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Are Crossfit Shoes Good For Running

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Nike Womens Free 50 Tr Fit 5 Training Shoe

Review: Reebok CrossFit Speed TR – Best CrossFit Running Shoes

With this lightweight shoe with a perfect ventilation your cardio and strength training will become easier and more pleasant. It comes in various colorways so that you can choose any color you want.

The upper of the shoe is synthetic and it features perforations so that you enjoy a comfortable training.

Nike has integrated a Flywire technology into the shoe so that the foot stays in one place during lateral movements.

The material is windproof and water resistant so that the shoe is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

The midsole gives great shock absorption. But the pride of the shoe is a superior outsole.

The rubber outsole is durable and grippy, it has rubber pads for improved traction and ultimate flexibility.

The outsole is perfect for squats and lifting. Besides, flex grooves in the forefoot area that promote a natural range of motion contribute to the overall flexibility.


  • A small toe box

Vibram Mens Kso Evo Cross Training Shoe

This is quite an interesting design. You have to admit that. Shoes are made in the shape of socks, with fingers and a nice solid heel.

Shoes are made of polyester, and they come in black, grey and pink, grey and black, grey and blue and grey color.

They look modern and very cool, with a light tongue and easy-to-use laces. You can wash them in a machine in cold water and let them dry in the air.

This products weight is two pounds, shoes are available on Amazon since 2013, and people love them.

They fit very well, and you can use them for walking or running, or if you like to do CrossFit session.

Xero Shoes Prio Minimalist Barefoot Trail And Road Running Shoe

Xero Shoes Prio Minimalist Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoes are for fitness and athletics, and you can count CrossFit in these activities.

Shoes are light, and they give you a chance to improve your performance easily. The design is modern, the sole is not high, and your posture will be comfortable while you walk.

According to the seller, these shoes run small, and you should order half a size bigger than your regular shoes.

This information is honest from the seller, and you can contact the seller if you need more information about this product.

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Best Affordable Weightlifting Shoes: Do

Best Affordable Weightlifting Shoes
  • May not fit true to size
  • Not quite as durable as more expensive shoes
  • Softer rubber sole may seem unusually quiet for a weightlifting shoe

Lets face it: You can snatch in your Metcons all you want, but you wont get the same type of foot feedback from them that you would get from a true weightlifting shoe. However, youre a CrossFitter, and you might not want to spend an arm and a leg on the top weightlifting shoes.

The Do-Win Classic Lifter is a great place to start when looking for a budget-friendly shoe that supports weightlifting movements. Its priced around $125yes, less than your Metconsand still provides the support you want from a weightlifting shoe. Thats nice when considering all the gear we buy as CrossFitters, like weightlifting belts.

With around a 20mm heel to toe drop, the Do-Win Classic meets the standard for these types of elevated heel shoes. The toe box is wider than, say, the Nike Romaleos, which is great for people who need to feel their piggies move.

Also, these shoes are just dripping in style. They have a compressed leather heel that makes it look like youre lifting on wood. The upper is a combination of suede and mesh that comes in black, red and royal blue.

When Should I Replace My Cross

Cloud X Training Shoe from On Running Review

Most experts recommend replacing shoes after 100-200 hours of wear. In our experience, thats about right. You can exercise 2-3x a week for a year before having to replace them.

If you exercise more frequently, then you may have to replace your athletic shoes every six months or so. Of course, if you notice any wear or tear then youll want to do it sooner. Its just not worth it when youre trying to avoid injuries.

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That Fit Friends Top Shoe Picks

  • Best Trainer for CrossFit: Nike Metcon 6
  • Best Trainer for the Gym: Nike Metcon 7
  • Best Trainer for Men: Reebok Nano X
  • Best Trainer for Women: Nike Metcon 7
  • Best Trainer for Flat Feet: Reebok Nano X1
  • Best Trainer for Jump Rope: UA HOVR Rise 3
  • Best Trainer for Running: ON Cloud X

*Subject to change as more cross-training shoes are tested and reviewed!

That Fit Friend is a site that is supported by myself and its readers. If you purchase products through affiliates links on this site, then I may receive a small commission on the sale. These commissions help keep the lights on here at That Fit Friend so I can continue to create content and they help me purchase new models to review!

On Cloud X Training Shoe Review

Lets look at the new generation Cloud X training shoe from On Running.

On Running is known for their feather-light and highly cushioned running shoes.

Does their design fit into the cross training shoe market? Thats what well review here.

Heres some of the styles available now:

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If I Run And Do Cross Training Should I Own Two Different Types Of Shoes

Unfortunately, the answer is yes, which is probably not what you want to hear, especially if youre on a tight budget. My mom always used to say that its important to use items how they were intended. Then people wont get hurt.

That advice rings true here. If you want to be a fast runner, youll need a pair of good running shoes. If you want to be a boss at cross training, youll need heavier shoes designed for side-to-side movement that you wont find in a running shoe.

