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How Much Is Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

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Inspect The Shoes Back Rear Print


One of the most significant and obvious spots will have to be the text on the back of the shoes.

On any fake pair of Alexander McQueen shoes, you will find that the text is either too thin or too thick.

Apparently, a lot of manufacturers try to make their shoes look too legit that they just go crazy on the printing. Thus, you get the text that is way too thin on the releases with the lowercase text, and thick on the releases with the uppercase text.

The lowercase text releases

First of all, lets have a quick look at the real vs fake AMQ Oversized sneakers which were releases with the lowercase text.

In the fake vs real Alexander McQueen Oversized sneaker image above, we have pointed out how the fake shoes have their text looking too thin.

In fact, we have first pointed out this flaw in the Alexander text, where you can see how the letters have a totally lower font-weight than the one visible on the authentic shoes.

Then, looking at the McQueen text, it is visible in the real vs fake Alexander McQueen image above how the fake shoes have their McQUEEN text thinner as well when compared to the retail shoes.

In fact, the thickness difference between the fake vs real Alexander McQueen Oversized sneakers also causes the fake shoes to have too much space between the letters.

The uppercase text releases

Now, lets also have a look at the fake vs real Alexander McQueen sneakers in order to check the quality of the shoes with the uppercase text on the rear tab.

How To Spot Fake Alexander Mcqueen Oversized Shoes In 2021

If youre the type of person who loves to rock designer outfits, you will be able to attest to how awesome Alexander McQueens are. They are the stylish symbol of a person who knows a lot about fashion.

In this Alexander McQueen checking guide, we will spot some of the easiest signs to follow in selecting your shoes and explaining how to compare fake ones.

Now, a fake pair of Alexander McQueen shoes most likely has the 3M reflective lines tending to cover the brand name.

Essentially, if you are lacing your shoes up to the top, you will find that the fakes tend to cover the brand name that should ideally stick out.

Moving on, you will also need to check the soles. The brand name written under the shoes is usually centralized by manufacturers of fakes, while they should be much closer to the edges of the left side.

With these two, you should be able to spot fakes. Keep in mind that a pair of Alexander McQueen shoes will need to do more than that to qualify as being original.

In this guide we’ll cover:

But before we dive into the guide, a quick word from our sponsor

Is Alexander Mcqueen A Luxury Brand

Luxury isnt what it used to be. Such are the strengths of luxury brands like Alexander McQueen, Versace and Valentino, which frequently create things that stand out and are perceived as independent and bold, says Kretz. These brands have a strong identity and styles that are highly Instagrammable.

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What Brands Do Billionaires Wear

Billionaires do occasionally wear designer brands However, those t-shirts are custom-made by Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian luxury fashion brand, and are reported to cost somewhere between $300 to $400. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, is known for often wearing sneakers from designer brand Rick Owens.

You Can Wear Them With Literally Anything

Cheap Alexander McQueen Casual Shoes For Women #542506 ...

Last but not least, Alexander McQueen shoes are pricey because they are versatile. Thanks to their simple design, they go well with literally anything.

The most striking feature of the Alexander McQueen sneakers is their chunky outsoles. They sit on top of its smooth calf-leather upper with large flat laces.

On the heels, the shoes are completed with either suede or leather detail, finished with an Alexander McQueen signature on the tongue and heel counter.

Not only are the shoes extremely versatile, but the exaggerated outsoles add plenty of height compared to other sneakers.

Whether you go for the super-popular white sneakers or the special black version, Alexander McQueen shoes would go well with any outfit, any day of the week.

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Shaking Up The Footwear Industry

Founded in England by the globally renowned Lee Alexander McQueen the brand’s dramatic clothing, accessories and extravagant shows are famous for making headlines.

One of the runways remembered by many was the label’s S/S 2010 collection. Models were sent down the catwalk in 30cm high ‘Armadillo’ heels which were crafted from an array of luxurious materials. The footwear designs were not of the conventional sort, with their skyscraper heels and elaborate construction, models looked as though they were en pointe. The collection of only 21 pairs never retailed to the public. However, icons such as Lady Gaga were seen wearing the show-stopping designs.

Go For An Athleisure Look

Athleisure is all about a comfortable, athletic appeal. As athleisure has become increasingly popular, you can enjoy plenty of outfits to go along with your Alexander McQueens.

Here are a few athleisure look options to go with Alexander McQueen sneakers:

Both men and women can wear hoodie and sweatpants for a comfy look

This look works for both men and women. Ideally, this look works the best with white Alexander McQueens, but it can work with the black ones too.

Choose your most comfortable hoodie. Pair them with a pair of cozy sweatpants, preferably neutral in color, like black or gray. The sweatpants can be tapered or baggy.

Both men and women can wear matching tracksuits

Similarly, both men and women can also wear their Alexander McQueen sneakers with a matching set of tracksuits for the ultimate relaxed look.

Men can choose to wear neutral colors, like black, white, or gray, while women can choose to wear pastel green or pink for a colorful style.

