, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $12 for shipping. If you’re wondering about costs associated with how to ship large items or how to ship frozen food, you may pay between $14 to $23 for shipping, or more.

    To determine your final shipping cost, go to UPSâs website and navigate to the shipping area. Enter basic information requested about the origin and destination of your package, and select your desired shipping service.

    The website will then display a shipping cost that corresponds to your current settings. You can review different shipping costs by changing the destination, shipping date, and package size. Make sure you know how to measure a box for shipping so you don’t overpay, as well.

    How Much Is It To Use A Usps Priority Shoe Box


    I looked online but couldnt get a straight answer the post office is closed today. Do they go by medium flat rate boxes or just priority mail by the weight? Thanks in advance.

    It will range from $5.80 to $11.25.

    Also note that Priority is calculated by pounds. 17.4 oz =2 pounds.

    I looked online but couldnt get a straight answer the post office is closed today. Do they go by medium flat rate boxes or just priority mail by the weight? Thanks in advance.

    To use Medium Flat rate the item must be placed in that specific box marked Medium Flat rate from the post office.Otherwise if placed in your own box it is by weight and size.

    Yes thats what I was talking about. Thank you everyone you were all very helpful! Thats what I thought, just wanted to be sure so my customer wouldnt get charged additional shipping. Have a nice day!

    Otherwise if placed in your own box it is by weight and size.

    OP was not asking about their own box. Shoe box is a type available free from USPS.

    However it is not a flat rate box.

    USPS dot com or USPS dot gov has a calculator on the site. Or search for a post office with Self Service Kiosk that is open 24 hours.

    The shoe box cost is weight based and if your item it is heavier than 2 lbs than consider instead using a regional A and if heavier than 3 lbs consider a regional B or Medium Box.

    As stated it is not a flat rate box so it depends on weight and delivery zone so it could be $6.45 and up.

    You got your answer already but for future reference

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