So, while your budget might not thank you, your body will. Youll be using the proper tools for each respective activity. And if its your birthday soon, or if youve had family and friends ask how they can support you, consider asking for whatever type of shoes that youre missing. You may not even have to buy them yourself!

Best Cross Training Shoes For Hiit Gym Sessions And More

Nike Metcon 6 Review – Running, Weight Lifting, HIIT

The best cross training shoes are suitable for a variety of workouts, exercise classes, and sports. Here are our top picks to get you started.

ByChris Smith, James Frew2021-08-27T14:28:34Z

The best cross training shoes will make you feel supported, whether you’re lifting weights, doing circuit training, running sprints, or joining an exercise class. The all-purpose footwear is suitable for a wide range of activities and will help you get the most from your workout.;

Cross training shoes are multi-functional, just as supportive for HIIT as they are for a free weights session or sports like basketball and tennis. While you certainly can use them for CrossFit, you don’t have to be into that exercise program to wear the best cross training shoes.;

If you’re wondering why you’d buy cross training shoes rather than running-specific options, there are a few key differences. Cross training shoes are typically more durable, especially around the top of the shoe and ankle, but are also less cushioned and flatter.

This makes them great for all-round fitness use, but less suited to distance running. If you enjoy clocking up the miles, or if you regularly run on concrete, you’ll want a pair of the best running shoes for men or the best running shoes for women.

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Which Shoes For Crossfit Wear What You Like

If youre just starting a fitness program, dont let footwear get in your way!

Just start working out. Youll be fine if your shoes are well fitted to your feet and comfortable. Just put on some shoes and get to a gym, local CrossFit affiliate, or Two-Brain Business gym.

We dont recommend you wear broom ball shoes to the gym, but we wont turn you away if you do!

But seriously: Dont let footwear confuse you or stop you from training. Just go to a gym regularly.

What Are Crossfit Shoes Designed For

Another word for crossfit is crosstrainer.

These shoes are specifically designed for a wide range of activities.

They are a hybrid of the many different athletic footwear combined together.

For example:

They have the heel cushioning of a running shoe, the stability of a tennis or basketball shoe, and the forefoot cushioning of a volleyball shoe.

Because crossfit requires lots of sprints, jumps, lateral movements, theres a lot of room for injury.

Crossfit shoes are designed with immense protection to prevent injury as much as possible.

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Reebok Nano X1 Adventure

The Reebok Nano X1 Adventure has been my favorite cross-training shoe for casual trail runs. This model features a beefed-up lug pattern that grips most gravel and dirt surfaces really well. Ive been using mine mostly on trails in Golden, Colorado, and theyve been awesome for shorter trail runs.

In addition to the reworked outsole lug thickness, this model also features a Flexweave construction that is easy to clean and fairly durable from outer abrasion which is also great for trail running.

  • Best For: Recreational Lifting, HIIT, Agility, and Lighter Runs
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 7mm

Can You Use Cross Trainers For Runners

Reebok Crossfit Sprint 2.0 Black/Excellent Red/Graphite ...

Again, the answer is a theoretical yes. But this theory requires you to keep the runs short and infrequent. First, they are heavier, so cross trainers come with unnecessary weight during your run. Second, they dont have the cushioning you need, so you may end up injuring yourself. As your miles start adding up, its time to invest in running shoes.

If you use cross trainers for runners, you are most susceptible to foot, knee, and back injuries because you dont have enough support. And this includes running on a treadmill!

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My Picks For The Best Crossfit Shoe

  • Heel comes up a little high and could give you a blister
  • Nanos have been reported to have ripped soles from handstand pushups
  • No trial period

Its no secret that Reebok and Nike dominate the CrossFit shoe space. Reebok sort of burst onto the scene with the Nanos, and the Nano 2 was perhaps one of the most popular models. Then the Nano sort of tanked around the 4s and 5s, but Im here to say: the X1s may be the best Nano yet.

First, you have so many options for variations of the Nano X1: The Grit, the Vegan and the Lux. Kate, who is on our expert panel and owns a CrossFit gym, tried out the Grit, wearing them for metcons, weightlifting and coaching. Shes typically a Nike fan, but these won her over for how comfortable they are. They offer a little more cushioning in the midfoot than the Nike Metcons and slightly more of a heel-to-toe drop at 7mm .

Appearance-wise, this has the look of a Reebok shoe. It does come in a number of color and style options. As of this writing, there are 19 womens varieties, including takes on the X1 like the Grit and the Adventure, and 24 versions for men, like the Grit, Pride and Lux. These all sit around $130, except the Vegan and Lux options, which are $150. Considering the Metcons and the NoBulls run much more expensive, the Nano X1s are a good deal. Thats also no surprise because Reebok notoriously puts out more budget-friendly gear.