For the most comfort, go for a tracksuit in a light fabric like cotton, while wearing a plain white or black tee-shirt underneath your tracksuit. This outfit works best for running errands.

Women can go for black leggings and a crop top

This outfit is ideal for women.

To go along with your white Alexander McQueen shoes, put on a cozy pair of black leggings. Then, choose a tight or loose-fitting crop top to finish off the look.

Both men and women can wear knit shorts and a tee shirt

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How To Style Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

Wearing the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers can bring a simple yet elegant style to your everyday OOTD. But what to wear with Alexander McQueen sneakers?

  • For women, you can wear Alexander McQueen shoes with dark-colored leggings and an oversized sweater for a casual look.
  • On a hot summer day, women can wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with ripped denim jeans and a basic tank top.
  • On a cold and windy day, women can wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with a loose, knitted sweater and washed jeans. Dresses and skirts are also not exemptions when wearing these shoes.
  • For an athleisure look, both men and women can wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with their favorite tapered training pants.
  • For men, you can wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with cropped fleece pants, a white-colored top, and a black jacket for a business casual look.
  • Men can also wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with a pair of colored chinos and a buttoned-down polo shirt for a casual look.

Both men and women can rock a pair of these shoes with exaggerated soles. In this post, we will show you how to style and wear Alexander McQueen sneakers to complete your outfit.

  • Bottom Line
  • Casual Outfits For A Relaxed Look


    Relaxed, casual outfits require more effort to work with. The idea is to stay comfortable while looking neat, sharp, and clean while wearing your Alexander McQueen trainers.

    Here are some casual outfit ideas:

    Both men and women can wear a sweater and denim

    A cozy sweater goes perfectly well with either white or black Alexander McQueen sneakers. Both men and women can opt for a tapered or chunky sweater.

    Once you have your sweater, you can pair it with a pair of light or dark wash denim. On days you dont feel like styling your hair, you can wear a baseball cap or other matching hat.

    Both men and women can wear a tee shirt with denim

    To make your Alexander McQueen sneakers pop, you can go for a monochromatic look. In other words, you should wear a black shirt and a pair of black pants with white sneakers.

    For this look, men should go for black pants, while women can choose to wear black leggings or denim. Wear your most comfortable black tee shirt to go along with it.

    If you want to have a little bit of fun, you can choose to wear a graphic t-shirt.

    Women can wear a jumpsuit or a sweater dress

    To go along with your white Alexander McQueens, women can choose to wear a neutral-colored jumpsuit in a shade like beige, gray, white, or black.

    If needed, put on your Alexander McQueens and a t-shirt to go under the jumpsuit. To finish off the look, add a long shawl or sweater over your jumpsuit.

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    Alexander Mcqueen Net Worth

    Alexander McQueen Net Worth: Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer and couturier who had a net worth of $30 million at the time of his death. Tragically, he committed suicide in February 2010. He first earned fame and success as the Chief Designer of the fashion house Givenchy from 1996 to 2001. He also founded the highly-successful Alexander McQueen fashion brand. During his life he was named British Designer of the Year four times . In 2003 he also won the CFDA’s International Designer of the Year. He was one of the first designers to use Indian models and was known for his often dramatic and extravagant catwalk displays.

    Early Life: Lee Alexander McQueen was born on March 17, 1969 in Lewisham, London, England to mother Joyce and father Ronald. McQueen had five siblings and was the youngest of the bunch.

    Career: A big early success happened in 1996 when Alexander was hired to design the wardrobe for David Bowie’s 1996-1997 world tour. McQueen famously designed the Union Jack coat that Bowie wore on the cover his 1997 album “Earthling”.

    Alexander did iconic work for Icelandic singer Björk, including her “Homogenic” album cover in 1997, directing the music video “Alarm Call” and contributing the topless dress for her video “Pagan Poetry”.

    Alexander’s “bumsters” later spawned a trend in low-rise jeans and his preference of using skulls in his designs created a hugely popular and celebrity must-have scarf that bears the motif and was copied throughout the world.

    Alexander Mcqueens Tread Slick Sneakers

    Crafted from lightweight canvas, the British labels Tread Slick sneakers come in both low-top and calf-length silhouettes. Defined by an oversized rubber sole and a retro hiking-inspired upper, this durable lace-up pair is ideal for toughening up looks. They are detailed minimally with a logo-printed heel tab.

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    Why Are Mcqueen Sneakers So Expensive

    Its no secret: these sneakers arent cheap. Alexander McQueen womens sneakers range from $520 for a pair of Deck Lace Up Plimsoll to $990 for the Tread Slick Boots, while the mens range from $520 for the Deck Lace Up Plimsoll to $1690 for the Tread Slick Boots.

    Why are they so pricey? It comes down to a few simple reasons:

    • Alexander McQueen sneakers are crafted using the most exquisite, luxurious materials: smooth, supple calfskin and rubber.
    • They are 100% made in Italy, where factory workers make a fair, livable wage.
    • They are extremely versatile, durable, and easy to clean. They will last a long time in your closet!

