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Who Makes Brunello Cucinelli Shoes

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Brunello Cucinelli Sneakers: Discover All The Special Offers On B

Brunello Cucinelli – Behind the Brand

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What Other Measures Should I Be Taking To Prolong The Life Of My Shoes

When it comes to the upkeep of smart, leather shoes such as Derbies, Oxfords, brogues and loafers, its wise to have an additional rubber sole fitted within a month of buying them. The sole is where a shoe is most prone to wear and tear, so keep a good eye on it. As with all things, you get what you pay for and a leather shoe upwards of £200 will last plenty longer than a high street imitation.

More broadly speaking, youll want to invest in a good polish and trainer-cleaning set to keep things looking squeaky clean. Holding on to shoe boxes will keep them protected while not being worn. Or, if youre too late for that, consider purchasing some dust bags or protective boxes. Finally, if youre working with a particularly large footwear collection, you can keep costs down by investing in a few good wooden trees for your most prized shoes, as well as a plastic multipack to keep the rest shapely.

Why Is Brunello Cucinelli So Expensive

Whats behind those price tags? Here are a few reasons why Brunello Cucinelli shoes are so expensive:

  • Each pair is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the hamlet of Solomeo, Italy. Brunello Cucinelli believes manual work and craftsmanship are the most authentic expressions of peoples humanity and creativity, and has established a School of Arts and Crafts to rediscover and pass down this tradition.
  • Brunello Cucinelli practices humanistic capitalism: employees are encouraged not to send emails or to be available for business purposes past the end of their working time , the workplace is welcoming and well-lit, and wages are 20% higher than the industry average.
  • Brunello Cucinelli uses only the finest materials: velvety suede,supple calfskin allraw materials are sourced from the best Italian suppliers. Many models are embroidered with sparkling monili, the brands signature detail: nickel-free fine brass beads that add a sophisticated, distinctive touch to casual styles.

So, finally

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Authentically Made In Italy

Brunello Cucinelli founded his namesake brand in 1979 with a line of knitwear products hand-made in Italy. Over the decades he has managed to reimagine every womans wardrobe classics in some of the most luxurious materials in the world. The label is synonymous with ultra-elegance, supreme quality, and luxury, but there is absolutely nothing gaudy about it.

The designer prefers to stick to his vision and refuses to follow the mainstream idea of trends. Naturally, Italian craftsmanship stands at the core of every collection but what is even more impressive is the companys commitment to producing covetable pieces in an ethical manner. Brunello Cucinelli puts great emphasis on keeping in mind the environment and the people affected by anything they produce.

A Brief Background On Brunello Cucinelli

Mens Shoes Brunello Cucinelli, Style code: mzuepsu962

Born into a family of farmers in the rural town of Castel Rigone, Cucinelli grew up without running water or electricity. Seeing how his father was humiliated and mistreated because of his lack of education, he decided he would promote a concept of work that ensured moral and economic dignity.

Cucinelli has personally restored the hamlet of Solomeo to provide his employees with a better working environment, and with the Project for Beauty he has created three parks in the Solomeo Valley, recovering properties previously occupied by abandoned factories.

While Brunello Cucinelli specializes in sophisticated, brightly-colored knitwear crafted in luxurious cashmere yarn, linen, and silk, the brand also offers a collection of stylish footwear for men and women: from lace-ups to boots, sneakers, loafers, and heels, they will complement any outfit. Heres what you need to know before you invest in a pair.

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How Should Shoe Trees Be Used

Shoe trees should be placed inside your shoes as soon as theyre taken off. Essentially they are to your shoes what a retainer is to your teeth, restoring the intended and optimal shape of your shoe after a long day of manoeuvring the materials in all kinds of directions on your feet. A shoe tree will also ensure you dont damage your shoes while you clean them. Polishing a shoe without a tree could lead to accentuating any cracks in its upper.

Do Brunello Cucinelli Shoes Run True To Size

Do Brunello Cucinelli shoes run true to size? All shoes from the brand come in half sizes and whole sizes .

The label follows Italian/European sizinghowever, on the brands website, you can find a helpful size chart, with measurements in cms. We recommend comparing measurements to a similar pair of shoes you already own. If youre still unsure, read our shoe size conversion article.

Generally, Brunello Cucinelli shoes fit true to size. If you have narrow feet, we recommend going down half a size. Keep in mind that small variations can occur based on the model and material used.

Brunello Cucinelli shoes are the epitome of comfortthe womens white suede and fabric runners, for instance, are crafted in supple suede and techno fabric and feature a lightweight rubber sole to ensure cushioning and flexibility. The mens suede lace-up shoes are just as comfortable: crafted in soft, velvety leather, they have a sturdy yet flexible panama TPU sole.

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Why We Can’t Ship Certain Items To California

California has put into effect a number of restrictions as to the types of material that can be shipped to or sold within the state. Any of the following may prevent us from shipping items:

  • Products containing python cannot be sold or shipped to California.
  • Products containing fur cannot be sold or shipped to the city of San Francisco.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Masters The Classics In Brunello Cucinelli

Fall Fashion with Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli shoes are simplistic in style and are all about comfort. With their effortless combination of natural fibers and raw earthy tones, as well as a great blend of feminine and masculine they are extremely versatile. For example, Brunello Cucinelli sneakers can effortlessly take you from lunch to hopping on a jet in a moments notice. Opt for a pair of their suede-trim sneakers which can give even the most casual outfit a polished finish.

Their latest shoe collection also provides great workwear options. From loafers to boots, they have everything you might need to create the perfect business casual look. Brunello Cucinelli boots are a fantastic accessory that transcends seasons. The fact that they are timeless, and can easily be incorporated into any womans wardrobes, makes them a worthwhile investment.

Continue browsing through Mytheresa for the finest selection of designer shoes for women and contact our Customer Care professionals whenever you need help with your purchase.

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Whats The Best Material For Shoe Trees

Cant I just keep hold of the cardboard inserts and tissue paper the shoes came with, you ask? Lets stamp that line of thought out right away. While its true this measure will go some way to maintaining a shoes shape, its not nearly as effective as a sturdier wooden implement. It also overlooks the other key purpose of a shoe tree: to absorb moisture. One made from unvarnished cedar, ideally with a brass knob, will be most absorbent, keeping odours at bay.

How To Care For Brunello Cucinelli Shoes

To ensure the longevity of your shoes, you need to properly care for them. Heres how:

  • Keep your shoes away from moisture and dust. Store your shoes in a cool, dry place, and stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper to keep them from sagging. Needless to say, dont wear them with damp feet, and, if they do get wet, remove the laces and the insole and let them air dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat can cause leather to fade and stiffen, so make sure you dont leave your shoes sitting next to a window or heater.
  • Clean the sole. Regularly clean the sole of your shoes using a toothbrush to remove dust and debris.
  • Leather: regularly dry brush your leather shoes using a horse-hair brush.Every few months, apply a renovator oil, to condition and moisturize the leather. Find out more on how to care for leather shoes.
  • Suede: look for a quality suede brush and use it to remove dirt and grime. Make sure you treat your suede shoes with a waterproof spray to prevent stains.

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