Best Budget Crossfit Shoe: Reebok Speed Tr

  • Lightweight and ideal for speed-based workouts

My Callouts:

  • Not a lot of support for squatting
  • Low-cut shoe may not provide enough support for some agility movements
  • Model not available in womens sizes

At under $100, the Reebok Speed TR is a great pick for someone who wants to save money on running shoes that could also be used in functional fitness. With the name Speed, its clear that these are intended for faster-paced workouts. These weigh just 8.5 ounces, whereas the Nike Metcon 6 weighs about 12.6 ounces.

A pleasant surprise is that the Speed TRs perform well in liftsas long as you arent someone who needs substantial support from your shoe. Some people really need the feedback from a sturdy heel cup or dense midsole. The Speed TR uses a lot of EVA foam. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, but its going to absorb your feet when you lift rather than give them a harder base to push against.

I absolutely love having the Speed TRs in my personal collection of cross-training shoes. I have used them in CrossFit workouts and in lifting weights.

Reebok doesnt make the Speed TR in womens sizes . However, there are Speed variations available on the Reebok site for women, like the Speed Flexweave TR and the Speed Her TR. These look different from the shoes I wore, so I cant vouch that they would perform the same. Reviews of the womens shoes suggest they offer the same lightweight and moderate support as the Speed TRs.

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How Should Crossfit Shoes Fit

If the shoes fit properly, they should allow for a thumbs width of space between your toe and the end of the shoe to keep from getting blisters, calluses, and toenail injuries. Your arches need to be supported. Such ailments as heel pain, shin splints, and calf strains can be made less bad by the use of proper arch support.

How Will I Know If A Training Shoe Is Appropriate For Crossfit

Top Rated 10 Best Reebok Running Shoes 2021 | Runner Pick!

Most brands dont usually market their shoes using the CrossFit name because Reebok is the only brand licensed to do so. But they have found a way to work around this restriction by naming their CrossFit-dedicated lines of shoes after specific terms used within the CrossFit community like Nikes Metcon line. Brands like Inov-8 tend to market their CrossFit trainer shoes as functional fitness shoes as opposed to everyday training shoes.

As for the construction, a surefire way to tell if the footwear is ideal for CrossFit is if it has a rope-guard in the midfoot. It also has a more robust exterior thanks to the toe guard, midfoot rubber cage, and heel counter.

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Best Lifestyle Shoe: Nobull Trainer

Best Lifestyle Shoe

Good for: Wearing in and out of the gym

My Favorite Things:

  • Stylish look works while training or socializing
  • Wide variety of looks to choose from
  • Performs well across variety of exercises

My Callouts:

  • A little uncomfortable when you first put them on
  • Expensive for a seemingly basic-looking shoe
  • 4mm heel to toe drop

In my experience, youre either in or out on the look and feel of the NOBULL Trainer. Our team was a little divided, actually, because I really like the look of the shoe, but Kate was indifferent. Thats why we chose this for our best lifestyle pick, however, because if you like the look of the shoe, you can essentially wear it anywhere.

In March 2021, the CrossFit Games announced NOBULL as its title sponsor. Lets be honest, though, NOBULL was climbing the popularity ranks among CrossFitters well before then. The brand locked down big names like Tia Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir and Alex Smith and just watched the sales pile up.

The Trainer comes in several height levels: low, mid and high. They started with a very utilitarian look to themsolid color, no contouring, plain white sole, with essentially just the words NOBULL on them. However, over the years, the brand has expanded its line substantially to include more designs and patterns, both on the shoe and on the sole.

For more, check out my full NOBULL Trainer review.

Stay On Top Of Your Wod With The Right Sneakers For All Your Needs

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

If youre one of the four million people that practice CrossFit, you know the type of cross-training shoe you buy is the key to optimizing your fitness. CrossFit is a form of high-intensity interval training, made up of strength and conditioning, with functional movement performed at high-intensity levels. What’s on your feet goes a long way in determining your fitness success.;

When looking for a shoe, consider your primary focus. While CrossFit is multi-activity training, some participants lean towards certain activities like weight lifting or running. Most shoes are versatile enough to support various activities. However, specific shoes will hone in on one type of activity, with certain features that support the specific training.;

Here, the best men’s cross-fit training shoes on the market.

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How To Break In Crossfit Shoes

Some CrossFit sneakers call for a short break-in period before they can feel very comfortable and responsive to training. Here are some things you can do to get your CrossFit shoes to break in:

  • Wear Them at Home Begin by wearing your new shoes about the house while doing your daily activities. This will provide your shoes with a chance to mold themselves to your foots shape including the natural arch.
  • Stretch Out the Insides Try to wear more than one pair of socks at a time while wearing your shoes to get them to stretch out on the insides. This will make them more spacious through the midsole and toe box.
  • Manually Bend and Flex Them Take some time to pick your shoes up with your hands and twist and bend them around their natural flex points such as the balls of the feet. Do not stress them excessively on the midfoot.
  • Perform Warm-Up Activities Try doing a few light CrossFit warm-ups to see how they feel under stress. Should they still feel a bit tight or stiff, repeat the above tips again before trying them out with another light activity.

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