    Are these sneakers worth the price tag? Absolutely. And the good news is that, if you shop, you can save up to 40% on the full retail price! Discover our wide selection of Alexander McQueen sneakers for men, women, and kids.

    Look Into The 3m Reflective Lines

    Cheap Alexander McQueen Casual Shoes For Men #805563 ...

    No one ever likes to pay such close attention to a pair of shoes before discovering whether they are original or fake.

    Thankfully for you, this is one of the easier means of checking things out.

    When you take a pair of Alexander McQueens, be sure to check out the reflective lines when the laces are all tied.

    The fake AMQ oversized shoes will have the entire Alexander McQueen almost covered, while the on the original pairs, the letters on the brand name are more obvious.

    This method of checking is really easy, and it is one of the most important ways to be sure that you got the original shoes.

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    Failures And Moving Forward

    For all of the revisionist praise Ive just heaped on the McQueen x Puma partnership, its important to remember the limited commercial and cultural success of the project. Despite being one of the first fashion-meet-sportswear collaborations and pushing brutalist footwear at the same time as Raf Simons and adidas, the Puma project never received the rave reviews or wider acceptance.

    Models like the Tech Runner Sandal and Faas never received just praise for their unique and avant-garde aesthetic. Unveiled in 2016, the Tech Runner Sandal took a similar approach to the recently released adidas x Raf Simons Ozweego II Replicant by cutting out pieces of the original Tech Runner Hi silhouette. Unlike the Ozweego, though, it ended up at Wal-Mart. The Faas TR, for its part, enjoyed very limited success in 2016, but was a pioneering model as far as modifiable footwear is concerned and didnt shy away from its blend of brutalist and straight-up-wacky designeven embracing it as an aesthetic.

    Do Alexander Mcqueen Chunky Sole Sneakers Run True To Size

    Alexander McQueen sneakers do tend to run true to size. The toe box can be a bit tight at first. These sneakers also tend to be somewhat narrow. If you have wide feet, you might need to go up a half or full size for a more comfortable fit. These shoes are available in international sizes 39 to 48, including half sizes. See the manufacturer’s site for details.

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    Which Is Better Burberry Or Gucci

    Gucci: Gucci ranks number one on in my list of the most popular luxury brands, well ahead of all its competitors. … Burberry is one of the top 10 best luxury brands in the world, with a total brand value of over $5 billion. The luxury goods company operates more than 500 stores in over 50 countries worldwide.

    How To Spot Fake Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

    • The logo prints on the shoes or sneakers should be smooth and vibrant.
    • The perforations on a fake shoe are often crooked and have an unprofessional finish.
    • The toe box on a fake Alexander McQueen sneaker is pointy and not well-rounded.
    • The shoe box itself can be an indicator, some may look rough and unprofessionally prepared, some may lack free accessories such as dust bags, tags, and extra laces.

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    Elevate And Dress Up Your Outfit

    Whether you are going for a night out or opting for a professional, business casual look, you can always take your outfit to the next level by wearing Alexander McQueen shoes.

    Here are some elevated outfit ideas for Alexander McQueen shoes:

    Both men and women can wear a blazer and cropped pants

    The perfect way to look professional, yet comfortable is to pair a blazer, a pair of cropped pants, together with your Alexander McQueen sneakers.

    Both men and women can wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with cropped fleece pants, a white-colored top, and a black jacket for a business casual look.

    Men can also wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with a pair of colored chinos and a buttoned-down polo shirt for a slightly more casual look.

    Women can wear a bodycon dress and leather jacket

    For a night out downtown, women can wear a bodycon dress with a leather jacket to go along with their Alexander McQueen trainers.

    The look can work whether you zip or unzip the leather jacket.

    If you want to go for a slim look, wear a tight-fitting dress, either long or short, in black. To make your sneakers the focal point of your outfit, add a black leather jacket on top.

    Women can also put on a maxi skirt or dress

    For women who want to add a graceful style to their sneakers, pair a maxi skirt with a fitted blouse or t-shirt. Go for neutral colors like black, white, gray, or blue.

    Stand Tall In Alexander Mcqueen

    Nail a chic rocker style with Alexander McQueeen shoes. Match skinny jeans with a pair of boots for a standing concert affair or if you’re heading backstage for an after party choose a pair of statement heels.

    Select a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers in a metallic hue, then co-ordinate with a silk dress and a Heroine bag for a cool downtown vibe. The brand’s sneaker designs also come in a variation of simplistic tones providing a superb day-to-day choice we’re opting for a pair in white to make a perfect match with a slouchy hoodie and a denim skirt.

    Think Sharon Tate or Twiggy and team a ravishing fur coat over culottes, then finish with a set of the label’s high heels. A pair of flats also look impressive when worn with tailored trousers, a skull scarf and a dazzling blazer.

    Fall in love with Alexander McQueen online at Mytheresa and rely on our customer service team to help you pick a perfect new accessory. If you’re feeling inspired by Alexander McQueen’s styles, then browse other luxury labels such as Saint Laurent, Valentino Garavani and Loewe, as well as our curated sneakers selection.

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